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  • The Thrill of Cheerleading  By : Robert Thomson
    A very exciting, and challenging sport that is given in cheer dancing or cheerleading. This sport involves a musical dance number of cheerleaders with tumbling and stunts. Being a team sport it communicates several good values which are good for the players, and includes team building skills.
  • Conquering The Basics Of Pilates  By : Tammy Foster
    Pilates Basics is the foundation of exercises originally developed by Joseph H. Pilates to benefit bed-bound patients during World War I. Pilates developed a series of basic exercises designed to help patients tone and lengthen their muscles. Eventually he brought his Pilates basics to New York where he developed a loyal following.
  • The Major Pilates Exercises  By : Richard Jones
    The fundamental Pilates Method exercises were developed to initially warm up the performer and ready the body for additional rigorous Pilates exercises in the routine while teaching the exerciser about body awareness. When performers embark on the fundamental Pilates exercises, one is required to utilize the body's natural pelvic area and abdominal area often. The performer should rid his thoughts of everyday stresses and concentrate on the deep breathing patterns in Pilates. Throughout the period of the exercises, the performer should be conscious of his shoulders, pushing the shoulders downward while lifting his arms to stabilize the pelvis area. In order to achieve the greatest effects in one's pelvic stability and additional body knowledge, presented are small number of the fundamental Pilates exercises:

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