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  • insurance agent jobs, how to become an insurance agent.  By : Richard Acunto
    Announcing a new Career Insurance Training seminar provided by ACE (Academy Career Education) a sister company to Survival Insurance. ACE provides training in insurance agent, independent insurance agent, insurance agents brokers courses online. You can do a full 52 course to become licensed or simply do your continuing education.
  • Surviving Job Loss? Career Insurance Training Los Angeles, LA Job Applications  By : Richard Acunto
    What are the least stressful jobs?

    Survival Insurance provides a full 52 hour course to train insurance agents from many different companies, including Farmers insurance agents, State farm Insurance and independent insurance agents. Survival also ensures that you pass by the end of the training. Survival Insurance has a success rate above any other.
  • Jobs in New Zealand  By : Sandra James
    Here are three things to consider for those interested in moving to New Zealand. This information will give you some things to consider. You should definitely not stop with these considerations though. Keep in mind that your situation is different than any other and you will have information that is particular to that. Use this and your own information and you should be well prepared.
  • Executive Résumé Writing Helps You Climb to the Top of the Ladder  By : Mark46 Plantier46
    In reality, executive résumé writing can be a rather complicated task for those who are unfamiliar with it—and in some ways, even for those already familiar with the process. In such difficult situations, executive résumé writing services can prove to be very valuable assets, and they come in handy in your pursuit to create the perfect résumé to represent you. A bright and shining résumé can put you on the page of success, winn
  • Medical Assistant Duties And Job Description  By : Louis Zhang..
    If you are looking at a career in health care you will want to know what medical assistant duties might include. It of course depends on what area of medicine you are working in.
  • How To Become A Medical Assistant  By : Louis Zhang..
    Anyone thinking about how to become a medical assistant needs to consider the many healthcare training opportunities available. Success as a medical assistant is greatly dependent on training.
  • How Much Are You Worth?  By : shishir
    Americans say that the most important factor in considering a job opportunity is salary. 89% of the respondents in a Job Satisfaction Survey conducted by rated salary as being as most important when deciding whether to accept a job offer. In addition, more than 50% of the survey respondents believe they are underpaid.

    Shishir Gupta,
  • Tips for Preparing the Best Curriculum Vitae  By : AdamBoulton
    The curriculum vitae should account for the writer's full academic and career history describing the achievements and it is better to be typed or word-processed. Read on for a few useful tips to make your CV stand out in the crowd.
  • Benefits of Hiring Resume Writing Services  By : AdamBoulton
    Resume writing services assist in making a resume stand out from the crowd and help get interviews quickly. This article elaborates some key benefits of hiring such services to increase our chances of finding the right job.
  • Why Resume Cover Letter is Crucial  By : AdamBoulton
    A cover letter accompanies each resume and it is sensible to devote the needed time and effort to write effective cover letters because the cover letter may either assist in obtaining a job interview or result in having the resume rejected. Read to on to know how to draft a decent resume cover letter.
  • Useful Tips to Draft a Convincing Resume  By : AdamBoulton
    A resume is a summary, which advertises the education and job experience of a jobseeker to gain an interview. But a resume will get the interview but not the job itself. So it is very vital that the resume produced represents the person and his or her achievements. Read on for some useful tips for writing a resume that will easily convince the prospective employers about your capabilities.
  • Writing a Killer Resume to Attract Prospective Employers  By : AdamBoulton
    Resume is a document containing a summary highlighting the experiences and credentials and education usually written for the purpose of gaining an interview while seeking an employment. This article helps draft a killer resume that will surely attract prospective employers to call the candidates for an interview.
  • Architecture Jobs: High Demand For Professionals  By : AnYc
    Summary: Architecture is a fascinating career option for students who wish to use their creativity and imaginative skills in building a wonderful structure.
    There are many good opportunities in terms of jobs for the students pursuing architecture studies in related fields like structural engineering and interior designing as well.
  • Search for Jobs in the Caribbean  By : Simon Skinner
    Searching for jobs overseas? Well, here are some guides in finding jobs in the Carribean that is

    definitely gonna help you get a job!
