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  • Run your Car on Water  By : voldra
    TIRED of high gas prices? Create your own water hybrid. Convert water to fuel, and run your car on WATER ! Save over 40% on fuel costs.
  • Hosting for 299 Cents  By : Jansen
    Mailrelay, Antispam, Antivirus, Webmail, Pop3, IMAP for 299 $Cents
  • The Possibilities of Technology  By : Dexter Bedd
    The internet has been around for a long time now and with the world's society becoming more and more familiar with the new technologies sprouting about, not learning how to use it can hurt your ability to survive in this fast moving world.
  • The Draw Between High Definition (HD) Media  By : Tom Cribbs
    For those who have not yet settled on which high definition disc to invest in, this article will help bring several issues to light.
  • Where Are The Dreamers  By : Burk Pendergrass
    Before answers ... dreams. There was a dream, then there was Rosa Parks... then there was John Glenn!
  • Turn Marketing Upside Down – Online  By : Ron Porter
    The Internet turns traditional marketing on its head. If you think in terms of physical business vs. virtual business, you get a far bigger bang for your buck on the Internet. But it's not just vendors who are obtaining sales on the Internet. Web-based manufacturers can find brand new customers in places they never dreamed of, simply by going online and making their products available to the at-large Internet audience. For some, the sky is the limit.
  • Optimize Your Search-Engine Traffic  By : Ron Porter
    I can’t remember the last time I surfed the net, keyed in a specific search term, and got only one page of results. Now I get dozens of pages and hundreds, even thousands of hits. Ok, so what am I supposed to do with all these hits? One of the reasons I shop on line is to save time. And what with a gazillion sites entering the online universe every millisecond I’m gonna get beat up with all those hits! The fact is I seldom go beyond the first page and rarely dig deeper than 2 or 3 pages.
  • Know more about Your Camcorder  By : M.Awara
    Off course we are now experiencing new generation of camcorders with high technology. If you were working with the older types of the Digital Camcorders in the past, and have been having difficulty of exchanging the tape frequently enough, with the newer technology there is no longer any need of it. Camcorders are user friendly and it only needs a bit of understanding to maximize camcorder use.
    There are a few factors that can help one decide which format to choose of the professional camcorder options. The most important is the optical quality of the lens. Another important factor is the CCD (charged coupled devices), which is the chip in a camcorder that captures light and converts images into pixels to process the video into a digital format.
  • Way to Artificial Intelligence  By : Dean Barnard
    The general perception of information technology and computers in particular has been that of a computing mechanism primarily used to manipulate data and present it in various ways. The comparison with human intelligence has been rather tenuous and in the realm of science fiction.
  • Marking Time On Your Computer  By : Magdalena Sperber
    Marking Time on your Computer The importance of using an external time reference source.
  • Cd – Dvd Duplication Helps Keeping Your Originals Intact  By : Media Movers
    You know, the use wears even the hardest things; time wears even the stones. So, you guys always strive to keep your deary and delicate things, such as your favorite CDs & DVDs, intact. You always want your favorite collections of original CDs & DVDs stay with you forever, don’t you?
  • Want Nice Cd – Dvd Packaging?  By : Media Movers
    You guys always want to keep you favorite CDs & DVDs top notch. You never want your dear CDs & DVDs getting scratched or damaged, and thus you often look for the strong cd – dvd packaging to keep you CDs & DVDs immaculate and intact. Your cd – dvd packaging cases are generally designed to provide strong protection to your CDs & DVDs.
  • Wonderful Dvd – Cd Packaging Boxes & Cases!  By : Media Movers
    Your CDs & DVDs are the greatest of your assets, if you are optical media buff. Certainly, you always want to keep your CDs & DVDs in the ace form, and thus you are always out to grab the nicest dvd – cd packaging systems on the market. Often, dvd – cd packaging cases or boxes are made of the rigid or semi-rigid materials in which your CDs & DVDs usually come packed in. You can find a number of dvd – cd packaging systems generally designed to protect your CDs & DVDs from scratches and other type
  • You Want Commercial Quality Cd Duplication?  By : Media Movers
    You always want to keep your original cd collection sound and safe. You never want your originals scratched or broken from continual use. Surely, you think of cd duplication to keep your originals intact. Certainly, the idea of cd duplication is simply copying the data of one CD to another blank CD. So, the technology of cd duplication allows you to create duplicates of the originals for routine use and to keep your originals fresh as new.
