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  • Bank Charges  By : munish
    Claiming back your charges: Why it is important not to accept anything less than everything.
  • Personal Bankruptcy- Choosing Ch7 Or Ch13 Bankruptcy  By : Adrian Fletcher
    In the United States, bankruptcy laws are created and amended by the federal government. The Bankruptcy law courts are responsible for administering these laws. The aim of the courts is to mediate in a dispute where one person owes other people or businesses a sum of money. The courts will try to retrieve as much money as possible from the debtor and distribute it to the creditors. However it will do this in a manner that doesn't completely ruin the debtor and allows him/her to recover with prudent financial management. The estimate is that around a million people will go bankrupt the US this year. They will think about filing for bankruptcy if they cannot pay their debts. This article will discuss the options available to them if they want to file for personal bankruptcy.
  • Offshore Bank Account: 8 Issues In Preparation For Your Start.  By : Peter Dansonton
    Offshore banking has become increasingly popular as more people figure out exactly how they could benefit from an offshore bank account and since the set up process is straightforward. If you've ever wondered whether you could feature from an offshore bank account, or you're comtemplating opening an account but you're not sure which one to choose, this guide has been authored with you in mind. Generally speaking anyone is free to open an offshore bank account. In fact, offshore banking has been widely used for some years via both people and organizations worldwide. Specifically an offshore bank account can also be of benefit to many expatriates residing in low or no tax countries as any interest earned on offshore financial institution deposits is paid without the deduction of taxation.
  • The Different Kinds Of Savings Account  By : Nicholas Hunt
    It's always a good idea to put some money aside for a rainy day, especially in these times of economic uncertainty. Which of the different kinds of bank savings account will be right for you?
  • Your Business Merchant Account  By : ILA BHATT
    Do you have a business merchant account? If not, isnít it time you got one? The companies you compete against for customer business may already have this special account that allows them to process customersí credit payments. If you are not yet doing so, why not apply for a merchant account to help your business grow?
  • How The Credit Crunch Could Be Good News For Savers  By : Nicholas Hunt
    Most financial analysts are predicting tough times ahead, as the uncertainty over bank debt exposure causes a tightening up of credit. However, one group of banking customers could stand to benefit from the whole mess.
  • An Introduction To Offset Banking  By : Nicholas Hunt
    Offset bank accounts work on a completely different principle to traditional banking arrangements. What are the benefits, and who do they suit?
  • Economy, Banking, Credit Cards And Usury - Why You Need An Alternative Payment System  By : Jim Olivero
    Modern world recognize and use two sciences: mathematic and economy. Long time ago, Albert Einstein said: "The hardest thing in the world to understand is the income tax." For every action there is an equal but opposite reaction. Interpretation of Einstein law is very simple: Unfortunately, one of our two sciences is guilty for the worst crimes ever committed.
  • How to claim back Mortgage Exit Fee and Mortgage Arrears Penalties?  By : Karan
    A mortgage is a method of using property as security for raising a loan to pay off a debt or to meet some personal obligation. Most of us have used this method to raise money during some stage in our lives. However, when it comes to paying off a mortgage and when someone is unable to repay the monthly installment due to some constraint, lenders will impose a charge. In this article, we will look at Mortgage Exit Fees,
  • Monte Carlo Banks Prove Interesting  By : Monte Carlo
    US and European governments have been trying to discourage their taxpayers from opening bank accounts or taking residency in tax havens.

    But new reports suggest the flow of funds into Monaco's banks is higher than ever before...
  • How to get a Panama Bank Account In 3 Days  By : Trajan Corvath
    Here is everything you will need so you are prepared to finish the transaction as soon as possible. You have decided wisely if you wish to do your offshore banking in Panama and here's how.
  • Which Offshore Bank Account is Right For You?  By : Morgan Frankenfelder
    Making the move to an offshore bank account can be a pleasant experience that garners the account holder many privileges such as reduced taxes in their home country as well as the ability to earn interest on their money tax free.
