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  • Sightseeing During Your Bahama Travels  By : Damon87 Lindner87
    Every culture has they own idiosyncrasies that make them who they are. The Bahamas and their people are no different. Born of varied nationalities and heritages, they have combined each into one large mass that is entirely their own. Most of the people who call the Bahamas their home are of West African descent, their ancestors being slaves until the practice was abolished by the British in 1834. The rest of the inhabitants are descended from white settlers who either emigrated to the islands to escape religious persecution or were Loyalists who fled the United States during the American Revolution. These two groups have formed a rich culture that is uniquely their own.

    Because the islands lacked fertile land for crops, the people who lived there became very proficient sea farers, learning to live off of the sea by sponging, fishing, and, in later years, gunrunning and for some, piracy. Their laidback and relaxed ways are from being able to enjoy what is about them, from food to shelter to employment. They love life and marriage celebrations start weeks before the wedding. Funerals celebrate the life of the grieved long after they are gone. They are friendly, adventurous, and very willing to share their islands and their gifts with you.
  • Caribbean Cruise Tours  By : Robert Thomson
    Ever dreamed of going on a Caribbean Cruise but donít know what to expect when you get there? Well, to start off, you have to know what the Caribbean is. Itís a region of the Americas thatís located in between North America and South America.
  • Cruising the Caribbean  By : Robert Thomson
    White sand beaches, seagulls floating freely, cold colored drinks with cute umbrella. Thatís something that you really want. The perfect way to slow down is to go on a relaxing and enjoyable cruise to the Caribbean.
  • Cruises For Kids: An Unexpected Value  By : Molli Rathstone..
    It isn't unusual for people to think of taking a cruise as an unobtainable luxury. The truth is that if you add up all you spend on other vacations, cruising is actually a better value. There are even special rates and deals for families with kids.
  • All Inclusive Cruise Ships: Advantages And Disadvantages  By : Sammy Maseko
    When it comes to vacationing aboard a cruise ship, many individuals consider preparation to be the luggage that they plan to bring with them. Packing for your cruise ship vacation is important; however, it is not the only preparation that should occur. Preparation shouldn't wait until the week before your trip. Rather, it should begin as soon as you book your cruise ship reservation.
  • Singles Cruises: How Old Is Too Old?  By : Amy Nutt..
    Have you ever thought about taking a singles cruise, but felt that you are out of the usual age range? Think again. As long as you are over 18, there is a singles cruise for you. In fact, there are cruises designed for every age range in the book, where single people can get together and have fun . . . and maybe even meet the partner of their dreams.
  • A Chicago Dinner Cruise  By : Charlie Reese
    Chicago is an exciting city with lots of sights to offer the visitor. As with all major cities, one of the best ways to view the sights is from the river. Companies that organise Chicago Dinner Cruise trips attract customers with elegant boats, fine dining and landmark buildings twinkling in lights.
  • Travelling Tips For The Bahamas  By : Damon87 Lindner87
    The dream of a lifetime for some people is a combination of cruise and sightseeing. Bahama cruises have become very popular and are not as expensive as people think. There are numerous cruise lines that can accommodate your desired length or travel, ports of call, and pampering.

    It is best to decide exactly when you want to travel and for how long before researching cruise packages. September through May sees seasonable weather of seventy to seventy-degrees in the Bahamas, and about ten degrees higher the rest of the year. Determine how long you want to travel, not counting air time getting to and from Florida to depart. Each cruise line offers different arrangements. For example, Royal Caribbean Cruiselines offer 3, 4, and 5 night sailing cruises for a weekend getaway.
  • Cruise Dealership's - Cruises at Great Prices  By : THOMAS36 DESIMONE36
    The is a website offering great deals on cruise lines from all over the world. We offer the highest level of traditional personal service on every booking whether off line or online. Our advanced search and booking technology offers greater content and at highly discounted prices, better than most major cruise sellers can offer.
    The advantage of booking your tickets on is the deeply discounted prices at which the tickets are available you get an openin
  • Insider Advice On Finding Discounted Cruises  By : Frank J. Snyder
    Spending one's holidays aboard a cruise ship is becoming more and more popular nowadays, even with people who haven't spent a single day in their lives on a cruise ship. The fun of going on a cruise is well known and has been often publicized in TV commercials and elsewhere. This has created a lot of demand for this kind of vacation. Many people don't have enough money to pay the full price of a cruise and are just waiting to find discount cruise travel opportunities if they become available. Cruise deals are really not that hard to find if you know where to look.
