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  • Avoiding Cross-Contamination on the Gluten-Free Diet  By : krisknickerson
    Miranda Jade Turbin(, a celiac and gluten-free advocate, discusses the dangers of cross-contamination on a gluten-free diet and how to avoid it, offering tips from her own experience as a celiac and gluten-free advocate.
  • Acceptable Gluten Intake Amount: Advice for Celiac Patients  By : Kris Knickerson Writer
    Miranda Jade turbin (, a celiac and gluten-free advocate, answers the question of how much gluten is too much for those with celiac disease or gluten sensitivity or intolerance.
  • Affects Of The Recession On Addiction:  By : The Addiction Writer
    The trying times of national recession mean more substance abuse and dependence problems and an increase in the need for family intervention
  • How to Properly Clean Your Nose to Fight Sinusitis and Allergies  By : Jason Samanski
    Understanding differences in nasal hygiene gadgets and systems that are designed to provide relief, help manage and potentially prevent sinusitis and allergy related discomfort.
  • Proactive Rhinitis Treatment for Your Allergies  By : Jason Samanski
    Proactive treatment strategies for Allergy Sufferers.
  • Chronic Sinusitis and Snoring: Help Your Spouse Enjoy a Restful Night Sleeping  By : Jason Samanski
    Article decribes the causes of chronic snoring and a potential solution to achieve a restful nights sleep.
  • Neti Pot vs. Pulsatile Irrigation to Achieve Sinusitis and Allergy Relief.  By : Jason Samanski
    Article explains how different methods of sinus irrigation provide varying degrees of relief and solutions towards treating sinusitis and allergy challenges.
  • Chronic Sinusitis: Tired of Getting the Same Old Temporary Results?  By : Jason Samanski
    Article encourages personal responsibilty to manage sinusitis to obtain relief and long lasting results.
  • Women At Risk For Addiction  By : Addiction Writer
    Women are found to be greatly at risk to not only addiction but to the frequent consequences suffered by those addicted as well. Like their male counterparts, women have statistically significant likelihood of becoming addicted. They also are less likely to be found out, at least early on.
  • Heal Cold Sores - Enjoy Quick Relief From Your Cold Sore  By : Denny Bodoh
    If you must quickly heal cold sores, then this article was written just for you. Let me show you powerful, tested ways to heal cold sores.
  • Natural Treatments for Insomnia - Proven Effective Methods  By : Davion Wong...
    If you find medical treatments for your sleep disturbance to be expensive, then try out these natural treatments for insomnia. You can find some of these treatments in your own kitchen or you can even do some of these techniques yourself without the need of a medical doctor.
  • Panic Attack Self Help and How You Can Benefit From Them  By : Davion Wong...
    People suffering from anxiety disorders should know some basic panic attack self help techniques in order to properly cope up with their condition. While it is highly recommended to seek medical help and take medications, knowing how to help yourself when panic strikes you is still very important.
  • Dealing With Acid Reflux and Back Pain  By : Peter d Vizard
    So it isn't enough that you have acid reflux, but you have back pain too. People who are suffering from these problems often feel alone and helpless, They struggle and think there is nothing they can do to find relief from their pain.
  • Acid Reflux Surgery: Is It For You?  By : Richal Peyton
    Acid reflux is a common condition. One of the most effect ways to treat reflux symptoms is to actually stop acid secretion in the stomach. Constant irritation such as pain in the abdomen and inner lining of the esophagus is often the main symptom of acid reflux, and this is why some people resort to surgery. In many cases, drugs are able to eliminate symptoms, but in other cases a doctor may recommend surgery. Let's take a look at the suitability, benefits, methods, and preparations of acid reflux surgery.
  • The Association Between Acid Reflux And Pregnancy  By : Richal Peyton
    One of the periods in a woman's life that causes a lot of bodily changes is pregnancy. Mostly, these changes will cause some discomfort and sometimes certain health conditions. One of the health conditions that women may develop due to pregnancy is acid reflux. Let's talk about acid reflux and pregnancy.
  • Vicks for Nail Fungus - A Promising Cure?  By : Rashel Dan
    Vicks Vapor Rub for nail fungus has been known to cure nail fungus infection effectively. As with any treatment, this has been met with skepticism by some people. What is the truth behind it?
