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  • How Kangen Water can Help Diabetes  By : Julia Hanf..
    The word Kangen originated from Japan. This means return to original. From the meaning of the word, it can be said that Kangen water helps the body to return to its original disposition. This water proves to very effective in helping a person recover from certain diseases that can be linked and connected to dehydration.
  • Diabetic Wristbands  By : Robert Thomson
    Diabetic wristbands are made to help diabetes patients feel more secure about receiving the correct treatment that they need if anything were to ever go wrong.
  • Diabetes Warning Signs  By : Julia Hanf..
    The warning signs of diabetes can be very subtle and can easily be overlooked. Some patients have had the disease for many months or even years before they were diagnosed. The bottom line is, only you know your body, if something does not seem right; consult your physician right away.
  • Inventions New to Diabetes Treatments  By : Julia Hanf..
    Diabetes is the most common disease now-a-days. It is widespread in people across all age-groups, be it a child of 12 years of age or an old man of 80 years. It is caused due to the lack of a hormone called Insulin. Insulin is secreted by some cells located in the pancreas in the body. The food that we eat is broken down to a sugar called Glucose, which provides energy to our body. Insulin helps to move Glucose into the cells of the body. If Insulin is not secreted by the body, than the Glucose is unable to move into the cells. And thereby, the Glucose content or the Sugar content increases in the body, leading to a disease called Diabetes. There are two categories of people suffering from diabetes- 1. People with Type-1 Diabetes whose body is unable to produce Insulin, and thereby increasing blood Sugar levels. 2. People with Type-2 Diabetes whose body can secrete Insulin, but the cells in their body do not respond to the Insulin.
  • Diabetes and Quality of Life  By : Fabian Toulouse..
    Diabetes is a monumental problem in the United States and it is getting worse. Obesity has done much to contribute to the growth of the disease. As Americans grow heavier and become more sedentary, the disease has grown proportionally until it is now a problem that costs this country more than $40 billion annually in health care, hospitalization, and disability. In 2002, it was the 6th leading cause of death in the nation, although the numbers do not represent every death whose primary cause was diabetes. There is no doubt that diabetes is a ruthless killer. 65% of diabetics die from heart disease and stroke, and cardiovascular disease is just one of several serious complications associated with the disease.
  • Dangers Of Diabetes - Your Best Defense  By : Mark Farkel
    Diabetes is still a danger throughout the entire world and is quickly expanding to more people every day. Quality of life is being undermined among many people and many lives are even being shortened dramatically because of this horrible disease.
  • Eating Out With Diabetes - A Forbidden Pleasure?  By : Julia Hanf..
    The effectiveness of your diabetes management program is largely reliant on how well you plan your diet, given the fact that the wayward blood glucose levels that diabetes brings about are the direct outcome of the carbohydrate content of your meals. Diabetes experts also reiterate the importance of developing a balanced and regulated approach to your meals at the very onset, as wayward food habits and mindless eating sprees are the foundation stones for obesity, which plagues you with a host of complications for years to come. This makes it vital for diabetics to pay attention to not just the calorific content of their meals, but also the frequency of their meal times, to ensure that they a constant watch over their blood glucose levels.
  • Controlling Diabetes Is Critical To You Living Long  By : J. Marsalis
    Controlling diabetes is very important and should be supervised by a medical doctor. Controlling diabetes is done with a treatment plan that keeps the blood glucose in its "target range. Controlling diabetes is a very important part of beating the disease; however it requires one to greatly change their lifestyle, and takes time and determination.
  • Diabetes In African Americans  By : Thulas Sukati
    Diabetes is also one of the leading causes of death and disability among African Americans in the United States. One thing is certain, however. Poor African Americans are more likely to die from complications of the disease than those in other ethnic groups
  • Common Complications Of Type 2 Diabetes  By : Adrian Fletcher
    Diabetes is sometimes referred to as a metabolic disorder because it becomes a problem when we eat food. Diabetics have a problem with the production of insulin. Insulin is produced when a person eats some food, in particular, carbohydrate types of foods. Carbohydrates get broken down by the body to form glucose that is absorbed into the bloodstream. In the bloodstream it can be transported to all the cells in the body and gives them energy. During this metabolic process the glucose levels in the blood reduce from a high level to a normal number. Insulin is responsible for reducing glucose in the blood. For diabetics this cannot be done because they do not produce insulin or the body is resistant to naturally occurring insulin. This means they have to take medication or inject insulin to get over this problem. This article will discuss the differences between type 1 and type 2 diabetes and then list some of the common health problems caused by type 2 diabetes.