  • Choosing the Best Nile Cruise  By : Damian Mortimer Murphy
    When going on a cruise to appreciate the Nile River, you might as well get on board on the best rated cruise ships available to give you the best comfort that is possible. Here are the options on what cruise ship to consider.
  • Getting the most out of your Egyptian Cruise  By : Damian Mortimer Murphy
    Youíre about to go on a Nile cruise but donít know what youíre going to see or experience there. You think that itís all going to be historical tours and temple visits. But thereís actually more to do on a Nile cruise. Letís check out what Sunshine Egypt Adventures is offering their would-be customers and see what is on their To-do list.
  • Bare Necessities For Your Alaska Cruise  By : Craig Wilson
    So you have booked a Cruise to Alaska, there are some common sense items you should make sure you take with you and some things you are best to do to make sure you make the most of your voyage to Alaska. Simply by planning ahead you can be relaxed knowing you have everything you need to enjoy your vacation.
  • Best Deals On Cruises Are With A Cruise Specialist  By : Robbie Claus
    Let's define deal. A deal in this case is a bargain arrangement for mutual advantage. A deal is only a good deal if everyone is happy. To provide you with a good deal, as your cruise agent we first get to know you. We spend time finding out what would make you excited about your vacation. Is it the destination that is your main priority? Or maybe it's the journey. Are you bringing the kids? Or is it a romantic get away? Do you enjoy lots of activity onboard a ship? One size does not fit all when it comes to cruise vacations.
  • One fun Trip from Beaches to Islands  By : Daniel Jowssey
    A lot of interesting facts are waiting for you on the trips. You will find that there are a number of options when it comes to the cruise ship and you will become overwhelmed a bit with the amount of choices that you will need to make. You will find that when it comes to taking the cruise ship you will need to make sure that you think about your needs and where you would like to take the cruise to. When it comes to planning a cruise ship vacation you will need to make a couple of decisions.
  • How to Avoid Weight Gain during Cruise  By :
    Itís rather natural when somebody is vacationing that he indulges himself in all types of luxury items and delicious foods. You have to be cautious as well as use common sense during cruise trip.
  • Cruise Vacation- Preboarding  By :
    It is obvious for any novice traveler of cruise ships to become nervous due to the nature of traveling in a ship. So you must know about the pre-boarding process.
  • Egypt Cruise and Stay Guide - Part 2 - Cruise Line Options for the Traveler  By : Damian Mortimer Murphy
    Planning a cruise can be one of the most exciting activities that a person, a couple, or a family can undertake. But it is not as easy as booking a plane and a hotel. The budget must be planned. The itinerary must be determined. And travel arrangements had to be made because cruises may last for several days. Thus, some tourists find it more convenient to simply hire a travel agent to organize the cruise. To help the tourists who are planning on taking a cruise in Egypt, this article provides some useful tips.
  • Egypt Cruise and Stay Guide - Part 1 - Cruising the Egyptian Nile  By : Damian Mortimer Murphy
    A cruise in Egypt will not be complete without a leisurely trip along the Nile River. The River Nile is considered as the longest river in the world. It stretches for more than 4,000 miles and it flows through nine countries: Zaire, Uganda, Tanzania, Sudan, Rwanda, Kenya, Ethiopia, Burundi, and Egypt. Of course, a visitor in Egypt need not go through all these countries. But much of Egypt can be seen and understood by traveling the waters of the Nile.
  • Cruise and Stay Holiday - Part 1  By : Damian Mortimer Murphy
    A cruise and stay holiday is a holiday where part of the holiday is spent on a cruise boat and another part is spent in a hotel or resort. People opt to take a cruise and stay holiday for many reasons.
  • One Interesting Holiday, Your Option  By : Daniel Jowssey
    When my holiday come soon, I often find it difficult to decide what to do for the summer, even . For me holidays have to be relaxing, somewhere preferably warm, but with the option of being active.
  • Sailing The Seven Seas With World Cruises  By : Darlene Berkel
    A World Cruise is a luxury experience – with all the amenities of a five star hotel. Here is what awaits.
