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  • Safely Storing A Golf Cart  By : Ben Anton
    This article explore the things a golf course manager should do to ensure that a lawn mower or cart will start up when winter is over and the equipment gets used again.
  • Replacing A Golf Cart Small Engine  By : Ben Anton
    This article explains what makes up a good small engine replacement and what a golf course manager should look for.
  • The Right Clubs for Success on Golf Courses  By : Rob Carlton..
    Just as golf balls, your golf club is essential to the game of golf. If you are under the impression that any golf clubs will suffice, then you clearly have not been on the course trying to use a club that is too short or too long. Trying to compensate for an ill-fitting golf club can not only make a shamble of your game but also leave you aching afterwards. Further, you are probably not hitting the ball at your best and, certainly, not enjoying the game as you would otherwise.
  • Choosing the Best Golf Ball  By : Ray Walberg..
    All golfers have one thing in common. They cannot play without golf balls. Skill level or experience has nothing to do with this one no-brainer. However, it is not about whether or not one needs golf balls it is a question of which golf balls to choose.
  • Golf and Travel For an Ultimate Vacation  By : Jack Blacksmith..
    What the ideal golf vacation is will not be the same for everyone. In fact, it may not be the same for one individual as tastes and desires can vary based on the season or budget.
  • The Things You Did Not Know About On a Golf Bag and Ball  By : Maxwell Maseko
    It is considered a necessity. A good golf bag will lessen your worries on the golf course, (i.e. all your clubs are in their proper place) and you can focus on your teeing.
  • Find Deals For Golfing Anywhere  By : Linden Walhard..
    Older people love to travel and not stay at home all the time. Increasingly elder people are getting out there and learning more about travel. If you are an older person, you are going to be interested in taking more summer vacations. You might wander what is going to be the best summer travel spot for you.
  • Make More Putts With These 5 Simple Steps  By : Greg Beartoes
    There are some keys to success when you are on the putting green, and we are going to go over those. When out on the course playing golf and you want to make more putts, you must keep your putting system and your routine as simple as possible. If you ever watch what the pro's do on TV when they are putting, you should notice that putting is the part of the game that is totally a personal thing. This is really the way that it should be.
  • A Quick Guide To Golf Championships  By : James Beckett
    If you are trying to learn how to be a golf master, you must understand the essentials of the game, particularly the big golf competitions that happen every year. Just like a real basketball fan knows about the key NBA games and tournaments, and the Olympic championship game, any faithful golfing fanatic has to be knowledgeable about the most important tournaments.
  • Purchasing Pre-owned Golf Clubs  By : Peter Wilson..
    For golfers on a budget, the good news is that there are plenty of options available to find used golf equipment. You can find gently worn items ranging from golf clubs to golf carts that no longer met the needs of their former owners. Even if you are not on a set budget, there are countless ways to find quality, pre-owned golf items that are still in great condition.
  • Maui - A Golfer's Paradise  By : Tony Rathstone..
    Maui and the two nearby islands of Molokai and Lanai combine to form a golfer's paradise. Together, they offer sixteen beautiful and challenging courses that blend into the natural features of the Maui landscape.
  • Finding the Best Novelty Golf Gift  By : BlueBall Sports
    Finding the Best Novelty Golf Gift

    Looking for a funny golf gift specifically made for men that is completely unique? Check out the Putt-Her from BlueBall Sports ( This novelty golf putter works like the old tip n strip pens. When you pull the golf putter from your golf bag it appears to be a normal everyday golf putter. Then when you turn it over to putt, the image of beautiful pin-up girl magically appears on the shaft!! No buttons to push, gravity takes care of it. This unique putter is one of a kind and will bring laughs to everyone in your golf group.
  • Why You Should Never Skip Golf Warm Up  By : Rob Carlton..
    Some golfers think that golf warm up consists of hitting the driving range with everything they have, but this is not the case. An effective warm up session is about making the actual game as successful as possible by practicing a variety of swings and becoming more familiar with some of the conditions a golfer may face on the course.