  • Opening an Offshore Bank Account  By : Franklin Finkleman
    Gone are the days when one had to go the bank located in the offshore location in order to open the account there. With the advent of the Internet, opening an offshore bank account has become easier and just a few clicks away, regardless of where one lives. The website does everything to help a person to open the bank account, whether personal or business type.
  • Secrecy and Laws - Offshore Banking in Panama  By : Meredith Piaget
    Panama is willing to hold off the world to uphold it's Banking Secrecy laws. That alone should comfort you that your assets are safe and secure. For more information one would have to look closer at Panama's international relationships and study Panama secrecy laws.
  • Who Needs an Offshore Bank Account?  By : Philip K. Morrison
    Offshore banking is a practice that refers to working / banking with a bank located in a foreign country. Offshore banks work like normal banks, the primary difference being that they are located in another country than the one where the account holder lives. However, certain offshore bank locations can offer significant tax benefits.
  • Is The Time Right To Switch Your Current Account?  By : Nicholas Hunt
    The range of facilities offered by current or checking accounts has improved dramatically over recent years, including such benefits as higher interest earnings and cheaper overdrafts. Isn't it time to see if you could improve on your existing account?
  • Internet Banking: Some Great Reviews on Banking and Investing  By : Marcus Maseko
    With internet banking if you have direct deposit, you may become slack about checking to see if the money is in your account. This is a bad habit to get into for a couple of reasons. First, there could be a banking error on the part of your internet banking firm or on the part of the sending bank.
  • The Basic yet Important Things We Should Know on Internet Banking  By : Marcus Maseko
    There is much controversy over whose responsibility it is when something goes wrong in internet banking. Banks sometimes step up and hold themselves accountable for security measures as they should. Other banks want to lay the burden on the consumer.
  • The Different Views of Internet Banking  By : Mel Maseko
    At any rate, shy people will avoid internet banking because they feel embarrassed about what they are doing. It is not that they are doing anything wrong. It is just that they feel scrutinized by a larger group of people than they would at their local bank.
  • Internet Banking: Why People Use It  By : Masime Sukati
    Is the nature of business forcing customers to use internet banking? Or, is there something in it for the customers? Indeed there are many advantages to doing internet banking. It is easy to open an internet banking account. You sit, in the comfort of your home or office, and type in your answers to a few questions. You set up the security measures that will be used to access your account, like usernames, passwords, etc. Then, all you need to do is print off and sign a form to send in to complete the process.
  • Online Banking Security: What You Can Do To Help  By : Nicholas Hunt
    Online banking is generally a very safe activity given the efforts put into security by the banks. However, some of the responsibility for keeping the account safe falls onto the customer, and there are several basic things that should be done to help prevent fraud.
  • Euro Impact on the East European Countries and Banks  By : Tudor Mate
    The euro will change the lives of people living in Western Europe when it is introduced into circulation at the start of next year. But it will also affect people living in Eastern Europe and the former Soviet Union, where the German mark is widely held and used as a transaction currency. Those marks will cease circulating shortly after the euro's introduction. In this third of a three-part series on the common currency, RFE/RL correspondent Mark Baker looks at what impact the euro will have out
  • Online Banking With Safety In Mind  By : Nicholas Hunt
    Conducting your banking affairs online can be a great convenience and time saver, but can also be a potential risk. Find out how to enjoy the benefits without leaving the door open for fraudsters.
  • Opening An Offshore Banking Account  By : Doug Smarteras
    How to Open an offshore account
  • What Is All The Fuss Over Bank Charges?  By : Nicholas Hunt
    The media has recently been filled with coverage of the battle over bank charges, and whether they're fair or excessive. How will the outcome affect banking customers?
  • Offshore Newsletters, Books And Guides  By : Robert Thomson
    Our law firm has clients that come to us referencing some book they read about offshore banking or offshore corporations.
  • What Is A Negotiable Or Monetary Instrument?  By : Robert Thomson
    Many countries require the reportage of the movement of any amount of money, monetary instruments or negotiable instruments valued over $10,000.
