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  • Alkaline Into Your Diet and Aging with the Potential of Hydrogen (PH) Miracle Diet  By : Lindelwa Maseko
    Vegetables and fruits are the easiest ways to get more alkaline into your diet. Vegetables that are alkalizing are: alfalfa, barley grass, beets, beet greens, broccoli, cabbage, carrot, cauliflower, celery, chard greens, collard greens, cucumber, dandelions, eggplant, garlic, green beans, green peas, kale, kohlrabi, lettuce, mushrooms, mustard greens, nightshade veggies, onions, parsnips, peas, peppers, pumpkin, radishes, rutabaga, sea veggies, spinach, sprouts, sweet potatoes, tomatoes, watercr
  • Diet to Lower Cholesterol: The Best Food You Should Eat  By : Irene Maseko
    We are raising an obese society. With big-sizing everything that we eat especially in fast food chains, we are slowly clogging our arteries with unnecessary fats and cholesterol that our bodies do not actually need and cannot use.
  • Colon Cleansing and Detox Diets  By : Crystal 42 Obey42
    Have celebrities begun to take up colon cleansing as a way to keep their bodies in shape on the inside as well as out? It appears that they have.

    There are many more diets out there that now include colon cleansing, many of these are referred to by the ‘in crowd’ as detoxing and use everything from soup to lemonade to natural herbal supplements to keep the body clean and flush it of toxins.

    A recent article in the Houston, Texas Chronicle explains how experiences like all-juice diets and enemas have bounced from Hollywood elite to the general public, but haven’t yet convinced dieticians, who still have their doubts about whether or not these cleansing systems really work out for the people who want to get rid of toxins in their bodies.

    "There really is no evidence that supports the variety of claims that this myriad of classification of diets suggest," said Molly Gee, a registered dietitian at Baylor College of Medicine, to a newspaper.
  • Best Food To Eat To Beat Acid Reflux  By : M B Beam
    If you suffer from the stomach problem known as acid reflux then you should be aware of what foods could actually exacerbate your condition. In this article, we look at some of the foods to eat with acid reflux, and these are ones that can help to relieve and prevent the symptoms from occurring.
  • Crockpot Recipes for Low-Fat Dieters  By : Robert Thomson
    For low-fat dieters, there are numerous crock pot recipes that they can prepare at home. These low fat crock pot recipes are not only recipes for healthy dishes, but they are also easy to cook, which makes it ideal for busy people.
  • Diet Pills: Are They a Safe Option to Take?  By : Robert Thomson
    You’ve read the news or heard some of the claims that Diet pills are said to be an unhealthy measure to weight watchers.
  • Shedding Those Extra Pounds  By : Jenni Olsen
    Our definition of beauty has been defined and redefined ever so often. However, one of the most common definitions of beautiful is being lean or shall we call it slim.
  • Simple Weight Loss With Meal Replacement Shakes  By : The Healthy Herbal Guy
    Now more than ever, there are hundreds of diets to choose from when you decide its time to lose weight. Before you begin any diet or exercise routine, it is highly recommended that you speak with your doctor. This will ensure that there is no underlying medical condition that could cause problems in the process.
  • Our Diet World - Just A Golden Cage?  By : Chaszey Sandhriel..
    Can you imagine explaining a 1200 calorie diet to your great-grandparents? Their eyes would roll back in their heads and they would certainly turn in their graves if they knew how today's society is enslaved to the diet industry. Today experts seem to have all the answers, there is a pill for everything, and even a perfect diet for every blood type. We are inundated with things we "should" eat and "should not" eat. No wonder some people feel guilty just drooling over dessert. Heaven forbid you stare at it too long, you might actually gain an ounce just lusting after its yummyness. It has become truly ludicrous.
  • The Hoodia Gordonii Diet  By : Robert Thomson
    Many people wonder if Hoodia truly works, or if its just an over rated product. Here you will find out the real truth behind the Hoodia diet.
  • The Lemonade Diet - To Do Or Not To Do?  By : Jo Johannson
    The Lemonade diet was first introduced in the 1940s. There is still a lot of debate about whether or not it is a healthful diet. For some folks, it is a bi-annual custom that wouldn't miss, vital for their health and stamina. For others, it is the devil's diet and not to be messed with.
  • Why Most Diets Fail  By : Debi Darline
    Most diets are not effective in controlling weight over the long term. When dieting you may get a temporary weight loss but you are 95% more likely to regain the weight you lost after you stop the diet. Not only will you ultimately gain more weight but also progressively have more difficulty in losing the weight again. As most of you know this is called the Yo Yo effect.