  • How To Use Course Management For A Better Round  By : June-Ann Jones
    Course management is a skill which you can only develop by getting on the golf course and gaining experience. Inevitably you will make mistakes, but by learning from these and trying to avoid them in the future, you will maximize your chances of scoring well.
  • Golf Swing Elements  By : GolfSwing
    Golfers should have a mental check list of some of the basic elements of the golf swing before attempting a shot. The golfers body alignment relative to the target is the first basic element. To do this, stand about 5 to 10 feet behind the golf ball. The golf ball should form a straight line with yourself and the intended target. Pick out some targets on the ground to help guide you such as a shadow, tuft of grass, leaf, or whatever you can find. These should be a short distance in front of and behind the golf ball that give you a straight line with you, the golf ball, and the target you are aiming at. As you get into your address position over the golf ball, keep that line on the ground to the target in your site.
  • Replacing Small Engines with Rebuild Kits Saves Money  By : Ben Anton
    Golf course equipment can be expensive to replace. This article describes how repowering golf course equipment, like those made by Toro, with a Kohler or Briggs Stratton repower kit can save money and improve performance.
  • Save Money & Maintenance Using Small Engine Rebuild Kits for Golf Carts  By : Ben Anton
    This article explores how repowering golf carts and golf course equipment can extend the life of the equipment and save the course money.
  • Extreme Golf Course Design  By : Tyler Greyfeeld
    It's not just the game that excites me, but where the game is played. With the right golf course design, hitting the links can be an exciting challange.
  • Watching Golf Movies For The Fun Of It  By : Eric Slarkowski..
    Several movies have been made about the game of golf, and many may be tempted to critique the golf and players in these movies. For the avid golfer, be aware of your motives if you find yourself continually anxious to pick up the next golf movie. Although these movies may be entertaining, if it is instruction that you seek, you will probably find yourself quite disappointed. Thanks to Hollywood magic, golfers in movies do not make bad swings unless they are supposed to. But, watching golf in a movie does have this uncanny ability to motivate current golfers as well as those still considering the game.
  • Your Best Golf Swing Can Really Happen  By : pushpinder kaur
    Your best golf swing is achievable. If you’re like most golfers, you’ve been on the hunt for your best golf swing for a long time. The key question is…having you found it yet? If not, it’s time to take a different approach to achieve it.

    We know swing mechanics are very high on the list. And to achieve this takes a general understanding of the golf swing. You don’t have to become a fanatic to learn proper swing mechanics, but if you don’t have a clue, you might want to get a book or take a lesson from a credible teaching pro.

    When it comes to accomplishing your best golf swing, equipment doesn’t even play a role. Remember…we are talking about your golf swing, not distance or power.

    Every golfer has his/her own limitations they need to find out about. One person could be very tight from a golf flexibility standpoint, and the next person could have weak shoulder muscles and can’t control the club at the top of the backswing.

    Getting a physical assessment specific to golf is your first step in achieving your best golf swing. Once you recognize what your limitations are, you can devise a program to improve them.
  • Country Club Golf  By : Daniel Jowssey
    Golf is a sport in which a player, using several types of clubs, hits a ball into each hole on the golf course in the lowest possible number of strokes. Golf is one of the few ball games that does not use a standardised playing area; rather, the game is played on golf ""courses,"" each one of which has a unique design and typically consists of either 9 or 18 separate holes.
  • Ireland Golf Vacation: Fantasty Fulfilled  By : Conroy Keight
    Every athlete has the perfect fantasy experience. Racing fans dream of tearing up the track at Laguna Seca. Tomorrow's baseball heroes practice day and night in anticipation of they day they'll knock one over the vines at Wrigley Field. Golfer's dream of hitting the links in beautiful Ireland. If there is indeed heaven on earth for golfers, it's found on the Emerald Isle.
  • Golf Property Information  By : William Marind..
    Invite a number of tenders from contractors who are reputable. Remember that the lowest tender price is not always the best. Your architect must be in a position to advise you on the selection but bear in mind that contractors are registered depending on their organisational ability and past performance. Ask for the contractor's registration and recommendations from past owners / developers/ architects.
