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  • Getting Grateful  By : Kenrick Cleveland..
    "It is necessary, then, to cultivate the habit of being grateful for every good thing that comes to you, and to give thanks continuously. And because all things have contributed to your advancement, you should include all things in your gratitude." -Wallace D. Wattles, The Science of Getting Rich or Financial Success Through Creative Thought
  • Shortcuts to Success - What is a Life Coach and Why Should You Even Care?  By : Denise Pederson
    Why use the support of a personal life coach? A personal life coach is someone that has thoroughly studied and understands how you do what you do, that makes you get (or not get) the results you want in life and in business.
  • Executive Coaches - Helping You Achieve Your Goals  By : George Purdy
    Successful people are not always happy people. It is thought that the more successful someone becomes the happier that person is. The reality is that there are many successful business people who are very confident in their abilities but have not achieved true happiness. They have great confidence in their business but in their personal lives they have not conquered their personal issues.
  • Shortcuts to Success for Giving Feedback  By : Denise Pederson
    Are you getting the reactions that you want when you have to deliver less than positive feedback to someone? Or do you get a confused look with your neutral directions? Consider doing this exercise to learn how to give feedback based on your senses rather than on your value judgments.
  • 6-S for More Brain Power - Shortcuts to Success  By : Denise Pederson
    “Shortcuts to Success” are all about taking the shortcut. It’s important to remember what’s going on in your body affects your mind, and vice versa because they are one system. When you remember to do these six little things every day you will take a shortcut to mental and physical fitness.
  • Presupposition And Persuasion  By : Kenrick Cleveland..
    At the core of presupposition is the idea that we can assume a mental position or thought which our prospects or clients must take for granted in order for everything else that we say to make sense without us actually having to name the core concept.
  • Building Your Persuasion Muscle  By : Kenrick Cleveland..
    Over the last few years I've become a new man. How? Well, I'm finally becoming congruent with my thoughts and my body. I've shed over one hundred and forty unwanted pounds of fat. A new lease on life and a new attitude toward the gym, as well as a drastically revised relationship with food have combined to achieve huge results for me.
  • Flowing With Affluence  By : Kenrick Cleveland..
    Included in my advanced coaching club, we've made a recent addition: monthly one-on-one calls with my students. These calls have been thrilling for me, and really amazing in terms of learning how to tailor more of what I'm teaching to my students' needs and desires. We've discussed all kinds of topics from persuasion to affluence attraction to more spiritually oriented matters.
  • Slipping Into Our Prospect's Skin  By : Kenrick Cleveland..
    We've all heard the old saying, 'You can't know someone until you've walked a mile in their shoes.' To add to the other 'energy' techniques I've written about in previous articles, I'd like to tell you about a great rapport builder of jumping into someone else's skin and walking a mile in their shoes. In "To Kill a Mockingbird" Harper Lee wrote, "You never really understand a person until you consider things from his point of view...until you climb into his skin and walk around in it."
  • Explosive Brainstorming Techniques!  By : Jan R. Hunt
    There may be times when we have a project that is upcoming but we aren't sure how to start. This is a common problem that is typically caused by either having too much information about the project and not knowing how to put it together or not having enough information to get started. This could kill your project before you ever get the chance to get it started. Fortunately there are some brainstorming techniques that can help you or your group to break through this barrier
  • Power Metaphors For Persuasion  By : Kenrick Cleveland..
    I understand that the concept of 'energy' seems a bit new-agey to some folks. Personally, I find it to be an integral part of understanding the 'self'. Understanding the self, is the first step in learning persuasion.
  • Persuading With The Awareness Pattern  By : Kenrick Cleveland..
    "The moment one gives close attention to anything, even a blade of grass, it becomes a mysterious, awesome, indescribably magnificent world in itself." -Henry Miller
  • Master Your Fears  By : Kenrick Cleveland..
    "Courage is resistance to fear, mastery of fear-not absence of fear."--Mark Twain
  • Blame As Persuasion: Use With Caution  By : Kenrick Cleveland..