  • How to Select and Open an Offshore Bank Account  By : Steven Rowland
    Contrary to what most offshore service providers will tell you, opening an offshore bank account is not the path to instant wealth and riches, although it might get you there a little quicker. In this article I will attempt to set out the advantages and disadvantages of opening and maintaining an offshore banking facility and how you can use this vehicle to enhance and protect your personal wealth.
  • The Check Clearance Process from a Business Perspective  By : Ray La Foy
    When the customer makes the decision to pay for the merchandise with a check, a long process is started.
  • An Introduction To Online Banking Services For The Uninitiated  By : Craig Thornburrow
    Banking online does not need to be as scary as it sounds, here are the positives and negatives to trusting your money to a web bank.
  • Chip N Pin Good or Bad  By : Derek Both
    More and more we are becoming a cashless society. Almost every purchase we make now days is on the card whether that is a credit card or a debit card. To try to limit credit and debit card fraud, the powers that be introduced Chip n pin so that you no longer sign for your purchase, you just enter your secret pin number and away you go.
  • Choosing A High Interest Savings Account  By : Nicholas Hunt
    There's more to a choosing a savings account than simply comparing basic interest rates. Different account features can suit different situations, and choosing the wrong account could be costly.
  • Abuse Of Bank Charges, Is This Legalised Robbery?  By : Stephen Morgan
    We have all received from time to time, Bank statements that would make the sanest person howl with anger when it comes to looking at the charges some Banks charge. Are some carying this to excess?
  • Do The Risks Outweigh The Benefits Of Internet Banking  By : Craig Thornburrow
    Online banking has taken personal finance to a whole new level. Is it a good or a bad thing?
  • About Dormant Bank Accounts  By : Nicholas Hunt
    It's estimated that up to £5bn may be sitting unclaimed in UK dormant bank accounts. Could you be entitled to a share?
  • About Basic Bank Accounts  By : Nicholas Hunt
    There are still around 3 million adults in the UK today who are completely outside the banking system, and don't have access to a bank account. Basic bank accounts are a simple type of account introduced to help remedy the situation.
  • How To Keep Your Banking Information Safe  By : Michael Hehn
    The best course of action to take sometimes isn't clear until you've listed and considered your alternatives. The following paragraphs should help clue you in to what the experts think is significant.
  • Solving Banking Disputes  By : Joseph Kenny
    Although banks usually provide efficient services, they may sometimes commit transactional errors that can have a negative affect on your bank balance. If you suspect that there has been a mistake, you need to take it up with your bank as soon as possible.
  • Benefits Of Online Banking  By : Joseph Kenny
    The banking system has also changed adequately, with the changing times. Today, you need not visit your bank to conduct most of your banking transactions.
  • Is Venture Capital Right for You?  By : Dave Kauppi
    Venture Capital is the prize that many entrepreneurs seek, but what are your odds of success. In this article a technology focused investment banker shares his views.
  • Are You Wise Enough To Use A Short Term Loan?  By : Jay Moncliff
    Student short term loans can be a valuable resource if used wisely. However it is very important for the student to pay it back on time.
  • What Are Bank Loans?  By : Ken Snow
    The idea of a bank that loans out money to the public totally changed the premise of ancient banks that stated that a bank was only a place to deposit money for safeguarding.
  • All You Need to Know About Swiss Banking  By : Joseph Kenny
    There is a common misconception that people who cannot store their unaccounted wealth in their own country open accounts in Swiss banks. Even though this may be true to an extent, Swiss banks are well known for their sophisticated and discreet banking services.
  • Pasco Washington Banks Offer Long-Term Savings Accounts For Top Return  By : Andrew Stratton
    If you have a large sum of money, you should certainly consider acting on one of these ways to increase it. CDs or bonds with a Pasco, Washington bank will give you the money you need to ensure financial security for yourself in later years, or even for your children. It's one of the main principles of finance that you should always have your money work for you rather than the other way around.