  • What You will not Hear in Your Golf Club  By : Guy Morris..
    Hitting the ball is only one component of golf. Any golfer will tell you that there is much more to the game. Experienced golfers find that they must center themselves mentally prior to each shot. Playing golf is more than simply lining themselves properly with the ball. Although it may appear to require little effort from the golfer, there is a lot happening behind the tee.
  • Golf Basics For Beginners  By : Terence Uniacke
    There's something almost primitive about the game of golf. It's really nothing more than using a club to knock a ball into a hole. So, how come so many beginning golfers still feel intimidated by this very basic sport?
  • Senior Golf Reviews: The Orlando Resorts And General Tips  By : Maxwell Maseko
    The Mystic Dunes Golf Club is considered number two as far the golf courses in Orlando go. This golf course is part of the Mystic Dunes Resort and is situated in the wetlands of Orlando. Senior golf is seen as a relaxing way to spend your time at the resort. Gary Koch who is a Champion Tour player designed the golf course. There are different tee boxes that provide an exceptional golfing experience for everyone. Some senior golf amateurs have said the course is the best in the area of Orlando.
  • Anyone Can Play Golf Like A Pro  By : Jack Blacksmith..
    Golfing is a great pastime and hobby. You've worked all week and can hardly wait to get out on the course for a couple of good games with your friends. Before you begin your game, don’t forget to warm up. You may think you play all the time and are in perfect shape. This may be true, but you still need a few minutes to get the body in gear for the game. The pros will be the first to tell you the importance of warming up before you begin playing. Not only is this vital for your body, but it's als
  • Can Golf In La Manga, Spain Be Fun?  By : Peter Mason..
    Many times when people are planning their vacation, one of the destinations that they choose is Murcia, Spain. In fact, more and more people are choosing to go to Murcia for their holidays, as well! Murcia, Spain is a great place to visit year round; because the climate is great during all the seasons!
  • What Makes For Good Golf Courses?  By : Leroy Calstard..
    What makes a good golf course? Many people think a golf course consists of nothing more than a large green lawn or field. While it may have this appearance from a distance, a good golf course is much more that. The way the land is laid out is very important to someone looking to buy land to make a golf course. If they choose a large flat piece of land, they'll have a lot of work and expense ahead of them if they want a golf course that golfers will want to keep coming back to.
  • Golf Vacations For The Entire Family  By : Clinton Maxwell..
    Are you a golfer who is looking for a vacation? Why not combine your passion for the sport and your need to get away? A golf vacation may be just what you need to relax and get in your “need for green”. If it’s a family vacation you’re planning then there are plenty of destinations that have superb golf courses and are great for the kids as well. Here are some suggestions for golf vacations in the U.S.
  • Golf Equipment: Digital Scorekeeper To Golf Driver  By : Clinton Maxwell..
    Thanks to the popularity of golf, there are many golf gadgets available today. As more people want to play the game, more ways are sought to improve their game. The once steady golf industry has now expanded to a much larger industry. Some companies are built around only one piece of golf equipment. Golf gadgets available range from some incredibly useful golf aids to some slightly more ridiculous items. Here are some of the options.
  • How To Choose Ladies Golf Clubs  By : Elaine Clarke
    When you start a round of golf its worth being aware that you are only allowed to carry a maximum number of 14 clubs. The range of clubs will depend upon your game and the course that you play.
  • Putting Tips  By : Mitch Tarr Mitch Tarr
    Putting is perhaps the most difficult golfing stroke as a golfer has to take into account the curvature of the green and various criteria while putting. The reason why putting is considered such a vital stroke when compared to other aerial strokes, is because putting requires more skill and concentration. If you are looking to improve your putting skills, here are a few tips that will help you improve your putting from the ground up.
  • Golf Mental Game Tips To Help You Improve Your Scores  By : Mary Chillders
    Learning the mental game of golf well is one of the key elements that can help you to become a better player. This aspect of golf is particularly important for those golfers that wish to pursue golf as a profession. At the highest levels of golf it is the mental game that separates the best from the rest. However mastering the mental game of golf can also be very beneficial even for the high handicap weekend golfer looking to shave a few strokes of their score. Here are some golf mental tips to help you improve at this great game.