  • Take Advantage of The Nursing Job Shortage  By : Alice Sy
    International nursing jobs are the best options for those who wish to work abroad as nurses. Using the internet to find nursing jobs online is a great way to find a job after graduating. Home nursing jobs are nursing jobs for people who can provide care to those who require personalized patient care.
  • Series 7 Exam Information and Requirements  By : Lara Newcomb
    The Series 7 exam covers content such as corporate securities (stocks and bonds), municipal securities and U.S. government securities, options, direct participation programs, investment company products, variable contracts and federal securities laws.
  • Career Coaching Development Goals And Education  By : George Purdy
    A very important thing of your life is to choose an appropriate career that you will be going through. There are careers requiring a lot of skills which all do not have. Some careers require some odd type and amount of education. You can go through career coaching development so that you are able to choose the right path.
  • The Importance of Self-esteem in Children  By : Pierre du 444 Plessis444
    Learn about private label rights
    1. What are private label rights?

    Would you believe a person if they told you that it was possible to take another person’s work, change it anyway you please and call the edited material your own?
    What if that person also told you that besides being able to do so, you could actually profit from that work and not be liable for any copyright infringement?
    If you haven’t heard of Private Label Rights, then most likely you’d think they were pulling your leg. But it’s true! Private Label Rights do exist and they are one of the fastest ways to creating and owning your own products available!
    But what are Private Label Rights?
    To understand why Private Label Rights are so special, first you need to know a little bit about resell and master resell rights.
  • Make Money At Home With Affiliate Marketing  By : Paul Jesse..
    Did you know that you can work at home and make money online without ever selling anything? There are very few home based business opportunities that are easier or cost less than affiliate marketing.
  • The 4 Habits That Build $100K Careers  By : John M. Reisinger
    According to the US Dept. of Commerce, 5.6% of business professionals earn $100,000 a year or more. That number rises to 15.8% if you consider household income. Earning a place in the top 5% of US wager earners happens by understanding the keys to career advancement. It has nothing to with being ruthless, selfish, or driven by blind ambition. And having a college degree is no guarantee either. Personally, I was 29 years old (I'm 38 now) when I first joined the $100,000 a year club. I finished just 3 years of college, but that never stopped me from consistently earning the elusive $100K a year. If you've ever wondered what's kept you from earning $100,000 a year it's likely one or more of these habits hindering your career development.
  • Dissatisfied With Work? Career Coaching Gives Guidance  By : George Purdy
    One of your most important decisions in life is that of your career path. Some careers will require unique skills and some will require a lot of schooling. You can look into career coaching certification to help put you on the right path and to get you the career skills you will need.
  • Management Degree: More Jobs Available  By : George Purdy
    How can you put a value on knowledge and education? Emphasis on education and knowledge is expressed by great men for centuries. A proper education allows one to achieve goals easily. Innumerable teachers are housed in hundreds of schools and colleges whose purpose is to provide a valuable education to everyone who wants one.
  • Instant Degrees  By : Robert Thomson
    I discovered an easy way to get the degree I deserve based on my work and life experience.
  • Supermaids: The Greatest Domestic Helpers from the Philippines  By : Alice Sy
    No less than the President of the Philippines, Gloria Macapagal Arroyo, brands domestic helpers from the Philippines as supermaids, a term, they, indeed, so richly deserve. These domestic helpers have, for years, endured the loneliness and pain of being far away from home in order to be able to give their families a better life. Because of this, they have been well appreciated and admired by people all over the world.
  • Working As Filipino Maids In Foreign Lands  By : Alice Sy
    Whenever you go to Hong Kong, try to visit Statue Square. The place does not only offer a relaxing scenery, it also serves as a place where hundreds of Filipino maids flock there to meet, to chat, and to share their lives during their day offs.
  • “Careers In Music Industry”… These 4 Words Sum Up Some Of The Most Glamorous Futures Ever  By : Dave Weston
    Careers In Music Industry! Our idols, our dreams, our interests, our themes… our lives!
  • Acting Tuition. How Do You Know What Is Right For You?  By : Robert Thomson
    How do you find the right acting school, or even the right class within that school? This article will help!