    In previous articles I've written about using superstition and people's beliefs as a means to persuade. The term 'everything happens for a reason' is one of these concepts; 'there are no accidents' is another. If you've read these articles, you're already familiar with the power that they can hold in persuasion.
  • Your Own Personal Genie: Creating Your Universe In Pictures  By : Kenrick Cleveland..
    Are there things in life that you have wanted but which have eluded you? Material things, physical attributes, human connections-that for one reason or another you've simply been unable to achieve?
  • Adjusting Your Lens For Maximum Persuasion  By : Kenrick Cleveland..
    I've written about framing basics in previous articles. Framing is a vast subject and couldn't possibly be summed up in just a few articles, but it's a foundation.
  • Resolutions  By : Kenrick Cleveland..
    It's that time of year again--time to recreate ourselves anew, time to create a map of what we want for ourselves, of ourselves, for the new year. I love this time of year because I love self improvement on any level. It's an optimistic time and a time when we realize that we have an incredible potential to create what we want.
  • Mentorship Guide in Network Marketing  By : David Padin
    Have you ever wondered why you success evades your network marketing business. Mentorship is what you are lacking in your career! Let me help you. Read this article and let me know how it helped you.
  • Self Motivation Is Key For The Home Based Business Owner  By : Stephen Meyer
    Self motivation is a key factor in building any legitimate home based business opportunities. With many things in our lives to distract us and even more things we might like to do better than working we must be self motivated to effectively build our home based business. Unlike the corporate world where we have bosses leaning over us and corporate deadlines to meet the legitimate home based business owner must set his own goals and have the motivation to see them through. Below are 5 tips to help you become self motivated.
  • Finding You in Healing the Hidden Self  By : lazysurfer2
    People today are starting to recognize the value of self-talk. At one time people thought of those that talked to self as someone with a mental ailment. This is not true today. Experts are recognizing that self-talk is a healthy tool that we all can use to find answers to our questions and resolve many problems.

    At one time, people thought outer appearance made the person. However, today, people are starting to realize that beauty is skin deep, while inner beauty is to the bone. Today pe...
  • Very Superstitious: 'There are no Accidents'  By : Kenrick Cleveland..
    'Very superstitious, writing's on the wall Very superstitious, ladders bout' to fall Thirteen month old baby, broke the lookin' glass Seven years of bad luck, the good things in your past
  • Persuasion Through Competition  By : Kenrick Cleveland..
    Lately I've been really dedicated to working out and recently I noticed something interesting at the gym. My gym is most definitely not a meat market. A very large percentage of the patrons are there because they care about their health and not for dating purposes or to see and be seen.
  • Ways To Learn Persuasion  By : Kenrick Cleveland..
    One of my students recently asked me, 'Kenrick, how do you keep track of all of these persuasion strategies? Over the last few years we've learned dozens and dozens of them and each call we have you teach us a new technique. I can't even remember to use the unconscious hello. . .how can I remember all of them?'
  • An Exercise In Rapport: Trying On Someone Else's Skin  By : Kenrick Cleveland..
    Harper Lee wrote in To Kill a Mockingbird, "You never really understand a person until you consider things from his point of view...until you climb into his skin and walk around in it." And we've all heard the saying, you can't know a person until you've walked a mile in their shoes. This exercise is a way to figuratively step into someone else's shoes, into their skin, and create instant rapport and understanding.
  • On Being Receptive To Our Prospect's Energy  By : Kenrick Cleveland..
    Occasionally I work with concepts that some might consider odd or unusual or downright woo woo. I ask for your indulgence with these concepts if you are not of this particular mindset, because even if something is odd, it has potential to work.
  • Gut Check: Calibrating With Yourself  By : Kenrick Cleveland..
    The Oxford English Dictionary defines intuition as "the immediate apprehension of an object by the mind without the intervention of any reasoning process".
  • Tangible Symbols: Talismans for Affluence  By : Kenrick Cleveland..
