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  • Quit Smoking Tips: Breaking the Habit  By : Davion Wong...
    Bad habits are hard to break, and smoking, being a bad habit, is not an exception. Once a person has become addicted to smoking, no amount of threats of lung cancer, heart problems, leg amputations and even death, can make a person quit just easily. While there are many quit smoking tips out there, without determination and moral support, they end up simply as words.
  • Fatal Fact: The Effects of Smoking Leads to Death and Disease  By : Cristel Lumabas
    This article deals with the dangers posed by smoking to both the smoker and non-smoker. The chemicals found in cigarettes have been proven to cause cancer, circulatory problems, and other illnesses and potentially fatal medical conditions.
  • Different Ways To Stop Smoking  By : Abbey Grace Yap
    This article enumerates some quick and easy ways to quit smoking. Thanks to the nicotine in the tobacco leaves, cigarette smoking can become just as any narcotic substance like heroin or cocaine. It may be difficult to quit smoking, but when one is armed with the appropriate information, an adequate amount of determination, he can stand strong in his battle to finally get rid of his smoking habit.
  • Stop Smoking Programs – 9 Steps You Should Follow To Quit Forever!  By : scott preston
    If you are not a smoker, then you shouldn't latch on to the habit, and if you are one, then you must enroll with one of the stop smoking programs available and give it up immediately. Here are 9 ways that can help you stop smoking forever...
  • A Herbal Remedy To Quit Smoking  By : Michele Robbins
    There are several ways to stop smoking and no one way is right above all others or right for everyone, but there are basic factors to enable the success of smoking cessation and they are:
  • Using A Positive Mindset To Quit Smoking  By : Monch Bravante
    To quit smoking is not an easy thing to do. In the process of overcoming the habit, it is essential to have a change in perspective. One should have the positive mindset of giving oneself a favor, instead of the negative mindset of deprivation. Once a person allows this mindset transformation to happen, the veil of depression will begin to be lifted.
  • Your Last Puff  By : Brian900 Thacker900
    If you are one of the many ‘would-be-non-smokers’ and never got as far as to really kick the habit, you are not alone. It is a known fact that the addiction to tobacco is one of the most difficult habits to overcome. There are hundreds of so called cures and institutions promising that with their help you can quit smoking, but very few of them have ever succeeded. Most of the subscribed treatments work wonderfully, until you have finished the dosage and maybe for a week or two thereafter. The cr
  • Smoking Bans Began in 1998  By : Sara Mendez
    California was the first state in to ban smoking in bars, casinos and restaurants in 1998. In the ten years which have followed, New York, Arizona, Florida, Colorado and now Oregon have joined the trend. In 2001 government officials argued both sides of this heavily debated issue, in the end the bill passed. Two important issues made their way to the front of the debate, establishing a healthy work place and a smoke free environment for non-smokers. By passing the bill Oregon helped look out for the health of all Oregonians.
  • How Nicotine Affects Your Quit Smoking Victory  By : M. Pritchett
    Your ability to quit smoking becomes a difficult challenge to overcome when nicotine is involved. Nicotine is one of the most addictive drugs in the world. It is in fact at least as addictive as such hard drugs as cocaine and heroin.
  • Quitting Smoking with a New Lifestyle  By : M. Pritchett
    One of the best and proven ways to quitting smoking is by making changes to a lifestyle that has been hindered by that dangerous and addictive habit. You must substitute your old lifestyle with a new one...
  • Quit Smoking-nice And Smooth  By : Sara Mendez
    It would be wonderful to wake up and not want a cigarette, to go some place without having to worry if you are going to have a craving. Sadly if you are a smoker you know this is a difficult task. Smoking is a habit and not an easy one to break without help. If you are not a smoker, being addicted to smoking is hard to understand. Smoking can be both physically and emotionally addicting.
  • Why is Quitting Smoking so Hard?  By : smokerness
    We all know that many smokers are aware of health risks that come along with smoking cigarettes. We also know that that some of them are seeking support and help for their habit. I don’t want you to understand me as some kind of a guru who is making smart statements on how to quit smoking cold turkey in 15 hours for free. No no. My idea for smoking cigarettes is very similar to yours.