  • Could A High Paying Catering Job Be In Your Future?  By : Andrew W John
    Catering is a business going through a growth spurt. Programs such as Iron Chef and the multitude of cooking programs on TV in recent years have contributed to the growth of this industry. A public increasingly well aware of health benefits from unprocessed foods and interested in well prepared meals has also been a factor. As it stands now, catering is a six billion a year industry.
  • California Employment Law - Good News for 2008  By : Colin R Cherry
    Did you know that thanks to California employment law and the backing of the current Governor, California will have the highest hourly rate of pay in the USA starting January 1, 2008? California employment law will then dictate that a worker's minimum wage will be $8.00 an hour, up from $7.50 an hour.
  • Choosing a Career As a Tiler - What They Do and What to Expect  By : Jim Olivero
    Are you considering a career as a tiler but not sure where to start? If the answer is yes, this article will give you an idea of what learning to tile involves, what different materials are used and where and most importantly advice on tiling qualifications.
  • Working Your Way Around The World  By : Simon M Skinner
    I bet that you are sat in your office at your desk thinking about the rest of the world and what it has to offer you. A bit that you have on occasion, open your front door to go to work and wondered " what are the my doing". I know that I have. If
  • Become a Nurse Assistant and Avoid Burnout  By : Elias Maseko
    Since Nurse Assistants are needed throughout the Nation, you will be able to secure employment opportunities most anywhere. Job security is very high in most areas of the medical field. The training programs to earn your certificate all vary depending on state regulations. However, most can be completed in four to six weeks on average. The cost of such programs is very low.
  • Taking Free Career Advice with a Grain of Salt  By : Mike Sandiford
    Every graduate who takes free career advice from a friend or family member needs to look beyond the advice to determine motivations. Your graduation from university will be accompanied by dozens of loved ones and colleagues offering free career advice without solicitation.
  • Surmounting Challenges to Graduate Accountancy Professionals  By : Mike Sandiford
    There are many obstacles facing graduate accountancy professionals as they emerge from the classroom into the corporate world. The myth that accountancy degrees guarantee great wages and job stability needs to be dispelled before you pursue your postgraduate career.
  • Computational Finance as a Professional Tool for Financial Graduates  By : Mike Sandiford
    One of the most important tools that financial graduates need for professional success is computational finance. This study combines computer analysis, mathematics and financial knowledge to assess the total risk of specific types of investments.
  • Taking Free Career Tests  By : Sharon Walker
    You may already have heard about free career tests, but you might be wondering whether they are actually useful.
  • Reaching Your Goals with Career Builders  By : Sharon Walker
    Not everyone has heard of career builders before. They are actually necessary tools to help you build your career, so that you can get the job you want, be happy with it and succeed in it. All these attributes will eventually lead to a fulfilling career.
  • Architect Jobs Provide Great Career Opportunities  By : AnYc
    Architect jobs require architects who are instructed in various fields, starting with the historic maintenance to building highly growing engineering projects. Architecture jobs are available for the graduates with the university diploma and with a license. The architects should supervise, and moreover guarantee, the safety and functionality of the buildings they project and bring to life.
  • Improve Your Acting  By : Robert Thomson
    There are hundreds of books and articles on how to improve your acting! So to save you a little time I’ve put together a list of 10 tips, that I'm sure, will help.
  • Acting Auditions Tips  By : Robert Thomson
    Acting auditions can broken down into roughly three sections, The Preparation, The Performance and The Result. We’ll look at all three which will give you enough ideas to make you a little more relaxed about the whole process.
  • Acting Extras  By : Robert Thomson
    Would you like to be rich and famous? Most of us would be happy with just one of these, but acting extras usually end up neither! Having said that it can be fun and also a foot in the door of the film and TV world. Here are a few things to bear in mind.
  • Are Online Employment Agencies Good For You?  By : Dawson Z. Hardy
    The days of "a job for life" have gone. On average people change their job at least seven times in their working life and this rate is increasing. Fortunately with the advent of the internet and online employment agencies changing jobs has never been easier. Now you can make you resume visible to hundreds of prospective employers. The trick lies in finding the online employment agency that is right for you.