    Amulet and talisman have been around since the beginning of time. These are objects that either bring luck or protect from evil. I'm very certain, though I have no proof, that the first man to walk the earth probably found a rock or shell or acorn and thought to himself, 'This is a lucky item. I'm going to carry it with me to protect me.'
  • Persuasion Through Isolation  By : Kenrick Cleveland..
    Last year I saw a documentary about the cult leader Jim Jones called "Jonestown: The Life And Death of People's Temple". It is the history of the murder/"suicide" of 913 members of the People's Temple in Guyana through photos, clips, recordings and interviews of surviving members.
  • Persuasion Through Base Desires  By : Kenrick Cleveland..
    This is a subject that's near and dear to my heart. I've been exploring it over the last year and a half and have had some tremendous results with self persuasion and self mastery in this arena.
  • I'm a Believer: The Intent Behind Persuasion  By : Kenrick Cleveland..
    Baggage. It's an overused pop cultural term for the excess and useless constructs and perceived damage we've experienced in our lives. We've all got baggage-whether it be in the form of how we experienced our youth to the absolute worst romantic relationship we've ever had to the one who broke our heart.
  • Storytelling: Pure Emotional Persuasion  By : Kenrick Cleveland..
    I'll admit it. I cry at movies sometimes. I'm comfortable with it and not ashamed in the least. Movies are stories and stories have been used to elicit emotions (either by design or accident) since the beginning of man. Some of the most fantastic stories are tremendously moving. This emotion can be manifested as a 'feel good' or a 'tear jerker', it can be uplifting or depressing, revolutionary, or merely entertaining. The most important thing to keep upper most in your mind as you think about stories, is that they are an opening, a hole, so to speak, that you can fill with a message, your message.
  • Peeling the Onion: Layers of Complexity in Life and Persuasion  By : Kenrick Cleveland..
    I love metaphors. And one metaphor that has been especially potent for me lately has been that of an onion. A core component of The Cleveland Method deals with an understanding of our own core drives and unconscious motivations. It's by focusing inward that we can genuinely understand others.
  • Sales Coaching for Strategic Planning to Increase Your Sales  By : Cheryl A. Clausen
    Strategic planning has nothing to do with sales if you enjoy working hard, and struggling day in and day out to hit your sales targets. If you'd rather make more and work less then strategic planning has everything to do with sales. There are two distinct approaches to sales, and the choice is yours to make. Most sales people follow an approach that focuses on high levels of activity hoping that all that activity will result in sales. Both you and I know people who tried that approach, worked nearly night and day yet they still failed. That contradicts what you're constantly being told by sales managers, broker dealers, underwriters, and others.
  • Framing The Big Picture  By : Kenrick Cleveland..
    The most powerful concept in persuasion is framing. When we look at the overall, big picture we can see most everything we do and say as a frame. When I suggest examples based on religion and politics, I'm not (NOT!!) endorsing one side or another. I'm simply showing where our blind spots exist, where we have holes in our arguments. if you have a belief that you fervently or fanatically believe in, you might just be blind to the other side of the issue.
  • Unselfconscious Affluence  By : Kenrick Cleveland..
    We didn't all grow up affluent. I know for a fact that several of my students, in fact, are literally rags to riches stories. Through single-minded perseverance, intention, education, hard work, and maybe a little luck, they have created financial universes for themselves that are quite enviable and outstanding.
  • Magnetism: Not Just For Animals  By : Kenrick Cleveland..
    A very spiritual woman I know shared the following with me: she said, 'I used to have unfortunate beliefs about myself and I received back from external influences unfortunate results. When I decided to take control and raise my resonance, to be the change I wanted to become, to allow abundance and love come flow through me, absolutely everything fell into place. I am now living a life of leisure with a beautiful husband and I can draw what I want into my universe at will.'
  • Paper Seeds: An Exercise in Sprouting and Manifesting  By : Kenrick Cleveland..
    When I was young I lived on my grandpa's farm and he taught me some very important lessons. Another of the lessons had to do with the Biblical verse, 'As you sow so shall ye reap.'