  • What Are Acid Reflux Allergies?  By : Peter de Vizard
    Many people develop acid reflux allergies due to a reaction that the stomach has to certain foods. Acid reflux allergies are triggered by the reaction to something that you might have eaten. This does not necessarily mean, though, that acid reflux or gastroesophageal reflux disease is caused by allergies to foods. Actually, only a few people may have allergies that can trigger a reaction.
  • Reasons Why Older People Suffer More From Vertigo and Dizziness  By : Christian Goodman
    Why is it that older people seem to be suffering more from vertigo and dizziness than younger people?
  • What You Need To Know About Stiff Necks  By : Emmanuel Chavez
    This article is about stiff necks. Also called cervical spasms, this neck condition can be caused by excessive amounts of stress, poor body posture, head and neck trauma or injury, and underlying medical conditions. Pain relief is the primary concern of treatment, and by far, the most commonly used stiff neck pain relief treatment are prescription and over-the-counter medicine.
  • Fibromyalgia  By : ANDY GLOVER
    Fibromyalgia has been studied since the early 1800s and referred to by a variety of former names, including muscular rheumatism and fibrositis. Fibromyalgia is characterized by pain in specific areas of your body when pressure is applied, including the back of your head, upper back and neck, upper chest, elbows, hips and knees.
  • Brain Imaging Model Accurately Identifies Alzheimer’s  By : Monch Bravante
    Brain scanning technology is now being used to improve the health and reduce a person’s risk for Alzheimer’s Disease and other illnesses. New technology is also being developed to determine predisposition to a variety if illness including dementia. Brain scanning also helps patients to get a proper, evidence-based diagnosis.
  • Effective Prescription and Non-Prescription Treatments for Rheumatism  By : Emmanuel Chavez
    The article talks about rheumatism, a condition that causes pain and stiffness in the joints. Because of modern technology, pain that is associated with this condition can now be treated. Rather than searching for the perfect medication and other treatment methods, people should bear in mind that this disease can be prevented by engaging in moderate physical activities and healthy diets.
  • Sleepwalkers Need Enough Sleep  By : Monch Bravante
    Lack of sleep does not only cause physical exhaustion. It may also lead to involuntary walking --- while a person is still fast asleep. This is one of the findings of a research team that studied the impact of sleep deprivation and how it can be associated with cases of sleepwalking.
  • Fibromyalgia: Pain That May Never Go Away  By : Emmanuel Chavez
    The article talks about the fibromyalgia, a condition that brings widespread pain in the muscles, ligaments, and tendons. This condition may also be accompanied with fatigue and sleep disorders. Treatment for fibromyalgia may include medication and self care.
  • Things Everyone Ought To Know About Staph Infections  By : Harvey D. Ong
    The Staphylococcus aureus bacteria is relatively harmless, but once it manages to find its way into the body, staph infections can rapidly develop. The symptoms of an infection can vary depending on where the bacteria is concentrated, but skin infections are among the more common signs.A fatal side effect of the infections is toxic shock syndrome, which is commonly associated with certain tampons and surgical wounds.
  • When Your Body Attacks: Lupus  By : Dexter Bedd
    What if you had a situation where there was a covert group working within your CIA but it was so secretive that their own men wouldn't know who they are?
  • Five Most Common Sports Injuries  By : Emmanuel Chavez
    The article talks about the five common injuries that can be developed by engaging in sports activities and other strenuous activities. These injuries can be prevented by improving physical movements, being aware of proper posture, and if necessary, using orthotics to correct foot positions during physical activities.
  • Using Cheap Medicines to Cure Sports Injuries  By : Emmanuel Chavez
    The article talks about the common injuries that can be experienced by physically active individuals. Understanding these injuries is essential in lessening their occurrence.
  • Dealing with Stress Due to Sleep Deprivation  By : Emmanuel Chavez
    The article talks about the the ill-effects of sleep deprivation. Individuals who lack sleep may experience stress, fatigue, and other adverse effects to one's health. In addition to these negative physical effects, recent studies suggest that lack of sleep may heighten the risk or prevalence of adolescents who take up smoking and consume alcoholic beverages.