  • Why Cruise Passengers Must Check Out Duty-Free Shopping Onboard Ship!  By : Mandy Karlik
    Cruise ships offer an array of charming little shipboard boutiques that advertise duty-free delights ... but are these really good deals? And what on earth is "duty" anyway? Find out about duty-free shopping and how to get the best buys onboard ship (and when to jump ship).
  • A Family Beach Vacation At The Atlantis  By : Robert Barner
    The Atlantis, a great place to travel and vacation. This is one of the few resorts that you will need a map to find your way around. A wonderful vacation for romance and the family at the same time. There are many wonderful water based activities for the whole family. Whether you want romance or a family vacation the whole family would enjoy this is a can't miss
  • Cheap Cruise Deals  By : Liz Whitt
    It is possible to get a really good cheap cruise deal by booking way early. To get the best cabins, and to get the best cruise deal, it is best to book about five or six months in advance of the cruise date. That way you will be one of the first to be able to choose your cabin.
  • Find A Cheap Cruise  By : Liz Whitt
    People who are on a budget and are wanting to go on a cruise, will need to find a cheap cruise. They might need to consider going on a cruise in the off season. Cruise lines hardly ever lower their fares during the popular season, and it can become rather hard finding a cheap cruise. The popluar season is when most people will want to travel, and this is usually during the summer and holiday seasons.
  • Position, Position, Position: A Cruise Lover's Guide To Repositioning Cruises  By : Mandy Karlik
    Cruise shoppers may occasionally run across a bargain cruise that's labeled a "repositioning cruise." A repositioning cruise can indeed be a great vacation package--but only for the right kind of cruise passengers. Find out more about what a repositioning cruise and whether or not you fit the profile of the "repositioning cruise lover."
  • Seven Reasons To Take A Hawaiin Cruise  By : Dean Caporella
    Hawaiin cruises continue to top the popularity lists amongst the most favored cruise holiday destinations.
  • Record Number Of Cruise Passengers Disembark In Malta  By : Roger Munns
    A higher than ever before number of cruise passengers visited Malta in 2006.

    With low cost airlines flying to the island 2007 could see a startling turnaround in the holiday island's fortunes.
  • Using Internet Cruise Ship Reviews  By : Charlie Welf
    Learn how to read between the lines of a internet cruise review
  • How to Save Money on Cruises: Three Simple Strategies  By : Clark Norton
    If you pursue three simple strategies -- from the initial planning stages to the day you disembark from your ship -- you can cruise like royalty and still keep your wallet fat with cash.
  • Planning A Cruise Getaway  By : Cindy Heller
    A cruise getaway can be a great vacation for both family and couple. Some cruise companies even come out with different packages catering particularly for families or for lovers.
  • Do You Get Sea Sick On A Cruise  By : derek smiley
    Questions such as do you get sea sick on a cruise always arise. Hopefully this articles answers those questions,there is plenty more useful information based on many years with cruise liners.
  • Cruise Ship Sickness And Why It Could Stain Your Dream Vacation  By : Dean Caporella
    Cruise ship sickness is real though and in recent years, is becoming a little more prevalent.
  • Picking The Right Cabin For You  By : Ann Childs
    Let me help you pick your cabin. For first time cruisers this is the number one concern. I'll explain in simple terms the differences between them.
  • Cruise Ships On The Rise  By : Charlie Welf
    The cruise industry grow each year.
  • How To Avoid Sea Sickness On A Cruise  By : Ann Childs
    Motion sickness will not prevent you from cruising. These tried and true tips will have you going on a sea cruise sooner than you think.
  • 5 Countery Scandinavian Cruise Journal  By : Susan Davis
    I have cruised dozens of ships on various lines and in my opinion this is as good as it gets on a mega-liner of 2200+ passengers with 920 crew. Costa's Atlantica was a floating palace of art deco furnishings, marble inlaid floors and millions of dollars invested in original works of art. It exceeded my expectations.
  • Book a Last Minute Cruise and Save Money  By : Clark Norton
    If you book a last minute cruise, you multiply your chances for landing a great discount cruise deal
  • 2007 is a Great Year for Cheap Cruises  By : Craig Rad
    Is cruising something you've always wanted to do but never got to go on one because of the high fares? Here are some tips that help you get a cheap cruise and put you on the ship you've dreamed of.