  • Storytelling Persuasion  By : Kenrick Cleveland..
    'Facts and figures are forgotten. Stories are retold.' -Jeffrey Gitomer
  • Manifestation Exercise # 6 - Become the Writer and Director Of Your life  By : Janeen Clark
    Remember that you are the writer and the director of your life and learn how to rewrite the "scenes" that aren't working for you.
  • Contrary: Dealing with Polarity Responders  By : Kenrick Cleveland..
    We've all had to deal with a polarity responder at one time or another. . . someone who regardless of the situation, has to respond in opposition to everything. 'It's a beautiful day.'
  • Can There Be Helpful Bad Habits Or They Are Simply Bad Habits?  By : Lindelwa Maseko
    Some bad habits can actually turn out to be helpful. They may cause trouble most of the time. Yet, there are those instances when they seem to fit the situation perfectly. Since most people have at least some bad habits, it is probably good that they have a helpful side.
  • The Persuasive Power of Supporting Evidence  By : Kenrick Cleveland..
    I got a call from an acquaintance a while back. He said, 'Do you remember the conversation we had about Africa? Well, I checked my e-mail and found, unbelievably, that I won an international lottery which originated in Africa. I'm just convinced that everything happens for a reason, aren't you?'
  • Sales Coaching to Get You to Stop Doing What Isn't Working  By : Cheryl A. Clausen
    Don't make the emotionally debilitating mistake of persistently doing the wrong things. You've been mislead into thinking that sales is a numbers game and that if you're just active enough you'll eventually get what you want and you won't have to work so hard. The only reason sales is a numbers game is most sales people get so focused on activity rather than productivity that they don't learn how to make sales a success system. You don't have to keep getting unnecessarily rejected and walking away without with nothing but a bruised ego. Sales as a scientific process revolving around you that you can develop so you can consistently obtain sales success.
  • Blaming and Complaining are Success Killers  By : Cheryl A. Clausen
    Unless you accept full responsibility for your current conditions you'll use excuses, blame others, and complain about your lack of success. These habits and behaviors move you away from success. And they take you away from success rapidly. You only have yourself to thank for your current current situation whether you like it or hate it. As you begin to realize that you created whatever your experiencing take responsibility for changing it. The future success you want can only happen through your plans and actions.
  • Law of Success: Don't Let Fear Drive Your Decisions  By : Cheryl A. Clausen
    If at some point you worked for others there was always someone else you could either blame or count on to bail you out, but now there's no one but you. Does it feel like the world is crumbling around you and that failure is one heartbeat away? You're trapped in the grips of fear and your fear will keep you from mastering success.
  • The Challenge Of Self Motivation In The Creative Industries  By : Mary McNeil
    When you're self employed you become both boss and employee. This dynamic sets up a whole set of inner relationships and rebellions that need to be handled with care. Particularly if your line of work is a creative one.
  • How to Stay Positive - Three Tips for Caregivers  By : Elaine K. Sanchez
    Article includes three tips on how caregivers can stay positive while careing for a loved one. The tips include: Develop an Attitude of Creative Indifference, Learn Something New, and Savor Happy Memories. The article contains excerpts from the book, Letters from Madelyn, Chronicles of a Caregiver.
  • Ever Met A Successful Internet Business Idiot?  By : Rich Schefren
    The world is full of idiots. And many are successful business owners. But after having coached many online business owners, I know they wonder why they don't have a successful Internet business even though they consider themselves smart.
  • Are You Considering the Possibilities or the Probabilities?  By : Sherri Frost
    Whenever we let ourselves plan and consider a possibility and write it down as a goal or a plan there is a better than 90% chance of it actually happening. If we let probabilities dictate the direction of our dreams and lives, things like "might or could", then nothing gets done or moves forward.
  • Exploring the Unknown with Curiosity  By : Kenrick Cleveland..
    We are born ready to suck up as much information as we possibly can. The world around us is an endless source of fascination and curiosity. And as we grow, and if we have our base needs met, we soon come to the point of requiring more--the process of self-actualization.
