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  • How Water and Male Birth Control  By : Cristel Lumabas
    This article discusses how men in ancient times used hot water baths as a non- medical form of male birth control. The article also cites information about current birth control options for men, including the use of hormones to manipulate testosterone levels which, in turn, affects male sperm count.
  • Growing Healthy Herbs  By : Charlie Reese
    Grow Tasty and Healthy Fresh Herbs in your Kitchen with Herb Bags
  • The Key to Preserving Fresh Herb Plants  By : Charlie Reese
    The Key to Preserving Fresh Herb Plants
  • Container Herb Gardens: Enjoy the Fresh Taste  By : Charlie Reese
    Container Herb Gardens: Enjoy the Fresh Taste of Herbs in an Urban Setting
  • Can Himalayan Goji Juice Really Help You Live Longer?  By : Rio The Goji Guy Henney
    Himalayan Goji juice does not have the 19 amino acids, 21 trace minerals, more beta carotene than carrots, 500 times more vitamin C than an orange etc, that you read about on the internet. So if someone is marketing and selling you goji berry juice then they are miss-leading you. However, the juice has the polysaccharides which all the science and research is based on.
  • Chamomile - A Natural Sleeping Aid  By : Cristel Lumabas
    his article tackles the area of chamomile wherein it helps depress the hectic and stressful feeling of the body, therefore making the person feel good, calm, relaxed, and ready to sleep. It not only induces sleep, but also helps in settling upset stomachs.
  • An Apple A Day  By : Dexter Bedd
    Of course you already know it's good to be healthy, but do you know how to stay healthy?
  • Some Ways to an Allergy- Free Family  By : Daniel Jowssey
    What is a food allergy?
    Food allergy is a reaction of the body’s immune system to something in a food or an ingredient in a food—usually a protein. It can be a serious condition and should be diagnosed by a board-certified allergist. A true food allergy (also called ""food hypersensitivity"") and its symptoms can take many forms.
  • Simple Seafood Meal Ideas That Are Healthy  By : Shannon Linnen
    No matter what anyone says, seafood is healthy and should be a part of everyone's diet. Seafood in general is high in nutrients and vitamins, which no other food group can provide. However, you have to be careful about where you get your fish from. Local waters, like lakes and rivers, can be contaminated and your fish could contain chemicals like mercury or PCBs. The easiest way to obtain a healthy serving of fish is to eat at your local restaurant or do some online shopping. Online vendors, located in coastal regions, can usually guarantee overnight shipping and freshness you cannot get from anywhere else.
  • Better Sexual Health Through Cranberry Juice  By : Cristel Lumabas
    This article discusses the relevance of urinary nifections to sexual health. One specified condition under sexual health problems would be cyctitis. This condition affects many women, and the treatment of such is as simple as cranberry juice, mentioning the right amount for it.
  • Benefits of Foods that Lower Cholesterol  By : JB Anthony
    It can do you a lot of good to know the foods that lower cholesterol. For one, you will know which foods to avoid and which foods you should stock up on. Health should be a primary concern, so you should be careful of the food you eat, since they affect you. With the rise of more processed food full of unsaturated fat, it is no wonder that more people have high cholesterol levels. This could lead to health problems.
  • Coconut Milk Revealed as Super-Healthy & Non-Fattening  By : Russell Eaton
    Coconut milk is made from a combination of the coconut juice (water) and the white coconut flesh. Coconut milk is truly delicious and is full of super-healthy nutrition. Furthermore, coconut milk is non-fattening compared to dairy milk.
  • Feel the Invigorating Freshness of Noni Juice  By : Robert Thomson
    Noni juice comes from the plant Noni or Morinda Citrifoli that is grown best in the South Pacific. This unique plant thrives on the volcanic soils of Tahiti, Cook Islands, and Hawaii.