  • Diabetes: The 'toothy' Side Of The Tale  By : Julia Hanf..
    Few modern-day diseases are as diverse in the problems they pose as diabetes. While the origins of the disease are yet shrouded by mystery, the complications that occur as a result of poorly managed diabetes are multifarious making it ever more difficult to keep track of this disease and all it is capable of. And one of these many complications is periodontal disease. Periodontal disease, as the name suggests occurs around your teeth as a bacterial infection which afflicts your gums and the bone which supports your teeth, weakening and eventually destroying them. However, the effects of periodontal disease don't just end at your teeth diabetes and periodontal disease play in a vicious cycle, each one compounding the other and making diabetes management on a whole, a tough and challenging process.
  • Is Diabetes Invading Your Sexual Health?  By : Julia Hanf..
    Diabetes is defined as a condition in which the individual is unable to transform the glucose he consumes, into the energy his body thrives on, thus bringing about incessantly high levels of sugar in his bloodstream. The implications of this disease are far reaching and encompass cardiovascular diseases, renal disorders and even neural damage. However, what many diabetics are still relatively unaware about is the impact their condition has on their sexual health. This subject, although a very pertinent one, is as of yet a delicate matter on account of the victims' reluctance to discuss it with their physicians. As a result, many victims of diabetes continue to subject themselves to sexual dysfunctions even though help is readily available, and close at hand.
  • Is Your Insulin Therapy Taking More Than Its Due?  By : Julia Hanf..
    Once heralded as the absolute cure to every woe that a diabetic faces, insulin has now come to be regarded as one of the grimmer aspects of diabetes treatment. the reason for this lies largely in the conventional method of administering insulin, via injections, which are either dispensed to make up for the deficit caused by a faulty pancreas, or to enhance the natural production in an individual whose body has developed a resistance to this enzyme, which is then bolstered with insulin-sensitizing medication. However, when faced with the prospect of having to administer endless injections, the individual may be intimidated enough to shy away from treatment altogether, or be incessantly irregular which makes the treatment more harmful than it is beneficial. Fluctuating levels of insulin may first bring about exceedingly high levels of glucose in the bloodstream, especially after mealtimes, which then plunge down as the insulin is administered leading to intermittent hyperglycemic and hypoglycemic states either of which can prove fatal to the diabetic.
  • Hearing Loss And Diabetes - What You Should Know!  By : Julia Hanf..
    One of the most proliferate diseases of the modern-era, diabetes is single-handedly responsible for an alarming majority of deaths all around the world. Nonetheless, most victims of diabetes are unaware about its development until the disease has already established an unyielding grip on their lives, owing to the deceptive way this disease stalks up on them. The early symptoms of diabetes like weakness, fatigue and nausea are easy to dismiss, which is also why most individuals ignore them until they are swamped by the relentless number of diabetes-induced diseases that arise as this disease marches forth.
  • Inhaled Insulin: A Viable Alternative Or A Passing Fad?  By : Julia Hanf..
    Insulin, a hormone produced by the Islets of Langerhans in your pancreas, plays an integral role the process of digestion, enabling your body to recognize the presence of glucose and thus assimilate and utilize it. Diabetes occurs either when your body fails to produce the requisite amounts of insulin, or fails to discern the presence of this hormone altogether, which leads to the unused glucose flooding your bloodstream. And thus, the most effective way to regulate these wayward blood glucose levels is to administer insulin to the body, which prevents diabetes from complicating into its more advanced stages.
  • The First Five Indications That Diabetes Is Around The Corner!  By : Julia Hanf..
    A condition which develops when your body is unable to produce the energy it needs from the food you consume, Diabetes is characterized by incessantly high levels of glucose in your blood stream. This disease may arise, either because your body is incapable of producing the insulin it needs to metabolize glucose, or if the cells of your body become resistant to the insulin your pancreas produces. Irrespective of the reason which underlies the disease, the resultant high blood glucose levels bring about a number of complications, some of which may even result in death. While diabetes is certainly not a disease you can 'feel mounting on to you', there are certain symptoms which precede this disease, before it takes root in the individual's body and control on his life.
  • Juvenile Diabetes: How To Raise A Healthy Kid  By : Venus Enock
    It's not always easy to be a kid. They face all sorts of growing pains, from sibling rivalries and playground bullies to growth spurts and acne. But the biggest challenges are face by children with chronic medical conditions.
  • Diabetes: 'activate' Your Body Against This Devastating Disease  By : Julia Hanf..