  • Garland Texas Banks Help You Get Your Business Up And Running  By : Andrew Stratton
    For a new business venture in Garland, Texas, banks offer many options for funding its launch. Each type of loan offers its own benefits, depending on your particular situation. You may already own a valuable asset which can be used as collateral for an equity line of credit.
  • Anyone Can Benefit From Online Banking Services, Even You!  By : Tom Sample
    Online banking services are ideal for almost anyone who uses banking services. The fact of the matter is online banking services are a lot quicker than regular banking and the perks they offer can be quite impressive.
  • Exploring The Many Benefits of Online Banking  By : Craig Thornburrow
    Online banking is becoming more and more the normal thing to do. If your still unsure of taking the step, view some of the advantages.
  • Finding Durham North Carolina Mortgages with Low Interest Rates  By : Andrew Stratton
    Since so many people are in the market for a house mortgage in Durham, North Carolina, lenders have made it especially easy to obtain one. In your haste to get a mortgage, you may overlook a great deal with a low interest rate on a Durham NC mortgage. If you go into it with a clear goal in mind, you can avoid paying too much.
  • How To Choose A Checking Account That Will Fulfill All Your Needs  By : Gregg Hall
    There are many different types of checking accounts they are based on the amount of money you are willing to deposit, how much you will withdraw, and fee. The most common type for the average consumer is a household account.
  • Durham North Carolina Banks-Finding the Ideal Checking and Savings Accounts  By : Andrew Stratton
    Durham, North Carolina banks offer a wide range of account options. When choosing, you will have to decide the balance of interest and liquidity that you wish to obtain.
  • Credit Card Balance Transfer Tips  By : Nicky Pilkington
    So, you acquired a credit card and maybe spent a little too much and now find yourself barely being able to pay back the interest let alone the principle? Most peoples stories are somewhere along these lines and it can be extremely worrying.
  • Open A Swiss Bank Account. Don't Listen To Hollywood!  By : Gary Tooth
    Hmm! I wonder if the likes of Britain's Richard Branson and America's Bill Gates have any cash stashed away in Swiss bank accounts. Although you don't need to go to Switzerland in person to open a Swiss Bank account, it is actually the preferred procedure. However, many busy professionals get a trusted agency to open one on their behalf.
  • The Anatomy of a Check  By : Joseph Kenny
    As you sit at your coffee table each month, writing check after to check to pay off various bills, do you ever stop to think why a check looks the way it does? What are all those numbers for?
  • How To Legally Open An Offshore Bank Account  By : Michael Poole
    How to Legally Open an Offshore Bank Account while You are Away on Holiday
  • Is Your Bank Overcharging You For Your Overdraft?  By : Joseph Kenny
    Unauthorised overdraft fees. These are three words that worry every bank customer. An unauthorised overdraft fee is the fee charged by a bank when customers go over their overdraft limit.
  • Business Banking - Keeping Your Accounts Healthy  By : Joseph Kenny
    There's no room for complacency when it comes to running a business, and running your account is no different. You should check your statements carefully, and have a periodic review of the market to make sure your account is still the best one for your needs.
  • Offshore Banking: What You Need to Know Before Opening an Account  By : Joseph Kenny
    Offshore banking, we have all heard about it before. Unfortunately, many are misinformed when it comes to offshore banking. We have all heard news reports of accounts being used to front illegal activities or to avoid taxes.
  • The Benefits of Banking  By : Joseph Kenny
    Do you have a bank account? If you do then you are one of the billions of individuals that do. If you do not have a bank account, you are missing out on the many benefits of banking.
  • Low Apr Credit Card The Greatest Bait  By : Jeff Moynihan
    One of the greatest baits used by card companies to attract more customers is through low APR rate cards.
  • What is Online Banking and How You Can Benefit From It  By : Joseph Kenny
    The internet has become an important part of our lives. There are many of us who rely on the internet to communicate with our friends and family. Online shopping is also making buying new and used merchandise easier.
  • Interested in Opening a Checking Account? What to Consider  By : Joseph Kenny
    A large number of individuals have a checking account. There are even some who have more than one. A checking account is similar to a savings account, but the money is usually easier to access.
