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  • Creating Your Vision for Your Business, Career, and Life  By : rennalp6h76xzg
    Many people go through their daily lives feeling overwhelmed. There are so many things to do and there never seems to be enough time or energy to do them all.
  • Play 10 Strategic Ways To Be Time Rich And Stress Free  By : rennalp6h76xzg
    1. Retrain your self-talk, to remove selfish from your vocabulary and replace it with self-care. In order for you to take care of the people you love you need to take care of yourself first.
  • Habits What I Want For You  By : rennalp6h76xzg
    Think for a moment about your Self. Is there something that you would like to have, somewhere you would like to go, or something you would like to do? What is holding you back?
  • 21 Life Changing Questions You can not Afford to not Ask  By : rennalp6h76xzg
    21 life changing questions everyone should ask!
  • The 12 Commandments of Goal Setting  By : rennalp6h76xzg
    Many professionals have a basic idea of what they want to achieve in their careers. They may want to close more sales, earn a higher income, or move into a different job.
  • It's Time to Check Your Vision  By : rennalp6h76xzg
    Have you been having trouble achieving a specific goal? Are you allowing other less important things to get in the way of accomplishing what you really want? Then this is the time to do a VISION check.
  • Stop Scoring Own Goals  By : rennalp6h76xzg
    Own goals are actions, things we do, that stop us from reaching where we want to go or what we want to obtain. When we are out of focus, when we are out of tune with whatís going on.
  • Keeping the Dream Alive  By : rennalp6h76xzg
    Like the song by Linda Ronstadt, "a dream is a wish that your heart makes." To lose a dream is to die a little yourself.
  • 10 Ways To Hold Your Focus and Get Your Goals  By : rennalp6h76xzg
    The secret is to have one focus to success. This helps to keep your power concentrated, and your energy does not get dissipated by going in a lot of different directions. Build momentum in all things instead of distraction. It is all about focus. You can make this work for you.
  • Set Your Mind To Win  By : rennalp6h76xzg
    I could do it if I could just set my mind to it. Have you ever said this?
  • Under Their Thumb  By : rennalp6h76xzg
    Some of my clients have come to me feeling like their worlds were not under their own control.
  • Achieving Impossible Goals  By : rennalp6h76xzg
    Any one who has a goal or plan which is slightly out of the ordinary is likely to be given advice by a panel of 'experts'. They may well tell you that what you are planning is impossible, dangerous and even ridiculous. In some cases they could be right but quite often they are not. The article tries to assess how much respect we should give to the experts.
  • How to Maximize Goals  By : rennalp6h76xzg
    By paying attention to your thoughts and feelings while practicing techniques such as goal setting, affirmations and visualizations, you can achieve exciting results. Sometimes we say we want something at the same time that we have contradictory thoughts and feelings. Learn to eliminate these contradictions so you can focus purely on your goals.
  • Stop Procrastinating  By : rennalp6h76xzg
    This article gives you ten great ideas for successfully achieving your goals. If you struggle with accomplishing your goals, then you will learn something from this article.
  • Settling For More  By : rennalp6h76xzg
    Some motivational experts will tell you to aim high and even if you fall short, you'll still have more than you do now. Poppycock. It is still a compromise. Stop settling for less than you deserve.
  • Prosperity, Step-by-Step  By : rennalp6h76xzg
    In 99% cases, following an envisioned and intentional path gets results.
  • Focus = Clarity  By : rennalp6h76xzg
    Super Star atheletes win at their games because of focus. You can win at the game of life when you have the same intensity of focus on your goals.
  • 11 Questions To Kickstart Your Dream  By : rennalp6h76xzg
    What's your dream? Want to give your vision a jumpstart? Write down your goals and use these questions to speed up delivery of your dream.
  • If You Don't Know What You Want, Then How Are You Going to Get It?  By : rennalp6h76xzg
    If you want to hit a target, make sure that you know where it is and what it looks. Then you can hit a bulls-eye every time.
  • The Key to Getting What You Want  By : rennalp6h76xzg
    Integrity is the most critical attribute for realizing dreams. It creates trust and accountability. Leaving things unresolved and incomplete means one is out of integrity. As one completes what one can, feelings of pride, accomplishment, and peace of mind, motivate one to take on even the tough things.
  • Writing a Mission and Vision Statement  By : rennalp6h76xzg
    Mission and vision statements provide focus to your purpose. These practical tips will guide you through the process of writing a personal mission statement and vision statement.
  • Achieve Your Most Elusive Goals  By : rennalp6h76xzg
    Everyone has something in their life that they would like to change. Some really big goals include overcoming addiction, achieving and sustaining weight loss, attaining inner peace, manifesting health, or becoming more successful. We are born to continuously expand our abilities.