  • Coconut Oil - The New Superfood?  By : Navneet Kumar Singh
    When Jennifer Aniston was spotted with a shopping trolley full of coconut oil, the manufacturers of this little-used fat must have jumped for joy. Coconut oil has had a bad press because of its high saturated-fat content, but devotees claim it is misunderstood.
  • Foods That Help In The Anti Ageing Process  By : Sarah Bright..
    For all the years, many people have been searching for the elusive fountain of youth. One such famous search campaign for the eternal youth was conducted by Ponce de Leon in the early 1500's. This mythical legend spoke of miraculous waters and those who drank from this miracle fountain would never grow old and would always maintain the beauty of youth. The water source was never found and so this fountain of youth remained only a legend.
  • Organic Milk Less Healthy Than Regular Milk  By : Russell Eaton
    A widely accepted view is that organic food is healthier than nonorganic equivalents. Or that at least it is not worse. However, when it comes to dairy milk it's quite a different story. A new book 'Organic Milk Myth' reveals the shocking truth that organic milk is significantly worse for health than regular nonorganic pasteurized milk. This is fully backed up by the latest research.
  • The Miraculous Healing Powers of Honey  By : AndyS
    There may be hope for parents looking for alternatives to drug-laden cough syrup to calm their children’s coughs — and help might be as close as that golden nectar in the kitchen. Honey can soothe throats and calm coughs, according to a new study.

    The study, published in the Archives of Pediatrics and Adolescent Medicine, found that children who received a small dose of buckwheat honey before bedtime slept better and coughed less than those who received either a common over-the-counter cough suppressant or nothing at all.
  • Is There A Healthy Chocolate For Women’s Health?  By : Brian F Connors
    Need a boost to escape the spirit of the mundane or melancholy in a healthy way? Step inside to discover a new product that could change your life.
  • Hidden Dangers of Soy: Soy Product Dangers  By : WEBNOX
    The Hidden Dangers Of Soy, Soy Protein Dangers, Dianne Gregg, studies about the dangers of soy facts to those people who believe that soy is healthy, my personal story, severe allergy, health and wellness book, dangers of soy, soy protein dangers, soy milk danger, soy product dangers, soy infant formula, isoflavone, thyroid disease, cancer, menopause, Osteoporosis
  • Health Benefits of Drinking Water  By : Daniel Jowssey
    Water is pure liquid refreshment and accounts for a large percentage of what makes each of us ""human."" The average 150 lb. adult body contains 40 to 50 quarts of water. Almost 2/3rds of our body weight is ""water weight"":
  • Sipping Tea to Get Rid of Insomnia  By : Monch Bravante
    Most people experience difficulty getting sleep. There is more to sleep than just lying in bed and closing your eyes, then opening them the next day. Sleep is a dynamic activity. Something goes on while you're asleep, such as regeneration of the brain and consolidation of memories.
  • Divertiuclitis Diet  By : Katalin Cseke01 Katalin Cseke01
    Diverticulitis is an intestinal disease characterized by the formation of pouches (diverticula) outside the colon. Diverticulitis occurs when one or more diverticula become infected, resulting in symptoms like abdominal cramps, fever, nausea, vomiting, chills, cramping, and constipation. Depending on the severity of the condition, diverticulitis might require surgery; however, most doctors agree that conservative management of diverticulitis is very important, and surgery is usually the last resort when it comes to treating diverticulitis. One of the most important factors involved in conservative management of diverticulitis is the diet a patient consumes. Patients suffering from Diverticulitis are usually placed on three different types of diets based on the amount of fiber present.
  • Organic Sprouts  By : JF Sprouter
    Organic sprouting has long been deemed to pose numerous health advantages to the individuals that implement these items into their daily diet. Organic sprouting is the process by which seeds are soaked in a chemical free solution, drained accordingly, and then rinsed with a safe solution until they mature into sprouts. There are many varieties of seeds that can be sprouted in this particular method. The following outlines a few of the most common: Alfalfa, Cabbage, Cauliflower, Celery, Garlic, Mustard Onion, Peas, Radish, Soybean,Wheat.