    The process which converts the food you eat into the energy your body uses is far from simple. After every meal, the carbohydrate content of the food is broken down into a simpler form of sugar, which is also known as glucose, which is then carried to the different parts of your body via the bloodstream. Your cells then get to work, transforming this glucose into energy which they use to function. However, if your body is bereft of the insulin it requires in metabolizing this glucose, or if your cells do not respond to the insulin which the pancreas secretes, a disease known as Diabetes sets in which is one of the most widespread of its kind in today's world.
  • Controlling Your Diabetes With The Power Of The Orient!  By : Julia Hanf..
    Diabetes is one of the few diseases, the fallacies about which far outnumber the facts. The reasons behind this are many. For one, diabetes is still a disease which has still not been completely explored and with every development, there pops up a bundle of half-truths which can be as counter-effective as they are misinformed. Also, many not-so-scrupulous entrepreneurs, who are looking to make a quick buck, hop on to the diabetes bandwagon with their self-proclaimed infallible cures, which further add to all the erroneous beliefs about diabetes. On a secondary level, these misconceptions also lead the layman to distrust several other alternative ways of treating diabetes, some of which may even be more beneficial than the one he is accustomed to. A noteworthy example of such highly misunderstood forms of diabetes treatment is traditional Chinese medicine.
  • Type 2 Diabetes: Overcoming The Bitter Demon  By : Jula Hanf
    Breakneck pace and up-to-the-minute technology have their advantages, no doubt but they have also heralded the era of the obese couch potato syndrome. With increasing numbers of professionals and children alike, opting for the convenience of fast food with no time to spare for physical activity of any kind, it is not very surprising to find that at least 6% of the modern American population fall into the category of diabetics. Diabetes is known to have two predominant avatars, the combination of which can loosely define this disease. Type1 Diabetes is when the body does not produce enough insulin to metabolize the glucose in the blood stream into the energy it needs, while Type 2 Diabetes is when the production of insulin is as per the requisite levels, but the cells of the body are incapable of using this insulin to derive their energy. This glucose then accumulates in the bloodstream leading to several, dangerous complications.
  • Proteinuria: When Diabetes Vents Its Wrath On Your Kidneys!  By : Jula Hanf
    A disease which attacks at multifarious levels, diabetes is most notorious for the high levels of blood glucose it brings about, which brings about a plethora of devastating complications in the body, ranging from Diabetic Retinopathy, heart disease and even neural disorders. All these diseases can be attributed to the immense damage the glucose-satiated blood inflicts on the blood vessels, weakening them and obstructing their functioning. Of these, a very common, yet relatively unknown complication induced by diabetes is Proteinuria.
  • Glucagon: How Important A Role Does It Play?  By : Jula Hanf
    A silent and deceptive modern-day killer, diabetes is also one of the most widespread chronic diseases, which claims millions of victims every year. However, the most dangerous facet of diabetes, which is responsible for a majority of diabetes-related deaths, is the skewed awareness that has spread amongst much of the global populace, which often results in them regarding and even treating this disease with a stilted perspective. And hence, educating yourself about the basics of diabetes and what you can do to protect yourself from its onslaught, may often be the fine dividing line between deeming yourself a victim, and proclaiming yourself a victor over this disease.
  • Natural Treatments For Diabetes Type 2  By : Marcus Clarkson
    Today, in the USA alone there are now around 21 million people who suffer from some type of diabetes. Of these around 90 to 95 percent of them suffer from the form known as Type 2. But rather than sticking with more conventional ways of controlling their condition, a large number are now looking for more natural ways of treating it. The reason that they choose to use diabetes Type 2 natural treatments over those prescribed by their doctor is that they are much safer.
  • Carbohydrates: The Lowdown On These Glucose Powerhouses  By : Jula Hanf
    The classical definition of diabetes describes it as the condition in which the body is devoid of its ability to break down the glucose which it consumes into energy it can use, either because of a partial or complete lack of insulin production, or if it develops a resistance to insulin and hence does not respond to it. This glucose is obtained from carbohydrates and is then released into the blood stream where the cells of your body, upon being altered by the insulin, further metabolize it into energy. In view of this most-commonly referred-to definition of diabetes, most individuals mistakenly assume carbohydrates to be the root cause for all the malfunctions which lead to the occurrence of diabetes, and hence resort to eliminating carbohydrates completely as a preventive measure.
  • Diabetes Diet Natural Treatment  By : Marcus Clarkson
    When it comes to treating any form of diabetes there are many different things that a sufferer can do. Because both Types 1 and 2 are incurable, there are a number of different things a person can do in order to treat these conditions. They can manage the problem through the use of tablets and insulin supplements as well as a diabetes diet. The diabetes diet natural treatment means that the person is less likely to suffer from any unwanted side effects.