  • Creating the Best Year of Your Life  By : rennalp6h76xzg
    At the end of each year, and on their birthdays, many people take time to reflect and look ahead.
  • Your Life Is A Do-It-Yourself Project  By : rennalp6h76xzg
    The responsibility of working hard, planning and living a successful and fulfilled life falls largely on you.
  • Baby Steps To Setting Goals  By : Elliott Kosmicki
    Popular motivational speaker Jim Rohn once said, "If you go to work on your goals, your goals will go to work on you. If you go to work on your plan, your plan will go to work on you. What ever good things we build end up building us."
  • Go Beyond Goals And Achieve Your Dream  By : rennalp6h76xzg
    As important as goal setting is, goals alone do not ensure that you will achieve the success you desire.
  • Reaching Your Goals  By : rennalp6h76xzg
    Reaching lofty goals is like eating an elephant; you do it one bite at a time.
  • How Being Smart is not Always the Right Objective  By : rennalp6h76xzg
    SMART objectives have been around for decades with variable results and yet organisations still diligently apply them to their people without questioning the validity of the SMART model.
  • Get More Done  By : rennalp6h76xzg
    Have you ever heard the old saying If you want something done, ask a busy person? Ever wondered why?
  • Competition, Jealousy And Goals  By : rennalp6h76xzg
    Are you a competitive person? The answer may surprise you! Find out why most people are more competitive than they believe, and how that competitive nature is actually a good thing when it comes to goal setting.
  • Goals - The Power Line to Success and Achievement  By : rennalp6h76xzg
    WHY DO WE NEED GOALS? Goals give you direction in all areas of your life Personal, Career, Spiritual, Material, and Contribution. Goals give you a purpose in life.
  • Prerequisite Qualities For Optimum Goal Setting  By : rennalp6h76xzg
    The minute you set a goal, you are creating a 'mini crisis' in your mind. You're telling your mind about a journey you are considering. In simple terms you are stating where you want to be in relation to where you are. And in between these two is a chasm, a gap.
  • Keep Your Attention On What You Want  By : rennalp6h76xzg
    The ***trick*** is to become clear about what DO you want and to keep your attention on THAT!
  • Goal Setting Basics  By : rennalp6h76xzg
    You need to clearly identify what it is you want out of life, what do you hunger and thirst for, what do you really want to achieve?
  • Climb and Summit Mt. Goals  By : rennalp6h76xzg
    Are you trying to reach a goal that feels like a large mountain to climb?

    Climbing a mountain is much easier than one would think. You start at the bottom, you progress towards base camp, you hit the middle of the mountain, and then you reach the summit.
  • Dreams And Goals  By : rennalp6h76xzg
    If you are having trouble achieving everything that you would like to achieve in life, this dangerous kind of thinking may be holding you back.
  • Productive Goal Setting  By : rennalp6h76xzg
    Learn how to set productive goals with these 6 secrets.
  • 3 Ways to Advance Your Goals  By : rennalp6h76xzg
    "The trouble with not having a goal is that you can spend your life running up and down the field and never scoring." -Bill Copeland
  • Business Goals and Following Through  By : rennalp6h76xzg
    Your business can't go according to plan if you have no plan. Follow these helpful guidelines if you want to expand your business this year.
  • Being Selfish With Your Goals  By : rennalp6h76xzg
    All too often good-intentioned people set forth goals designed to satiate others rather than themselves. While the intent is honorable, the results will likely lead to failure. Why? As the somewhat provocative title of this article indicates, you need to be selfish with your goals and select ones that mean something to you.
  • Goal Setting  By : rennalp6h76xzg
    Have you ever wondered why some people are successful in life while others are destined for mediocrity? Well a big part of succeeding in life is to know exactly what you want and taking continuous action towards achieving it. If you want to succeed in life you have to know exactly what you want. If you are vague and unsure about what you want you will likely be unhappy and unsuccessful in life. When we have a goal, we focus our time, energy and talent on what we want to accomplish instead of squandering our lives away.
  • Achieving Your Goals by Using One Word  By : rennalp6h76xzg
    This article concentrates on one well known key word which can totally change your attitude towards finishing what you have started. It will help you complete your plans and find out whether these plans will help you make progress or not. Unfinished plans and goals are no use to anyone. Completing your plans, at the very least, builds up your confidence and will power to the point where you can undertake ambitious projects which will amaze both you and your friends.

    This article could help you or someone else achieve things which you had not believed possible.