  • Quit Smoking With Some Pricking  By : Cecilia Artates
    This article provides information about a natural method for quitting smoking. Acupuncture treatment is a very powerful tool for removing smoking addiction. This treatment is not very popular among the people who are planning to quit. However, it is considered to be very effective, reliable and free of side effects.
  • Finding An Easy Way To Quit Smoking - Some Options  By : Davion Wong...
    An effective and easy way to quit smoking might seem too good to be true. Well, no way of quitting is a piece of cake. There are plans and techniques that you can follow that will make it less of a mountain to struggle over, though.
  • Shortening Your Life Due to Second-Hand Smoke  By : Cecilia Artates
    Smoking is now considered to be among the most difficult social and health problems faced by society. It is addicting that too much of it can cause various illnesses and even death. The smoker is not the only one that is at risk on the bad effects of smoking, but the other people who inhale the smoke from the smokers. This article tackles the ill effects of second-hand smoke.
  • Use of Hypnosis to Quit Smoking  By : Rcon Franchesca
    The article is all about the use of hypnosis to quit smoking. In the article, the author cites the different types of anti-smoking treatments and programs that people can adhere to once they decide to quit the habit. The author also explains how hypnosis works and how the process acts as aid to recover from smoking addiction.
  • Easy Ways To Quit Smoking  By : Davion Wong...
    If you're a smoker who finally realized the bad effects of smoking to your health and you're searching for easy ways to quit smoking, take time to read this article to find your answers. But prepare yourself for the challenge ahead because this habit is not easy to shake-off. This is because the nicotine in cigarettes is addictive.
  • Alternative Methods to Quit Smoking  By : Emmanuel Chavez
    The article talks about the different methods that can be used in helping individuals who want to quit smoking. Though there are many over-the-counter medications that are designed to help smokers, these products may also bring side effects and interact with other drugs. Because of this reason many individuals are trying alternative methods to help them live a nicotine-free life.
  • Quitting Smoking Through Hypnosis  By : Abbey Grace Yap
    This article discusses how to stop smoking by means of hypnosis. As compared to other treatments available for smokers who want to quit, it has a relatively large success rate. One of its advantage is the absence of withdrawal symptoms during the treatment process. However, it is always important to note than no treatment will be effective without the smoker's full resolve to quit, and the willingness to cooperate with the treatment.
  • A Breath Of Fresh Air  By : Monch Bravante
    There is no more question to the veracity of the ill effects of cigarettes to people who smoke as well as to those who do not smoke. Second hand smoke is a proven cause of lung cancer and heart disease in non-smoking adults and of sudden infant death syndrome, among others.
  • Quitting Smoking Made Easy  By : Abbey Grace Yap
    This article is about how to stop smoking. It briefly discusses the reason why cigarette smoking is habit forming. Smokers say that it is difficult to stop smoking for a lot of different reasons. This article enumerates six easy ways to stop smoking. It is important to know that cigarette smoking may be addictive before you even light your first cigarette.
  • Guide for Quitting Smoking Cigarettes  By : smokerness
    Most smokers are afraid that they can’t quit, that cigarettes are more powerful than they are. Actually this is fear from the fear, because if you are still smoking, how can you know that it’s hard without cigarettes? This is a result from your habit that is controlling you so much that it won’t allow you to imagine how life can look like without smoking.
  • Quit Smoking and Improve Other People's Health  By : Emmanuel Chavez
    The article talks about the importance of quitting smoking. Quitting smoking may bring health improvements to the smoker and the people around. Smoking is addictive and may bring moments “highness” because of its components. However, these components are dangerous to the smoker and the people around them.
  • The Key to Quit Smoking  By : smokerness
    From many of the well known methods on how to quit smoking, I will share with you the biggest discovery that will make you feel powerful enough to start the process of becoming a nonsmoker. This discovery will power you up day after day. You will enjoy the process and finally experience how easy life can be as a nonsmoker. Let’s see an example:
  • The reason for smoking cigarettes  By : smokerness
    You can quit smoking. The real reason for smoking is your emotional state. You like the feeling of a truly “friend” who by your opinion is always in the right mood. First fact is that this is only your opinion, and second fact is that you can easily link pleasure with any similar thing (For example you can make connection in your brain to start feeling cheerful whenever you take a chewing gum).
