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  • Your Guide To Buying The Best Horse Trailers  By : Pete Bennett
    Horse trailers are some of the most useful modes of transportation in moving animals. There are many types and designs that suit different situations. Before purchasing a horse trailer, there are many things to consider.
  • Interesting Tidbits About Horses  By : Aazdak Alisimo
    Before oil came along, horses were the main source of transportation in the world. In many parts of the planet, they are still the main source for moving things around. While you probably realize this, how well do you really know horses?
  • Community Jobs For Dogs - What Breeds Are Most Suitable And Why  By : Amy Nutt..
    As most people know, dogs are not only loving pets and companions. Many dogs also serve important functions in the community as well. Dogs help the police and military search for bombs, drugs and people. Dogs help blind people make their way through the world. Dogs work on farms and pastures and serve their masters as tough and militant guards and even soldiers. This article will discuss which breeds thrive in different tasks and why.
  • Does Your Horse Need Horse Supplements?  By : Scribbler
    Most people are fond of feeding their pets; some people know how to elaborate a very complex diet when choosing a Puppy Food. The horses are no exception when it comes to their feeding because every owner will try to conceive the best diet ever. He will try to sprinkle the horse diet with different types of supplements, herbs, minerals and other nutrients. But the owner should pay attention to the fact that every horse is able to run quite efficiently on its basic food, the food it has evolved o
  • The Proper Way to Switching and Maintaining Your Dogs Diet  By : Amanda Maseko
    Some dog owners often refer to their vet about their dog's diet. So after consulting with your vet about the change to your dog's diet, you will want to consider all of your options. Upon making the final decision, you will want to make the change gradually and over time. Do not stop feeding one type of diet on Sunday evening and begin a completely new regimen on Monday morning. Such a drastic change will undoubtedly create some serious results.
  • Horse Care & Stabling  By : Anne L.
    There are a lot of considerations in your goal of safe surroundings and room to roam in the company and security of other horses. By its nature a horse is most relaxed while grazing leisurely. So a fenced in paddock without grass is not ideal in the horse's terms, although he may tend to move about more playing with a mate in the paddock. A pasture suited to a horse will fend off many injuries and health problems.
  • 7 Facts about Cat Roundworm  By : Kurt Schmitt
    An infestation of cat roundworm is certainly cause for concern, but is usually less severe than other feline worms. They are quite common, though, and your cat will need to be treated. Your vet should be testing your kitten at the initial check ups and vaccination visits. Typically, vets treat kittens even when they test negative. After that, testing will be done once per year at your cat's annual check up.
  • The Biting Truth About Horse Dentistry  By : Jerry Carpos
    Dentistry has become an extremely important part of equine care thus it should not be overlooked. More than any lasting horse portraits, horse dentistry is the ultimate key to longevity of the horse’s life.
  • Kitty Cats Our Life Long Friends  By : Paulina Jenkins
    Kitty cats have been over the centuries developed strong bonds with humans. These creatures are found to form the most affectionate attachment to their owners. They are capable of great love and loss when their beloved humans died.
  • Simple Ways to Get Your Horse to Trust You  By : Moses Wright
    This article reveal that it's always easier to ride a horse when both you and the animal trust each other. You can ride a horse that is uneasy around you, but it's much easier when you are both comfortable and steady around the other. Discuss how one can gain the trust of their horse.
  • Your Groom—A Key Partnership In Horse Showing Success  By : Kathy Keeley
    Good grooms are worth their weight in gold at a horse show. The groom is a key behind-the-scenes partner in a successful show career and has his own role to play in making sure horses are well cared for and kept ready to show.
  • Horse Safety Tips  By : Dave Jensen
    Beauty is in the eye of the beholder and if your a horse lover then I am sure you are like me and think they are very beautiful and some of the smartest animals to ever live, but in order to spend time with them safely you need to follow some simple precautions so both you and the horse are safe and no one gets hurt from an unsafe act.

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