  • Employment Background Checks  By : Iftekh Khan
    Public Records Index from United States US that provide online access to search people, criminal background checks, find business information.
  • Management Classes: Take Control Of Your Future  By : George Purdy
    What will be your answer if you will be asked what to do to win your challenges and have success in life ? It is confusing , isn’t it ? your thoughts are scattered and you don’t know the exact answer. There are millions of people in there but only a few are successful. How do they do that ? are they so lucky ? or may be they have talent ? In fact competitiveness is the filter that separates those people from the others.
  • Screening Hotel Employees and Psychometric Testing  By : Patrick Barnett
    Screening hotel employees should involve a degree of psychometric testing in order to determine if the applicant is suitable for the type of work involved. Hotel employees have a particularly close relationship with other employees in addition to exposure to very tempting situations for those with a criminal tendency.
  • Researching Venues for Medical Research Jobs  By : Paramount
    The expansion of health care and pharmaceutical companies throughout the world has increased the number of medical research jobs.
  • Personalising Your Pitch in Medical Sales Jobs  By : Paramount
    It is important for medical sales professionals to make their products and services seem personalised for each customer. Every consumer has encountered the indecipherable language on a bottle of prescription pills and other medical supplies.
  • Fulfilling the Demand for Pharmaceutical Jobs in the United Kingdom  By : Paramount
    Sales, research and marketing professionals interested in pharmaceutical jobs need to know why these jobs are in such high demand.
  • Developing Checklists In Medical Writer Jobs  By : Paramount
    Every medical writer needs to develop consistency in completing projects big and small. Medical writing projects differ greatly from the marketing language of ad copy and the rhetorical flourishes of poetry.
  • Accumulating Experiences through Clinical Research Jobs  By : Paramount
    Scientists and researchers who want high-level clinical research jobs need to take the right approach to jobs early in their careers. The pressures of clinical research along with international competition for these jobs make deliberate career planning necessary for any professional.
  • An Overseas Job Can Be A Good Thing  By : Simon M Skinner
    Ever wondered what it would be like to change jobs to something a little more exciting? Ever thought of expanding your horizons to something abroad? Why no simply do both? The Caribbean has many potential job vacancies and the chances are that there will be jobs in your area of exprtise.
  • Succeeding As An Automotive Marketing Director  By : Richard Taylor Edwards
    The job of an automotive marketing director is one of the most difficult in the industry. Marketing new cars, trucks, and other vehicles is an important aspect in determining the success or failure of an automotive firm. Indeed, developing winning marketing campaigns and distinguishing between your product and the competition is a key factor in drawing consumers to their local dealership.
  • Selling A Piece Of Yourself As A Product Marketing Manager  By : Richard Taylor Edwards
    In the automotive industry, product marketing is key to the success of individual firms. As any consumer in the United Kingdom can attest to, the number of automotive advertisements in print, television and the Internet is difficult to assess without a calculator.
  • Rising Through The Ranks As A Company Secretary  By : Richard Taylor Edwards
    The importance of company secretaries in the automotive industry cannot be understated. Secretaries for executives, managers, and supervisors are invaluable to maintaining the organisation and communication of the entire firm.
  • Open Mechanic Jobs In The United Kingdom  By : Richard Taylor Edwards
    Automotive mechanics are one of the most important points of contact between automotive companies and their consumers. After all, even the most reliable vehicles need regular maintenance or the occasional repair due to an accident
  • Open Jobs As A Logistics Manager In The United Kingdom  By : Richard Taylor Edwards
    Logistics management in the United Kingdom is becoming important in most industries. The management of all aspects of logistics, including shipping, storage, and personnel is important to companies in fields like automotive manufacturing. Automotive firms need logistics managers and professionals in order to ensure that everything from manufacturing to the showroom floor is co-ordinated efficiently.
  • Sales Recruitment In The Supply Chain Profession  By : Mark Doherty
    An important part of the supply chain for most companies in the United Kingdom is a strong sales team. While many people associate the supply chain with elaborate flow charts and planning the best method of shipment for products, sales people are vital to an efficient supply chain.
