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  • Using Natural Means To Lower Your Blood Pressure  By : Tania Pitts
    If you have been diagnosed with high blood pressure, you probably have a prescription for it. What a lot of people don't realize is that you can bring it down naturally. By the time you finish reading this you'll have an idea of what you can do to reduce your pressure naturally. Here are a few things you can do.
  • Social Reputation can be Harmed By Grungy Teeth and Poor Gums  By : Jean Brightside
    The Michigan dentist offices of Bright Side Dental, located in Sterling Heights, Livonia and Canton know that people consider regular visits to the dentist important for the obvious health reasons or simply for dental issues, but stress that there is now a social stigma that accompanies poor teeth, that is not necessarily discussed, but definitely exists. A visit to the dentist is highly recommended about once every six months. This is why.
  • Sterling Heights Dentist Offering Complete Range of Dental Needs for Every Member of the Family  By : Jean Brightside
    Somehow dental work is not usually the first thing checked off on a family list of things to do. Aside from the fear and pain associated with dentist appointments, just getting to the dentist with each family member can be painful in and of itself. Bright Side Dental, Michigan family dentist, has solved this dilemma! Read how.
  • Newest Technological Progress Advances Smile Makeovers  By : Jean PR Maddahi
    Beverly Hills cosmetic dentist, Dr. Kourosh Maddahi, describes how digital imaging and other new advances simplify and help to improve cosmetic dentistry and dental care.
  • Top-Notch Dentistry with High Quality Care Includes High-Tech Equipment  By : Jean PR Maddahi
    Beverly Hills dentist, Dr. Kourosh Maddahi, explains quality of care and service delivered in combination with the newest high-tech equipment and services results in top-notch dentistry.
  • Why are Porcelain Veneers the Veneer of Choice?  By :
    Porcelain veneers are the veneers of choice for several reasons. They have the benefit of correcting flawed teeth, such as making them thicker and straighter, without the use of orthodontics. Porcelain veneers are proven as less likely to stain, more durable when bonded to tooth structure and rarely fracture.

    When considering a cosmetic dentist in Beverly Hills for porcelain veneers, Dr. Kourosh Maddahi is truly a great find. His expertise lies with combining aesthetics with high-tech.
  • State-of-the-Art Techniques Key for a Los Angeles Cosmetic Dentist  By :
    Natural, beautiful smiles are the hallmark of Los Angeles cosmetic dentistry, whether that’s the high gloss Beverly Hills look, or something more informal.

    With a combination of state-of-the-art dental techniques and a keen aesthetic eye, Dr. Kourosh Maddahi is rightly considered one of Los Angeles finest cosmetic dentists. His office is located in Beverly Hills, and offers spa dentistry in combination with the latest high-tech tools.
  • The Health Benefits of Lycopene  By : G.Weinberger
    Creams containing this potent antioxidant protect against the damaging effects of environmental contaminants and UV radiation responsible for photoaging and skin cancer. It is important that topical preparations contain natural rather than synthetic lycopene, and that the lycopene be protected by either a liposomal or cerosomal envelope.
  • High Standards for Beverly Hills Tooth Whitening Specialist  By : Jean PR Maddahi
    Beverly Hills tooth whitening specialist, Dr. Kourosh Maddahi, holds to a very high standard for whitened teeth. In Los Angeles, it is not uncommon to see teeth that appear to be unnaturally white. This results from inferior teeth whitening products or dentists who fail to maintain a standard with whitening.
  • TMJ, We Have all Heard of it, But What is it? And What Has Been Discovered to Treat the Pain?  By : Jean PR Maddahi
    Los Angeles dentist, Dr. Kourosh Maddahi, a Beverly Hills TMJ specialist has led numerous patients to relief of this common problem.

    TMJ is known to cause a great deal of pain, as well as wearing down the teeth, often causing cracked, loose or sensitive teeth, a sore jaw, and often accompanied by a clicking or popping sound.

    TMJ, We Have all Heard of it, But What is it? And What Has Been Discovered to Treat the Pain?
  • Same Day Permanent Dental Crowns, We Must Have Reached the Space Age!  By : Jean PR Maddahi
    Beverly Hills cosmetic dentist, Dr. Kourosh Maddahi, is well known for his high quality dental work, and for using the latest advances in dental technology – always keeping ahead of the curve!