  • Lower Your High Blood Pressure  By : Douglas T Adams
    The average chance of death can be brought down by 2%, if you can reduce your blood pressure! Continue to read, and you will learn more about this study, and also learn how you can benefit from it.
  • No Trichomoniasis! - A Matter Of Sexual Education  By : Elizabeth Campbell
    Trichomoniasis is quite a popular infection, which can be spread relatively quickly, and it can affect about 30% of the women who are active from the sexual point of view and 25% of men in this category. It is an infection, which can affect only genital and urinary areas. They are the urethra in the case of men, and the urethra and the vagina in the case of women.
  • Basic Rules To Prevent Molluscum Contagiosum  By : Elizabeth Campbell
    We would like to live in a healthy world, without ever visiting doctors, without ever taking pills. However, when we are very healthy we sometimes forget about rules, sometimes about elementary rules governing our sexual life. This is the main reason of sexually transmitted diseases occurrence.
  • Understanding Venous Insufficiency and Leg Ulcers  By : Judah98 Friedman98
    New Frontiers in Cardiac Imaging: Cardiac CT Provides diagnostic utility and clinical applications in cardiovascular disease
    Cardiovascular diseases have always been on the rise in the history of mankind and as we go into the future, advances in the field of measurement and treatment of these heart diseases must follow suit. Most of the research goes on in the treatment of the disease today, which is a good sign, but the initial step of diagnosing the dise
  • Knowledge Of Trichomoniasis Will Save You From Its Pain  By : Elizabeth Campbell
    Trichomoniasis is quite a popular infection, which can be spread relatively quickly, and it can affect about 30% of the women who are active from the sexual point of view and 25% of men in this category. It is an infection, which can affect only genital and urinary areas. They are the urethra in the case of men, and the urethra and the vagina in the case of women.
  • Pubic Lice Can Give You A Real Bad "Hair" Day!  By : Elizabeth Campbell
    Pediculosis is a lice infestation. Lice are ectoparasites that live at the skin level and draw blood from the human body for food. Human lice are highly transferable and reproduce very fast.
  • Syphilis - Still Untamed After A Hundred Years  By : Elizabeth Campbell
    By now you have known that syphilis is an STD that can generally be transmitted through sexual contact. It is a communicable disease, development of which is sure but may appear in an irregular manner. It is generally transmitted through direct contact of the infected genitals, and rarely by other means. It can damage any tissue or organ.
  • Basic Rules To Prevent Molluscum Contagiosum  By : Elizabeth Campbell
    In a perfect situation, we could all stay and live healthy without getting sick never have a need to see a doctor or take medication ever. Nevertheless, when we feel good and are at the peak of our health that is when we become careless and disregard basic rules concerning our sex life. This is the major reason for the prevalence of sexually transmitted diseases.
  • Pubic Lice - Scratching Is All You Can Think Of  By : Elizabeth Campbell
    Pediculosis is an infestation with lice. Lice are parasitic insects that feed on the human blood several times a day with the use of their needle-like sucking mouths. They live on the skin, are highly transferable and multiply very rapidly.
  • Syphilis - Still Untamed After A Hundred Years  By : Elizabeth Campbell
    You may know that syphilis is a disease, which can be transmitted by sexual contact in almost all cases. It is an infectious disease, contagious, whose evolution is chronic, intermittent. It is transmitted through genital contact, very rarely via other means and it can affect any tissue or organ.
  • Scabies - Mites Dig Deep Under Your Skin  By : Elizabeth Campbell
    Scabies are usually transmitted through direct contact, intimate, for example sleeping in the same bed with the infected individual. The affection is a type of dermatitis, meaning skin affection, which is highly contagious. It is caused by itch mite and it is characterized by an eruption.
  • Syphilis Is Curable Only If You Treat It Early  By : Elizabeth Campbell
    Syphilis is an infection as old as the world itself. This disease has taken the lives of people hundreds of years ago, and yet it persists to endanger our lives to this very day. Unawareness and lack of interest are the factors that have kept this disease alive.
  • Knowing More About Syphilis Can Save Your Life  By : Elizabeth Campbell
    We are all exposed to this infection, every day of the year, every hour. It does not really matter what is our field, we can contract this disease in so many places it is hard to imagine. This is a highly contagious disease produced by bacteria, known under the name of Treponema Pallidum.