  • How To Lower Your Golf Handicap Quickly  By : Mary Chillders
    Learning how to lower your golf scores can be quite a challenging task. For most high handicap players the short game presents the best opportunity to shoot lower scores. Mastering the wedge game and putting may be the fastest way to play better golf.
  • The #1 Golf Classifieds on the Internet! | Used Golf Clubs!  By : Ian Brinian
    Is the sole reason for searching the internet is to find quality and affordable golf equipment and more? Then Golf Classifieds is your solution
  • The #1 Golf Classifieds on the Internet! | Used Golf Equipment!  By : Ian Brinian
    Is the sole reason for searching the internet is to find quality and affordable golf equipment and more? Then Golf Classifieds is your solution
  • Golf Classifieds | Used Golf Equipment | Used Golf Clubs  By : Ian Brinian
    Golf Classifieds! The best source for used golf equipment and more on the internet!
  • Golf Driving Tips - How To Hit A Golf Ball Far And Straight  By : Mary Chillders
    Learning how to drive a golf ball well is a challenging task. It can take time and consistent practice to become effective at hitting this club. The reason why the driver is the toughest club to hit is because it is the longest club in the bag which makes it the most difficult one to control. Also any small flaws in your swing can result in big variations in the end result so the driver will reveal how finely tuned your swing really is.
  • Golf Adz Online: The #1 Golf Classifieds on the internet!  By : Ian Brinian
    If you have golfed for any amount of time, then you know that you will regularly need to change or update your equipment. Unfortunately many times you cannot find exactly what you are looking for at your local pro shop.
  • Great Golf Vacations: Living in Spain Is Not Required  By : Clinton Maxwell
    For the golf enthusiast who lives where the weather conditions do not permit playing all year round, a golf vacation is the great way to get some playing time in during the off seasons.
  • Winning Golf Resort Vacations  By : Winifred Holstone
    Sun, sand, blue skies . . . and golf? If this sounds like your idea of paradise, then a golf resort vacation could be the ideal retreat you've been looking for.
  • Golf Putting Tips To Help You Sink More Putts Consistently  By : Mary Chillders
    Putting is a tough part of the game of golf yet it can also be the part that can dramatically lower your golf scores. Most people are actually naturally pretty good putters. If you watch a lot of kids you will notice that they tend to putt pretty well even without being given any instruction of any sort.
  • Senior Golf: Your Great Tips and Reviews  By : Maxwell Maseko
    With senior golf, having the right equipment makes a difference in your swing and the distance you get on the ball. As a person ages, they need different clubs that can help you swing better and drive the ball farther. The thing to look for is the club shaft flex, the length of the club and of course the lie angle. These are important factors in a golf club. Sometimes the senior golfer may take a lesson or two from a pro. This just enhances the game and you can learn some techniques that the pros use.
  • Finding Equipment for the Left-Handed Golf Player  By : Linden Walhard
    The reality is that most of the world is designed for right-handed people while the left-handed are, basically, ignored. The right-handed golfer will have no problem finding proper equipment. They can find clubs anywhere, but this is not the case for the left-handed golfer who wants to play from the left-side.
  • Golf Tips - Discover Useful Tips To Lower Your Handicap  By : Mary Chillders
    Golf can be a difficult game to learn and become very good at. Patience and discipline along with good practice habits are necessary in order to develop into a lower handicap player. Here are a few pointers that may help you on your journey to reducing your golfing handicap.
  • Golf Training Aids  By : Monte Peace
    A condensed guide for both the experienced and novice golfer when selecting golf clubs and gives professional advice and where to go to find the golf clubs.
  • Golf Driving Tips - Find Out How To Hit Your Driver Far And Straight  By : Jitender Zaman
    Learn some useful tips and strategies to hit your driver better. Find out about driver types and get useful swing tips to help you hit straighter and longer drives.