    And most of us are used to two to three appointments in order to get a tooth crowned. Well, the latest in high-tech dentistry is now available in Beverly Hills: same day permanent dental crowns! Dr. Maddahi has implement the CEREC same-day tooth restoration system into his office!
  • Beverly Hills Dentist Creates a Renewed and Beautiful, Natural Smile  By : Jean PR Maddahi
    Of the options available in cosmetic dentistry, the single most popular procedure is the application of porcelain veneers. In just two visits a remarkable and lasting enhancement is gained. Dr. Kourosh Maddahi, Beverly Hills cosmetic dentist, is a leader in the creation and application of beautiful dental veneers.

    The product is a renewed and beautiful natural smile.
  • 3 Secret Facts to Lose Stomach Fat  By : Rhyan Lars
    There are innumerable systems, diets, exercises, pills, and so on that claim they will lose your stubborn belly flab that's covering up what could be sexy abs. Most of these stomach fat burning programs work - to a degree. I'm sure there are a couple testimonials about how some people got their six pack abs or how they went from being enormously overweight to having a flat stomach.

    They don't work for everyone, and they don't usually get you all the way...

    That's when I discovered...
  • Beating the overwhelm of addiction  By : The Addiction Writer
    We all generally know someone addicted yet it is easy to pretend that we are best off just "leaving it alone". The truth is we have an obligation to ourselves and those we love to step in and help.
  • Why Regular Dental Visits? Realize Your Smile Is The First Impression That People Have Of You  By : Jean PR Maddahi
    What is all this hubbub about the importance of seeing the dentist regularly? Los Angeles dentist, Dr. Kourosh Maddahi, located in Beverly Hills sees it this way: Consider first why people use dentists. Because the mouth is in constant use and the teeth are vital for eating and smiling, this part of the body does need regular care and upkeep! Realize that your smile is the first impression that people have of you.
  • Will Obama Address Serious Low Income Addiction Issues  By : The Addiction Writer
    President Obama is busy attempting to reform health care for the underprivileged but will he include desperately needed addiction treatment coverage as part of the basic package?
  • Some truth behind weight loss diets calories and exercises  By : Dion Butler
    Obesity is an epidemic in the western world. Many commercial companies are taking advantage of people desire to lose weight by offering magic diets and other programs that promise to lose weight. Understanding some facts behind weight loss can help you not fall for those products.
  • Overwhelmed With Addiction Discover How To Overcome the Cravings  By : Addiction Writer
    How cravings for drugs and alcohol trap a person into addiction and the way to overcome the cravings to live a happy life.
  • Children of Addiction: Why Suicide  By : Addiction Writer
    The effects that over the counter, prescription and other drugs have on adolescents and information about the rising suicide attempts in children ages 12-17.
  • The After Holiday Downside Of Drugs and Alcohol Abuse  By : Addiction Writer
    The downsides of drug and alcohol abuse after the holidays are over. What happens the rest of the year to the individual?
  • What Is The Language Of Alcohol: Does Drunk Really Mean Drunk  By : Addiction Writer
    A study about the language of alcohol and the difference between how language differs between men and women.
  • Holidays That Should Be Merry Create Suffering for the Addicted  By : Karen Hadley
    People who are suffering have a tough time getting through the holidays. This article explains why this occurs and what we can to to help those loved ones that are suffering from the cycle of drug and alcohol addiction.
  • The Disastrous Effects of Drug Addiction Call for Rapid Family Intervention  By : Karen Hadley
    This article is about the disastrous effects that drug addiction can have on a family, and it give ways to help someone realize and make the decision to get help in the form of a drug treatment center.
  • Does Drug Rehab Really Work?  By : Karen Hadley
    This article shows the statistics on whether or not drug rehab programs have a lasting effect on the patients that enter into them.
  • A Faster High: Methamphetamine  By : Addiction Writer
    Crystal meth addiction is an epidemic that is quickly taking over the country. This article describes why methamphetamine is growing to be one of the most consumed drugs in the United States.
  • Millions Seek Self Help: Addiction Treatment Failure Possible Cause  By : Addiction Writer
    This article goes over how many people a year seek treatment for drug an alcohol addictions and the type of treatment programs that work in helping people overcome these addictions.
