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  • Salsa Dancing is for your Heart your Body and your Soul  By : Alan Smith..
    Salsa rhythm is felt in your body, heart and soul. Salsa dancing can bring tons of passion into your relationship, and indeed, rekindle a relationship that may have lost its spark. Salsa dancing is so much fun and that is what unites us all together. Modern salsa remains a dance-oriented genre and is closely associated with a style of salsa dancing. And the most dramatic visible effect that Salsa dancing had on me was when I lost the excess weight that was on my body.
  • What Pointe Shoes Are Best For My Feet?  By : sarkis.doueihi.lisa
    Dancers, and their teachers, often ask “What are the best pointe shoes to use?” This is a question with no set answer, as every foot and dancer will suit a different shoe, and many will choose a different shoe for different ballets.
  • Dealing with Bunions En Pointe  By : sarkis.doueihi.lisa
    Many girls who start on pointe are scared that they will get bunions from doing pointe work. If a bunion is present it can cause real problems with fitting pointe shoes and dancing en pointe. Dance Physiotherapist Lisa Howell discusses the reality of dancing with bunions and offers practical solutions to working en pointe more comfortably.
  • How Do You Fit Pointe Shoes Properly?  By : sarkis.doueihi.lisa
    Having pointe shoes that fit well can make all the difference in you loving or hating pointe work, so it is important to get it right from the beginning. Ill fitting shoes can result in not only pain and discomfort while dancing, but also black toenails, blisters and stress fractures in the toes.
  • How Old Is Too Old To Start Pointe Work?  By : sarkis.doueihi.lisa
    Many adults start taking ballet classes later in life, and often wonder whether it is possible to progress onto pointe. The same strength and flexibility requirements that young girls need to attain before commencing onto pointe obviously apply, however there are a few other issues to consider in the adult dancer.
  • The Value Of Online Community In Dance Education  By : sarkis.doueihi.lisa
    The recent surge in information technology has allowed the wonderful development of an online dance community. This allows the sharing of information and advice among dancers all over the globe, which is fantastic for the growth of the industry and for the physical safely of the many young dancers worldwide.
  • Benefits Of Salsa Dancing  By : Bobby J. Salsa
    Trying salsa dancing can be scary for many people, more so for those who are not familiar with dancing. It takes time to learn this dance. I will tell you though that you can do it. The benefits you have from salsa dancing will be worth the amount of time you invest to learn.
  • Dance Videos Bring A New Revolution  By : Scott Goodfriend
    Dance Videos have brought a great revolution in the area of dancing.
  • Getting Started with Salsa Dancing  By : Yomi A
    Salsa refers to a fusion of informal dance styles having roots in the Caribbean (especially Cuba and Puerto Rico), Latin and North America. Salsa is danced to Salsa music. There is a strong African influence in the music and the dance. There are some basic tips and tricks we will share with you when starting off to learn this hot fiery latin dance.

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