  • Diabetes Diet Plans: Nourish The Sweet Evil Away  By : Jula Hanf
    With the breathless pace and skewed nutritional habits of today's world, the incidence of Diabetes is increasing at an alarming rate. This condition, which can be fatal if not treated in time, occurs when your body is starved of the energy it requires as it is incapable of using the insulin that it produces to break down the sugar in your blood. However, there is a brighter side to this threatening cloud. By simply adhering to the Golden Rules of regular exercise, timely medication and keeping a close watch on your glucose levels, this disease can easily be restricted to its most rudimentary stages, thus enabling you to lead a long and healthy life. Your meal patterns are also a vital part of your treatment, because in order to ensure that your medication is as effective as possible, it is important that you pay heed to not only what you eat, but also when you eat.
  • Natural Treatment For Controlling Diabetes  By : Marcus Clarkson
    The biggest problem faced by many people today who suffer from diabetes is being able to control the condition effectively. Unfortunately, there is no real cure for this health problem, but there are plenty of conventional and alternative treatments now available that can be used to help in controlling it. In fact, studies carried out in the USA have shown that using diabetes natural control treatments over conventional ones can help reduce the risk of complications in a person by as much as 60 percent.
  • Signs Of Diabetes In Kids  By : Marcus Clarkson
    It is important if at any time you suspect that your child may be suffering from Diabetes you know exactly what the signs and symptoms are. Luckily there are plenty of places where you will be able to find out exactly what the signs of Diabetes in kids are. One of the best places to start your search for such information would be the internet.
  • Diabetic Breakfast Choices  By : Marcus Clarkson
    If a person who suffers from diabetes actually eats the wrong kinds of foods this could actually aggravate their condition even further. Today when it comes to making the right choices of what foods to eat a diabetic can use the internet to assist them. As they will soon discover when it comes to find the right kind of sample breakfast menu for diabetics the internet is an ideal place to start their search.
  • Glycemic Index And How You Can Use It  By : Lindelwa Maseko
    People with diabetes have a difficult time breaking down certain foods, particularly those high in carbohydrates, in their system. Digestion is slow and sugars and starches are absorbed into the blood stream, causing an excess in blood glucose. Diabetics are often warned to limit their carbohydrate intake because it takes such a long time for most carbohydrates to digest. However, this is easier said than done and it is difficult, if not impossible, for many diabetics to eliminate carbohydrates from their diet. This is one of the reasons many diabetics are non-compliant in their treatment. Because diabetes does not often cause serious complications at onset, many patients refuse to take their medicine and continue eating foods that are high in sugar and starch.
  • Is Your Diabetes Making You Gnash Your Teeth In Anguish?  By : Julia Hanf -
    Few modern-day diseases are as diverse in the problems they pose as diabetes. While the origins of the disease are yet shrouded by mystery, the complications that occur as a result of poorly managed diabetes are multifarious making it ever more difficult to keep track of this disease and all it is capable of. And one of these many complications is periodontal disease. Periodontal disease, as the name suggests occurs around your teeth as a bacterial infection which afflicts your gums and the bone which supports your teeth, weakening and eventually destroying them. However, the effects of periodontal disease don't just end at your teeth diabetes and periodontal disease play in a vicious cycle, each one compounding the other and making diabetes management on a whole, a tough and challenging process.
  • Diabetes: The Chromium Connection  By : Julia Hanf -
    Although diabetes is far from a new age phenomenon, modern-day lifestyles and flawed food habits have had a large part to play in influencing the onset of diabetes in the vulnerable, while making management a lot more difficult for those who have already fallen prey to this disease. Until recent times, diabetes treatment was largely limited to medication and insulin injections, which have drawn themselves equal numbers of detractors as they have attracted followers. In light of the often detrimental side and after-effects allopathic medication can have on he overall health and wellbeing of diabetics, researchers have begun to pay a lot more attention to supplementing diabetes treatment with nutritional aids and overall lifestyle changes to make management and recovery a less tedious and a lot more effortless. One such nutritional supplement that has caught the eye of researchers is chromium.