  • More “Controlled Substances” Gone Astray  By : Addiction Writer
    When legally manufactured drugs from the pharmaceutical industry begin to exceed many of the previously predominate illegal drugs on our school campuses, we should critically examine what the phrase “controlled substance” really means. This article goes into depth regarding how controlled substances really are that are manufactured by pharmaceutical companies and what the consequences of them can be.
  • Successfully Overcoming Addiction  By : Addiction Writer
    Suffering from addiction is becoming very common in the United States. This article goes into detail about the process of people seeking help for their addictions.
  • Millions More Young People Become Drug Users as Drugs of Abuse Multiply  By : Karen Hadley
    The new millennium has seen an increase not only in the number of young people abusing drugs but also in the pattern of abuse and the number of substances that are available to abuse.
  • Drug Abuse by Teens: Parents Are Both Part of the Problem and Part of the Solution  By : Addiction Writer
    Studies shows that parents who do take preventative actions have children with lower rates of drug or alcohol use, meaning that they can be part of the solution.
  • Prescription Drugs in the Home are the Key to Abuse by Teens  By : Addiction Writer
    Prescription drug abuse is quickly becoming a type of addiction that is tormenting the United States. It is said that the medication that is being abused is usually found within the homes.
  • Teens Say Prescription Drugs Are Easier To Get Then Beer  By : Addiction Writer
    The abundant supply of prescription drugs like Oxycotin, Percocet, Vicodin and Ritalin available to our youth 12 to 17 years old is outrageous. What is even more alarming is the fact that much of the prescription drugs teen are abusing is actually coming from their parent’s medicine cabinet.
  • Cosmetic dentistry offers a new first impression!  By : Jean Brightside
    What is the first thing that a person usually notices when they meet someone? Their smile. Although a perfect smile is not a necessity, gaining and preserving a smile that is not creating a bad impression is very important. Michigan cosmetic dentist, Bright Side Dental, is well known for their expert cosmetic dentistry.
  • A Young Woman's Triumph over Addiction to Crystal Meth and Oxycontin  By : Addiction Writer
    A story about a young girls addiction to crystal meth and Oxycontin and how she overcame it.
  • Drug Overdoses Become the Second Leading Cause of Unintentional Injury Death in the U.S.  By : Addiction Writer
    Effective Rehab Becomes an Essential Service as We Lose More Citizens to Unintentional Overdoses than Ever Before.
  • Marijuana - Far From Being Harmless  By : Addiction Writer
    Marijuana is promoted by some as being harmless and without real consequence. However, it is very easy to determine from those families with addicted loved ones that this is untrue and marijuana is far from being harmless.
  • Learn About Holistic Health Care and Why it is Beneficial  By : realart
    We all hear about holistic health care, but do we know what it means? Holistic heath care maintains a healthy body, mind and spirit.
  • Food Cravings And Eating Too Much  By : Luhle Mavicks
    There are many great aspects to this subject, which we will review carefully so that you may get the most from it. If you have been trying to deal with your food cravings then you have probably been told to stop eating too much.
  • Can Anxiety Symptoms Cause Migraines  By : Wendy Brausch
    If you suffer form very painful headaches and have done so since you were young, the chances are you may suffer from migraines which are often experienced by other members of a family group. Most suffers will go to bed as the headache (usually on one side) takes hold and which could last a matter of a few hours but if left without attention, could last for days. It is a debilitating condition that leaves its victims feeling weakened and exhausted even when the pain has subsided.
  • Stretch Mark Surgery: All You Need To Know  By : Maia Pells
    Some women want to get rid of stretch marks quickly. This is why a lot of women today resort to stretch mark surgery. There are a few surgical treatment options to choose from and even if you try to learn more about the different methods, it is still best to be under the care of a surgeon or a dermatologist so he or she can determine which treatment will suit you.
  • Chronic Depression Can Cause The Blues  By : Bob Taylor
    Depression is a common problem with many people from all walks of life and is never talked about openly. Why is this so? Depression can be a debilitating ilness that is suffered in solitude by many, with no one to talk to and expose their real feelings.