  • Easy Diet Guide  By : Karl Ross
    You are tired of fighting with craving for food, you feel like a looser and you are now convinced that you will never win this war. The result is obviously consuming more food and this time the most harmful king you can find, thinking we have lost the fight lets die with a smile on our face.
  • Perfect Diet Shopping, Snacking And Cooking Tips  By : Earnie Benson
    Some items are very good to have on hand to help with perfect diet planning. Low fat items are always good to have on hand. Butter-flavored low-fat vegetable cooking sprays are excellent to replace butter. Instead of some oil in recipes, try some apple sauce Lemons, limes, and evaporated skim milkare good to have available as well as your favorite fresh herbs and spices. Other items such as cornstarch, flavored vinegar, plain non-fat yogurt, and onions are also edcellent in many dishes.
  • When It Comes To Dieting, Somtimes Simple Is Better  By : Healthy Herbal Guy
    It may be difficult to believe, but today, over 30% of Americans are obese. Therefore, if you are attempting to shed some weight, then you are certainly not alone. There are a vast amount of people fighting the fat, and unfortunately, a majority of them are losing that battle. Being overweight can not only have a negative impact on your health, it can also have an affect on your feeling of self worth. There is hope for those unfortunate individuals that are overweight. Finding the correct diet will enable you to lose weight. However, it is essential to simplify your weight loss in order to achieve your weight loss goals.
  • Add Fresh Seafood To Your Diet  By : Shannon Linnen
    Though the link between eating fresh seafood and general improvements with regard to health has been known for ages, the exact mechanisms behind the phenomenon might have been considered somewhat ambiguous until recently. A high-protein and low-fat kind of sustenance as various fish and other sea fauna species are, not all the benefits provided by eating them could have been explained via such simple mechanisms.
  • Hoodia Gordonii Ideal Dosage  By : Jerry Nickson
    Hoodia Gordonii is an established, natural weight-loss medicine that many people insist for fast and safe weight loss. Gordonii Pills come in many sizes and forms. Many diet pills manufacturers just mix Hoodia to their already junk packed pills. Others offer pure Hoodia in an amount ranging from 400 mg or 750 mg and up.
  • Best Anti Gout Diet Tips  By : Rashel Dan
    If you are looking for an anti gout diet then you are most probably looking into preventing gout for life. This is not such an impossible task. Diet does play a large role in controlling and preventing gout, so depending on your daily intake, you can either increase or reduce your risk of gout.
  • Hoodia Makes Diet Easier  By : Jerry Nickson
    You possibly seriously heavy. You might have even commited to serious diet programs in the past, thus you know first hand that discovering a real diet or weight loss solution can be among the most difficult things you’ll ever commit to. You're definitely not lonely. Understand, there's a unique answer for everybody combating weight troubles, you simply have to find your solution.
  • Tasty Seafood Diet Tips  By : Isabel Da Silva
    One needs to eat more seafood for obtaining protein as sea foods are comparatively low in saturated fats. The importance of seafood diet has increased in the recent year because the fatty meats comprise more calories relatively.
  • Confused About Carbs?  By : Mel Possehl..
    Are low carb diets safe? What are carbs and what purpose do they serve our bodies?
  • Holidays Challenge: Keep Off Those Extra Calories  By : Monch Bravante
    During the holidays, most people struggle with their diet that seasonal weight gain becomes an issue specially to people who have problems with obesity. This article offers some practicals on how to overcome this holiday diet blues through wise planning and moderation.
  • The Hazards of Purchase Counterfeit Hoodia Gordonii  By : Max Myers
    At present, there are incalculable websites posing as "Independent Hoodia Ranking Sites." You surely have already seen them.

    Usually they say something equal to "Independent Hoodia Report..." or "Hoodia Product Rankings & Product Comparisons".

    What almost all of them don't tell you is that their "independent" research site is owned by a hoodia reseller. (If you want to know which one, take a look at the products given the "superior" or top rank before purchasing.)
  • Cabbage Soup Diet  By : Tommy Stephens
    An article about a Cabbage Soup Diet.
  • Achieve Dieting Success By Making it Happen  By : John Philips
    Many people have experienced failure in their weight loss pursuits so many times in the past that they try the next new diet with the impending knowledge that they will fail in this attempt as well. Far too often dieting is undertaken with the mindset of imminent failure.
  • Eating in Peace During the Holidays  By : Leeann Simons
    As the holidays rush upon us, I am hearing from clients their fears about what to do at parties. They fear eating too much, losing control, getting too fat. They are afraid of becoming a manic eating machine-one that starts to eat, and cannot stop. When you are at peace with food, you feel safe around meals, snacks, desserts. You trust yourself to make the choices that are right for you. Trust yourself, and have a wonderful holiday season.