  • Treating Diabetes: The Chinese Way!  By : Julia Hanf -
    Diabetes is one of the few diseases, the fallacies about which far outnumber the facts. The reasons behind this are many. For one, diabetes is still a disease which has still not been completely explored and with every development, there pops up a bundle of half-truths which can be as counter-effective as they are misinformed. Also, many not-so-scrupulous entrepreneurs, who are looking to make a quick buck, hop on to the diabetes bandwagon with their self-proclaimed infallible cures, which further add to all the erroneous beliefs about diabetes. On a secondary level, these misconceptions also lead the layman to distrust several other alternative ways of treating diabetes, some of which may even be more beneficial than the one he is accustomed to. A noteworthy example of such highly misunderstood forms of diabetes treatment is traditional Chinese medicine.
  • Diabetes: Foot Complications And Kidney Disease  By : Lindelwa Maseko
    Foot complications of diabetes are caused by neuropathy. Because the high glucose levels in the blood of a diabetic person affects the central nervous system after a period of time, it also affects nerves in various parts of your body. Most often effected are the nerves in the feet and the furthest from the brain, it is here where people with diabetes who have nerve damage, often do not feel cold or pain or even heat. People with diabetes that is uncontrolled often can injure their feet without feeling it. The injury may result in a blister or wound that will be slow to heal. The blister or wound becomes infected and the foot complications of diabetes begin.
  • Prostate Health and Men's Sexual Health...  By : P. Rodgers
    Prostate health is important to men's sexual health... Prostate cancer is a malignant tumor that arises in the prostate gland. Prostate issues are mostly one of main reasons for mens impotence or so called erectile dysfunction. Prostate health is important to men's sexual health.
  • Green Tea Diet Pills Jump-Start Your Fat-Burning and Diabeties Fighting Ability...  By : P. Rodgers
    Green tea diet pills are a good way in which you can educe your weight. It seems that each study yields more benefits of the green tea diet. Diabetes and excess weight are very closely related; the risk of diabetes increases with weight gain. If you want to jump-start your fat-burning ability, then Green Tea Diet is the product for you.
  • Seeing the Signs of Childhood Diabetes  By : Sterling Ostin
    Today's kids live with many diseases, and childhood diabetes is one of the most common. It's a serious condition that affects kids around the world, but great medical advances are allowing young diabetics to lead more normal, comfortable lives.
  • A Step Ahead of Your Type 2 Diabetes Symptom  By : Andy Rowde
    Some people think that just because they do not show any particular type 2 diabetes symptom that they are safe from diabetes. This may not always be true though and understanding the true nature of a type 2 diabetes symptom may help save your life.
  • The Proper Diet for Diabetic People  By : Robert Thomson
    Diabetes can be a very dangerous disease. It is a disease that is usually referred to as a silent killer, as its patient rarely show any signs and symptoms related to disease. Yet, the damage is getting severe inside.
  • Adult Type II Diabetes  By : Bernard Loten
    Millions of men and women around the world have been diagnosed with diabetes. It is, in fact, one of six leading causes of death in North America. Patients face serious consequences, however diabetes can be effectively controlled through medical treatment and healthy lifestyle choices.
  • What Gestational Diabetes Blood Sugar Levels Mean  By : Andy Rowde
    Diabetic patients should not be the only ones who should be concerned about diabetes blood sugar levels. If you are pregnant, you may have to check your diabetes blood sugar level.
  • Methods to Manage Diabetes  By : Tom Parker
    When you are first diagnosed with diabetes it can seem very daunting. However, provided the condition is identified early enough you can manage it effectively with a combination of diet, exercise and natural methods.
  • Testing Yourself for Diabetes  By : Tom Parker
    Diabetes is a disease which is on the rise. It occurs when your body's ability to produce insulin is impaired. In this article I the signs to look out for and the tests that are available.
  • The Truth About Type 2 Diabetes Cure  By : Andy Rowde
    Have you just been diagnosed with type 2 diabetes? Are you looking for a type 2 diabetes cure? Find out the truth about type 2 diabetes cure.
  • Bone Hormone: A Startling Discovery For Diabetes Treatment  By : cas
    While it is true that elevated blood sugar is the defining feature of diabetes, the reasons for abnormal sugar seem to differ tremendously from person to person.It is in understanding exactly what signals are involved that raises the hope of providing the right care for each person each day, rather than giving everyone the same drug.
  • Living With Diabetes  By : Janice Lockeby
    A discussion on the three types of diabetes. Also find out when you can eats sweets and how much. All you have to do is plan for it ahead of time. The latest news about drinking coffee and how it can help in controlling your blood sugar.
  • Diabetes - "Silent Killer"  By : Ken McClendon
    Treatment for diabetes is made more difficult because a person can have the disease a long time before it is diagnosed. “Because the early symptoms are relatively mild,” notes Asiaweek magazine, “diabetes often goes unrecognized.” Hence, diabetes has been dubbed the silent killer.