  • Healthy Raw Food Diet  By : Karl Ross
    Raw food has become very popular these days and for some very good reasons. I will attend several of them in this article. Raw food is a vegetarian food which is not baked, cooked or heated over 48 Celsius, about 120 Fahrenheit, degrees. Raw food can be categorized into four main groups: vegetables and fruits, sprouts of all kinds, dehydrated breads and fruits, and fermented food with friendly germs. In this article I will discuss how one should start to consume raw food for healthy diet.
  • Enjoy The Health Benefits Of Wild Game Meats  By : Jim Hofman
    Over the last few years, more and more people are adding healthier alternatives to their diets. As a society, we're becoming much more knowledgeable about healthy choices, fat content, and artificial ingredients. There has been a growing trend away from some of the traditional high fat and high cholestorol meat choices, while seeking out healthier, easy-to-prepare alternatives. Certain types of wild game meats, previously largely unavailable in the marketplace, are turning up more and more frequently on restaurant menus and dinner tables.
  • Thai Herb: Cumin and Galangal in Thai Food  By : Wevangti
    Cumin is roasted and pounded to make chili paste in some curries, Kaeng Phed and Kaeng Khiao Wan.
  • Thai Herb: Kaffir Lime and Krachai  By : Wevangti
    Kaffir Lime
    Kaffir lime skin is one of spices mixed in chilli paste for Kaeng Phed and Phad Phed, and in Nam Prik (for Thai noodles). Kaffir lime juice is sour and used to reduce savory of meat.
  • Thai Herb: Cumin and Galangal in Thai Food  By : Wevangti
    Cumin is roasted and pounded to make chili paste in some curries, Kaeng Phed and Kaeng Khiao Wan.
  • Vitamin Energy Drinks  By : Julia Brokhoff
    As an over the road truck driver, I am always looking for a healthy alternative for energy drinks. I've seen several products that list such ingredients like guarana, caffeine and ginseng, but none that offers a daily vitamin supplement. Trying to stay healthy and eating right is challenging enough while living on the road for weeks at a time. Preparing a healthy diet is limited to a couple of 12 volt lunchbox style stoves and a cooler - exercise is also limited also.
  • Sushi Healthy Eating Have The Japanese Got It Right?  By : Graham Foster
    It is claimed by many nutritionists that Sushi is one of the main reasons why Japanese people have the lowest incidence of obesity and heart disease. Now finally more and more are taking up Sushi as an alternative to junk foods.
  • Eating Healthy: The Best Gout Home Remedy  By : Rashel Dan
    The best gout home remedy may be in your own kitchen. You no longer need to jump from one pharmacy to another to relieve the pain and discomfort caused by gout. Commonly used gout home remedy are fruits, herbs, vegetables and roots. These have several benefits and are generally safe to use. They can also be used simultaneously and together with your medication.
  • Using Whey Protein Bodybuilding shakes  By : Ciaran Quigley
    As you may have heard, it is essential to consume protein to maintain a healthy diet. Protein is the key building block for many body tissues and other elements such as enzymes, skin, hair, nails, bones, and connective and muscle tissue. Protein makes up anywhere from 15-20 percent of the average person’s body weight, and it is important to maintain this percentage in order live a healthy lifestyle.
  • Foods That Slim You Down  By : Chaszey Sandhriel
    Since the gas has gotten so expensive I decided that my car needed to go on a fuel diet. So I stopped putting gas into my car but continued driving to places. Until that infamous moment when the car stopped in the middle of the highway. It had run out of gas Of course this is a joke and not a real story, although this happens to people every day. Interestingly enough, as people we purposely stop feeding our bodies by withholding fuel from it and demanding for it to continue to not only work, but work better than before.
  • Caution: Hidden Sodium Inside Common Processed Foods  By : Monch Bravante
    Salt is not just to perk up the flavor of dishes but is also essential to maintaining a good health. While sodium deficiency can be problematic, excessive salt intakes have been associated with diseases and other conditions, such as hypertension and stomach cancer.