  • Sales Jobs In The Telecommunication Industry  By : Mark Doherty
    Throughout the United Kingdom, the importance of the telecommunications industry is felt on a daily basis. The university student who needs to get a hold of their parents while at school can utilise their mobile phone.
  • Sales And Marketing Specialists In The Publishing Field  By : Mark Doherty
    In the United Kingdom, one of the most reliable job markets for new professionals is in publishing. This reliability comes not from a wide range of jobs, as many publishing houses are small operations with only a few vacancies available.
  • Sales And Marketing Jobs In The United Kingdom  By : Mark Doherty
    The general job market in the United Kingdom is benefiting greatly from the influx of new talent. University graduation rates are increasing annually, which means companies of all sizes are gaining benefits from talented young professionals.
  • Rising Through The Ranks In Medical Sales Jobs  By : Mark Doherty
    Medical supply and pharmaceutical companies in the United Kingdom have been expanding their corporate structures to meet the diverse needs of their clients. Part of this expansion has been increased investment in research programmes meant to ensure the best possible products for consumers.
  • United States is Potential for Hotel Hospitality Jobs  By : Hospitality Resource
    Many Jobs in USA. Like that Hospitality Jobs, Restaurant Jobs ,Hotel Jobs and much more. You get great opportunities Hospitality Jobs.
  • Being A Marriage Counselor Can Give You Wisdom  By : Charlie Reese
    Are you looking for a marriage counselor psychic? The good news here is that there are plenty to be found on the Internet. The bad news is that it's usually just for a few minutes. A marriage counselor can be found on mostly any counseling website in the world. As you walk through life, it's important to remember that you are supposed to find your way.
  • Ashworth College Electricians  By : Janus Kolviamin
    Electricians, generally, understand their trade by means of various apprenticeship programs. Apprenticeships blend field work and manual training with extensive classroom instruction. Associations, including the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers and the National Electrical Contractors Association, along with individual electrical contracting businesses, subsidize apprenticeship programs.
  • Nursing: A Wide Range Of Employment  By : Dolson McArt
    As the shortage is alarming, positions needs to be occupied. Nurses work in a variety of settings ranging from the hospital to outpatient clinics, emergency rooms, community health centers, visiting nurse agencies, schools, work places, nursing homes, and the military. Just about anywhere!
  • Earn A Regular Income From Home On Your Computer By Freelancing  By : Robert Thomson
    What if there was a way where you could find your perfect job, decide your salary, and even set your own hours. Does this sound too good to be true? Well, it’s a reality for thousands of freelancers who work from the comfort of home each day.
  • Find Search Firms on the Internet  By :
    The internet has made looking for a job fast and simple. However you still need some discipline when performing your search. This article will provide you with some simple steps to follow when looking for a job online.
  • Home Study Courses Can Lead To Happiness In A New Career  By : Fabian Toulouse..
    Who are the happiest people you can think of? The ones with really great jobs are often defined as happy, but what makes for a "really great job?" Is it a great? Prestige? Being the boss? Not necessarily. Money may have hardly anything to do with it. In fact studies show that happiness in any sort of career can be equal to the amount of happiness generated by a big jump in salary. In addition, prestige is often little comfort, and being the boss can be more trouble than it is worth!
  • Super Job Websites On The Net...  By : Charlie H. Martin
    Here are some of the best web sites being used by applicants on the web when job-hunting. They are:
  • The Job Interview - Making It Successful  By : Darren Rebarnald
    The 2nd step in acquiring the job you want is meeting the possible employer for an interview. The 1st step that an applicant has successfully accomplished comprised of sending off your application and passing the screening formalities of the company.
  • Call Center Jobs Are Not So Hard To Find  By : Charlie Reese
    Have you ever thought about how jobs have changed through the years? It used to be that if you wanted a part-time job to get some extra cash you had to basically put the rest of your life on hold or in some way work around the part-time hours. The hours were usually those that no one else wanted and included weekends and holidays. All of this has changed with the technology that is available today. Many people are finding that they can have very flexible working conditions and often times can do the jobs from the comfort of their home.