  • There Is A Natural Remedy For Depression  By : Bob Taylor
    Depression is a common problem with many people from all walks of life and is never talked about openly. Why is this so? Depression can be a debilitating ilness that is suffered in solitude by many, with no one to talk to and expose their real feelings.
  • Teeth Whitening Best - Review of The Top Teeth Whitening Product.  By : Vince Allen
    Teeth whitening has over the past few years, become more and more popular. This is because of its importance to people's health, beauty and happiness. It has become one of the most common cosmetic procedures performed by Dentists all over the world. Teeth whitening products have also surfaced all over the place.
  • How to Lose Man Boobs - 2 Ways to Lose Man Boobs More Effectively  By : Mike Christensen
    I have tried almost everything and spent countless dollars in the bid to lose my man boobs and gets my self-esteem back, including all sorts of diets, exercises, drugs, anything short of surgery. Whatever the cost, I will consider it if it can help me lose my man boobs.
  • Fight Infection with Echinacea  By : Jamaal Harrison
    Natural remedies have become increasingly popular in recent years. People are now more aware of plants and herbs that have been around for a long time but have only recently started to be sold in main-stream stores.
  • Vaginosis  By : TJ
    Vaginosis, better known as bacterial vaginosis, is caused by changes in the kinds of bacteria living in a woman's vagina. Bacterial vaginosis (BV) was formerly known as Gardnerella vaginitis but is rarely called that anymore. To get more knowledge and help in getting rid of BV, please find my link at the end of this article.
  • Fitness Equipment For People with Disabilities  By : Vladimir Korozova
    A good exercise program may be difficult to put together if you are disabled. Today, there are many more places that have fitness equipment designed especially for the disabled. In addition, if you were injured or temporarily disabled then this would be a good place for you to work through your recovery process.
  • How Cocaine Addiction hurts you  By : Steve Anderson
    Learn the cycle of cocaine addiction treatment and help your loved one beat it. The right information is the most powerful weapon you have to treat cocaine addiction and really get your loved one off drugs.
  • How Lifelong Health Problems Can Be Due To Sitting The Wrong Way  By : Christian Goodman
    We spend most our waking hours sitting down. Think about it - we sit at the breakfast table, while commuting back and forth, while at the office even when we wind down in front of the TV after work. We basically sit our way through daily life.
  • Put a Halt to Sugar Cravings  By : M. L. Dillians
    The best way to address sugar cravings is.. one moment, I shall get back to this soon.
  • 2 Tips To Changing The Environment By Overcoming Procrastination  By : Christopher Stigson
    These two tips about overcoming procrastination can be used to change your life and take affirmitive action towards your environment. It's a very short and to the point article with 2 simple tips you can use right now to imrpove the quality of your life.
  • Quick Intro about Reiki  By : Gabriel Machuret
    Quick introduction about how to understand and learn about Reiki
  • Causes of Female Hair Loss  By : C. Gray
    Discovering that you have a hair loss problem is a big deal. Most women are self conscious of their appearances and the thought of going bald is something that you may not be ready to accept. But it is like discovering your first wrinkle on your face you are now faced with it so learn how to deal with it the best way you know how. At first thought, you may assume that your hair loss is due to your age. But as women get older there are several different conditions that can develop over time that may cause hair loss or hair loss may be a side effect of something in particular. Either way you need to learn what is causing your hair loss and if you can stop it or just learn how to live with it.
  • Anti Aging Skin Care Products - A Wonderful Alternative!  By : Tommy Engan
    If you're reading this, you probably have an interest in looking younger. Good! That alone puts you ahead of the heap. Do you know that genetic aging accounts for just a small percentage of aging? The majority of our aging is on account of environmental factors. This means that you can make a big difference with the right kind of information on your side - and the right kind of Anti Aging Skin Care Product. Let's start with the basics:
  • Getting Rid of Bad Morning Breath in Less than a Minute  By : Darren Wumoult
    Do you really wish to find out how to eliminate morning bad breath in 45 seconds? In reality, you can probably stop your morning breath in less time than it takes for you to read over this information on how to do so! And once you learn how to do this, you can wake up with confidence.