  • Mentoring And Coaching For Professionals  By : CJ Williams
    This article is designed to provide an overview of the current mentoring and coaching situation. It attempts to clarify the differences, and give providers and receivers of these services some guidance on best practices.
  • Why You Need a Life Coach  By : Kurt Schmitt
    What's a life coach? Also called a life skills coach, having a coach is essentially like having a personal trainer for your life. Often working by phone consultation, and more rarely, in person, personal coaches work to help you improve various areas of your personal and business life.
  • Life Coaching Can Help You To Achieve Your Full Potential  By : Rosa Scofield
    Do you know that you have more to offer, but struggle to understand how to apply yourself in order to achieve your goals? Do you find it difficult to believe that you have the ability to fulfill your dreams and live the life that you have always wanted to have?
  • Your Life Is Perfect When You Are In Alignment  By : Enoch Tan
    People think that their life will only be perfect when they have achieved everything they want, when everything is completely going the way they want it to go. They are looking at the perfect state of life as something that is in the future, that they don’t have it now but they need to move towards it. The truth is even when they have reached that state, there will still be new desires that will arise to be achieved.
  • Life Coaching, Health, and Success  By : Gary Eby
    This process that I am calling emotional recovery coaching hopefully will start you on a journey to achieving more health, success, and prosperity.
  • Why Advice Giving Is Not Advisable  By : Jacob Gan
    This article discusses how you can help your friends and loved ones better by extending emphathy and empowerment, instead of giving advice.
  • Do You Want To Become A Life Coach?  By : Georgina Kirk
    Life coaching offers high levels of job satisfaction. What could be more productive than motivating and supporting people to make their dreams come true? And, if you so choose, you can do this from home. If you like the sound of this, a career in life coaching could be for you.
  • Learn Self Hypnosis  By : Michael Anthony McGrath
    Learn how to change your life in an instant through the power of hypnosis. Hypnotize yourself or anyone else with the information in this guide.
  • Are You Using Emotional Intelligence When You Parent?  By : Maurine Patten
    Emotional Intelligence is the ability to access and make use of your feelings in order to be motivated and make good decisions. Researchers have discovered that emotional awareness and the ability to handle feelings determines your success and happiness, including family relationships. Emotional Intelligent parenting focuses on five main principles. It is not too late to learn how to put these principles into action with effort and practice.
  • Love, Legacies and Life Lessons  By : John Dealey
    How to Mastermind a legacy for your children.
  • How To Choose The Best Professional Organizer For You  By : Nathan F. Shaw
    Here are some tips from a Professional Organizer for how to choose the right Professional Organizer for you.
  • What Is Life Coaching?  By : Regina Maniam
    Are you wondering what is life coaching? It is becoming increasingly popular and something that you may want to consider for yourself.
  • The Secret to Real Confidence  By : Jon Mercer
    The real "secret" to building stronger confidence is in leveraging the power of self-acceptance and self-appreciation.
  • Focus and Concentration Tips: How to Make Your Mind Stay on Track  By : Rene Graeber
    Gaining focus and maintaining concentration on school, work, or whatever your goal is quite a challenge for most people. Both things however are important if you wish to attain your objectives efficiently and effectively.
  • Manage Your Career - What Is Success?  By : Ken Mathie
    Everyone in life wants to be a success. Success is a state of mind. You are able because you think you are able! Different people perceive success differently at different points in their lives.
  • Manage Your Career - Forming a Vision For Your Career  By : Ken Mathie
    It is extremely important to know where you are going in life.

    In this article, we will work out exercises that will help you enhance your career choices and explore other options. We aim to help you form a career vision and determine your perception of an ideal day at work!
  • Manage Your Career - Begin With the End in Mind  By : Ken Mathie
    Know where you are going in life! To achieve that, there's only one place to start that's inside your mind.

    Creating a vision and a mission of what you want out of life will provide you with some direction and momentum to move forward and manage your career.
