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  • The History And Uses Of Bayonets  By : Beth Johnson
    For a weapon that has been around for a long period of time the bayonet hasn’t changed very much and its history is amazing. It is the more reliable weapon for soldiers since they started carrying guns.
  • Poitiers - City of History and Culture  By : Antonio Bonito..
    Sited for seemingly an eternity in the heart of France, the city of Poitiers is relatively tiny by today's standards, with a population of only around 130000. However this tiny city is strategically located, being only an hour's train journey from Paris and not far from the Atlantic coast. It is thus a major economic center, plus a most pleasing tourist destination.
  • What the Romans Did for the Costa Tropical, Andalucia  By : Simon John Batchelor
    If you ever visit Spain, you must make it a point to visit Andalucía, perhaps the most varied and exciting region in the country! The geography of this region is expansive as well as offers tremendous range from the Sierra Morena to the Sierra Nevada to the Mediterranean and you get snow, water, and plains.
  • The Fascinating History of Sugar in Europe  By : Simon John Batchelor
    You wouldn’t believe it if we told you that once upon a time Motril in the Costa Tropical region was considered the sugar capital of the world. Although today, if you visit Motril, you will find nothing more than a pre-industrial sugar museum that talks in pictures about the golden days of the sugarcane industry in Spain.
  • Let us Go Back to Ancient Rome!  By : Paolo Pedica
    Rome has so much to offer to the world, not only by the various pieces of art and its massive and intricate architecture. Its history also speaks a lot of how great Rome is even before.
  • History of Bull Runs in Spain  By : Tommy Stephens
    An article containing information on the history of bull runs in Spain.
  • Who are the Knights Templar?  By : Marie Humphry
    The Knights Templar of Britannia has almost nine hundred years of history and remains a vibrant organisation in the twenty-first century.
  • Why Did We Smoke Meats With Cold Smoke?  By : Adam Marianski
    Cold smoking is a popular subject on meat forums and there are different schools of thought when the temperature is concerened. This article explains the cold smoking method and temperatures as practiced in Europe for centuries.
  • Sports And Betting In Middle Age Europe  By : Pablo Edronkin
    During the European medieval period all things were usually solved either with the help of the Church, or with the hep of force: so most landlords who wanted to survive had to develop their own armies and everyone benefited from constant military training. Nobles stimulated their subjects to train for war and even went as far as prohibiting other sorts of games so that people would only concentrate in becoming better warriors.
  • Czech Republic Europe  By : John F Douglas
    Many Americans cannot imagine what an extraordinary country the Czech Republic is to visit. It is a nation whose people have pride and strong resolve. There are many fascinating cities visited by millions of people every year.
  • Spartans: At The Gates Of Fire  By : kristine
    At the Battle of Thermopylae, a combined Greek force led by the Spartans engaged a much larger invading Persian force. The battle was a tactical defeat, but it served as inspiration for the Greek defenders. It also acts as the point in history that forever thrust Spartan military might into the realm of legend.
  • The Legacy Of Alexander The Great  By : alexis
    Among the figures found in military history, very few inspire the same awe as Alexander the Great. Commanders that followed, from the ancient Romans to the Nazis, are said to have felt inadequate in the face of the Macedonian's achievements.
  • The Black Death And How It Changed Europe  By : alexis
    The Black Death is the most famous pandemic to have spread across Europe. It is also credited with having caused social and political reforms. It also arguably changed the course of European, and therefore global, history.
  • Why Marie Antoinette Wore Perfume And Other Stinky Facts From History  By : Joanna McLaughlin
    Marie Antoinette definitely wore perfume and perfume has a long history among European royals. However, they saw fragrance as primarily a medical substance, an antiseptic that could possibly keep away the plague and other diseases, and a substance that made it possible to endure the all-too-smelly world around them.
  • Where Are The Scottish Clockmakers  By : Barry Share
    The making of clocks in Scotland was not recognized as a separate craft until about 1640. In Aberdeen in 1618 there were but three clocks.

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