  • Following Your Passions  By : Healthy Wealthy nWise
    Jesse Cannone has been helping people reach their fitness goals since 1996. With a special interest in people with ailments from stroke recovery to Parkinson's disease, Jesse has become an expert in the treatment of back pain. Not only has Jesse founded The Healthy Back Institute, he's also an accomplished author.
  • How Sleep Can Heal Your Body  By : Jamaal Harrison
    At one time sleep was considered just the time you were not awake as a single entity, but now we know that sleep has several different stages where different processes occur. During sleep there is quite a bit of brain activity and many functions are performed that are essential to our health and well-being.
  • Eco Friendly Bath oils  By : Roberts
    For people who are interested in using bath products but are worried about the testing of them will be pleased to know that there are bath products available on the shelf that have all natural vegetarian ingredients and packed in ecological wrapping.
  • Candida Albicans: The Silent Danger  By : Linda Allen
    Candida Albicans is a kind of yeast that directly causes human yeast infections when the opportunity arises. Some 24 kinds of Candida fungi have been identified as causes of human Candida yeast infection, however most yeast infections (above all vaginal and oral yeast infections) are the result of Candida albicans.
  • Do You Realize Sleep Apnea Can Result In Psychological Issues?  By : Rudy Watkins
    Sleep apnea can cause a variety of medical problems, but it's also been shown to result in psychological ones as well. When the normal and continuous flow of oxygen is interrupted during sleep, the brain is deprived of this vital element and the person can experience debilitating effects. Understanding this condition and recognizing the psychological symptoms that accompany sleep apnea can lead to the proper treatment and a complete relief.
  • Why Is It So Important For a Heroin Addict to Detox?  By : Steve Anderson
    Learn about effective heroin detox and help your loved one beat addiction. The right information is the most powerful weapon you have to treat heroin addiction and really get your loved one off drugs.
  • What to Look for in an Effective Heroin Treatment Program  By : Steve Anderson
    Learn about effective heroin treatment and help your loved one beat addiction. The right information is the most powerful weapon you have to treat heroin addiction and really get your loved one off drugs.
  • Most Heroin Addiction Programs use Further Drugs  By : Steve Anderson
    Learn about effective heroin addiction and help your loved one beat addiction. The right information is the most powerful weapon you have to treat heroin addiction and really get your loved one off drugs.
  • Cocaine Abuse: What Can Be Done?  By : Steve Anderson
    Learn about effective cocaine abuse treatment and help your loved one beat addiction. The right information is the most powerful weapon you have to treat addiction and really get your loved one off drugs. cocaine abuse.
  • Thinking about Exotic Body Piercings?  By : Matt Daniels
    Today, society has become far more accepting of exotic body piercings, and as a result it has greatly increased in popularity. Many folks that are pierced, or that are lovers of body art, feel that it is important for them to have the most outlandish piercings possible.
  • Becoming Happy  By : Ed Philips
    Living an optimistic life is wonderful. It is actually good for your health. Being happy alters your bodies chemistry and protects you from harmful stress. Stress will increase your chance getting heart disease and cancer. Remaining happy is so important that your life may depend on it. One aspect universal to human experience is change. Change is all around us and happens all the time. This means that however bad the situation, you can find comfort in knowing that things will change.
  • What Is Center for Pain Relief  By : Patsy Hughes
    Once or twice we experience some kind of body pains. Even though many of us suffer from body pains that are pretty mild which will go away after we take some form of pain relievers, while others suffer from chronic bone splitting pain in some parts of the body. The most common causes of body pains are arthritis and back injuries.
  • How to Avoid Acid Indigestion  By : Jamaal Harrison
    Acid indigestion is one of the most common digestive ailments, one characterized by discomfort and a sensation of burning, often just after eating. Millions of people complain of this daily, as commonly as of headaches and constipation, and the widespread advertising of acid indigestion remedies is proof of this. More formal terms for this condition are acidosis and hyperacidity, but it is more commonly referred to as heartburn.
  • To Do Heated Stone Massage Therapy You Need The Right Tools  By : Kerris Samson
    Are you interested in offering your clients heated stone massage therapy as part of your massage services? If so then you need to purchase the right sort of equipment and supplies. By purchasing only the best heated stone massage therapy supplies you are ensuring that your clients have a truly pleasant massage experience.