  • The Simple Steps To Creating The Mindset To Achieve ANYTHING, Part 1  By : Karen Oates
    Have you had trouble making the personal changes that will help you build the life that you really desire?

    Find out the key steps to moving you forward and staying on track.
  • Do Just ONE Thing While On Holiday To Ensure You Come Back Motivated, Refreshed and Focused  By : Karen Oates
    We know that taking a break from work and everyday life is supposed to mean we come back refreshed and motivated, however it can have the opposite effect and can be hard to find motivation and focus when we return. Just what is the one thing you can do to rectify this?
  • How to Put Together a Winning CV Part Two CV Layout  By : Ken Mathie
    CV Layout: The following are the sections that should be displayed in your CV, typically in the order suggested although some variations can be incorporated, these are mentioned later in the document, for now look at this for an illustration:
  • How to Put Together a Winning CV Part Three Formal Qualifications  By : Ken Mathie
    This section of your CV is headed as Education sometimes, however we think putting it under qualifications sounds more relevant.
  • How to Put Together a Winning CV Part One  By : Ken Mathie
    The abbreviation CV stands for Curriculum Vitae, which literally means Life List. The purpose of writing a CV is to sell you and your unique skills to get an interview. It refers to what you have done in your career till date and specifics regarding your qualifications.
  • The Power Of Persistence  By : Piercarla Garusi
    I went recently to see the movie 'The Pursuit of Happiness'; if you haven't seen it, please go, it is great. It could be the story of so many of us and it is about some of the most important qualities we need in order to succeed and be happy.

    It begins with a dream...well it is a dream we all have...
  • Breaking Free of Bad Habits  By : Diann Cannon
    A professional Life Coach recounts her personal experience with addiction and discusses the destructive behaviors that are typically seen as a result. Learn specific methods for breaking free and challenge yourself to be the "leader in your own life".
  • The Importance of Percolation  By : Lael Johnson
    Describes how percolation works throughout the creative process.
  • Parent Reading Night  By : John Nowly
    The following article covers information on improving reading comprehension.
  • Scheduling Reading Time  By : John Nowly
    The following article covers information on improving reading comprehension.
  • Setting and Monitoring Goals  By : John Nowly
    The following article covers information on improving reading comprehension.
  • How To Choose The 'Right' Coaching Niche  By : Piercarla Garusi
    As the number of life coaches increases daily, the need to be specialised, to be different, becomes more and more a necessity. Someone once told me that 'niching' describes how you would like other people to remember you, to talk about you, so 'niching' is..
  • Looking Back First ,Then Look Forward  By : Amirah Hall
    Your vibes today create your future. Outside energies and influences affect us minute-by-minute, day-by-day. This energetic bombardment can limit or alter the achievement of our goals. Most people don't know what to do change the effect of outside influences and become the effect of them. This article explains how to reclaim energy to be more focused and attract more of what they want in life.
  • Healing Emotional Pain  By : Amirah Hall
    Stored-up pockets of pain, emotional, physical mental or spiritual, causes your spirit to separate from your body. As your spirit and body separate from each other, you become "out-of-touch". You are actually become divided as a spirit and life can be difficult, painful and challenging. This article explains how to heal from emotional pain and live life fully.
  • Are You Giving Too Much? Maybe It's Your Turn to Start Receiving!  By : Amirah Hall
    Compulsive giving is an energy or power-grab. This article gives tell-tale signs of compulsive giving and what to do about it.
  • How to Inventory Your Personal Assets for 2007  By : Rosemary Lichtman
    As you make your 2007 New Year's resolutions, learn how to create a list of your most important personal assets. Here are six tips to help you identify your strengths and the direction you want to take in 2007.
  • How to Create a Winning Self Image in 4 Simple Steps  By : Andrew Cocks
    How do you go about building a healthy, positive self-image? One way is to model the beliefs, habits and behaviors of winners. Winners have a healthy form of tunnel vision. They make a habit of focusing on their infinite potential.
