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  • Cremation of Veterans - Cremation Services - Let's Not Forget Their Sacrifice  By : Chad Wiley
    Most families that do cremation online or seek assistance for cremation from a funeral home are not aware of veteran benefits offered after cremation. The often-used term "Final Disposition" is not exactly the case after cremation of a veteran.
  • Burial or Cremation - How To Make The Decision  By : Jill Essy
    One of the decisions to be made when our beloved one passes away is to decide if the deceased should be buried. On the other hand, another option will be cremation. It is certain that making such decision will never be easy. Of course the wishes of the deceased have to be considered in such cases.
  • Dealing With The Loss Of A Loved One  By : Chad Wiley
    The loss of a dear and loved one is often quite difficult to deal with. The trauma of such a loss can sometimes be overpowering when psychological obstacles develop and prevent the pained soul from accepting the loss with peace in mind.
  • Caskets - General Information on Funeral Caskets  By : Chad Wiley
    Metal caskets are generally made of stainless steel, copper or bronze. The composition and quality of a casket determines its price. The prices can vary greatly depending upon the material used to construct it. For example, a fiberboard one will be low-priced as opposed to a Mahogany Wood one. Among solid wood caskets, Pine Caskets are the least expensive. Most of the wooden caskets are hand-made, polished and varnished to appear glossy and appealing to the buyers and accordingly a high price can be charged. Pine being less expensive are hardly visible on display.
  • Ways to Reduce the Stress from Funeral Planning  By : Jill Essy
    You will be very sad when the one you love passes away. In fact, all family members may feel the same. It takes time for you to heal. However, no matter how difficult it is to get through the situation, you have to plan for the funeral of the deceased.
  • Tips to Choose a Casket  By : Jill Essy
    Normally, people will be buried in a casket after they pass away. As a result, the choice of it becomes a very essential decision in the funeral planning process. In fact, you can buy it from various parties.
  • A Checklist For Funeral Planning  By : Jill Essy
    There is no doubt that planning for a funeral is always a difficult task. You should be already very stressful when your beloved one passes away. Yet you will still have the obligation to plan for the funeral of the decease. To this end you will probably need some help for the funeral planning. And here are some of the points you have to bear in mind when you are doing that.
  • Dealing With Death Anxiety  By : Harvey D. Ong
    The state of mind known as “death anxiety” has long been ignored by the medical community, despite it being a major cause of depression among the terminally ill and their families. However, while most people agree that the focus should remain firmly on the physical aspects of treatment, many also point out that it would be good for people to acknowledge that the emotional and psychological aspects of this need to be addressed as well.
  • Regulating Headstones and Memorial Masons  By : LAC1
    Information on bodies who regulate the headstone and memorial masons in the UK.
  • Helpful Advice for Writing a Heartfelt Eulogy  By : Ben Anton
    Finding the right words to say in a eulogy can be difficult.
    This article provides some helpful advice on how to write a thoughtful, honest eulogy without worry or stress.
  • Talking to the Grieving Family  By : George White
    Helping a grieving family through the process of picking out flowers for a funeral is one of the hardest conversations a florist can have.
  • Using Poetry in a Funeral or Memorial Service  By : Ben Anton
    Finding the right words to say when someone has passed away can be difficult.
    This article provides insight into using poetry written for times of grief or bereavement to express feelings of
    loss and love during funeral or memorial services.
  • Green Burials  By : LAC1
    Information on how to have a green burial.
  • Dying is a Different Expereince at Different Ages  By :
    Understanding death at different times in life can make the grieving process for ourself and for loved ones easier. Most people don't fear being dead but how we die. No one wants to suffer or watch someone suffer or be in pain at the end of life.
  • Memorial Services: Using Poems and Untraditional Methods to Remember Someone's Life  By : Ben Anton
    Celebrating the life of a loved one can be done in different ways.
    This article discusses a variety of memorial and funeral options that families may want to consider as they grieve for their loved one.
  • Grieving Is Essential To Letting Go  By : mjb
    Death is inevitable. It is an eventuality that we all have to face sooner or later.
    If it's not us, it could be someone close to us: a family member, a partner, a friend. In our every day life we try to avoid thinking and talking about death. That is why we do not have much of a chance to learn about grieving and how to cope with it.
  • Bone Flowers: Global Folklore of The Living Dead  By : cas
    Death is a universal concept, although how it is treated and looked upon varies from culture to culture, from religion to religion. While beings that come back from the dead are common themes in the mythologies and folklore of various peoples, there are often cultural differences that bely even the most prevalent “themes” among them. Some have theorized that these tales are common because of the equally common separation anxiety people feel towards the dying and dead.
  • Death: The Ultimate Fear  By :
    Death and dying are the last social taboo. People are afraid to talk about these subjects because they deal with the ultimate in losing control. We don't know when or how we are going to die so we aviod dealing with it at all.
  • Online Memorials: Honoring Our Loved Ones In The Virtual World  By : Ben Anton
    Losing someone you love can be one of the most challenging times in your life. Honoring them in an lasting, loving and original way can help us grieve and heal.
    This article describes online memorial tribute services available and how they can help those suffering with a loss.
  • The Importance of Memorials in the Grieving Process  By : Vaughn Balchunas
    The experience of death is a life-altering event. Any person who has deeply mourned the loss of someone near and dear will tell you that you can never really go back to being the person that you once were. Somewhere along the way, you have lost a little something of yourself. This experience of loss is most intense when the deceased is someone very close like a parent, sibling or child.
