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Dutch Painting
  • Collecting Native American Pottery  By : Pat Doyle
    Collecting Native American pottery is enjoyable and rewarding. Learn what to look for when collecting Native American pottery.
  • Aboriginal Art, A Truly Ancient Art Form.  By : Barry C Numgerie
    Evidence suggests that humans first arrived in Australia approximately 60,000 years ago. These people are purported to have traveled from south-east Asia across the land bridges to northern Australia. Archaeologists have now discovered early occupation sites at the three most probable entry areas - the Kimberley, Arnhem Land and Cape York Peninsula.
  • A New Look at Canvas Prints and Canvas Printing  By : Katharine McKee
    Canvas Printing is the latest buzz in the market. Even bad painters have made superb canvas pictures thanks to the concept of Canvas Printing. But there are some who have already grown bored of that rectangular Canvas Print shape. And this is when the concept of shaped Canvas prints comes forward.
  • A Brief Hisory Of Cartooning  By : Alexa Ferotina
    In today's media, a cartoon is a piece of art, and usually humor is the "end game" . This usage dates from 1843 when England's Punch magazine applied the term to satirical drawings in its pages, The anchor illustrator was the legendary John Leech. The first of these parodied the preparatory cartoons for grand historical frescoes in the then-new Palace of Westminster. The original title for these drawings was Mr Punch's face is the letter Q and the new title "cartoon" was intended to be ironic, a reference to the pompous posturing of Westminster politicos.
  • Gag Cartoons: When Did They Begin?  By : Alexa Ferotina
    Modern days' various mediums contain cartoons as a piece of art, and its all about humor. This dates back to mid-19th century England when Punch Magazine, still a satirical icon in the U.K. bagan satirizing and parodying the new Westminster royalty. Punch, always known to pull punches, has not ceased with it's often non-subtle approach. Even today, many American cartoonists are surprised to learn their art form has deep roots in British humor.
  • How Much Do You Know On Airbrush Art?  By : Frank Maseko
    So with everything being available for artist to use as a canvas for their airbrush art and with art being the taking of something and then turning it into a masterpiece, there is now a question posed. Is airbrush makeup just another form of airbrush art? Can the application of makeup with the use of an airbrush be art? Or is it still just the application of makeup that just happens to use an airbrush?
  • Airbrush Art: The Preparations and Reviews  By : Goodness Maseko
    For airbrushing t-shirts, sweatshirts, denim and other natural fibers you first need to wash the material. By washing the material you will remove any loose fibers. Also washing the material will take care of any shrinking prior to placing your airbrush art design on to the material. So make sure that you have washed and fully dried your material before you begin.
  • The History Of Stained Glass Lamps  By : onebrady
    Learn the interesting history of how stained glass originated and how it progressed to what we see today.
  • Some Information on Airbrush Art And Its History  By : Alson Maseko
    In 1893 the world seen a more modernized version of airbrushing when Charles Burdick patent the first airbrush device. This device would be used for retouching photographs until around the 1920.
  • Creating 3D Decoupage  By : M.Awara
    Most professional crafters will already know and have enjoyed creating marvelous 3D cards and gifts with decoupage. You can easily make your own 3D decoupage paper for use in your own craft projects.

    The Internet offers an endless supply of free clip art and graphics that would be suitable. When searching for images, always look around a web page for 'Terms of Use'. Also, rubber stamps are not automatically copyright free, you need to check. It is also possible to purchase decoupage disks or CD where the images are all ready there all you need to do is print, cut and stick them together.
  • What Is Decoupage  By : M.Awara
    The term Decoupage is the decorative art of cutting and pasting paper onto a surface and varnishing over the surface. Decoupage (day-coo-parj) comes from the French word “couper”, which means to cut.

    In its early years decoupage may have been considered a child craft as it involves cutting pieces paper and layering them on top of each other to create an image that is 3d. But nowadays, Decoupage has become more sophisticated an extremely popular hobby, one of the fastest growing crafts worldwide. It requires relatively little capital outlay, can be done from home, and appeals to people of all ages. Simply because it is versatile, requires few materials, and can be done by beginners.
    Although you can buy supplies made specifically for decoupage, you can also use supplies that you probably have lying around the house. This makes decoupage one of the cheapest crafts around.
  • Dada As A Response To The Horrors Of War?  By : Painting Olga
    Dada was an Art movement with its peak in 1916-1920s. This movement was established as a position against the War, and particularly World War I.
  • Who Was Tutankhamun?  By : Stuart Cheese
    Stuart Cheese, may be the UK Director of Operations for One World Tours but his partner’s love of Tutankhamun was what got him into the business in the first place. Let us see how much he has picked up from her and see how much can be understood about the young king, known to the world for his stunning death mask.
  • Surreal Art & Photography  By : Domen Lombergar
    Surrealism in photography was one of the major revolutionary changes in the evolution of photography. Rather than art, photography was reviewed as a copying effort. Surrealism is the introduction of the ‘more than real’ images to the art forms.
  • The Renaissance - Part Two  By : Mike Shaw
    The great principles underlying all Renaissance work was that of faithfulness to nature, as opposed to faithfulness to tradition, which had been the sheet anchor of pre Renaissance art and letters.
  • Tracing The Roots of Anime  By : Andrew Wills
    From the popular Transformers movie release to the Yu-Gi-Oh! cards your kids might have, anime has certainly left its mark on the world in recent years. Understanding its roots, though, is the key to predicting where this ever-changing genre is headed.
  • How to Start and Run a Successful Tattoo Business  By : Kingston J. Amadan
    Being a great or skilled tattoo artist doesn’t necessarily translate into being a successful tattoo artist. Tattoo shops open and close like restaurants, and rarely for a lack of talent. Rest assured, there are things that can be done to give those who are just starting out a better shot at running a successful tattoo business.
  • Tattooing on Dark Skin  By : Kingston J. Amadan
    Tattooing on dark skin requires a little more effort on the part of the artist, both in dealing with the customer and doing the actual work. The problem with tattooing dark skin is that because the ink is being seen from behind the skin, many colors tend to get muted out or can appear dull.
  • Tips on Improving Tattoo Aftercare  By : Kingston J. Amadan
    As a tattoo artist, your work is a lifetime calling card that when well conceived and executed can bring you accolades, recognition and most importantly, more business. While some would argue that having a particularly recognizable style is what separates the all stars of the tattoo world from the working stiffs, the reality is that the stylized visions of a specific artist belong to only the artist, not the public at large.
  • The Fine Art of Tattoo Cover Ups  By : Kingston J. Amadan
    Tattooing requires overall drawing and illustrative skills, an advanced understanding of lines and shading and the ability to deal with people from all walks of life. Part designer, part salesman, part counselor, part businessman (or woman) and part bedside physician, a professional tattoo artist is accustomed to wearing many hats.

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