  • Golf Instruction: Questions before you Leap  By : Nadia Eshott
    The pros make it look so easy, don't they? Every perfect putt and sweet swing looks makes the pros look like they were born with natural talent. Of course, even the pros learned the hard way, with golf lessons and practice. Lots of practice.
  • How To Feel The Golf Clubhead As You're Swinging  By : Nick Bayley
    This article shares a simple golf drill that will help you to feel the clubhead as you're swinging. And this can only help you to hit the golf ball better.
  • Golf Tips – Discover Some Ways To Lower Your Handicap  By : Jitender Zaman
    Discover some simple golf tips that can help you to lower your handicap. Learn the best ways to practice as well as some mental game tips to help you play better more consistently.
  • Some Information and Tips on Senior Golf Strategies  By : Maxwell Maseko
    As a senior golf player, a strategy you need to consider is the stance. If you are a little older, the way you present yourself to the ball will have a big impact on the game. You are going to stand differently as well as move differently when you swing. You should always keep this in mind when you are trying new clubs. If you have back problems, you will probably stand and move your body differently, which will great affect the distance you get with the ball as well as how you use the golf club.
  • Make Time for Putting Practice  By : Paul Wilson..
    Putting is a huge part of a round of golf. It accounts for almost half of your shots. Because of this high percentage, practicing your putting should be high on your list when you go out to the course. Too many people neglect this part of their games and only work on their long game. Here are a few reasons why people don't practice their putting:
  • Align Yourself Accurately For Every Golf Shot By Doing This…  By : Nick Bayley
    In this article golfers will discover a simple way to align themselves correctly for each golf shot.
  • Just Some Good Information on Improving Your Golf Game  By : Maxwell Maseko
    With golf swing, it is very important to use the correct golf swing so that you can put the ball where you want it. Also, you need to know how to position your body properly for the basic golf swing so the club will connect with the ball at the correct angle. Maintain a solid posture for a good swing: keep your body arched from the head of your golf club through your shoulder at eye level and beyond.
  • Discover Arizona Golf Courses  By : Cecilia Valenzuela
    This article contains helpful information designed to assist the average as well as the professional golfer who is looking for a listing of some of the best golf courses including a directory in the Grand Canyon state.
  • Golf is All in Your Head  By : Nancy Irwin
    Golf is 99% mental. Shift your game into high gear with a low score through the power of your mind.
  • Golf Putting Tips – Great Ways To Make More Putts And Lower Your Handicap  By : Jason Paulsone
    Learn important steps to help you to improve your putting. Putting is one of the keys to lower your golf score, discover simple strategies to improve your putting and sink more putts every time you play.
  • The Golf Grip - How Hard Should You Hold It?  By : Nick Bayley
    In this article I give golfers a simple exercise that will help them to learn how hard they should hold the golf grip for them!
  • Custom Golf Clubs for Women  By : Cecil Rushout
    Step aside, gentlemen. Yesterday's "old boy's game" is now defined greatly by the unique needs of professional and amateur female athletes.
  • How To Handle Windy Conditions When Playing Golf  By : Nick Bayley
    In this article golfers learn what they need to do to play great golf shots in windy conditions.
  • Strengthening Swing Muscles With Golf Fitness Training  By : David Walcott
    Golf fitness training is one of the best ways to lower your score. Many new golfers who have seen the pros on television get the impression that if you hit the ball as hard as you can you'll get to the green faster. Nothing could be farther from the truth. One of the first things that the local pro will teach you is to keep your balance steady during the entire swing. That way, the ball will go where you want it to go and not land in a sand trap.
  • Golf Quotes for a Good Laugh  By : Aazdak Alisimo
    Golf is a game of glory and humiliation. You can shoot a birdie on one hole and hit it onto the roof of a house on the next. They have yet to build the rollercoaster that can even remotely compare and golfers know it as these quotes show.
  • Advances In Iron Design Cut Strokes  By : Jack Moorehouse
    Advances In Iron Design Cut Strokes
  • Golf Exercise To Last Your Golf Rounds  By : Nick Bayley
    In this article I reveal what exercise and how you should do it so you play great golf for the entire round of golf.