  • How to Choose the Right Bank  By : Joseph Kenny
    Financial institutions are located all around the world. If you are looking to open a bank account, whether that bank account is a checking account or a savings account, you have a number of banking options.
  • Are You Earning Top Bank CD Rates?  By : Gerald Greene
    Small differences in nominal CD rates can mean big differences in percentage returns. Don't be a lazy CD investor. Seek out top Cd rates.
  • How to Protect Yourself While Internet Banking  By : Joseph Kenny
    There is no doubt about the fact that identity theft is on the increase. More and more people are losing their identities and money each year due to the efforts of a select few individuals who know how to use the Internet to their advantage.
  • The 3 Most Popular (and Misunderstood) Terms in Personal Finance  By : Tabitha Naylor
    Finally, a simple explanation to some of the most confusing personal finance terms. Don't take out another mortgage, credit card, or auto loan without learning the defintions behind these three misunderstood terms.
  • What Is Your Bank Charging You? A Guide To Bank Charges  By : Joseph Kenny
    When you're shopping around for a bank account there are a lot of factors to consider. Many people go for up-front incentives, such as money paid into the bank account, vouchers or a gift.
  • Why Bounced Cheques Mean Bad Business  By : Joseph Kenny
    Small businesses rely heavily on maintaining a good cash flow and having their clients pay on time. So when half of the UK's small businesses are suffering from poor cash flow that is bad news for small businesses.
  • Nothing Beats Online Bill Paying for Speed, Simplicity and Security  By : Tom Sample
    Simple, quick and easy, this method of payment is fast becoming the way bills get paid.
  • A Professional Banking Consultant Can Help  By : Robert Bibb
    When you are setting up a Corporation, making sure that you are banking with the right institution is more important than you think.
  • Interest Rate Determination Three Key Factors  By : Mika Hamilton
    There are several factors which influence how much money you will pay in interest for a loan. However there are three major influences.
  • The Benefits of Online Banking and Investment  By : Mika Hamilton
    The past decade has seen a great deal of change within the business of banking. Banking the old fashion away is no longer cost efficient or effective. Today, banks are encouraging their clients to bank and invest online whenever possible.
  • Identity Theft and How You Can Recover  By : Mika Hamilton
    In today's modern times, the incidents of identity theft is on the rise. With access to the Internet and the sharing of personal information online criminals have a easy time finding the information needed to steal your identity.
  • Business Banking - Getting The Right Account For Your Business  By : Joseph Kenny
    While many people turn to their usual bank when opening a business account, it's advisable to shop around. There can be some advantages to using the same bank for personal and business accounts
  • Business Banking - An Overview  By : Joseph Kenny
    Making a success of your business depends on planning and judgement. 'The bottom line' is all about managing your finances wisely, whether that means sourcing the funding you need to start up or keeping on top of your accounts.
  • Internet Banking - Which Web Bank is Right For You  By : Joseph Kenny
    Finding information online seems like the proverbial search for the needle in the haystack - with so many sites and adverts vying for attention just thinking about searching for an internet bank is enough to bring on a headache.
  • Offshore Banking - Does It Pays To Go Abroad?  By : Joseph Kenny
    While you might presume anyone with 'money in offshore accounts' is involved in some scurrilous business affairs, the truth is that anyone can use this form of investment as a totally legitimate way to defer or reduce your tax payments.
  • Savings Accounts - Professional Advice  By : Joseph Kenny
    When it comes to savings, you may well find yourself daunted by the sheer variety of ways to invest your money.
  • Bad Credit Cash Advance Services  By : Ryan Arsendatama
    Bad credit cash advance services fulfill the needs of people who need quick emergency cash but their bad credit history disqualifies them for getting a loan. These bad credit fast cash loan lenders do not worry about the bad credit history. They provide cash loan with guaranteed approval as quick as 24 hours.
  • Children's Bank Accounts And Planning Your Family's Future  By : Joseph Kenny
    Everybody wants to give their children the best possible start in life, and make their future as secure as possible. Two ways of helping them, money-wise, are by encouraging them to save with their own bank account, and by making investments on their behalf.