  • A Brief Guide to Bermuda Cruise  By : Lars Rohde
    A Brief guide to the things you should know before you start your Bermuda Cruise Vacation.
  • Book Early for a Great Discount Cruise Deal  By : Clark Norton
    You can get a great discount cruise deal by booking your cruise early.
  • Finding the Right Cruise Line  By : Charlie Welf
    Once you decide to take a cruise, the hard part begins. What cruise line to take?
  • How to Save Money on Your Cruise Shore Excursion  By : Clark Norton
    You can save money by arranging your own cruise shore excursion rather than paying for a shore excursion sponsored by your cruise line.
  • A Cruise in the Caribbean - Once in a Lifetime Opportunity  By : James Penn
    Going on a Caribbean cruise is certainly one of the finest ways of spending ones holidays. But it is always a good idea to have some knowledge of the places you intend to visit beforehand when you go on a Caribbean cruise.
  • Let Me Take you On A Sea Cruise  By : Ann Childs
    If you have ever wonder whether a Disney cruise is for you this article answers all your concerns with a resounding yes.
  • Take A Cruise On The Wild Side  By : Ann Childs
    Do you think a Carnival cruise is not for you? Well think again. This review of the Carnival Valor will have you calling your travel agent right away. Young or old there is something for everyone.
  • Discovering the Beauty of Alaska on Adventure Cruises  By : Charlie Welf
    Adventure Cruising in Alaska is great way to see all the wonders nature has to offer.
  • The Sands And More of Turks and Caicos  By : Ann Childs
    A short compilation of the best things for tourists to do while visiting Turks and Caicos isalnds.
  • Cruise: The Ultimate Vacation  By : John Pawlett
    If you are ever fortunate enough enjoy the joys and delights of a cruise then quite literally you will be participating in the penultimate of holiday experiences.
  • Surefire Ways To Find A Cheap Cruise!  By : Dean Caporella
    The good news for prospective cruise travellers is these bargain holiday deals are happening all the time.
  • Planning a Perfect Romantic Vacation  By : John Pawlett
    Our cruise specialist says 'You can't go wrong on the Love Boat or Radisson Seven Seas Cruises' ship
  • Stay Slim On Your Carnival Cruise  By : Ann Childs
    There are many things to do on a cruise that do not involve food believe it or not. Participate in some activities and you won't gain an ounce.
  • Find a Cheap Cruise That Has Everything You Need  By : Charlie Welf
    Finding a cheap cruise is easier than you think if you look in the right places
  • Enjoy a Brillian Cruise!  By : John Pawlett
    Take A cruise for the vacation of your life! Vacations can be fun, however often times they can wear down your energy level and be less relaxing then you had anticipated. Many vacationers look forward to coming back home. The cost of attractions and eating out begin to outweigh the fun of the vacation.
  • A Cruise Through The Royal Carribbean  By : John Pawlett
    cruises are luxury hotels that move every half hour, it's a Royal Caribbean cruise ship, a mass of one hundred thousand tons, that glides on the ocean between Florida and the islands of the Caribbean on a regular basis.
  • All-Inclusive Cruise Ships  By : Daniel Millions
    Learn About Advantages and Disadvantages of All-Inclusive Cruise Ships.
  • You Need To Go On A Cruise!!  By : Stephen Dolan
    Crusing nowdays is very inexpensive. But there are some pitfalls. Find out how to have the perfect experience every time. This article will show you what you need to know before you step on board the ship.
  • Malta Cruises To New Tourist Record  By : Roger Munns
    A record number of cruise passengers visited Malta in 2006.

    With low cost airlines flying to the island 2007 could see a startling turnaround in the holiday island's fortunes.
  • A Cruise is a Great Deal  By : Charlie Welf
    A cruise is by far the best vacation deal you can get because it's a good value and you can unpack once and see many ports.
  • Search Tips For Your Next Cheap Cruise  By : Dean Caporella
    Conducting a cheap cruise review before booking a holiday is an art form that many now perform quite expertly.
  • Cruises: Cruise Vacation Anyone?  By : Selvyn Patterson
    Cruises, why more people are turning to cruise vacation over a regular fly, drive, hotel vacation.
  • Explore The Final Frontier In Alaska  By : Ray La Foy
    Those who take part in an Alaskan cruise that includes a stop in Anchorage will find this Alaskan city is like none other in the world. Anchorage is a destination in and of itself for a number of reasons.