  • Why do Cocaine Addicts Relapse?  By : Steve Anderson
    Learn the importance of cocaine detoxification and help your loved one beat addiction. The right information is the most powerful weapon you have to really get your loved one off drugs. [4]
  • Syphilis - Must Be Treated Early To Prevent Long Term Problems  By : Elizabeth Campbell
    Syphilis is one of the oldest known infections. Although it has been a disease that has infected people for hundreds of years, still it continues to haunt us to this very day. Lack of knowledge and concern could very well be the reason for staying power of this venereal disease.
  • Genital Herpes - Much More Prevalent Than You Think!  By : Elizabeth Campbell
    Genital herpes is generally known as a common STD that has a widespread effect worldwide. Apparent symptoms are bleeding ulcerations that are highly communicable, which affects both men and women. It is primarily transmitted through sexual contact, but one can catch the disease from other sources as well.
  • Hooked On Your Skin - Useful Scabies Facts  By : Elizabeth Campbell
    Scabies are generally transmitted through intimate skin to skin contact, such as sleeping together with an infected individual. The disease is a type of skin disease which is highly infectious. It is caused by a microscopic mite scientifically known as sarcoptes scabei and characterized by an inflammation.
  • Genital Herpes - You Might Have It, But You Do Not Know (Yet)  By : Elizabeth Campbell
    As it is commonly known, genital herpes is a widespread disease infecting the genital area. Infection causes open sores that are highly contagious, infecting men as well as women. It is generally transmitted through sexual contact but could be contracted through other ways as well.
  • Facts You Must Know About Syphilis  By : Elizabeth Campbell
    We are all exposed to this infection, every day of the year, every hour. It does not really matter what is our field, we can contract this disease in so many places it is hard to imagine. This is a highly contagious disease produced by bacteria, known under the name of Treponema Pallidum.
  • Mesothelioma Settlements: Get Your Life Back on Track  By : Torrie Cantor
    Mesothelioma settlements are a reality. If you suffer from mesothelioma, running after a settlement is your best option. What options are available to you and your family?
  • Lower Your High Blood Pressure and Erase Major Health Risks  By : Daniel Lee
    Lowering your blood pressure can cut your overall chance of death by 21%! Read on to learn about this study and find out how you can benefit.
  • Discover The Easy Way To Prevent And Treat Cold Sores  By : Tina Woodburn
    If you are one of the unfortunate people who suffer with cold sores, you should be aware that there are many ways of preventing or minimizing the amount of break outs you have.
  • Stop Nail Fungus - Put an End to That Ugly Fungus Today  By : Madalynn K Wayman
    A high percentage of people are affected by the uncomfortable disease of nail fungus. It is important that you learn about causes and treatments of fungus if you want to stop nail fungus from infecting your feet and hands. Don't worry, nail fungus is not a severe disease, but some symptoms include burning and swelling on your fingers and toes under the nails. This article will touch on the factors that increase your risk of nail fungus, so that you know what to do to lower your risk of contracting it.
  • Three Reasons for Hypertension  By : Christian Goodman
    There are three main causes for hypertension...
  • Avoid Bad Days With Donovanosis Information  By : Elizabeth Campbell
    This STD which is otherwise known as inguinal granuloma is a bacterial disease that is rampant in third world countries. Generally, these countries have inadequate medical treatment, so that the disease goes untreated and sometimes just disappears. Sores develop around the genital area, which could sometimes be mistaken for syphilis. At the final stages of the infection, blood and mucus will ensue from the wound, which is set off by the destruction of external and internal tissue. Because it is an open wound, it can be extremely susceptible to other infections.
  • Knowledge Is Power Over Genital Herpes  By : Elizabeth Campbell
    Genital herpes is an easily acquired, highly infectious disease. It could infect men and women alike and is generally caused by strain of herpes simplex virus. It can remain in an inactive state so that it can cause a recurring infection.
  • Challenge And Defeat Hepatitis B  By : Elizabeth Campbell
    Hepatitis B is a viral infection caused by one's infection with the hepatitis virus B. Hepatitis B can launch the inflammation of an infected person's liver which can lead to liver failure, hepatic cirrhosis, liver cancer or even death.