  • Noni Fruit Juice: Nature's Gift for Everybody  By : Emmanuel Chavez
    This article is about the health benefits of noni fruit juice. Noni fruit juice was used as traditional medicine in Asia has been gaining popularity in western countries because of its health benefits. To make sure that the purchased noni fruit juice is thermally treated (pasteurized) properly to make sure that the vitamins and minerals it contains are intact.
  • Getting Sound Sleep with Help From the Kitchen  By : Emmanuel Chavez
    This article is about the health benefits of getting quality sleep. The health benefits of sleep cannot be achieved if people do not get sufficient sleep. Individuals who have a hard time sleeping may visit the kitchen and munch on foods that may induce sleep.
  • What is Glycemic? Good Gylcemic Foods  By : Benn Brown
    The Glycemic Index was discovered in 1981 and is the basis for many recently popular diets, including the South Beach Diet as well as others. The Glycemic Index determines how long certain carbohydrates take to break down and digest in the system.
  • Is Olive Leaf Any Good?  By : Paulina Jenkins
    Olive leaf is extracted from the leaves of the Olive tree in the Mediterranean. It was first used as medicine in Ancient Egypt. For centuries olive leaf was used in many Mediterranean countries both as a food and a home remedy. Since the 1800s olive leaf has been the subject of various studies.
  • Ginger For Nausea?  By : Paulina Jenkins
    For thousands of years ginger has been used by various cultures as an alternative medicine. In ancient Greece it was used to aid digestion. The Indians for more than 2000 years have used it as a home remedy. For over 5000 years the Chinese has used ginger for various health complaints. In our modern times ginger is highly valued for its healing benefits.
  • Juicing For High Blood Sugar  By : Evano Walraven
    One of the common questions I often get that concerns many people with the issue of juicing lots of fruit is the impact that it has on high blood sugar. Consuming lots of fruits equates to lots of sugar and concerns many people with high blood sugar.
  • Do You Know The Differnece Between Hot Chocolate and Hot Cocoa?  By : Darren Craddock
    There is an important difference between hot cocoa and hot chocolate. These terms are often used interchangeably, but the distinction is in the nutritional properties. Hot cocoa is made from raw cocoa powder, which is pressed chocolate which removes the fat of the cocoa butter. Hot chocolate is made from chocolate bars melted into a cream or ground into a powder. Often hot chocolate has a very high sugar and fat content and low cocoa content. Cocoa can be very good for you, especially if you minimize the sugar and fat.
  • Garlic Nature's Healing Aid?  By : Paulina Jenkins
    Garlic is more commonly known as a spice or additive in cooking. Both its smell and flavour are strong. Garlic has been used as an alternative medicine since ancient history as an alternative medicine for treating a range of health conditions. There are any recordings of its popularity in ancient civilizations such as Egypt, China and India.
  • Changing the World, One Kitchen at a Time  By : Healthy Wealthy nWise
    Jeffrey Smith, author of the best-selling book Seeds of Deception, recently released another book called Genetic Roulette. Both books are about the dangers of genetically modified (GM) foods. Although it wasn't his intention, Jeffrey Smith's passion has led him to become a leader in the health and food industries, meeting with world leaders to discuss the dangers of this risky science.
  • Changing the World, One Country at a Time  By : Healthy Wealthy nWise
    Jeffrey Smith is the author of the best-selling book Seeds of Deception which is about the dangers of genetically modified foods, and he's also the author of the recently released Genetic Roulette. Jeffrey Smith never intended to be a leader in the health and food industries, but when he learned about the dangers of genetically modified foods, his passion became to change the world.
  • How Resveratrol Packs Red Wine With Health  By : Steve Smith
    Resveratrol is an anti-oxidant polyphenol which packs red wine with a surprisingly healthy punch
  • Revitalizing Your Body With Organic Whole Food Vitamins  By : Terry Schierer
    No time to eat right? Less time to worry about it? Join the quiet revolution of those in the know who are using organic whole food vitamins to get the optimum nutrition there bodies need to keep on going strong.