  • Caribbean Cruises for all the Family  By : James Penn
    Over 2 million travelers prefer to go on Caribbean cruises every year through the various liners offering these services. The Caribbean is a place of tropical climate that has some really wonderful beaches, great food, and many excellent tourist locations spread throughout the chain of islands that make up one of the most visited tourist spots on the planet.
  • Cruises Travelling - The Ultimate Experience For Cruise Travellers  By :
    Travelling on a cruise is a memorable experience which will preserve in your mind everyday. If you are ever been to Cruise will be one of the lifetime experiences as a boat adventure. It will make you feel uneasy if you are boarding alone. What ever if you have family or friends you will enjoy precious moment that ever you have.
  • Hawaii Cruise - Travel by Land or Sea?  By : Jeremy Thompson
    Hawaii is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world. You can get to the beautiful islands of Hawaii by land or sea. Check out this article for more details.
  • Nile Cruise - The Magical Holiday  By : Colin Maddocks
    Take a cruises ship, add an air of mystery and ancient history, mix it all up and what to you get? A Nile Cruise!
  • A Cruise Ship Vacation - Just What You May Need  By : Susan Dean
    Are you sick and tired of all the usual vacation options? Are you looking for something different? Something where you and your partner can relax while knowing the kids are being looked after and at the same time seeing new places. Have you thought about a cruise ship?
  • How To Find A Last Minute Cruise Deal  By : Dean Caporella
    Experienced bargain cruise hunters know the value of showing some patience when it comes to searching for last minute cruise deals.
  • All Aboard for a Beautiful Hawaii Cruise  By : Jeremy Thompson
    A Hawaii cruise is a vacation you will not soon forget. Learn more about a beautiful Hawaii cruise right here.
  • Finding The Best & Cheapest Cruise Deals Online  By : Kenneth Fox
    Finding discounts on the Internet.
  • Five Tips On Finding A Cheap Cruise  By : Dean Caporella
    Taking a cruise is still a dream for many people who cite varying reasons for holding off on sailing the "high seas."
  • Cruises: Experience the Thrill of Exotic Travel  By : M. D. Robinson
    Going on an exotic journey is the dream everyone has at some point, and traveling on enchanted cruises to far off places is sure to be a very memorable experience.
  • How To Truly Experience The Caribbean While On A Caribbean Cruise  By : Joshua Poyoh
    One of the most popular destinations to cruise in the world is the Caribbean. It would be extremely advantageous to understand the geography, history, diversity, economy of the region and what it can offer to the average tourist.
  • There Is A Discount Cruise Waiting For You!  By : Dean Caporella
    Discount cruises have enabled many holiday makers to enjoy the pleasures of sailing the high seas in recent years and with a little due diligence on your part, you could very well be sunning it on a cruise ship in the near future.
  • A Margarita...Suntan Lotion...and a Cruise Ship Vacation  By : RC Rougeux
    Can you see yourself on the beach...margarita in hand and soaking up the sun? Diagnosis: give yourself a cruise ship vacation!
  • Fancy Taking A Cruise With A Celebrity  By : John Savage
    You may have seen advertisements on the television where a celebrity is taking a cruise and wants you to join them
  • Finding Good Deals On Family Cruises  By : M. D. Robinson
    Before you begin looking for that perfect deal for you and your family, it is a good idea to consult one of the many cruise deal specialists available.
  • A Mediterranean Cruise Moment  By : Dean Caporella
    It's pretty hard to beat cruising through the mediterranean given the rich history of the region and and on a recent Crystal cruise, this famous part of the world was brought to life in no uncertain manner.
  • St-Vincent And The Grenadines Aboard Your Own Yacht  By : Claude Bourgoin
    Discovering the most beautiful parts of the Caribbean's in a personal Yacht is not just for the rich and famous.
  • Cruise Ship Review  By : M. D. Robinson
    A cruise ship review will usually grade the cruise liner a few unique categories and rate each from one to six stars.
  • Unpack Once And Visit Many Destinations  By : Keith George
    Imagine being pampered at a luxurious resort and waking up each morning to a brand new, stunning view of the world.
  • Here Is How To Find A Cheap Cruise  By : Bill Urell
    It is unbelievable the amount of money you can save on a cruise with just a little research.