  • Are Surgeries A Solution For Diabetes?  By : James Troy
    It is said that for every 3 Americans born in the year 2000, 1 of them is likely to be contracted with diabetes during his lifetime. This means that by the year 2050, 29 million Americans will be diagnosed with diabetes, while another 10 million will have undiagnosed diabetes. This figure is estimated by The Center for Disease Control and Prevention.
  • What Is Adult Type Two Diabetes?  By : John Richmond
    Adult type 2 diabetes is an unfortunate and common diagnosis. Most of us don't know that there are actually three types of diabetes: type 1 or child diabetes, type 2 diabetes, and gestational diabetes. Approximately 1% of Americans have type 2.
  • What Is Diabetes?  By : John Richmond
    Diabetes is a disease in which the body does not produce or properly use insulin. Diabetes, without qualification, usually refers to diabetes mellitus, but there are several rarer conditions also named diabetes. The disease is often detected when a person suffers a problem frequently caused by it, such as a heart attack, stroke, neuropathy, poor wound healing or a foot ulcer, certain eye problems, certain fungal infections, or delivering a baby with macrosomia or hypoglycemia.
  • Diabetes Risk Factors - Are You Safe?  By : Denise Durbin
    Why some individuals develop diabetes and others don't is not known with any degree of certainty. However, there appears to be two underlying factors that may point to developing diabetes. The most common one is genetic pre-disposition. Environmental triggers such as exposure to certain foods too early in an infant's life is the second factor.
  • Diabetes Treatment Drugs Can Provide An Alternative To Insulin  By : Lisa Janse
    When we think of diabetes treatment drugs, insulin is usually the first word that springs to mind. However, many Type 2 diabetics do not need to take insulin to control their blood sugar levels, at least not in the early stages. There are a wide variety of diabetes treatment drugs available in tablet form that your doctor is likely to prescribe before you reach the stage where insulin is necessary. A few of the type 2 diabetes treatments available are discusses below, along with their potential side effects.
  • Natural Cures For Diabetes: The Options  By : Flor Serquina
    Living with diabetes is tough, in the sense that you have to balance your daily sugar intake strictly well. Discipline is definitely at play on a daily basis. Some people opt for a more natural way of dealing with the condition. However, you have to be cautious enough not to overdo it. Natural does not necessarily guarantee cure, or even alleviation of symptoms.
  • The Role Of Type Two Diabetes Info  By : Andy Rowde
    Due to the lack of - if not inaccurate - information on type 2 diabetes, people are developing the misconception that type 2 diabetes may be ignored. What most people don't know is that type 2 diabetes, as with any other health conditions, should be given equal attention if they are ever to prevent it from worsening. One way to emphasize and educate people on the early detection and treatment of type 2 diabetes is through type 2 diabetes information.
  • The Importance Of Diabetes Testing  By : Lena Butler
    In a world hunted by different types of degenerative diseases, diabetes is given prime importance as trends have indicated serious cases
  • Lifestyle Tips In Coping With Diabetes  By : Lena Butler
    Diabetes through the years has become an epidemic in the western world. With its subtle symptoms as the disease starts, it is described as a silent killer where diagnosis can be shocking to patient who believed they were healthy all along
  • What Should Information On Type Two Diabetes Tell You  By : Andy Rowde
    There are several sources of data on type 2 diabetes everywhere. If you think that you have the diabetes type 2 condition or in danger of acquiring it, type 2 diabetes information can be easily and conveniently searched through the internet. Not every piece of information on the internet however is correct and accurate. It is therefore important and necessary to set the facts apart from the myths about the common misconceptions about type 2 diabetes raising the alarms on having type 2 diabetes.
  • Diabetes: The Personal Life Journey Of Evelyn Martinez  By : Jim Martinez
    Every morning I wake up knowing that I am a diabetic and that I have to check my blood sugar just to see if I am going to have a good day. It was not always this way.
  • A Brief Overview of Diabetes  By : Jonathon Hardcastle
    Chances are, you or someone you know has diabetes, a condition in which the body is unable to regulate blood sugar on its own. According to the American Diabetes Association, there are 20.8 million children and adults in the U.S. or 7 percent of the population, who have diabetes.
  • Adult Diabetes - A Disease Of Choices!  By : Adrian Adams
    We don't tend to think that when we munch a juicy burger, supplemented by crisp fries and an icy cold drink that we are munching diabetes, in fact that very idea is rather revolting isn't it?