  • Gonorrhoea - Listen To Your Body Well For The Symptoms  By : Elizabeth Campbell
    Gonorrhea, also known as Neisseria Gonorrheae, is a bacterial infection. It is also known under the name of "clap", and many other names received in time. They are well to be known, no matter where they come from. Gonorrhea is a widely spread infection and the transmissibility levels are high. This type of infection mainly affects the genital area, meaning the vagina, anus, and penis, but it can also have a nasty effect on the throat.
  • Natural Sleeping Aids vs. Prescription Sleep Aids  By : George Woodwick
    Using a sleep aid to fall asleep at night is something many have to do. There are natural sleeping aids and prescription sleep aids. While they both have their advantages and disadvantages, it is best to compare them to see which works best for your sleeping situation.
  • How To Manage Hepatitis B Emergence  By : Elizabeth Campbell
    Hepatitis B is a highly communicable disease caused by the hepatitis B virus belonging to a family of DNA viruses, which have made the human body their natural host. However, this virus is highly adaptable to the conditions outside the body that it can survive for a long time on non-living things such as medical equipment, many months after the exposure. This is one of the ways this virus can be transferred.
  • Learn How To Prevent Cytomegalovirus (CMV)  By : Elizabeth Campbell
    Cytomegalovirus (CMV) is a viral infection that can be contracted by the fetus before birth. The cytomegalovirus is not normally dangerous and very seldom does it trigger illness. Generally, healthy persons who catch this virus after birth, may manifest some symptoms but without serious medical results. When a person becomes infected, the virus stays in the body throughout the person's life albeit staying dormant.
  • Thirteen Tips For Sound Sleep  By : Emmanuel Chavez
    The article talks about the importance of sleep and how lifestyle changes may aid in achieving sound sleep. However, aside from making lifestyle adjustments, people who suffer from sleeping disorders should also seek the advice of medical practitioners regarding the use of safe sleep medications.
  • How To Relieve Severe Heartburn  By : Steven McCarthy
    Severe heartburn is one of the symptoms of acid reflux and affects sixty million Americans. For those of us who are suffering with heartburn, we can also be troubled with other difficulties associated with heartburn such as swallowing, breathing and talking due to coughs or hoarse throats and nausea. Luckily, a healthy diet for heartburn is all some of us need and the rest of us will greatly benefit from eating healthier which is the first step in finding a heartburn cure.
  • Learning more about your Drinking Problem  By : Dan Brown..
    Alcoholism is an illness marked by drinking alcoholic beverages at a level that interferes with physical health, mental health, and social, family, or occupational responsibilities. Alcoholism is divided into 2 categories: dependence and abuse. People with alcohol dependence, the most severe alcohol disorder, usually experience tolerance and withdrawal. Tolerance is a need for markedly increased amounts of alcohol to achieve intoxication or the desired effect. Withdrawal occurs when alcohol is discontinued or intake is decreased. Alcohol dependents spend a great deal of time drinking alcohol, and obtaining it. People who are dependent on or abuse alcohol continue to drink it despite evidence of physical or psychological problems. Those with dependence have more severe problems and a greater compulsion to drink.
  • Do You Know What Could Cause High Blood Pressure  By : Michael Blair
    The problem with high blood pressure or hypertension to give it it's proper name is that very often people are unaware they are suffering from it until they start suffering the side effects. This is one of the reasons why it is called the "silent killer", so often knowing what could cause high blood pressure and preventing it is the best way to treat it.
  • Effective Birth Control and Spermicides  By : Emmanuel Chavez
    The article talks about the dangers of having high blood pressure. This condition may lead to the development of heart problems, hardened arteries, and many more. People who have high cholesterol that cannot be lowered with exercise and diet should consult doctors for possible treatments for their ailment.
  • Habits That Make You Vulnerable To Heart Disease  By : Monch Bravante
    Lack of exercise, smoking, and having a poor diet are bad habits that could increase the risk of heart disease. The good news is that death rate is declining steadily by about 40% due largely to improved medical care and widespread public education about risk factors for developing heart ailments.