  • Is Rapid Weight Loss Achievable?  By : Gary Andrews
    Rapid weight loss programs can have a strange effect on some people as they underestimate just how it will change their lives. This is all about attitude change and the determination to succeed in the diet you have chosen. Not everyone loses weight at the same speed because many aspects have to be factored into this equation; some are shown below:
  • How To Recognize Alcohol Abuse  By : The Alternate Medic
    The consumption of alcoholic beverages dates back to the beginning of time. Unfortunately some of us are affected by the excessive consumption of alcohol in a very negative way. Hence the problem of alcohol abuse which has disrupted lives, societies and civilizations over the generations..
  • What can Glucosamine do for you?  By : Jamaal Harrison
    Glucosamine is an important natural compound in the human body, synthesized from a combination of the sugar glucose and the amino acid glutamine. It is important because it functions to maintain joint help by creating new cartilage and other body tissues. Like many other essentials, we make less and less glucosamine as we grow older.
  • Major causes of Stretch Marks  By : Bonnie Bell
    Stretch marks are one of the top reasons women feel insecure. Besides the abdomen the buttocks,hips,breasts and thighs can also be targeted. Recent studies have shown that 90 percent of women who are pregnant,will develop stretch marks in one or more of these areas.
  • Achieving At BodyBuilding  By : Dan {The Bodybuilding Man}
    Achieve Bodybuilding Gains By Adopting the Mindset of a Successful Bodybuilder
  • How to Increase your Fertility  By : Robert Thomson
    If you are trying to have a baby, there are ways to increase your fertility. Learn about the best fertility diet for both you and your partner. Find ways to improve your chances for conception.
  • Sulfites  By : Robert Thomson
    Sulfites are found in surprising places, from salad bars to wine and even dried fruits. Many people react to sulfites and some actually suffer from a sulfite allergy.
  • The Causes of Bad Breath  By : Rone Hooper
    Simple Answers - What Causes Halitosis (Bad Breath)?
  • Natural Cures For Yeast Infections - A Few To Try  By : Kerris Samson
    Although prescribed medications are effective at treating yeast infections. They can actually cause unwanted side effects in a person if used for any length of time. This is one of the reasons why more and more people are looking for natural cures for yeast infections today.
  • Remedies for Bad Breath  By : Rone Hooper
    Simple Home Based Remedies For Bad Breath
  • Can Medicines at times cause Yeast Infections?  By : Larry Do
    Antibiotics are incapable of identifying helpful bacteria from the harmful ones. If you are down with a bacterial infection, antibiotics will sweep your system clean of all infections but in the process might clean out helpful bacteria too. This disruption of internal ecosystem in most cases lead to vaginal yeast infections.
  • The Home Sauna: Your Ticket to Good Health  By : Trey W. Ludwig
    More than ever, people are looking for ways to improve their health and as health-consciousness grows, so does the search for proven methods of alternative healing. Saunas fall into this category. They have been utilized for a long time by many cultures and anyone who has experienced a sauna knows the value of dry heat for relaxation and health.
  • Cost of Lasik Eye Surgery in US and Canada  By : Louis Zhang..
    Due to its effectiveness and affordability, Lasik eye surgery is rapidly gaining popularity in the US and Canada. How much does Lasik cost? The average cost of Lasik eye surgery varies, depending on the state of your eyes and the degree of post-operative care that you will need.
  • Skin Rejuvenation The Effects of Skin Care Products  By : Steven McCarthy
    If you're not already using a skin rejuvenation treatment you will find as we enter middle age we all start to show the signs of aging. Fine lines begin to develop, the creases around our eyes and the corners of our mouth start to deepen. If this is what you are noticing then now is the time to start taking better care of your skin with the use of a quality skin rejuvenation product.
  • Simple Home Remedies To Treat Bad Breath  By : Darren Wumoult
    Bad breath seems like a very serious condition, but it is not so serious that it cannot be resolved. In fact, bad breath can be resolved easily by making use of solutions which can be found in your home. Of course it is essential that you pay a lot of attention to oral hygiene and dental care first but these simple solutions readily available in your home will sort out your problems without much ado.
  • Use An Air Purifier If You Want To Live Longer  By : Randy Rowles
    Life in the city is very much different to that of living in the country where the air is clean and there are not as many pollutants in the air as compared with the smog filled atmosphere you are sure to find in the city where you can be sure that the air is greatly contaminated and pretty unsafe to breathe.