  • Unsecured Loans Your Solution to an Improved Credit Score  By : Mika Hamilton
    A bad credit score used to make it impossible for individuals and families to borrow money for home and car financing. Today, there are several companies which not only give individuals with bad credit unsecured loans but actually cater to people who have extremely low credit scores.
  • Online Bill Payment Benefits Customers and Businesses  By : Ray La Foy
    The advantages to paying through online services are many and the ease of most payment options is incredible.
  • 8 Golden Rules For Safe And Secure Online Banking  By : Nazir Hussain
    Online banking is the future of banking. However, safe and secure banking is the ultimate goal. Following the 8 golden rules of safe online banking will go a long way towards protecting the customer and the banks. So follow these rules.
  • How to Safely Use The Online/Internet Banking And Also Protect Yourself Against Tricksters?  By : Nazir Hussain
    Online banking is much safer now. Familiarity with the internet technology means that there are more and more users of online banking. You can make online banking ever safer by implementing some simple security procedures.
  • The Virgin Banker  By : Barney Garcia
    There are a number of things to consider before opening your first bank account. The first thing to consider before opening your first bank account is whether or not you have enough money to warrant opening such an account.
  • How to Choose a Good Small Business Bank  By : Timothy Rea
    Be sure you enter into a relationship with the right bank to support your small business needs. The right banker can help your business grow and save you time and money throughout the year.
  • 100% Guaranteed Approval On Payday Loans  By : Ryan Arsendatama
    The application process for payday loan is simple and they will mainly ask you about your basic personal information, employment details and your bank details. These finance companies have a foolproof system, which enables them to approve your application within minutes, through Internet.
  • Accumulating Credit Card Points In Exchange For Travel Miles  By : Nicky Pilkington
    The convenience of using credit cards for everyday purchases has allowed a lot of people in the US to get the services offered by credit cards. Credit cards these days are used in almost everyday purchases as it offers more security because people won't have to walk the streets anymore carrying bundles of cash in order for them to go an appliance store to buy a brand new HDTV that may cost thousands of dollars.
  • The Attractive Tax Break for Home Loans  By : John Williams
    Many home buyers are mislead when it comes to tax advantages with buying a home. Don't get taken for your money.
  • The Banking Internet Basics  By : Jay Moncliff
    Traditional banking has always been a brick and mortar building where you go to deposit or withdraw money. However, the banking Internet sector has exploded in the past five years. You may not be aware of what banking Internet actually is, and it can be a bit confusing because it has so many names from online banking to PC banking as well as electronic banking and banking online.
  • Where to Get Forex Training  By : Jay Moncliff
    For those of you who are interested in forex trading, you may want to start off by getting some good forex training. Forex training is a necessity for anyone with this interest. This is because a lot of money is involved in forex trading. If you don't get some forex training, you are bound to lose a lot of money.
  • Financial Services Help Manage Money  By : Jay Moncliff
    When it comes to managing money many times it is best left up to the professionals and financial services that are knowledgeable and experienced. Financial services include a whole range of services, so if you need some form of financial services to help you with your money management, banking, assets, and the like you will certainly be able to find the assistance you need through financial services firms. The following financial services are just an overview of the different financial services you can choose from and that are offered.
  • Is Banking Account Online Really Safe?  By : Dave Poon
    The history of banking dates back to the ancient times; in fact, the earliest banks were the ancient religious temples.
  • Credit Card Offers - The Top 3 Benefits To Spot  By : Ewen Chia
    If you are looking for a good credit card offer, here are the top 3 benefits you should spot to get yourself the best credit card for your needs...
  • Payday Loans, A Viable Option?  By : John Williams
    Payday loans, often referred to as cash advance loans, are amounts lent by specialized lenders to borrowers until the next pay day. This article will help you understand what you need to know about payday loans.
  • What You Didn't Know About Credit Card Numbers  By : Ewen Chia
    Interesting article revealing the real meaning of credit card numbers which you see on your own credit card.

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