  • Personal Goals that Inspire and Motivate  By : rennalp6h76xzg
    Do you make a list of yearly resolutions or goals but don't follow through? Read on to learn tips and strategies to get going and stay on track!
  • To Realize your Dreams, Focus on Significance, not Success  By : rennalp6h76xzg
    When you think about making your dreams come true, are you more concerned with being successful, or accomplishing something significant? Find out what the difference is between the two, and how focusing on significance can be your key to true fulfillment.
  • Ingredients That Make A Winner  By : rennalp6h76xzg
    What separates the haves from the have-nots? Nothing, but your own fear and insecurities.
  • Goals And Belief Systems  By : rennalp6h76xzg
    Do you remember saying to yourself, when I do that, I will.... Why do people always make excuses so we don't do the things we really want or desire? It has everything to do with our belief system. This system will shape your destiny.
  • The Everyday List To Achieve Goals - Goal Setting Part 3  By : Kerry Beck
    Daily lists save me a lot of time and effort. As I keep working on my goals and priorities, I use daily lists to stay on track. It's here that my day to day list become useful.
  • Combining the Mind and Effective Goal-Setting  By : rennalp6h76xzg
    You need goals in your life in order to achieve your dreams and have the success you desire. Many of us spend our lives without any definite purpose, simply drifting from place to place. Setting goals help us to focus our lives and to advance confidently in a definite direction. Believe it or not, but intelligence really has nothing to do with success and financial acumen but goal-setting does! Set goals, follow them and achieve the success you deserve!
  • Perfection the Un-Live-Able Goal  By : rennalp6h76xzg
    Are you waiting for everything to be just right before you create anything or communicate what you want?

    If so, You may never get started.
  • Getting What You Want  By : rennalp6h76xzg
    We all wonder how to make our dreams come true. This article offers 7 tips for getting what you want out of life.
  • Momentum - Why Do I Need It?  By : M.J Mascaro
    When you start towards a goal, you have no momentum. Nobody is calling you. Nothing is happening. The WORST thing you can do at this point is quit. This is a major reason why so many MLM business people fail: Things don't happen as fast, or as easily as they expected - so they quit.
  • Turning Your Goals Into Reality - 2nd Part Of Goal Setting Series  By : Kerry Beck
    A good method to have an completed list is to make a daily and weekly set of goals. With this, you will always be in a situation where you are in control of what's going on towards your life. Each day you'll have a chance to fulfill a certain goal - leaving you with a sense of accomplishment.
  • Where Are You Going In Life  By : rennalp6h76xzg
    Goal setting for your new business.

    What do you want to achieve?

    Before you actually set up, decide what you want to achieve with your business. If you are already in business, review where you are going are you clear about this?

    Why not take some time out to think about and write down your goals for your business?
  • 7 Goal Setting Steps  By : rennalp6h76xzg
    The three keys to living without limits have always been the same. They are clarity, competence, and concentration. Goal setting will help you live without limits.
  • Changing And Keeping Resolutions  By : rennalp6h76xzg
    Itís time for that annual ritual of making (and breaking) our New Yearís resolutions. There is something about the idea of being able to start over that motivates us to pause (at least briefly) and reflect on our lives as they are, as well as how we would like them to be. Yet how many times have you thought back to last yearís goals and found that many or most of them were abandoned or just forgotten after a few weeks or months into the year?
  • Knowing What You Want In Life  By : rennalp6h76xzg
    At this point in time you have an opportunity to really analyze your life. Where you are right now and where you want to be in the future. Now is your chance to take a close look at what you would really like to do with your life. Perhaps you have never dared to choose a path based on your true desires, you have purely gone with the flow. This is now your chance.
  • The Importance Of Commiting To Your Goals  By : rennalp6h76xzg
    What do you want, and why do you want it? Getting this clear in your own mind is key to your future success. Learn how to effective establish your goals with stern resolve. Ensure your goals are things that will serve you well. Do these things to achieve a more fulfilling life?
  • Do Goals Really Work?  By : rennalp6h76xzg
    Many people try set goals for themselves, but often see no real results. So do goals really work, or is there a better alternative?
  • Easy Goal Setting - Goal Setting Part 1  By : Kerry Beck
    As you embark upon a new year, many of you will take some time to set goals for 2008. That's a fantastic idea and exercise. Goal setting is an open secret known by top-caliber athletes, successful businessmen and businesswomen, as well as all types of achievers in all the different fields. This definitely includes moms at home! You have the most important job of raising the leaders of tomorrow, so be prepared by setting and achieving your goals - both for you and your children.