  • It’s Your Cd Printing Guide!  By : Media Movers
    Your CD is 1.2 mm thick disc of almost pure polycarbonate plastic, approximately weighing 16 grams. Often, your CDs carry aluminum layers that make their reflective surfaces, which are protected by lacquer films. Gold is but rarely used for data longevity, such as in some limited-edition audiophile CDs.
  • Are You Searching For The Best Dvd Replication Service?  By : Media Movers
    You definitely go for the best dvd replication service, if you intent on publishing heaps of original DVDs. You definitely require the excellent quality dvd replication service, if you are commercial film maker. Your search is definitely gonna end here, if you are searching for the best DVD REPLICATION service.
  • Blu-Ray Vs HD-DVD  By :
    This article is a brief summarization and comparison of Blu-Ray and HD-DVD media technologies.
  • How Computer Articles Help You Get The Most From Your Computer  By : Darren Callea
    Recently, computers have become widespread, used by people everywhere both for work and leisure. However, despite the wide availability of computers, people still rarely understand how to make best use of them. While some might say you should read weighty computer manuals, or take a class, the simplest and often the best way to learn more is through articles. You can learn a lot from a computer article, be it online or in a magazine.
  • Fix Your Xbox 360 - Xbox 360 Repair  By : Guuru
    Is your Xbox 360 in need of repair? Don't send it away and pay hundreds of dollars, fix your Xbox 360 yourself with this awesome Xbox 360 repair guide.
  • Zen Video Download  By : Guuru
    So you want to find Zen videos, or movies. Well there is a couple of things you should know before you go spending all of your money on Zen downloads. If you're not careful, you could be a victim of the latest spyware attack. Zen movies are available from many Zen download sites, but only a select few are worth it.
  • Trend Micro Problem  By : GDTECHINDIA
    Trend Micro is the Japan-based multinational antivirus company. Headquartered in Tokyo, Trend Micro develops software to protect against computer viruses. The company has its offices located in Philippines, Taiwan, Japan, China, France, Germany, Ireland and USA. The company also has a global virus/worm response center, called TrendLabs aimed to research and inform about worldwide security threats.
  • Repair System32  By : GDTECHINDIA
    The System32 is a Microsoft Windows system directory, which is required on any Microsoft Windows system. If you are a widow user, you got to have System32 working in order, if you want your computer to run properly.
  • ViSolve Offers Free Open Source Squid Support  By : ViSolve
    ViSolve serves around 40k visitors every month for squid support.
  • Automate Manual Tasks With Microsoft Office Macros  By : Rich Talbot
    Are you familiar with the phrase 'all the gear, but no idea'? This is very fitting for many Microsoft Office owners. As I'm sure most of you will agree, Microsoft products can be extremely powerful but at times incredibly frustrating too.
  • Lose Weight With Your Ipod Shuffle  By : Martin Davies
    How a small iPod can help you loose weight.
  • Laptop Computers  By : John Pawlett
    In my opinion, lap top computers are the best technological conveniences of our time.
  • Computer Television Is The Wave Of The Future  By : Ray La Foy
    What can be found through pc television is amazing, too. From local shows to international news broadcast directly from the country of origin, there's never a shortage of things to watch.
  • Grid Computing  By : Sandro Azzopardi
    47% of the CEO's of the US's fastest growing companies believe that their most critical success factor is having flexible strategies to respond to accelerating business changes. Information Systems still tend to ignore this need for flexibility and at times are hard to scale and customise.
  • Time Saving PC Troubleshooting Do's And Don'ts  By : otis Cooper
    Learn how to safely troubleshoot your computer without causing further damage.Remember to perform such tasks as removing static elecricity and keeping your pc cool.
  • Search Engine Friendly CMS  By : Brian Vogt
    Getting Search Engine Friendly Urls To Work In Joomla/Mambo
  • Road Runner Is A Bird Too  By : Keith George
    Dial up connections for the internet is now passe. They are slow and when we need to look in to something really fast, this delay can be very irritating.
  • Why Add Streaming Audio To Your Website  By : Douglas Taylor
    If you have a message you need to get across streaming audio may be just what the doctor ordered. Your website will almost always convert better with audio buttons.
  • Achieving Strategic Value in the Sale of an Information Technology Company  By : Dave Kauppi
    One of the most challenging aspects of selling an information technology company is coming up with a business valuation. Sometimes the valuations provided by the market (translation - a completed transaction) defy all logic. This article discusses our approach to helping a buyer of an information technology company justify a strategic business valuation.