  • The Power of the Mind Body Connection  By : Andrew Cocks
    When you're going about making changes in your life, it would be foolish to start on the outside and work your way inward. The quality of the inside determines the appearance and performance of the outside. So, it only makes sense to focus on the mind body connection. Focus on your thoughts first, and watch what happens through your body.
  • Decision Making Is Your Key to Success  By : Andrew Cocks
    To make a significant change in your life, you've got to go about it the right way, or else it will fall by the wayside like a wish to start your own business, stop smoking, or learn another language. There's a world of difference between a wish and a decision. The word decision actually means to cut off all other options.
  • Secret to Improving Confidence by Beating Negative Thoughts  By : Regina Maniam
    As we go through life, there are times when there is a nagging feeling of uncertainty and fear deep inside us that affects our confidence. How do we beat this feeling and boost our confidence?
  • Attitude is Everything  By : Andrew Cocks
    Your attitude is a choice. Success is all about making great choices, and this is the first one you need to tackle. It might take practice. It might take reminding yourself. It might even take a "fake it 'til you make it" stance, but you've got to do it.
  • Winners Work With Coaches  By : Andrew Cocks
    Coaching is, by far, one of the most effective and efficient ways to move ahead to success. Winners choose to hire a coach because they're ready, ready to succeed, ready to make their dreams a reality. They know that professional coaches can help them see their goals become reality more quickly, with a lot less stress and strife, and with results that are even better than they ever imagined.
  • The Focus Factor  By : Andrew Cocks
    There's a thing called autosuggestion, and by regularly reviewing the details of your goals, you're doing it. When you give your goal the focus factor, you visualize it and firmly plant an image of achieving this goal into your sub-conscious mind. You've made a massive deposit into the vault, and now it's going to start vibrating, attracting results that will bring it to fruition.
  • Do You Want To Be Confident?  By : Piercarla Garusi
    Most of the times when confidence is low and we suffer from anxieties this is because we beat ourselves up continuously and without mercy.

    We can be absolutely fierce in the way we treat ourselves but, and if we do that then how can we possibly feel confident?
  • How Not To Feel Lonely  By : Piercarla Garusi
    We all are alone sometimes, but that does not mean feeling lonely; we can be alone and be perfectly happy, so what is it that makes us feel lonely and how can we make ourselves feel good? But also why do we feel lonely?
  • How To Establish Your Life Coach Practice  By : Piercarla Garusi
    I am delighted to share with you some of my experiences in developing my practice as a Life Coach, in the hope that they will help you and make your process of becoming a successful coach painless and easy.
  • How To Overcome Childhood Emotional Abuse  By : Piercarla Garusi
    Having worked with many clients recovering from childhood emotional abuse, and having experienced it myself, I want to share my learning with you, in the hope that it will help you be well, feel good, be happy and create the life you desire and deserve.
  • Beat the Survival Game and Meet the Higher Needs of Self Actualization  By : Thomas Digges
    Describes the higher needs of self actualization and the state of self actualization. Offers methods to overcome the obstacles.
  • Happiness Is About Freedom, Are You Free  By : Piercarla Garusi
    The Dalai Lama, in his book The Art of Happiness, says that the very purpose of life is happiness, and I am sure you agree with that. And what is happiness?

    Happiness is about freedom and it begins in the mind.
  • How To Overcome Social Anxiety  By : Piercarla Garusi
    Believing that there is something wrong with being you create social anxiety,but the truth is..
  • Optimal Living for Self Actualization and Transformation  By : Thomas Digges
    Describes obstacles to achieving self actualization and remedy's under the guidelines of "optimal" living or lifestyle.
  • How to Beat the Survival Game and Achieve Self Actualization  By : Thomas Digges
    Using Maslow's hierarchy of needs the author offers suggestions on how to get past survival needs and achieve self actualization.
  • 10 Steps to Healing Emotionaly Painful Trauma & Reactions  By : Thomas Digges
    Article describes an energy psychology process designed to desensitize people from negative emotional reactivity and restimulation of traumatic incidents.

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