  • I Like Smoking Cigarettes?  By : smokerness
    This is a great way to understand why we are smoking… Let’s try to define what is beautiful in smoking. Then we will try to understand the real reasons, and find out our excuses. I believe that this will help research our habit in a more profound way, and give us a new perspective on our being, our emotions, our own programming and conditioning, which on the long run surely will produce great results.
  • Decide to Quit Smoking  By : smokerness
    I suppose that you want to stop smoking and you want to know how. In this post I want to remind you of your power, the power of decision, the power of action and the power of your focus. Also I want to assure you that you know how to quit, you were born as a nonsmoker, right?
  • Need Help Quitting Smoking?  By : Cristel Lumabas
    This article focuses more on how to help oneself from quitting smoking. It shares some information on nicotine and its little know facts. Tips are shared on how to successfully quit smoking, and why these tips help quit and make the smoker feel more healthier.
  • Quitting Smoking The Easy Way  By : Abbey Grace Yap
    This article is about how to stop smoking. It briefly discusses the reason why cigarette smoking is habit forming. Smokers say that it is difficult to stop smoking for a lot of different reasons. This article enumerates six easy ways to stop smoking. It is important to know that cigarette smoking may be addictive before you even light your first cigarette.
  • Living A Smoke-Free Life  By : Abbey Grace Yap
    This article is about a different ways to quit smoking. It is understandable to feel depressed and frustrated over the countless attempts one has taken to quit smoking, but it shouldn't stop anybody from continuing the fight. Listed in this article are a few ways to quit smoking.
  • Quit Smoking Techniques  By : Natthanon Akarananpakorn..
    Quitting smoking one day soon is something most smokers say they would like to do. Maybe you have attempted to quit more than once and tried to stop without the use of any quitting aids. Often people who try to do it cold turkey end up taking the habit up again a short while after. Even though you may take full responsibility for the choice to continue, it is a good idea to analyze why your previous attempts haven't been successful. A lot of quit smoking aids are pretty much useless and can cost more money since you buy cigarettes as well as pay for the product to give up. It is important to understand why so many products designed to help you quit don't actually work for you:
  • Seven Simple Tips To Quit Smoking  By : Rcon Franchesca
    The article is generally about how to quit smoking. The author explains the reasons why smoking is a habit that should be avoided by everyone and cites the harmful effects of smoking to a person’s health. Also in the article, the author provides seven simple tips to quit smoking as guide to smokers who want to withdraw from the habit.
  • Quit Smoking For Your Smile  By : Sara Mendez
    Tobacco secession is a challenge facing many people today. Often people try to quit many times and for many different reasons. Some are quitting because they have been recently diagnosed with a health condition such as diabetes or heart problems. Others simply want to be healthier and avoid potential health problems such as Lung Caner and COPD. There is always a reason to quit, and BBC News just added one more, dental problems.
  • Ways To Quit Smoking  By : Brandon Sellers
    Quitting smoking is not an easy thing to do. Anyone who has tried, even if they were successful, will likely say it was extremely difficult. There are a variety of ways to try and quit smoking. If one way is unsuccessful try another. Quitting smoking as soon as possible is imperative to your health and the health of those around you. Before beginning any non-smoking program be sure to discuss it with your doctor.
  • Easy Way To Stop Smoking And To Make Your Life Smoke Free  By : David Smythe
    Allen Carr's Easy Way to Stop Smoking is the holy book for all smokers to learn from and to eventually give up their habit. This best-selling book teaches a very simple technique to kick the smoking habit without resorting to any unrealistic and difficult practices.
  • Best Way To Stop Smoking - It Is Time You Knew About It  By : David Smythe
    A smoker faces several problems when he or she makes a decision to give up smoking. One of the major problems is which stop smoking method should be used. It is high time actually that smokers from all over the world came to know about the best way to stop smoking.
  • Stop Smoking Aids Can Increase Your Life  By : David Smythe
    Everyone knows quite well about how smoking can devastate the life of a smoker, and this fact is known by the hardened smoker also. The toll of the smoking habit on family life, social life and work life is too significant to be just shrugged off. But, that is surprisingly not deterring smokers from kicking the butt. Perhaps they are dead sure that any of the stop smoking aids prevailing in the world today will not work on them. However, it is not that very difficult to quit smoking if one is determined. In fact, a proper knowledge of the different available stop smoking aids is necessary to make an effective selection. Here is a list:-
  • Stop Smoking Aids Can Increase Your Life  By : David Smythe
    The common perception of most smokers is that they will never be able to give up the habit. But that notion is totally fallacious, what with the great number of stop smoking aids available today. Here we discuss some of the most popular of them.