  • Employing Vicks for Nail Fungus  By : Matt Stewart
    Have you ever detected somebody employing Vicks as a remedy for nail fungus? Vicks VapoRub is one of the over-the-counter merchandise that are prescribed by many people as a topical treatment for nail fungus infection (onychomycosis). Reports of its ability are like a story and discrepant: no methodical reviews have been done and some people announce success while others announce it doesn't work
  • Toenail Fungi Treatment Varieties  By : Matt Stewart
    Back to humans wore shoes, it was uncommon that piles of people needed a toe fungus cure. Their feet were splendid, moistureless, and relished with heaps of fresh air. Sweaty feet jammed in warm, airless shoes is the appropriate abode for a fungus to develop, as feet that are dry and cool are quite unreceptive to fungal infection. That's why fungus go infect the feet frequently than the arms.
  • A Balanced Life Can Promote Decreased Panic And Anxiety  By : Dr Legge
    Helping you deal with panic and anxiety attacks and panic disorder by leading a balanced life.
  • Cocaine Addiction: The Truth Hurts Someone You Love  By : Steve Anderson
    Learn the cycle of cocaine addiction treatment and help your loved one beat it. The right information is the most powerful weapon you have to treat cocaine addiction and really get your loved one off drugs.
  • Huntington’s disease Mutant Genotype  By : Robert II Smith
    Huntington’s disease (HD) is a late-onset neurodegenerative disorder which is
    characterized by presence of hyperkinetic motor disturbances, neurological abnormalities and progressive dementia.
  • Cocaine Treatment: What You Need to Know  By : Steve Anderson
    Learn the cycle of cocaine addiction and help your loved one beat it. The right information is the most powerful weapon you have to treat cocaine addiction and really get your loved one off drugs.
  • How to Lower Cholesterol - High Cholesterol Problem in Children  By : Meng
    The sad fact today is there is a rising trend of children with cholesterol problem, we may not like it, but we have to face this fact. According to some studies, many children are considered in the group of high risk premature coronary heart disease and some of them are suffering from high cholesterol at a much younger age then before. As a guide, health care professional do not check children's cholesterol levels routinely.
  • Breaking Away From Anxiety Disorders  By : Abbey Grace Yap
    This article is about anxiety disorders. It briefly explains how regular anxiety differs from the disorder and how anxiety disorders disrupts the way a person normally functions. Enumerated in this article are the physical manifestations of an anxiety attack and treatments currently being used as therapy for people with anxiety disorders.
  • How To Get Rid Of A Yeast Infection Fast  By : Robert Thomson
    How you can get rid of a yeast infection naturally, which is a better approach than drugs.
  • Living With a Food Allergy  By : Jim Olivero
    If you have a food allergy, it is important to avoid the allergen such as peanuts, wheat, milk and sulfites. Stop the symptoms of your food allergies with avoidance and education. Find information on food allergy lists of hidden ingredients.
  • Cellulite Cream can Help  By : Charlie Reese
    Does Cellulite Cream Really Work?
  • Cellulite is Beautiful  By : Charlie Reese
    Tips for Dealing with Cellulite
  • What are the Causes of Cellulite?  By : Charlie Reese
    Understanding the Different Causes of Cellulite
  • Treatment for Pediculosis  By : Robert Thomson
    There are different options when treating pediculosis.
  • Treating Pediculosis with Chemicals Can Be Dangerous  By : Robert Thomson
    How to treat pediculosis.
  • Lice Cures – A Home Remedy  By : Robert Thomson
    There are different options for home made lice cures.
  • Persistent Headlice Infestations  By : Robert Thomson
    This article describes how to deal with headlice infestations.
  • Rid Your House of Headlice to Prevent Reoccurring Infestation  By : Robert Thomson
    There are different ways to rid your house of headlice.
  • Arousal Disorders: A Curse To One’s Sex Life  By : Abbey Grace Yap
    This article is about the most commonly encountered female sexual health problem – the female sexual arousal disorder. It may range from an inability to get or stay aroused, or reaching an orgasm. Listed are some physical and psychological causes, along with treatments that can help resolve the arousal problem.
  • Discover How To Kill Louse on Head  By : Rashel Dan
    You can try several methods on how to kill louse pests. However, what most parents want to know is the method that can get rid of lice for good. How do you make sure that lice never come back?
  • People Who Suffer From Sleep Apnea Often Don't Know They Have It  By : Walt Brown
    You are not going to like the answer to "What Is Sleep Apnea?", especially if you sufffer from this dangerous condition.