  • Investing For Your Future - Why Should You And How Exactly?  By : John Spencer
    Investing is one of the easiest ways to prepare for your future. Every year, millions of people get married and start families. What they don't do is take the time to plan for their future. When you are young, the future seems far away and it seems like it will be long before you need retirement. The truth is, the years pass quickly and retirement can sneak up on you. One day you are twenty something, just starting out, getting married, having children, and in the next breath you are forty
  • Why Do People Set Goals For Themselves?  By : rennalp6h76xzg
    This article provides a brief overview of the key points in goal setting, and explains why goals are important. So if you have ever wanted to set goals for yourself, but were overwhelmed with all the information available, then you will probably find this article very useful!
  • How To Set Goals The Easy Way  By : rennalp6h76xzg
    Many people are often put off from setting goals. They think it is hard and will take forever. Whilst setting goals may take some effort, it certaintly is not hard! In this article you will discover and extremely simple process for setting goals.
  • Creating Goals With A Plan Of Action  By : rennalp6h76xzg
    Many people often set goals for themselves, but they leave out one key step. Creating a goal plan! This article will discuss the importance of creating a goal plan.
  • Setting Goals With Basic Values  By : rennalp6h76xzg
    The importance on choosing your basic values when setting goals for yourself.
  • How To Achieve Success Without Setting New Year's Resolutions  By : Chaszey Sandhriel..
    A few years ago the Learning Annex asked me to teach another class on procrastination. I remember thinking that it was a paradox and contradiction for anyone to teach a procrastination class. How could I get a procrastinator to a procrastinating class without them procrastinating to sign up in the first place?
  • Career Suicide - Proclaim Yourself A Victim  By : Andrew Cox
    There is no quicker way to career suicide than to proclaim yourself a victim. No one likes victims – people are attracted to problem solvers and people in the know – they are repelled by self proclaimed victims. A true story to describe my point:
  • Getting Things Done: How to Conquer Procrastination  By : Kelly Sims
    Procrastination leads to stress and anxiety, but these can be easily avoided. Donít allow the urge to procrastinate to overcome your desire to run your business efficiently. Following some, or all of these simple steps may help you to conquer your inclination to delay performing dreaded duties, allow you to more thoroughly enjoy your work day and let you to run your business more effectively.
  • Achieve Clarity And Avoid A Common Goal Setting Mistake  By : May Chew
    Lack of clarity is the most common goal setting mistake that people make. Most people set goals from the situation they are in. It is important to take a step backward and looked at things from a bigger perspective. Ask yourself. Is this the job or task you really love? Secondly, ground your goals in your deepest values. When you combine the 2, you would have a powerful combination that is unstoppable.
  • Personal Development Procrastinators  By : Michael Anthony McGrath
    Do you dream of a better life, more money, healthy loving relationships, greater freedom, more job satisfaction and reaching all those long cherished goals? Ask yourself why you havenít achieved them yet. I bet you can come up with a dozen or more excuses. However, if most people are honest with themselves there is only one reason why their life stays the same, year in and year out!
  • Are You Afraid Of Success  By : Michael Anthony McGrath
    It is well documented that many people fail to achieve their goals in life due to the phenomenon known as "fear of failure" but are you aware that a major factor that is often overlooked, is a state known as "fear of success"?
  • Personal Development Power Tips  By : Michael Anthony McGrath
    Personal Development, at its basis, is anything that allows us to grow into an ordered life that is of our choosing. This is one of the most cherished of goals among self improvement practitioners. There are some excellent methods available for achieving it. However, it is easier said than done. Here are a few hints and tips to get you started.
  • If You Aren't Setting Goals You Are Not Trying  By : Mike McMahon
    There are those who are bound by laws and rules, yet success is still distant for them. On the other hand, there are those who appear to be easy going people but they are successful.
  • Create The Tomorrow of Your Dreams, Today.  By : Theresa Twogood
    What have you been reading lately? Have you read anything good or anything at all? Have you ever noticed how the so-called Ďmajor playersí or more famous of people are always reading something. Because they are, they always have something to say and everyone else is always listening. It is this action that makes them like magnets. They draw everyone in the room around their conversation until they are the center of attention at any event.
  • Beyond Positive Thinking  By : Jon Mercer
    Making real changes in your life requires more than "positive thinking." It requires "extreme repetition." Affirmation programs can dramatically improve the process of change by "submerging" the user in a sea of relentless, positive information.
  • Doing Things Related To Your Personal Goals...  By : Tomas Labas
    Remember that in order to achieve your goals, you must act according to your goals. Otherwise, all else would be vanity if you do not exert effort in reaching them. The following will help you set achievable personal goals.