  • Executive Resume Services  By : Mark100 Plantier100
    Resume Writing Services
    Resume writing is easier said than done. In reality, it can be a rather daunting task, for those who are unfamiliar with it, and even to those who are familiar with the process. In such adverse situations, resume writing services can prove to be a very valuable asset, and come in very handy in your pursuit to creating the perfect resume, and can put you in the page of success, winning you the job of your dreams. You must be already aware of the fact that in the job mar
  • This Is What You Need To Know About Job Hunting...  By : Charlie Martin
    If you are still in the job search process, it is extremely important to follow up on all contacts. It is not good to just sit and wait for results to come pouring in when you think that you've already done your part because your contact information has been distributed.
  • What Does A Career In Public Relations Involve  By : Elizabeth Murphy
    Are you interested in a public relations career? There are many opportunities to pursue careers in both corporate public relations and with public relations companies. PR is a growing career field, and there are many opportunities in this profession.
  • Should You Find A New Job Or Career?  By : Charlie Reese
    From the moment we are born, we are all destined to do something. By the time we reach the age of 12, people are already asking us what career path we are going to choose. People are always interested in what our career path is because they want to make sure that someday we will have a secure job or at least a reliable job skill that we can truly count on.
  • Nursing Employment Opportunities  By : Amanda Bog
    When you choose to be a nurse you know right from the beginning that there are so many different types of employment opportunities out there that you will never be without a job.
  • Looking for Nursing Employment?  By : Amanda Bog
    More and more nurses are graduating and not knowing how or what to do in order to get that nursing job of their dreams.
  • What You Need To Know About Executive Job Search  By : Henry Y Lembertt
    It's natural for all executive job seeking individuals to reach for career progression and development. It brings in the feeling that all of their heavy work has been very worthy and that a promotion is, indeed, the finest honor they can get.
  • How To Sell Yourself Like A Product In A Job Interview  By : Carole Martin..
    In many ways, interviewing for a job is comparable to a sales person making a sale. If you were a sales person and were about to sell a product to a customer you would do some homework or research so that you could convince your customers that your product was the best product on the market to fill their needs.
  • Does Fashion Business Relay Only on Glamour?  By : John Waltzer
    What does a professional male or a female model know that you don't? Fashion modeling is not an effortless career to smash into, but you will have a boundary if you know a little about the fashion business feature of a fashion modeling career.
  • 5 Things To Consider When Thinking Of Changing Your Career Path  By : Amy Nutt..
    Change is inevitable but that doesn't mean one cannot learn to make something worthwhile of the necessary changes that life presents us with. Careers are great; they keep you on a steady part. When you choose a career, it helps you narrow down your options and helps you build yourself better. But there comes a time in life when you just have to own up to yourself that things are not going right in your chosen career and you may have to consider changing your career path.
  • Information Technology (IT) Recruitment and Staffing Services  By : john edward
    Now there has been a high demand for the technical professionals an every industry. The higher demand for the technical staff in the IT and other industries made it depend on the staffing agencies to do the technical staffing.
  • Find Out How To Positively Think Outside Of The Box  By : Al Nilkopitus
    The expression "think out of the box" how can one do this? Well something like this is done independently. Let us take a look at this example: You have a whole cake, now make eight slices, buy you need to do this within three cuts. The majority are going to have trouble cutting the cake. Here is the solution, totally change how you are looking at the cake and how it will be cut. One way to do this is cut it in two equal slices and place one half on top of the other piece and you will cut them again. Then take the other pieces and repeat. Now you have eight pieces of cake.
  • What You Should Know About Resume Styles  By : Carlee Evie
    There are many resume styles typically used by job seekers today and choosing the right one is essential if you want to stand a chance of making a favorable impression in the current highly competitive job market.
  • Hotel Jobs in India  By : Charanjit. Singh.
    The huge success of international and domestic tourism in India has given rise to pressing demand for quality professionals. The requirement for skilled and efficient human capital is urgent. Combined with tourism hospitality creates one of the largest service industries in the world. T
  • Great Job Hunting Tips For Everyone  By : Hector Dassane
    Hunting for jobs nowadays is a very competitive and sometimes cut-throat affair. Here are a few tips to help you get the edge in searching out and landing the job of your dreams.