  • Autism Treatment: Gluten and Dairy Free Diets  By : Lindelwa Maseko
    Gluten free diet can be expensive to follow. Most Gluten free products are sold in specialty or health stores. These stores usually charge a much higher price. Some major grocery stores are now carrying Gluten free products. You can find Gluten free flour, pancake mix, waffles, cookies, snacks, and many other foods. Most parents find out it is cheaper to make their own Gluten free food. Recipes can be found on the internet, or in Gluten free cookbooks. Some parents go together with another family following the Gluten free diet and buy in bulk. Then they share the foods. This can help lower the costs of the Gluten free items.
  • Body Reactions to Injuries and Possible Treatments  By : Emmanuel Chavez
    The article talks about the body's natural reaction to sports and common injuries. Minor injuries can be treated with rest, ice, compression, and elevation. Injured individuals may use pain relievers and undergo physical therapy to hasten the recovery period.
  • Fibromyalgia Pain Relief Methods - Simple, Effective  By : Walt Brown
    Remember. Fibromyalgia is not directly life-threatening. The degree of symptoms may vary greatly from day to day with periods of flares (severe worsening of symptoms) or remission; however, the disorder is generally perceived as non-progressive. It is not a condition that gets worse and worse. But the pain is real and often difficult to treat because the symptoms overlap with other maladies.
  • Keeping a Vaccine for a Dead Disease: Life for Polio  By : Dexter Bedd
    Nigerians receive an oral vaccine with a live form of the polio virus and that is what gets passed around and mutated. If Nigerians were given a shot version of the polio vaccine which is dead, or inactive, then there would be no polio outbreaks. That in essence is not the only concern.
  • Degenerative Arthritis Facts  By : Kaye Fretz
    Studies reveal that degenerative arthritis is the most common arthritis type. For a lot of people, it is a condition that can truly change their lives. If you have reason to believe that you should prepare for it, then the first step would be to learn about it.
  • Alocholism Treatment  By : Hispanic
    Alcoholism is one problem that can be viewed as a medical or a psychological issue. People become dependent on alcohol for a number of reasons, and their dependency levels also vary, so treatments for alcoholism may differ from one person to another. The ultimate goal of any kind of treatment is to stop the alcohol dependency, which can be followed by guiding the person to cope with life without alcohol. The must be no prevailing issues that pushed the person to alcoholism, otherwise that person may end up alcoholic again. Here are a few methods used as treatment for alcoholism.
  • 3 Simple Factors to Beating Cocaine Addiction  By : Steve Anderson
    Learn the most effective method to find the drug rehab program you really need and want. Find out how simple it is to select the right program to get your cocaine addiction problem totally handled.
  • Erectile Dysfunction and Premature Ejaculation  By : Christian Goodman
    Two disorders which plague men of all ages today are erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation.
  • Methods of dealing with Hypertension  By : Christian Goodman
    Very often I am receiving emails from people who have tried each and everything to lower their up to 210/140 high blood pressure. They are using medicines for about a decade and also tried all the supplements that are known to humans.
  • Reasons of Toe Nail Fungus  By : Gilbert2
    A small number of of adventurous fungi are the reasons of toe nail fungus infection. Most of us are accustomed with a few types of fungi – the green fluffy fungus that grows on old bread and stale muffins, and the powdery green or blue mold that sometimes grows on oranges.
  • Ever heard of Histoplasmosis?  By : Ingrid Sure
    Histoplasmosis is a fungus that can infect an eye or a lung, and in a serious case, you can lose your eye or lung to this infection. Large accumulations of guano sometimes breed this fungus. Yes, it's a fungus that develops in the excrements of the bats. Do you have a "bat problem" at your home or business office?
  • Is Cardiovascular Disease and Hypertension Related?  By : M B Beam
    Danger From Within - The Link Between Cardiovascular Disease And Hypertension
  • Acid Reflux Disease - Somethings That You Should Know  By : Bart R
    Medical professionals when referring to acid reflux disease are actually referring to gastroesophageal reflux disease or GERD. It is a stomach condition where the liquid that is produced in the stomach after food has been digested is able to get back up in to the esophagus.

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