  • How To Defeat Diabetes Even If You Have a Sweet Tooth  By : Julia Hanf
    Everything you need to know about preventing and reversing diabetes. The truth that most health professionals never tell you
  • How Is Diabetes Treated?  By : Gaetane Ross
    Now a days diabetes treatment has become a common disease among people. It is caused due to mismanagement of carbohydrate metabolism inside the body.
  • Are You One Of Millions Who Don't Know You Have Diabetes?  By : Jeff Wilson
    Diabetes is a chronic disease that affects as many as 300 million people worldwide and 17 million Americans. Of the 17 million people with diabetes, about one-third of them don't even know they have it. Every year, additional cases are diagnosed.
  • Keep Yourself Healthy With Diabetic Diet Plan  By : Lesley Chew
    This is an article on how a diabetic patient can live a normal life by following a diabetic diet plan.
  • Diabetes: Do You Know If You Have It?  By : Adrian Adams
    Nearly 7% of Americans have some type of diabetes. Unfortunately, nearly one third of those people are unaware they suffer from it.
  • Juvenile Diabetics Get Help from a Fish  By : Michael Byrd
    Sometimes simple solutions rule. Isn't it great when that happens? Well, recent research shows that a simple solution can help prevent juvenile diabetes for millions of children all around the world - and simple salmon is the solution!
  • Diabetes The Silent Killer  By : Steve Hudson
    What Are the Symptoms of Diabetes? Someone who is addicted to sugar or sweets is not necessarily a diabetic.
  • Benefits of a Low GI Diet for Diabetics  By : Tarja Anchor
    More commonly occurring in adults, type II diabetes does not require insulin injections for management, but rather can be controlled by careful adherence to a low Glycemic index diet.
  • Can Compound Vitamin A Cure Diabetic Foot Ulcers?  By : Lee Dobbins
    Find out how Vitamin A is helping some people with diabetic foot ulcers.
  • Diabetic Supplies are Essential Needs for Diabetic Persons  By : Hector Milla
    The age factor is not a great matter with diabetic patients because diabetes affects all people, even children, in result injuring the heart, kidneys and even nerve systems if left untreated.
  • Diabetes: Supplies for the Diabetic  By : Hector Milla
    James just underwent the annual physical exam and results show that the blood sugar levels were higher than normal. Though this person was only a few pounds overweight, the lab reports show that this individual was at risk for diabetes and could get worse if this is not treated.
  • Weight Loss Secrets. Get Slim Without the Gym  By : Graeme Lanham
    Diabetes and obesity are reaching epidemic proportions and both are closely related to our lifestyle. Unless we change some of our lifestyle habits,this trend is likely to continue.
    So, how can you improve your fitness and start your weight loss program?
    Here are 7 suggestions.
  • Exercises for Weight Loss, Diabetes and Osteoporosis  By : Graeme Lanham
    Many of our diseases are the result of a sedentary lifestyle as well as an unhealthy diet. Your body is meant to be used and will quickly deteriorate if it is not.
    Physical activity should be a high priority in your daily program. Try to engage in some form of aerobic exercise at least five days a week and some form of resistance exercise at least two or three times a week. Here's why.
  • A Short Overview Of Diabetes Symptoms And Treatments  By : Dustin Cannon
    There are two forms of the disorder--type 1 is characterized by an inability of the body to produce sufficient quantities of insulin, a hormone that is responsible for carbohydrate metabolism.
  • What are the Differences Between Diabetes Type 1 and Type 2?  By : Robert L J Bloom
    There are two main forms of diabetes. These are diabetes type 1 and diabetes type 2. More accurate these are not different types of diabetes, as type 1 and and type 2 are two completely different deseases.
  • Diabetes. Will You Be Next?  By : Graeme Lanham
    If you "don't have time" for any form of sport or exercise and eat fatty takeaways and fast foods, you could be a candidate for "metabolic syndrome."
    What is it and how do you avoid it?
  • Coping Strategies To Deal With Type 1 Diabetes In Your Child  By : Khim Lim
    You may feel at a loss should you just find out that your child has been diagnosed with this condition. This article shares some strategies that can help you to cope.
  • Prevent Diabetes Through Managing Stress  By : Khim Lim
    Stress is a major trigger to diseases. Thus, if you can manage and reduce your stress, there is much that you can do to improve your health.
  • Warning Signs Of Diabetes!  By : Bob Alexander
    Early warning signs of diabetes. How to tell that you might be a diabetic.
  • Understanding The Link Between Errectile Dysfunction And Diabetes  By : Khim Lim
    Why is there a link between errectile dysfunction and diabetes? Find out in this article.