  • Discover The Missing Link: Why Your Diet Is Failing You  By : Heather Picken
    There is a missing link in why diets will often fail women. Discover how you win against diet failures.
  • Scientific Ground of Help of Appetite Suppressant Hoodia Gordonii  By : Max Myers
    In this article we instrument sensing more specifically at the refer behind hoodia and how it has been studied as an craving medicate. We give also see individual theories on how hoodia is fit to forestall your craving.
  • Healthy Dieting Tips For Sustained Weight Loss  By : John Philips
    When it comes to dieting you will find all kinds of crazy and faddish diets on the market today. In addition to the many diets there seems to be every kind of diet aid you can imagine. From shakes the diet industry has evolved to include everything from candy bars and pudding to pills and patches. Each item makes the claim that it can help you drop those unwanted pounds quickly and easily.
  • How To Calculate Your Caloric Needs  By : Marci Lall
    If you get confused and frustrated as to how much calories you should be eating then look no further. Included in this article is a couple simple math equations that might help you out if you're looking to lose weight, maintain your weight or gain weight.
  • Why Consistent Dieting Does Not Work  By : Ronald Godlewski
    Our bodies were not designed to diet. Our bodies were designed to achieve their ideal weight by internally managing what we eat, our stress levels, and other environmental factors. This does not mean we were meant to be overweight either, but you may have observed that our bodies do adjust to excess weight better than they adjust to dieting.
  • Why Fad Diets Do Not Work!  By : Machelle Lee
    Most people who are unhappy with their bodies are really only holding on to a few bad habits. Once these destructive habits are identified and then replaced with healthy habits their body naturally transforms from one that they loathe to one that they are proud of. To get the body that you want simply determine your unhealthy habits and replace them with healthy ones.
  • Having a “Sweet Tooth” Can Cause Wrinkles  By : mjb
    Women would go to great lengths just to stop the aging process, and the prospect of getting wrinkles from too much sugar consumption may affect their physical, emotional and psychological well-being. Some women even develop inferiority complex, and may experience stress and anxiety due to aging problems.
  • You Ate Too Much Halloween Candy... Now What?  By : Tim Kauppinen
    Speed, strength and conditioning coach Tim Kauppinen discusses the number one way to burn the fat from those extra Halloween candy calories.
  • Five Diet Scams To Avoid Like The Plague  By : Robert William Locke
    As 65% of the population are trying to cope with obesity and doctors fear an epidemic, it is no surprise that the number of diet scams are increasing. In spite of massive education and information campaigns in the media in trying to educate people on how to eat sensibly, diet scams continue to flourish and lots of people, eager to lose weight real fast, fall for them.
  • The Longevity Diet?  By : Ainsley Laing
    This article discusses the benefits that researchers are beginnin to uncover by eating a nutritionally rich yet very low calorie diet.
  • How To Stop Over Eating  By : Marci Lall
    Are you constantly eating and never feeling full? Do you just eat foods without really tasting them or enjoying them? Do you eat too quickly? Food is a tricky thing, but there are ways to control yourself and get satisfaction from your food without overeating.
  • Aspartame - Diet Sodas and Weight Loss  By : Rudy Tiefnig
    Zero calorie products containing artificial sweeteners like Aspartame are advertised as supporting health and weight loss. But recently published results of scientific studies show that consumers are exposed to a high cancer risk.
  • Weight Management – Living a Healthy Life  By : Isabel Paul1
    A way to a long healthy life is being fit and in shape, but it’s not always possible and there are many who go through life feeling depressed because they have failed in this area.
  • Diet and Sleep  By : Jeff Foster
    The food you eat not only contributes to the quality of your weight and general health, but also on how well you sleep. Some foods help you sleep better. While others can make sleep difficult or even impossible.
  • Closet Eating: Emotional Freedom Technique Ends Fears and Phobias In Minutes  By : Andrea Amador
    Are you a woman struggling with fears and anxieties that compel you to eat in secret? Closet eating is an example of an eating disorder characterized by feeling uneasy around the prospect of eating in public. Use Emotional Freedom Technique, a simple painless, tapping process derived from the Ancient Chinese science of Acupuncture to zap those fears and phobias at the speed of thought.
  • How to Maintain your Weight over Christmas and holiday  By : Isabel Paul1
    For all of us holidays, especially around Christmas is the season where we meet our family, friends and enjoy the time together. It is also the time when we tend to eat a lot, especially high
  • Weight loss: Pills versus Diet Programs  By : fris arbes
    The article talks about the necessities of weight loss as a means to attain optimum health. The article also delves into the different weight loss pills that are being marketed today. Weight loss programs are also tackled as a form of safe and proven weight control method.