  • Using Sound to Improve Your Swing  By : Jack Moorehouse
    Using Sound to Improve Your Swing
  • Three Stroke-Saving Putting Drills  By : Jack Moorehouse
    Three Stroke-Saving Putting Drills
  • Repowering Your Golf Course Management Vehicle Is Simple  By : Ben Anton
    Those that deal with golf course management know that it is important to have quality greens equipment at all times.
    This article outlines the benefits of repowering a Toro mower with a Kohler rebuild kit.
  • Golf Gift Baskets For The Mighty And Fallen  By : Brian F Connors
    Want to know a sure-fire way to pay homage to someone that you know who loves the game of golf? Find out how to score a birdie in gift-giving for the hacker to pro in your life.
  • Simple Golf Drill For Longer, More Powerful Golf Shots  By : Nick Bayley
    In this article I give you a simple drill to help you hit longer, more powerful golf shots.
  • Prevent Golf Grip Slippage In Hot Or Wet Weather By Doing This...  By : Nick Bayley
    In this article you'll discover a couple of simple things you can do to prevent the golf grip from slipping as you're swinging. This is particularly useful if you're playing in hot humid conditions or in the rain.
  • Minnesota Golf Courses: Territory Golf Club In St. Cloud  By : Dana Buttenhoff
    What you will notice when you arrive at Territory Golf Club and make your way to the clubhouse is a rolling prairie landscape. What you will also notice is wetlands and streams running through the property. What you won't notice is an abundance of trees. This is what you see about the property from the parking lot. Because looks can be deceiving, what you will later discover is the tale of two golf courses
  • Your Golf Swing Balance Problems Solved With One Golf Swing Drill!  By : Nick Bayley
    During this article you'll learn how to quickly and easily solve a golf swing balance problem.
  • Simple Golf Secrets  By : Bob Green
    The better golfer is the one who knows golfing secrets that other players do not, as you may see by watching his game. Once you unearth the truth about golf, you can be as good as the very best.
  • Golf Alignment -- Two Great Tips  By : Nick Bayley
    In this article you'll discover two simple things you can do to check your alignment helping you to hit your shots longer, straighter and more consistently.
  • Beginners Should Get Started With Golf Instruction  By : Bob Green
    Golf instruction will get beginners off on the right foot so they feel comfortable on the links with more experienced golfers. There are rules and regulations that all golfers should know so they do not annoy the other golfers on the course.
  • Six Mental Keys To Great Putting  By : Jack Moorehouse
    Six Mental Keys to Great Putting
  • Hit The Spot To Slash Your Golf Handicap  By : Jack Moorehouse
    Hit the Spot To Slash Your Golf Handicap
  • Discover How To Perfect Your Golf Swing  By : Bob Green
    You probably realize that there are numerous methods that you can use to help perfect your golf swing, and so whether you are a rookie to the game of golf and need to learn how to begin, or whether you are a established player who simply wants to improve your golf swing, then you will definitely want to read on to learn more.
  • Golf Balls That Are Personalized  By : Bob Green
    Every year, for a special family member , we try to find a special gift that represents our appreciation and that is something they will find useful. If that person plays golf you may have already purchased that special golf sweater, shoes or golf cap. Something that fits the bill, something they will use,something that they will show off proudly.
  • Golf Swing Sequencing - The Hidden Secret For Effortless Power  By : Nick Bayley
    This article teaches golfers about the correct sequencing of the golf swing for effortless power.
  • Minnesota Rural Golf In Hutchinson at Crow River Golf Club  By : Dana Buttenhoff
    Located an hour west of the Twin Cities on Minnesota State Highway 7 is the city of Hutchinson which is home to Crow River Golf Club. Crow River Golf Club offers a golf course that is country club quality yet is accessible to the general golfing public.
  • Your Personal Primer Course On Golf Clubs  By : Kevin T. Fairbanks
    Golf clubs are usually considered a set consisting of a driver, fairway woods, irons and putters. The advanced golfer would have at least a driver, metal fairway woods, irons and a putter in their golf bag. The trend lately has been to replace some of the longer irons and fairway woods with hybrid golf clubs.