  • Healthy Grains: Brown Rice and Rice Bran  By : Lambert Klein
    Consciously, the choice is made for white rice instead of brown rice; processed baked goods instead of something with perhaps a healthy grain like rice bran on the ingredient list.
  • 5 Foods for Instant Healthier Diet  By : Charles Carter
    Have you ever said to yourself that "I want to start eating healthy?" Then only to figure out you don't know where to start.
  • Is Acai Berry Fruit the Best Antioxidant Source in the World?  By : Abdullah Faris
    Discover what is making acai such a powerhouse in health throughout the world.
  • Eat Healthy and Be Free from Anxiety  By : cas
    Studies have shown that having a healthy diet may reduce signs and symptoms of anxiety. One can relieve tension and manage stress better by what a person do and don't eat. This article focuses on changing the diet plans of a person so he or she can live anxiety-free.
  • Whole Health Foods And You - What You Need To Know!  By : Terry Schierer
    Been thinking about changing to a healthier lifestyle? Incorporating whole health foods into your diet is one giant step toward a healthier lifestyle and a great inheritance for your kids and grandchildren.
  • Anti-aging Naturally is Better  By : Lambert Klein
    There are several foods that rank high on the recommended list for anti-aging foods because of their natural ability to rid the body of toxins. One that kept coming up while researching this topic was...
  • Choose Brown Rice  By : Lambert Klein
    It's that wonderful merry-go-round; if you eat better, you live better; if you live better, you eat better. So hop aboard now before it's time to get off.
  • Food for Sleep  By : cas
    Nowadays the importance of sleep is often taken for granted. People often turn to medications and other drugs to improve their quality of sleep.These people should bear in mind that the best way to improve sleep is eat the right food.
  • Ways To Make A Salad Vinaigrette Dressing  By : Kerris Samson
    If you are someone who regularly eats salads but finds them on their own a little bland but does not want to pay the prices of a ready made salad dressing at your local grocery store. You could instead have a go at making your own salad vinaigrette instead. Below we provide you with the ways in which you can make your own vinaigrette along with a basic recipe you may want to try.
  • The Importance of Making Healthy Food Choices  By : Machelle Lee
    Nutrition is a huge part of you health and appearance. Some professionals will attest that as much as 70% of your weight loss and fitness results are based on what you eat. A healthy diet needs to be well rounded with the proper amount of nutrients, vitamins and minerals.
  • Pouring Hot Sauce on Your Wound: How Capsaicin is Changing Pain Relief  By : cas
    Capsaicin, a phytochemical in chili peppers, is currently being studied by scientists who believe that it may revolutionize the way we treat the pain felt by patients after having major surgery such as hip and knee replacement, largely because of its numbing and non-narcotic effect on the body.
  • Health Bank  By : Kevin Raison
    Health snacks have become ever increasingly popular and therefore more and more expensive, but are these snacks actually any good for us? The Bank of Good Health is a simple, cheap and very effective way to improve your health and help you lose or maintain your ideal bodyweight. The great news is that you can buy these anywhere and not just that one lone shop that you have to catch 3 buses to get to.
  • Oatmeal: Neglected Food with Many Health Benefits  By : spatty46
    Because of the advent of many high-protein weight-loss diets the consumption of oatmeal has taken the backseat. This kind of grain is rich vitamins, minerals, and other necessary nutrients necessary for weight-loss, weight maintenance,and improved health.
  • Spice Up Your Life and Your Food  By : Dr. David Breslow
    When people see the healthy food I eat they often ask me “Don’t you get bored eating like that all the time?”
  • How to Eat for Health: Fats and Oils  By : Charles Carter
    Fats are an extremely important part of a healthy diet, and the essential fatty acids are named essential for a reason. They aid in just about every bodily function as they play a crucial role in cell wall function.