  • The Best Ways Women Can Lose Belly Fat Naturally  By : Heather Picken
    Learn the 7 most important tips to lose belly fat naturally. Keeping these simple tips in mind are the keys to achieving the body you want.
  • Caffeine Or Not To Caffeine  By : Jeff Foster
    For many people caffeine is an itch that they must scratch daily. For the most part for those who use caffeine each day, they probably use too much. Caffeine isn't always in the form of coffee, many people drink too much cola as well. Drinking cola is a double whammy. Not only does it contain the caffeine but it is loaded with sugar.
  • Caffeine - Useful Or Useless  By : Jeff Foster
    If you are like me, this is a weakness of yours too. I digest way too much caffeine each day. I probably have at least six or more servings each day. More than I should consume in several days. I drink too much cola. That is my problem. Not only is it loaded with sugar, it has caffeine in it too.
  • Why the Diet Industry Wants to Keep You Addicted  By : Stuart Hill
    There is an abundance of addictive substances in every supermarket and most local shops. Not alcohol or cigarettes, although they are bad enough, but the actual 'food' we eat. Every bit of processed food contains substances to which we are addicted because of the way we evolved. Foods such as TV dinners, ready meals, canned foods, snacks, candy, ice-cream, fizzy drinks all contain this stuff. Sugar, artificial sweeteners, MSG - the list goes on. The processed food manufacturers feed our addiction and feed their bottom line.
  • Coping With a Sweet Tooth  By : Charles Carter
    One of the hardest parts to overcome in a “clean eating” nutrition plan can be the issues that arise if someone has what is commonly known as a “sweet tooth”
  • Death On The Catwalk  By : cathy
    The article is about anorexia and bulimia, psychological disorders that have plagued the movie and fashion industry. Definition, common signs and symptoms, and treatment options for anorexia and bulimia are discussed in the article. The cases of Karen Carpenter and Princess Diana are also cited in the article to highlight the difficulties and dangers associated with these disorders.
  • The Dangers of Overeating and Poor Self-Image  By : fris arbes
    This article talks about how young women react to the concept of beauty and the various ways they act to attain that value or status of being beautiful. Some have already developed serious psychological disorders such as bulimia due to the social pressure to be“beautiful.” This article also explains bulimia, how women suffer from it, and how counseling can help women overcome this disorder.
  • Starvation Dieting Is Not The Answer To Weight Loss  By : Alexander Holt
    Many people think that starvation is a good way to achieve weight loss. I can assure you it's not. In fact, hunger should not be a part of dieting. Reduction diets such as low-fat, low-carb and low calorie diets are generally not a good idea. In this article I will try to explain why.
  • Is Cheating On Your Diet Really That  By : Leeann Simons
    Why is it that people place such harsh judgment on themselves for their eating behaviors? Let's stop this craziness, and put our relationship with food into perspective.
  • Understanding The Link Between Diet And Stress  By : Donald Saunders
    As is the case with many things in life there is a link between what we eat and the degree to which we suffer from stress and we can also use our diet as a positive tool for combating stress.
  • The Basics Behind Weight Loss  By : Michael Anthony McGrath
    It would stand to reason that if diets worked then the 80% percent, of overweight Americans, who are on a diet at any given time, wouldn't need to go on a new one next year. However they usually do! Don't become a serial dieter. Learn the basics and keep the weight off permanently!
  • Childhood Obesity: Dietary Influences  By : Gurion Blattman
    Unhealthy dietary influences are a great factor in the growth of childhood obesity.
  • Features Of Hoodia Gordonii Weight Loss  By : Thomas Geter
    The most fantastic feature of Hoodia Gordonii weight loss highlights the degree to which that particular weight loss method respects the needs of the dieter. The dieter who chooses to seek a substantial loss of weight using the Hoodia Gordonii method does not feel the influence of two conflicting impulses.
  • Fiber in Foods: Lost in Translation  By : Jon Andersen
    Most people look at the calorie and fat content only. People with special dietary needs may look also at sugar or salt content in foods, but not enough people understand the importance of the fiber content of foods
  • Plan to Eat and Eat According to Your Plan  By : Tara Smith
    If you want to save yourself from dreaded diseases like heart disease, high blood pressure and cancer, you must make a habit of taking a well-balanced nutritious diet. If your ideal is to have a sound mind in a healthy body, the key is to bring in balance, moderation and variety in your meals.

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