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  • Pinocchio is the Best Hand-drawn, Pre-computer Disney animation  By : Steve Collins..
    Pinocchio, the character, was imagined by Carlo Collodi in 1883. The adored boy made from a block of pine by Geppetto the woodcarver was first introduced in the story The Adventures of Pinocchio. Collodi was very keen on using a impish, cynical character to explore his own personal convictions and cultural and political critiques. As late as 1938, this was how Walt Disney had characterized the much-loved wooden puppet who longed to be a real boy.
  • 3 Great Treatments for Natural Arthritis Pain Relief  By : Linda Y Powell
    Regardless of which type of arthritis you suffer from, it can be a very painful condition which affects your overall quality of life. Most arthritis sufferers take strong pain relief but have justifiable concerns about the long term side effects of these drugs. Natural arthritis pain relief remedies offer a way to help relieve arthritis pain with minimal or no side effects, and can be excellent remedies when used in conjunction with traditional medical treatments.
  • Unlimited Anime Downloads for Serial Anime Lovers  By : Davion Wong...
    The way Japanese style animation, or what we have come to know as "anime", has impacted on the lives of its many fans is easily ignored and disregarded by many over the world. However, should you ever reward one anime lover with unlimited anime downloads, you will be able to see for yourself just how much affinity these anime fans-hobbyists, like most people over their own quirky preference-have for the entirety of the culture that anime has created.
  • Anime Video Downloads - Get Them Cheap For Your Child  By : Davion Wong...
    As a parent, sometimes you may wish to pamper your kids by getting them their favorite Japanese animation. Today, anime video downloads are available quite readily on the internet. You no longer have to purchase the DVDs and VCDs available at the video shops. Anime series can be educational at times so you need not worry unduly about its content all the time.
  • How To Download Anime Videos Online At Cost Effective Prices  By : Davion Wong...
    You don't have to search too much to find opportunities to download anime videos online. However, you shouldn't jump at the first seemingly tempting offer as well. As with any download on the Internet, you need to exercise caution and be rather choosy.
  • Unlimited Anime Videos For Free - Download Or Not?  By : Davion Wong...
    Many Japanese cartoon fans are keen on laying their hands on unlimited anime videos. From the millions of searches online for these animation series, it tells everything. You may be contributing to the search count as well and probably already found dozens of these sites.
  • Anime Video Downloads - Free or Paid Videos are Better?  By : Davion Wong..
    Anime video downloads for Japanese cartoons like Naruto, Evangelion, Sailor Moon, Doraemon are much sought after by manga and cartoon fans. While these are normally screened in Japan over TV, the teens and even young adults around the world are getting fascinated with these anime series. Since they are not able to watch them via TV broadcasts, they are buying up anime VCDs and DVDs. With anime video downloads made available nowadays either for free or for a fee, here is a quick discussion on both free and paid options.
  • Princess Mononoke Transcends Limited Definitions  By : Andrew Wills
    Traditionally, animated films have dealt with simple themes and characters best suited to children. Hayao Miyazaki's "Princess Mononoke" transcends these limited definitions.

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