  • Princess Cruise Lines...Don't You Deserve A Break?  By : RC Rougeux
    Ok, you know you need it. A vacation...a relaxing excursion where everything's done for you. Great food, a little drink.
  • Handy Tools: Prepaid Travel Phone Calling Card  By : Brian Hawkins
    Don't leave home with out your travel phone card. Learn the best handy tools to picking a prepaid travel phone calling card for your next travel vacation.
  • The Secret to Successful Cruising  By : John Savage
    Many people dream all year round about their summer vacation, so here are a few ideas to get you thinking
  • Cruises...Once You Take One Cruise You'll Be Hooked Forever!  By : RC Rougeux
    Have you ever been on a cruise ship vacation? Great fun, unbelievable food, service to die for and of course...just plain relaxing.
  • The Perfect Cruise Holiday - Relax And Enjoy  By : Sara Winchester
    There comes a time when you want to take time off of work and put aside the stress and just go on vacation. Somewhere where no one can reach you and you just can sit back and relax. If this sounds like you, you should go on a cruise.
  • Cruise Ships Are Fun But There Are Important Things To Remember  By : Dean Caporella
    There seems to be a common denominator amongst cruise ship enthusiasts... they just keep going back. Why? Obviously fun and relaxation.
  • Day Long Cruises along the Shores of St. Thomas  By : Dan Farrell
    On the beautiful island of St. Thomas, you can spend the day exploring the ocean along the shores of St. Thomas. This exploration is often done with a boat cruise.
  • The Top Eight Secrets to Enjoying Your Cruise Vacation  By : John Shallo
    Want to learn some of the top secrets about cruising? In this article you will learn the Top Eight secrets to fully enjoy your next cruise vacation. These tips will help put you in the fast lane of relaxation and fulfillment for your cruise vacation, just like a veteran cruise addict.
  • Vacationing Aboard an Overseas Cruise Ship  By : Joe Bella
    In the United States, many Americans dream of vacationing overseas and visa versa. Despite wishing to vacation overseas in Europe, there are many individuals who are unable to do so.
  • Cheap Cruise Deals Equal A Luxury Holiday  By : Dean Caporella
    Cheap cruise deals are commomplace these days with many holidaymakers taking advantage of the excellent facilities on board today's cruise liners for little out of pocket expense.
  • So You Want to Work On a Cruise Ship!  By : Timothy Rea
    If you think you might want to work on a cruise ship, there are many opportunities for employment. Find the right job for you and sail the high seas!
  • Caribbean Cruises With The Ships Of Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines  By : Rolf Zimmerli
    The cruise ships of Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines are in class of their own. Short descriptions of Royal Caribbean Voyager of the Seas, Royal Caribbean Majesty of the Seas, Royal Caribbean Grandeur of the Seas, Royal Caribbean Enchantment of the Seas and Royal Caribbean Freedom of the Seas.
  • Do You Know These Secret Destinations For Mediterranean Cruises?  By : Rolf Zimmerli
    Cruises to the Mediterranean offer spectacular sights, history and romance. The Mediterranean food and wines, together with a relaxed life style make for a truly unforgettable trip. Between Venice, Savona, Rome and Barcelona, to mention just a few great Mediteranean cities, there is eye candy no end.
  • Cruise Lines offer Fun at Bargain Prices  By : Rolf Zimmerli
    Cruise lines offer vacations for a weekend or many weeks that are fun and relaxation or sport, discovery and action, the choice is yours. The competition between cruise lines is fierce and if you know how to you can book a cruise at bargain prices. Here are a few tips:
  • Norwegian Cruise Line - The Classy Touch Of Elegance  By : Rolf Zimmerli
    Norwegian Cruise Line ships are famous for the comfort and class they offer. It's a mix of classic art and elegance; fun, sport and relaxation; culinary pleasures and true relaxation that is unique. Their trips to the Caribbean are very popular with people who love to enjoy and have fun.
  • Cruise Ship Vacations with Norwegian Cruise Line  By : Eric Seminara
    Cruise Ship Vacations with Norwegian Cruise Line
  • Carry on Cruising  By : Nazir Hussain
    Ron & Wyn have been cruising for 20 years. Jan went and interviewed them about their experiences. This article contains the content of that interview.

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