  • Managing Time As A Projects Director  By : Richard Taylor Edwards
    The all-encompassing position of projects director can seem like a stressful position from outside the automotive industry. Indeed, the number of tasks performed on a daily basis by project directors may seem insurmountable. Projects directors need to attend meetings with designers, plant professionals, and others in the automotive industry to plan out various projects. As well, these directors need to speak with executives and others in high level management to stay accountable on new vehicle l
  • Improving Skills As A Paint Shop Manager  By : Richard Taylor Edwards
    In the automotive field, paint shop managers are key to the aesthetic strength of automobiles. After all, the paint job on the exterior of the car is a key factor in presentations by sales people to consumers. Paint shop managers have a lot of issues to contend with in their daily work lives, including finding reliable machine operators and dealing with directives from the corporate office.
  • Learning To Succeed As An Automotive Human Resources Manager  By : Richard Taylor Edwards
    The human resources department at the average UK automotive firm is a busy place. Positions throughout the firm are open on a weekly basis, which means that thousands of applications pour into the department via post or e-mail. Candidates come in for interviews with HR personnel while current employees utilise HR departments to answer pension or sick leave questions.
  • Landing A Position As A Head Of Development  By : Richard Taylor Edwards
    The area of research and development in the UK automotive industry is critical for most companies. There are a few major international companies that already have established names which allow them to relax their development efforts a bit.
  • Improving Yourself As A Purchasing Manager  By : Richard Taylor Edwards
    In the automotive world, purchasing management is becoming an increasingly complex job. Purchasing management essentially deals with the corporate buying of all products used by a company, from office supplies to warehouses.
  • Why Has It Taken You So Long To Find A Job?  By : Carole Martin, The Interview Coach
    Don't they read the newspapers or listen to the news? It's difficult to believe that employers are still asking this type of question in job interviews. If they were informed, they would know the answer; i.e. jobs are very scarce and difficult to find these days, and unemployment is at an all time high since 1994 - in some areas reaching 14% - 30%. (California and Arizona)
  • Actually, A Job Search is Much Like Dating!  By : Susan Reynolds
    Closer than you'll ever imagine: The techniques for successful dating are the same for job search. Helping you to see the correlation between finding a great job or a super spouse is this month's job search advice.
  • Tips For Job Searching It Jobs  By : Blake Wilburly
    While exploring for IT jobs (referred as Information Technology) or programming jobs the better resource to use is the internet.
  • Hospitality Jobs Online  By : Charanjit. Singh.
    Online hotel jobs
    The huge success of international and domestic tourism in India has given rise to pressing demand for quality professionals. The requirement for skilled and efficient human capital is urgent.

    Combined with tourism hospitality creates one of the largest service industries in the world. Indian hospitality managers have built a formidable reputation for themselves and are being hired by international hotel chains and cruise liners in big numbers. The scope of opportunities b
  • Diversify Your Search for Finance Graduate Jobs  By : Mike Sandiford
    The act of getting a finance degree in an accredited university is not enough to land a job. The financial sector is highly competitive based on a number of factors not the least of which is the importance of individuals capable of dealing with high stress jobs.
  • The Right Avenues for Environmental Graduate Jobs  By : Mike Sandiford
    The increased interest in environmental protection and management in the past decade has caused a glut of environmental graduates in schools throughout the world. There are plenty of jobs available for environmental graduates though it takes a bit of imagination to find the right industries.
  • The Nuances of Direct Student Loans  By : Mike Sandiford
    The rising cost of a university education has led to a boom in student lending throughout Europe and North America. European students used to low costs for higher education are facing fees, tuition and other costs that make student loans a necessity.
  • The Importance of Making Work Personal for Finance Graduates  By : Mike Sandiford
    The cold numbers and profit-first logic of the finance world can make finance graduates feel like robots. Financial firms place a premium on dispassionate advising and an adherence to regulations to protect the investments of clients big and small.
  • The Importance of Coordinating Diverse Groups for Engineering Graduates  By : Mike Sandiford
    Engineering professionals do not work in isolation and their desks are not placed on an island. The success of an engineering project hinges entirely on a commitment to collaboration and coordination.

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