  • Diabetic Ketoacidosis: An Overview  By : Khim Lim
    It is important to recognise the symptoms associated with this condition as it can make the difference between life and death. Read this article to find out more.
  • Tips On How To Live With Diabetes  By : Khim Lim
    Living with a disease that requires time and effort is tough. Here are some tips to help you cope.
  • Diabetes Diet: An Overview  By : Khim Lim
    Making changes to what you eat is crucial once you are inflicted with this condition. Learn some tips that are outlined in this article.
  • Diabetes and Vision Loss: Take Action Now  By : John Purdy
    Before the 1970's, the general population did not consider diabetes to be a major health concern, let alone realize the adverse impacts diabetes would have on our society today. During those times, most of our attention was on other prominent diseases such as tuberculosis and polio.
  • How To Enjoy The Holiday Season Even Though You Have Diabetes  By : Khim Lim
    Everyone is having a great time at this time of the year. But if you have diabetes, you may find it hard to do just that. Read this article to find out how you can overcome your depression even though you are not feeling well.
  • How Cinnamon Seems to Help a Diabetic with their Diabetes Condition  By : Arland Kent
    Cinnamon, used for a long time as a spice that assists with energy, this is a cheap form of help for the control of diabetes. With the sourced funding from a major foundation, a doctor is studying the possible cinnamon effects on diabetes. He was able to isolate the sourced compound in cinnamon that is a responsible for a portion of the superb effects that this substance has on diabetes.
  • How to Reduce or Eliminate Medications Using a Diabetes Diet  By : Glenn Freiboth
    Follow these important steps when you have diabetes and need to incorporate a diabetes diet into your life.
  • The Connection Between Diabetes And Heart Disease  By : Joann Cheong
    Diabetes and heart disease go hand-in-hand. Diabetic persons are at much greater risk to having heart attacks, high blood pressure, and strokes...
  • Early Symptoms of Diabetes  By : Nicky Pilkington
    Although there are three different kinds of diabetes, the first set of symptoms to be experienced are typically those of hyperglycaemia, or an excess in blood sugar (glucose), and this is the first indicator something isn't quite right.
  • Blood Sugar: Essential in Diabetes Control  By : Hector Milla
    Diabetes o Diabetes mellitus is a disease in which the body does not produce or use insulin properly. Insulin is a hormone that is needed to convert sugar, starches and other foods into energy.
  • Toddlers With Diabetes - Tips For Success  By : Mike Herman
    If your child is under the age of two and has been diagnosed with diabetes, know that there are many alternatives and options available that will control this condition and ensure your child has a happy, healthy, and normal childhood.
  • Type 1 and Type 2 Diabetes  By : Jon Arnold
    Understand the two major types of diabetes, what difference it makes and how to work with both types.
  • Find Out How To Prevent Diabetes And Live Longer  By : Susan Dean
    Once upon a time we would never have even thought much about diabetes but now we as a whole are seriously concerned about how to prevent diabetes. I'm not too sure of what the statistics are but I'm positive that this disease is so much more prevalent now than it was many years ago.
  • The Different Types of Diabetes  By : Nicky Pilkington
    Diabetes is a biological disorder in which a person's blood sugar (glucose) levels aren't been regulated as they should be.
  • Do You Have Diabetes?  By : Dan Farrell
    No one is immune to diabetes and it can be the 'silent killer' if left untreated. Know what symptoms to look for and what to do if you find you have diabetes.
  • The Basics of Diabetes  By : Nicky Pilkington
    In simple terms diabetes is the inability of the body to process sugars properly. When we eat or drink our pancreas produces a hormone called insulin. Insulin is released into the blood and helps to regulate the amount of glucose (sugar) in the bloodstream. Diabetes is a condition where this process does not function correctly.
  • Winning Tactics For Traveling With Diabetes  By : Bill Urell
    Travel tricks and tips to ensure that you have all your diabetes supplies available when and where you need them.
  • Are You Able To Spot Early Diabetes Symptoms? Here Is A Checklist  By : Bill Urell
    Feeling fatigued and stressed? Are you experiencing great thirst and hunger at odd times of the day, even after eating?
  • New Treatment for Diabetes  By : Mike Herman
    While new treatments for both type 1 and type 2 diabetes are being developed all the time, none of these have withstood the ultimate test - of time.
  • A Cause of Diabetes? ... Obesity  By : Mike Herman
    We all see the "daily" news reports that obesity related illnesses that are a growing killer in the world today. The death totals for obesity related diseases have increased by more than thirty percent in the last decade.

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