  • Drink To Your Heart's (and Lung's) Content  By : naix
    People are becoming more and more aware of the benefits drinking red wine has for the heart. Apparently, alcohol also has a few positive side effects for the lungs, as recently concluded research and analysis has shown. Interestingly, the effects do not seem diminished by smoking.
  • Hot Chili Peppers to Tame Surgical Pain  By : cas
    Although anesthesia has been very helpful in keeping a patient asleep, immobile and out of pain during complicated surgeries, once the patient wakes up, it cannot do anything to curb the pain caused by cutting into the body. Scientists are now experimenting how a chemical from chili pepper can tame the pain of surgery.
  • Health Food Store Dangers  By : Bessie Jo Tillman, MD
    Use wisdom and precaution in making food selections at health food stores. Many food products masquerade as healthy, but contain ingredients that cause slow degeneration of your body
  • Facts And Frequently Asked Questions On The Mediterranean Diet  By : Robert William Locke
    As I have been living in Italy for the last thirty years, I can vouch for the great qualities of the Mediterranean diet. It is well known that the incidence of heart disease is less in Mediterranean countries than in the USA. The same is true for cancer rates. There is a possibility that this diet may play a part in slowing Alzheimer's disease. It has been studied and researched all over the world.
  • Energy Drinks: Energy Boost or Drop  By : cas
    This article talks about the use of energy drinks of many individuals who lack energy to perform different activities. Many people use these drinks to replace the energy they lose after having intensive workouts or give them that extra boost before workout. Before gulping these energy drinks for for various reasons,knowing the downsides of these drinks may help individuals decide if these drinks are worth drinking.
  • Four Essential Fats to Consume  By : Kathy Wright
    The importance of certain fats is being discovered to prevent and treat cancer, heart disease and other degenerative diseases. What we consume on a daily basis can help or hurt us. This article will help you choose wisely.
  • What Are The Best Foods To Eat For Breakfast?  By : Marci Lall
    You know eating breakfast will help you lose weight. But what kinds of foods are you supposed to eat to see these results? Find out now what you need to be eating first thing in the morning,
  • Believe It, You Are What You Eat!  By : cathy
    While the old adage that says, “you are what you eat” may be a bit exaggerated, the food, water, and other substances we consume can have profound effects on physical, mental, and emotional wellness or illness. Evidence continues to mount up suggesting that the food we eat have powerful effects not only physically, but psychologically as well.
  • There are Many Foods to Enjoy While on a Colon Cleansing Program  By : Robie Bigeleaux
    When beginning a colon cleansing regimen, it's important to include a diet rich in fiber. With all the colon disorders evident in today's population, like constipation, diverticulitis and chronic constipation, why not add a diet rich in fiber? It's relatively easy. Choose the right foods and you can help prevent these disorders and at the same time, live a healthier life.
  • Healthy Cooking: Starting With Organic Ingredients  By : Craig Stanford
    A brief discussion of why a person should use organic ingredients when trying to make their cooking healthier.
  • Insoluble Fiber And Weight-Loss  By : cathy
    Many fruits and vegetables are known for numerous health benefits. Diets composed of five to nine serving of fruits and vegetables may help reduce the risk of chronic ailments, other physical ailments, and promote weight loss. Controlling one's weight is easier with a food regimen composed fruits and vegetables.
  • Watching What You and Your Baby Eat  By : mjb
    Pregnant women have special dietary needs, and this means improving the quality of their diet. They need to follow a healthy diet not only for their body, but more importantly for the development of their unborn child. During pregnancy women should avoid or reduce the intake of certain items.
  • Phage In The Food  By : mjb
    Food is both a necessity and a pleasure for most people, with cuisines around the world espousing thousands of different flavors and preparations for the same set of ingredients. However, there are several bacterial pathogens that a person can get from food that is improperly prepared, such as salmonella or campylobacter.