  • Herbal Stop Smoking Methods - Why Are They So Much In Demand?  By : David Smythe
    Recently, the herbal stop smoking techniques are becoming very popular. This article discusses some of the reasons why they are so much in demand. Today, herbal stop smoking methods are gaining a very good place in the area of smoking cessation. Since a long time, dubious techniques such as nicotine replacement therapy and antidepressants were used by people who wanted to give up smoking, but that is no longer the case. People are awakening to the harmful effects of these therapies, and are also finding out the inefficacies of these methods. It is understandable then that smokers who want to quit are doing it the natural way. Apart from that, herbs have proved themselves very popular in smoking cessation, and that is all the more reason why most people are going in for the natural method.
  • Stop Smoking Aide - Your Trustworthy Allies In Smoking Cessation  By : David Smythe
    It is actually a major fault of the various forms of media that smokers are not mustering enough courage to give up their habit. There are many smokers who really do want to free themselves from the habit, but cannot do so just because they think it would not be possible. The media has fed them enough about the difficulties they will encounter in quitting the habit. However, the truth is that there are many a stop smoking aide out there that can help you to effectively vanquish your smoking habit.
  • Effects Of Stop Smoking - Live Life As You Want!  By : David Smythe
    It is a very well-known fact that if smokers were to give up their vicious addiction, they would surely be on the way to leading a better life for themselves. There is indeed a lot of information on the positive effects of stop smoking, and it is actually surprising why people succumb to the habit in the first place. Despite the authorities taking action too - the statutory warnings on the cigarette packs are the best proof of this - people are still smoking and each day new people are succumbing to the vice.
  • Stop Smoking Without Cravings  By : Karl Ross
    Have you wish to Stop Smoking without cravings, but have not actually known the right way to cease? What if I told you that you could be smoke free forever? It is actually not as hard as you may consider. You can find out how you can be smoke free everlastingly!
  • How to Cope With Cigarette Smoking Cravings  By : Rcon Franchesca
    The article is generally about coping with cigarette smoking cravings. In the article, the author points out the grave effects of smoking to the body as well as briefly explains the importance of a coping plan to manage smoking cravings. The article also provides a perfect example of a solid coping plan for smoking cravings as reference to ex-smokers.
  • Protecting Your Children From Secondhand Smoke  By : Abbey Grace Yap
    This article discusses how second hand smoke affects children. It affects children at any stage of their life, even before they are born. It hinders full development of certain vital organs like the lungs and the brain. Try to avoid passing on second hand smoke to children, or other people, for that matter.
  • Why Stop Smoking: The Genuine Reasons to Give up Smoking  By : Neer Sing
    If you're a smoker, you're possibly ill to death of the anti-cigarette lobby spiraling out identical old words just about how you're harming your body plus physical condition. You're not an idiot, you know all these facts. Heck, you'd be hard-pressed not to familiar with the information providing you have a huge serious warning call smashed in your face on every occasion you look into a packet of cigarettes. You know that smoking can induce infertility, lung cancer, and emphysema plus heart complication.
  • Smoking and How to Quit It  By : Luat Tran Van
    An article discussing how to quit, and stop smoking.
  • The Allure and Dangers of Smoking  By : cas
    The article deals with the allure or attraction that surrounds the deadly habit of smoking. This allure was formed, in a large measure, by advertising campaigns such as Philip Morris' Marlboro Man. The article also discusses the health problems and eventual death of two male models who played the role of “Marlboro Man.” Briefly, the article also dissects how nicotine found in cigarrettes affect the brain of the smoker, producing stimulation and feelings of relaxation which later on becomes addictive.
  • Alternatives to Cold Turkey Methods of Quitting Smoking  By : Zuske Sagara
    This article talks about the dangers of smoking, and how people become addicted to cigarettes. It relates possible situations wherein people smoke cigarettes in everyday events. Quitting can be hard for smokers, especially if its done right away, for they experience withdrawal symptoms that could affect their behavior. By self help and support from the family, smokers can quit easily.