  • The Incredible Shrinking Woman  By : Jo Larsen
    Do you remember getting taller and taller as you reached adulthood?
  • Simplifying the Process of Finding Affordable Health Insurance  By : Robert Thomson
    Having too many choices when buying healthcare can be a minefield for consumers; knowing what to look for before you start can be a tremendous help.
  • Is Lasik Eye Surgery a Good Choice for Me?  By : Anna Nissic
    Throughout the last century, people who had less than 20/20 vision were resigned to the need for eyeglasses with corrective lenses for a lifetime. In the last couple of decades of that century, the advent of the contact lenses allowed some of these people to wear their corrective vision directly on the eye itself. Still, contacts needed frequent cleaning and maintenance, and some found them to be uncomfortable. Then Lasik eye surgery came on the scene. It seemed like the perfect solution for many.
  • Put a Stop to Your Headaches with These 10 Tips  By : Kim Archer
    There's nothing like a throbbing headache to bring you down. Suffering with a headache can deplete your energy reserves, reduce your efficiency, and put a halt to everyday activities. Who needs the pain?
  • Advice on How to Keep Down Your Child's Dental Bills  By : Peter Blanket
    Dental health is important, which is why if you have a child, it's vital that he receives dental care as early as possible. Many dental issues such as cavities can be avoided if they are addressed at the earliest possible time. Your children's dental care can be expensive if serious dental issues are not taken care of right away.
  • Candida: True Causes, and Lasting Remedies  By : Linda Allen
    With already 10 species of Candida linked to fungal infections in humans, a total of around 150 species have been identified to date. These organisms are often found in the moist areas of the human body, such as the intestines, skin, mouth and sexual organs.
  • Skin Care - Serious Anti-Aging Skin Care Tips  By : Amanda Beaty
    Youth is loved by the entire planet. At times though, we feel much younger inside than what our skin is showing to the world, thus denying our inner beauty and making us appear older than we actually feel. Never has it been so important to take the time to care for our skin, this is specially important as we age. With proper care, our skin will look better, feel softer and be overall healthier. With many treatments out there, we have to find the perfect treatment that will keep our skin looking great. There are a few things you can do that will get you started towards an anti-aging skin care that will provide results that will make your skin look good and feel good.
  • Natural Breast Enhancement to Enhance Your Lifestyles  By : Peter Blanket
    Women's breasts change in size and shape over the courses of their lifetimes, starting with puberty and continuing onward. Changes in the amount of the estrogen hormone have a lot to do with these changes in the breasts.
  • Gynecomastia Treatment - How To Choose A Gynecomastia Treatment  By : Tom Valian
    Gynecomastia (commonly called man boobs) is a very common problem these days. Poorly understood, and highly traumatizing, gynecomastia is increasingly common in men ranging in age from early adolescence to mid 20s.
  • Doctors Note Template, Available Online  By : Streat
    The internet is abundant with Doctor’s Note templates. Grab one, fill it out, and make your life just a little bit easier.
  • Doctors Note Template: Customize the Doctor’s Note For Your Needs  By : Streat
    A good doctor’s note template is a great way to create a doctors note to be “excused” from work or school.
  • Doctors Note: An Easy Way to Get a Break  By : Streat
    The latest internet trend – the Doctor’s Note. Thousands of websites are popping up selling Doctor’s Notes. An easy way out or a dangerous maneuver?
  • Tired of working? Take Time Off With a Doctor Note  By : Streat
    Using a doctors note can help you step away from the shackles of today’s working society.
  • How to Get Rid of Pimples  By : Ramu
    If you have the embarrassing problem of experiencing pimples or acne, then you will want to find out all that you can on the seriousness of this problem, which occurs in people of all ages, so one myth to put away now is the myth that acne occurs as a natural phenomenon in teenagers around the time of puberty.
  • Factors That Contribute To Laser Hair Removal Prices  By : Katrina Pells
    The first step to a successful hair removal is to find out about the cost and prices that accompany this treatment. One of the main things to remember is that although a lot of clinics can offer a cheap price for the procedure, not all of these give quality treatments.

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