  • Cinnamon as Spice and Alternative Medicine  By : alexis
    While cinnamon can give many health benefits and improve overall well-being. Cinnamon oil is also important in strengthening the immune system, its scent is used to treat early stages of cold and fever. Advice of medical specialists should be considered before trying cinnamon supplements and other forms of alternative medicine. Because side effects and interaction with other drugs may take place.
  • Health Benefits of Bitter Melon  By : spatty46
    Bitter melon or bitter gourd (Momordica Charantia) is a vegetable that has many health benefits and is now used as food ingredient and a source of alternative medicine. It is now widely available as a food supplement in the form of capsules or tea preparations.
  • When The Quest For The Best Body Turns Worst  By : Zuske Sagara
    Women living in a culture focused on dieting and weight loss are more prone to develop eating disorders which are detrimental in one's health. Having an intense fear of gaining weight and a distorted body image can lead to extreme behaviors and serious medical conditions, such as anorexia nervosa and bulimia.
  • Bitter Melon As Diabetes Treatment  By : spatty46
    Bitter melon is a vegetable that is rich in iron, beta carotene, calcium, potassium,phosphorus and other dietary fiber. Because its health benefits this vegetable is used as an alternative treatment for health ailments and even diabetes. therapeutic properties of bitter melon have made it a good source of alternative medicine that usually come in the form of tea or manufactured pills.
  • Cinnamon: For Spice And Good Health  By : aseya
    Many health experts claim that a dash of cinnamon can be a way to add flavor to many dishes and at the same time improve one's health in many ways. Cinnamon has been used for traditional medicine for centuries, and is known for its remedial qualities
  • Mindful Eating For Moms  By : Debi Silber, MS, RD, WHC
    Mom doesn't always gain wait from the food choices she makes. Often it's because of a lack of awareness or a habit of mindless eating. When mom sees what she's doing and has a handful of strategies to use when she needs it, she's well on her way breaking her habit of mindless munching.
  • Seafood Combo Meals - A Healthy Alternative  By : Shannon Linnen
    Seafood combo meals are delicious and very easy to prepare. Seafood is very healthy, and is available in such wide varieties that it's hard to go wrong! Everything you need to prepare delicious seafood combo meals can be found at your local grocery store.
  • Antioxidant Foods And Phytonutrients  By : Steven Godlewski
    Phytonutrients are nutrients found in the skins of several fruits and vegetables, which give the food color as well as flavor and scent.
  • The Miracle Tree  By : Zuske Sagara
    This article is about the Moringa oleifera commonly known as the horseradish tree or drumstick tree and its various health benefits. It is said to cure various diseases because of its rich nutrient content. Among the various health problems that it can help cure are infection, inflammation, infertility, and cancer.
  • Solving The Riddle About Cold Sores And Fever Blisters  By : Denny Bodoh
    Many ancient diseases have all but disappeared but cold sores and fever blisters still are around - in epidemic proportions. Of the world population over 7 years old, nearly 90 out of every 100 people carry the virus that causes cold sores and fever blisters.
  • The Wonders And Blessings Of Apple Cider Vinegar  By : gurly
    The powerful healing and health properties of apple cider vinegar have been known since ancient times. Many health experts encourage individuals to try this kind of vinegar before taking expensive over the counter medicines.
  • A Healthy Food Diet Is Body Control  By : Terry Schierer
    Taking control of your body doesn't mean eating boring tasteless food. Join us as we discuss a healthy food diet and how it taste great and is so good for you
  • Why Kelp In Liquid Form Is Superior  By : JD Strato
    Liquid Kelp supplements are superior to all other forms of Kelp Supplementation except possibly eating raw kelp in sufficient quantities to provide you with the nutritional benefits it can provide. Typical forms of kelp supplementation are in capsule form as well as tablets. The newest and most beneficial form of ingesting kelp is in cold-pressed liquid form. The development of kelp in liquid form preserves the nutritional benefits of raw kelp to the degree that it has much higher nutritional co
  • Clinical Evidence Shows Garlic Fights High Blood Pressure  By : Robert L Brown
    Garlic. Hmmm This herb does not just add flavor to your food, it also fights high blood pressure. Traditional healers have used it for several decades, and now, there is an increasing awareness of the herb and its healing abilities. Indeed, garlic is not just an effective regulator of blood pressure, it also can be used to treat other illnesses. Let us discuss the results of some of the recent clinical trials and studies that show garlic as an effective remedy against blood pressure.