  • It’s Hard To Say Goodbye: Quitting Smoking  By : fris arbes
    This article is about smoking and how difficult it is to quit smoking. Smoking has been used since the ancient times, mostly for religious rituals. It wasn’t until the era of the European conquests that smoking was introduced as a social activity to the civilized masses. Smoking is difficult to quit because of the addicting quality of nicotine to the body. Gradually lessening the nicotine intake may help start the quitting process. However, if natural methods fail, there are stop-smoking products available in the market like: nicotine patches and gums that help supply for the body’s nicotine fits without using cigarettes.
  • Can You Really Quit Smoking?  By : Mark Coughlan
    If I quit after 40 Years you can too!
  • Information on Smoking Cessation Pill and Smoking Cessation Treatment  By : Ridhdhi Desai
    Smoking cessation is made easier for you with latest drugs. Smokers who want to give up smoking can now get clinically proven, medically approved smoking cessation treatment, Champix and quit smoking easily!
  • Quit Smoking Tips To Be Successful  By : David Walcott
    Stated by the American Society of Addiction Medicine (ASAM), there are larger numbers of persons that quit smoking than those that quit the use of heroin. Superstar, Ozzy Osbourne, a heavy drug user was reported to have said that giving up smoking was the hardest addiction to rid himself of.
  • Every Breath We Take Should Be Smoke-Free  By : alexis
    Many research and hard economic data have revealed that smoke-free laws do not harm sales or employment in restaurants and bars. All over the world, there is a concerted effort from different government agencies to enact laws due mainly to the overwhelming evidence that smoke-free laws protect the health of the general public without harming the business sector.
  • Tobacco Warning: Even Non-Smokers Are At Risk  By : cathy
    The article is about the dangers of smoking and the harmful effects of tobacco smoke to non-smokers. Information and statistics about smoking - related deaths is included in the article. Part of the discussion centers on the risks encountered by non-smokers whenever they involuntarily inhale second-hand smoke.
  • Smoking Helps you Relax?  By : Patrick Glancy..
    I've helped a lot of people quit smoking. While doing this, I've been told a lot of reasons why it is good to smoke.
  • Quit Smoking - Finding The Right Hypnosis For The Job  By : Patrick Glancy..
    A quality quit smoking hypnosis session can look a little complicated, if done correctly. A behavior modification process addressing a variety of aspects in your life. The nice part is you don't have to worry about putting it together. It's all done for you. You're left with the job of using it to help yourself.
  • Chantix History  By : Thomas Geter
    The smoker who wants to learn as much as possible about chantix medication could profit from a review of both a chemistry text and a botany text. Insights into the effects of chantix medication might also lie hidden in one or more memoirs penned by a soldier who served in the European theater during World War II.
  • What do you do when you are sick of smoking?  By : Darren Warmuth..
    What would you do when your house is on fire? Would you sit and think, plan and come up with a solution or just jump out of the window? But the truth is that unless you consider your smoking habit as dangerous as a house on fire, you are not going to jump. That is for sure. So, the obvious answer to the question ‘what to do when you are sick of smoking?’ would be - just quit! But this answer you've already heard from Many who don’t smoke or those who have never successfully quit themselves.
  • Some Facts about the Magic Stop Smoking Pill  By : Darren Warmuth..
    I know exactly why you are reading this article. It's because of the title. It's because just like I did, you are looking for the All New Recently Improved Super-Duper Stop Smoking Miracle Cure that 99% of smoking cessation products promise.
  • Quitting Smoking is not the First Thing You Should Do  By : Darren Warmuth
    Quitting smoking is not the first thing you should do when you decide to become a non-smoker. Yes, you have read that right - but it's true. Indeed, quitting is one of the last steps you should take on the road to quitting smoking. It is the end, not the means. If you start with quitting smoking, you are most probably going to fail, and all your efforts will come to naught besides the damage it will do to your personality, your confidence in yourself and much more.
  • 10 Ways to Quit Smoking Forever  By : Kevin Dark
    The unconscious desire to smoke is an addiction from a nagging nicotine urge. Managing, controlling and releasing the anxiety and stress that have caused people to turn to cigarettes or cigars and allowing them to remain free from the urge to smoke is the focus of Dr. James Walton's "Stop Smoking" treatment.

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