  • Arranging and Purchasing a Cremation and Memorials  By : Vaughn Balchunas
    A typical funeral can cost $6,000 compared to $1200 for a cremation and service. Caskets typically start at about $2,000 for an economy model and quickly rise from there. Be sure and shop around online.
  • Funeral Flower Arrangements  By : John Pawlett
    Death is such a difficult experience for almost everyone. When someone you love passes away it can be a struggle to focus on anything but your grief.
  • How Funeral Keepsakes and Customized Cremation Urns are Made  By : Vaughn Balchunas
    Find out how many of today's customized urns are made by the master craftsmen and artists who make them. These cremation urns are beautiful works of art in their own right and many people prefer to display them openly. Family and friends are choosing keepsake urns or memorial jewelry like lockets and urn necklaces to keep precious memories close.
  • Funeral Flower Arrangements  By : John Pawlett
    Death is such a difficult experience for almost everyone. When someone you love passes away it can be a struggle to focus on anything but your grief.
  • What To Do If Your Child Loses A Parent  By : John Morris
    Most children live in an idyllic world of saturday cartoons and the loving care of their parents. Unfortuantely, there comes a time when a child will experience death for the first time and it becomes the responsibility of parents to educate their young children on the subject of death and dying...
  • Today's Seniors Are Finding That The Time To Look Into Retirement Centers Is When You Don't Need One  By : Luise Volta
    Planning ahead can solve many issues for seniors that are willing to take on the job of finding the best retirement centers for themselves.
  • How To Help Your Children Understand Death  By : John Morris
    Most children live in an idyllic world of saturday cartoons and the loving care of their parents. Unfortuantely, there comes a time when a child will experience death for the first time and it becomes the responsibility of parents to educate their young children on the subject of death and dying...
  • How To Minimize Probate Costs  By : John Morris
    Most people think that dying is the easiest way out for someone who wants to be rid of the legal processes and the costs involved in such processes...
  • Writing A Memorable Eulogy  By : John Morris
    Writing a eulogy is far more difficult than writing just any old speech because you have to make it personal to those who knew the dearly departed...
  • Burial Insurance Buying Guide  By : John Morris
    Death may seem so morbid to discuss in any given situation, but because it is a fact, some people have thought to generate profit from that concept instead...
  • Explaining Death To Children  By : John Morris
    In today's busy world, parents have little time to explain the nature of life to their children. Many times, parents leave it up to the media to teach their children everything they need to know...
  • Depression Management Advice For Dealing With Sorrow  By : Abbas Abedi
    Some tips to help you or a loved one deal with sorrow.
  • Helping Children Cope With Death  By : John Morris
    Most children live in an idyllic world of saturday cartoons and the loving care of their parents. Unfortuantely, there comes a time when a child will experience death for the first time and it becomes the responsibility of parents to educate their young children on the subject of death and dying...
  • Understanding Wills And Probates  By : John Morris
    Many believe mistakenly that only affluent individuals should be concerned with leaving wills. If you care for your family and dependents, leaving your will or testament shall ensure that theyll be taken care of even after your death...
  • Varying Concepts on Death and Dying  By : Luise Volta
    The more we study death and dying the greater opportunity we offer ourselves to reduce it to a manageable concept.
  • Beautiful - A Mourning Glory Devotional  By : Diana Burg
    I have always loved this commandment mostly because it assumes we love ourselves. At the very least it seems to give us permission to feel good about ourselves and to treat ourselves well because then that is the standard for the treatment of others. I have rarely seen, in this day and age, the kind of love God would have us have for ourselves.
  • Today, Millions Turn to the Simplicity and Savings of Cremation  By : Tom Sample
    The choice between cremation and burial is a very personal one and some will flat out not desire this alternative.
  • I Have To Prove Everything I Own  By : Jan Hayner
    This happens when you get a loan, file and insurance claim, go to court for numerous reasons and at retirement or going into a nursing home. This is a way to priove everything; all of your papers are in order, a home inventory, financial papers etc.
  • A Balloonful of Love  By : Ann Van Dyke
    My husband's tongue and cheek muscles have also fallen prey to ALS (Amyotropic Lateral Sclerosis) and he has difficulty enunciating his words clearly. But our desire to live each moment that we are granted has led us to make the decision that "I'm gonna live, live, live until I die".
  • Knowledge of Gods Love  By : Diana Burg
    It is both a wonderful and terrible aspect of God's love that when we lose someone we love, the deep pain we feel can draw us closer to God, the author of life and death. As Christians all our relationships are a triangle, with one another and God at the head. Our
    deepest selves are connected to one another and to God because it is in Him we live and love and have our true being.
  • Why Do We Experience Grief?  By : Sharon Young
    Everyone is familiar with feelings of grief. These feelings range from mild, momentary unhappiness to feelings of intense and acute emotional suffering that take a long time to heal. These feelings can be caused by disappointment, discouragement, fustration,
    trouble, difficulty, a sense of futility, deep regret or some specific loss, disaster, misfortune, accident, or mishap.
  • Enduring Love  By : Ann Van Dyke
    It is a mystery - how in the midst of my husband's dying I can feel our shared love, our shared lives so poignantly and passionately while simultaneously withdrawing emotional energy from our relationship.
  • 51 Billion Dollar Industry  By : Jaci Rae
    Is the rising cost of this industry becoming too much for your family to endure?
  • Of Death, Dying and the Possibility of a Hereafter  By : Richard Helfant
    Discussion by a cardiologist of how both he and a dying patient had a spiritual experience which convinced him that death is a transition, not an ending.

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