  • Country Club Golf Courses  By : adrian calow
    Most country club golf courses allow golfers to pay a green fee and you need to consider how much golf you are going to be playing before deciding wether the membership fee is to be justified.
  • Why Is Golf So Popular?  By : Andrea Flint
    Golf is played by millions worldwide, and watched by even more. Why is this most civilized of sports so popular?
  • Were Was Golf Started  By : Bentley Loveday
    This article tries to break down the myths of were and when the game of golf was discovered and played and the planning of golf courses. In fact the history of golf, the long and the short holes the sand traps and the bunkers
  • New Ideas from the Stack and Tilt Swing  By : Rick Hendershot..
    In a recent issue of Golf Digest (June 2007) a "new" golf swing being promoted by golf coaches Andy Plummer and Mike Bennett is featured. This new approach to the golf swing is called the "Stack and Tilt" swing.
  • Shop On Ebay For Golf Items  By : Alan Tang
    What we will do to advance our swing or handle by one micron! We lay into all sorts of equipment, game advancement irons etc.
  • A Paul Wilson Backswing Golf Tip  By : Paul Wilson
    When you are learning to play golf, a tip you will often hear is to keep your head still. Some instructors and well-meaning coaches will say it to you at leasst 50 times per round, especially when it comes to perfecting the your backswing.
  • Sweet And Easy Golf Swing Tips  By :
    Most golfers don't know that eighty percent of the world's golfers have a handicap of 18 or more. The biggest concerns of golfers today are inconsistency first of all, followed by slicing and distance. Golf is a difficult game to master and most golfers don't have the time it takes to practice, practice, and practice to significantly improve.
  • Cure That Sick Golf Swing The Easy Way  By :
    No matter what area of your game needs improving, whether it's balance and alignment or power and speed, there's a solution waiting for you. Many golfers play golf just to hack around and have some fun.
  • Simple Steps To Hitting A Hybrid Golf Club  By : Don Smith
    Now here's a golf tip that has been asked a lot on the golf message boards and golf blogs.

    How do you hit a hybrid golf club?

    Read on and I'll tell you how.
  • Simple Tips For A Super Golf Swing  By :
    Even the guys who play golf for a living and get the best golf instruction in the world still struggle to improve their golf; and they practice each and every day! Many golfers play golf just to hack around and have some fun; more avid players are always looking for ways to improve their golf swing and their overall game.
  • Choose The Right Golf Balls For Your Game  By : Ronald Piper
    Whilst you cannot improve your game massively without practice, patience and skill, getting the right golf balls can help speed up the process of improvement can give you an edge over your opponents.
  • Getting The Best Golf Bags For Your Clubs  By : Ronald Piper
    Choosing golf bags that can carry all your equipment easily and are comfortable and easy to move around is important. Also, you want a golf bad that looks good and reflects your style and personality on the course.
  • Relax And Hit The Greens On Golf Vacations  By : Ronald Piper
    If you're a fan of golf and are looking to get away from it all, then you can't do much better than golf vacations.
  • Best Golf Swing Tips Revealed  By :
    You need great hand-eye coordination, balance, athletic ability and creativity to play golf. The biggest concerns of golfers today are inconsistency first of all, followed by slicing and distance. Finding ways to improve your golf game, then applying what you've learned and practicing, is the number one way to get ahead of the game.
  • Mastering The Proper Golf Swing The Easy Way  By :
    Did you know the average golfer's gross score is 107 shots? You may receive all the greatest golf tips in the world, take countless lessons and get superior instruction and still may not be able to gain consistency.
  • How To Stop Slicing Your Golf Shot!  By : Dean Caporella
    Not much has changed in the game of golf during the last 30 years.
  • Finding Super Golf Swing Tips That Work  By :
    Yes it's hard to believe but there are more than 27 million golfers in the world today. It's important to remember, your golf swing is what drives your score; not your clubs or ball.

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