  • The Importance of a Degree  By : Tony Jacowski
    According to the latest surveys, IT companies recruit only degree holders from top colleges, unlike previous times when experience used to be the main job criteria. Having a college degree out-polled specific experience in gaining a top position.
  • The Basics Of Time Management and Goal Setting  By : Louis Bonaventura
    Goal setting is essential to success. Time management is essential to reaching your goals! This article discusses both topics briefly.
  • How To Learn From Sucessful People  By : Enrique Villalobos
    Contrary to popular belief, the traits of successful people are learned, not inherited. You do not have to be born a gifted person in order to be successful in life.
  • Discover the Secret to Personal Goal Setting Success!  By : Jim Klein
    Living a balanced life is the key to personal goal setting success and your career success in sales. Here's
    a great tool to help you balance your life.
  • The Biggest Distraction From Your Goals  By : Jason Johns
    Being distracted from your goals is one of the biggest problems we all face, and I'm going to talk about the biggest distraction of all ... LIFE!

    Yeah, you heard me life ... life has a tendancy to ...
  • Success From The Inside Out  By : Kelly Wissink
    What is success? Is it material, looks, confidence, or a state of mind? Find out here what it takes
    to be better than you are and to be surprised at who you'll become.
  • Setting Your Goals - Easier Said, Easily Done  By : Leon Edward
    To set and achieve the goals you set for yourself, you have to have the right attitude. Steps you must consider are outlined...
  • Two Keys to Achieving Your Goals  By : Jim Klein
    Use these goal setting techniques after you've written down your goals, gotten specific about what you want and why you want it and developed a clear mental image of your goal.
  • What Personal Goal Setting tip increases your chance of achieving your goals by over 1,000%?  By : Karen Oates
    (Check out the answer to that question at the bottom of this article!)
  • 6 Dangerous Reasons People Do Not Set Goals and Never Succeed  By : Joshua Uebergang
    Goal setting is the framework for personal achievement. However, most people who do set goals have little to no understanding of goal setting and as a result fail to achieve them and never succeed. There are six dangerous reasons people do not set and achieve their goals which act like a road block to their success.
  • How To Achieve More In Life  By : Kevin Sinclair
    Are you content with your life? Can you honestly sit back, and say that you have achieved everything that you ever set out to achieve? Can you honestly say that you are likely to achieve your goals and dreams in the future?
  • Three Goal Setting Tips That Will Change Your Life  By : Jim Klein
    Use these three tips to create the future you desire.
  • Put Love Into It  By : Peter Murphy
    How to use the power of love to ensure greater success and happiness. Practical tips for using love to empower manifestation and enjoy more happiness.
  • Are You Missing These Steps to Successful Goal Setting?  By : Jim Klein
    Goal setting is a powerful technique. Used properly it will accelerate your personal and professional growth.
  • Goal Setting Tools Make Achieving Goals Simple  By : Keith Londrie
    Many people know about the power of goal setting. Some people even go through the trouble of setting goals. However, for most, part of the reason people don't set goals is they find it to be a tedious exercise.
  • Be Focused To Achieve Better Results  By : Steve Seah
    The power of focusing on ones goals. It is not about setting lots of goals, but a few handfuls that you can meet will do.
  • New Years Resolutions After The First Two Weeks Of 2007  By : Nathan F. Shaw
    Message after 2 weeks of 2007 to remind us to focus on a good start to our New Years Resolutions whilst the year is still young.
  • How To Become An "Enlightened" Millionaire - In A Nutshell  By : Anisa Aven
    Is it true that because we are pure potentiality, anything is possible?
  • How to Overcome Procrastination - Using the Law of Attraction!  By : Anisa Aven
    You CAN learn to overcome your procrastination using the power of the Law of Attraction.
  • Achieve Your Goals This 2007  By : Steve Seah
    The right approach in setting goals.
  • Personal Goal Setting for a Purpose Driven Life  By : John Savage
    What is your purpose in life? If you dont have a ready answer, dont be surprised.
  • Getting Organized And New Years Resolutions  By : Nathan F. Shaw
    Getting Organized is the most important of all New Years Resolutions. Because all others depend on you being organized enough to do them.
  • New Years Resolutions And Your Emotions  By : Nathan F. Shaw
    Showing the part that emotions play in achieving new years resolutions, and tips on using emotions to help with resolution success.
  • How To Set Realistic New Years Resolutions  By : Nathan F. Shaw
    An important tip for how to set new years resolutions that are realistically achievable.
  • New Years Resolutions Time Management  By : Nathan F. Shaw
    Consider the amount of time involved with your new years resolutions to help plan and keep them.

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