  • Go Natural... Load Up On Fruits To Lose Those Extra Pounds  By : kaye
    This article partially discusses obesity or being overweight and the various factors that cause it. It also mentions a natural way of losing weight through a method called fruit-dieting. It also discusses the advantages of this type of program and the disadvantages of using weight-reducing medications.
  • Himalayan Sea Salt Versus White Table Salt  By : Isabella Samovsky
    Salt is salt. . . right? Learn the difference between commercial salt and natural, organic, gourmet Himalayan sea salt crystal. Most people buy iodized salt from the grocery store and don’t think a thing about it. They don’t realize that good Himalayan sea salt can help give them good health, while refined salt can create some health risks.
  • Eat Chiles And Get Healthier  By : Jane Butel
    Article describes the benefits of eating chiles for health. Has attached a Green Chile Sauce and Enchilada recipes--a seasonal favorite in New Mexico.
  • Buying Organic: The Right Choice At The Right Time  By : Isabella Samovsky
    There are an increasing number of consumers becoming concerned about the chemical ingredients found in their products. The demand for organic products is growing because more people are choosing a healthier lifestyle. Today, it is becoming much easier to include organics in everyday life.
  • Winning The Diet Wars  By : valkyrie lliorlance
    The Different kinds of diet and how it works for the individual's need
  • Now You Too Can Make Healthy Fast Food Choices  By : Terry Schierer
    Choices. Every day we are faced with choices. Making healthy fast food choices are no exception. Here we disscuss healthy option that taste great and are so good for you.
  • The Health Benefits Of Red Wine  By : Darlene Berkel
    Both red and white wine have a positive effect on the digestive system in moderation – one glass of wine with your meal will probably be beneficial to you. Balance is the key!
  • Get The Chile Habit  By : Jane Butel
    Article defines the benefits of eating chiles regularly.
  • Growing Organic Sprouts  By : Joel
    The process of growing your own organic sprouts can be easy. First, soak your selected seeds in filtered water or a chemical free liquid for 1 to 2 days. Second, drain the liquid and Third, lot grow rinsing when necessary with filtered water. People all over the world have added organic sprouts to their diets. This article has a few seeds to choose from.
  • I Love To Live - Five Reasons For Me To Make Healthy Food Choices  By : Terry Schierer
    Making healthy food choice doesn't come naturally. We learn it only when we decide it is important to us. Here are five personal reasons I have decided to make healthy food choices.
  • Ways To Burn And Reduce Your Calories  By : Alex Ellorde
    The articles deals with the issue of weight loss, exercise, and prescription weight loss pill --- all of which are necessary to regain one's health while improving the body figure. The article also cites some tips on how to have a successful weight loss program.
  • Acai Berry Benefits: Learn Why This Amazing Fruit Has Gotten So Much Attention  By : George Alarcon
    Read detailed information on acai berry about its health benefits.

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1. STRATEGIC PROFITS: "Mazerati" Exclusive Rich Schefren - clients: $500 million every year to
$1 billion in sales every two years
- Business Accel. Progr.
- Free Reports
- Strength Mast. Advan.

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- America's Success Coach Jack Canfield (The best)
- The Secret Teacher Jack Canfield Articles
America's Success Coach & Teacher of the Secret

Intro UNIVERSAL LAWS +"The Secret" the movie first 20 min. &
New Videos

This info alone is worth GOLD 16 secret links

Abraham-Hicks 18 MP3 recordings all in one place

Our "Secrets" Specials

32 New video's 

Marketing Fusion Affiliate Program 


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