  • How To Regain Your Computer's Peak Performance  By : otis Cooper
    Learn what to do to regain your computer's peek performance and keep iy running smoothly
  • How You Can Add A USB 2.0 Hub To Your Computer  By : otis Cooper
    Learn how to connect other devices to your computer using the USB 2.0 Hub.Understand the differences detween the USB 1.0 and USB 2.0
  • Learn How To Connect Two Computers To Broadband  By : otis Cooper
    Have two or more computers in your home.Learn how to connect them both to a broadband connection.
  • The Evolution of Data Processing  By : Gordon Petten
    Data Processing has changed greatly over time. While one can track the beginnings of the modern analytical computer to Charles Babbage (1791-1871)
  • All You Need To Know About Comedy Podcasts  By : Andrew Manifield
    Many podcasts are available to subscribe to and watch
    in a variety of genres, and one of these is the comedy
  • Keyboard Shortcuts  By : ameen kamadia
    Shortcuts and computer user can use to save time and energy.
  • Downloading A Free Podcast  By : Andrew Manifield
    Its easy to find and download a free podcast. The best
    way to find free podcasts is probably to check a podcast
  • Find a Fish Tank Screen Saver Today  By : Keith Londrie
    Does your computer need to be spruced up a little bit? When your screen saver comes on, are you greeted by a plain black screen or the windows icon that came with your computer? Doesn't this get to be boring?
  • A Review of The World is Flat from an IT Perspective  By : Herbert Young
    I started to see other reviews of The World is Flat from a variety of sources. One of those sources was Processor Magazine. This book review was done by Dean Takahashi, July 1, 2005.
  • The Elusive Practice of Search Engine Optimization  By : Jay Stockman
    Search engine optimization is an art that requires skill, and creativity, a synergy of original content, efficient marketing, and site analysis. These are the foundations for a successful search engine optimization campaign.
  • Burning DVD's: The Storage Revolution Is Here  By : Andrew James
    With the madness of DVDs these days, more and more people are taking advantage of their home computers. The digital versatile discs can be downloaded to our laptops with the push of a button. We can actually create DVDs of our own
  • Adobe Photoshop Software: The Latest and Greatest Version 7  By : Andrew James
    There are a lot of different photo editing software suites out there, from the ultra-basic programs bundled with Microsoft Windows to professional-level software programs running hundreds or even thousands of dollars. Though there are a lot of options, Adobe Photoshop software has become the standard for many photographers, both amateur and professional, for good reason
  • Life After Certification - What To Do After You Have Passed The Test  By : Richard Callaby
    Okay you have now passed your certification test, congratulations! Now what? How is this going to actually improve your life, your career? Have you thought about your plans after you have passed the test? For many taking a certification exam is only a stepping stone to true success.
  • Basic Computer Training: Do we all need it ?  By : Andrew James
    We live in something called the world of electronics. Okay, maybe I just coined that phrase, but it sounds legit, doesn't it? I mean, think about it, we use machines and electronics for everything from ordering a pizza, to sending a letter. How did we ever exist without them? This is the prime reason why everyone should acquire some basic computer training
  • Computer Information Technology: Biotech Is The Way To Go  By : Andrew James
    There are hundreds, if not thousands of places which tell you that can get your bachelor's degree in computer information technology online, but really, it's not the most prudent career move anymore.
  • Computer Based Training In A Changing World  By : Andrew James
    The world today is rather different than it was 20 years ago. While so many things used to run on manual labor, computers have certainly changed the way we do things. In fact, computer based training is almost essential in every field there is. Think about it. How many jobs do you know of that never use computers? I can only come up with a few
  • CD Duplication: What Is It And How Does It Work?  By : Andrew James
    Many times, when people think of CD duplication, they think of something that is not legal. There are some many articles in the newspapers today dealing with issues of copyright infringement and CD duplication. This is true especially with music, dvds, and computer software. However, CD duplication is legal and also many times is a needed service
  • Help Desk: The Solution To All Your IT Nightmares  By : Andrew James
    Technology such as the Help Desk covered in this article are rapidly changing our world in many ways and becoming more affordable for the average person
  • The Invention of the Atomic Clock  By : Steve Gink
    1953 saw Louis and a colleague, Jack Parry, receiving permission to develop an atomic clock at the NPL based on Louis's existing knowledge of quartz crystal oscillators and other relevant techniques he had learned from the cavity resonance wavemeter he had previously designed. Only two years later Louis's first atomic clock was running, Caesium I, designed by the UK scientists.
  • Save Time And Money With IP Service Video Conferencing  By : Ben Franklin
    Try video conferencing over the Internet. All it takes is two computers, two desktop cameras and you're pretty much good to go.
  • Benefits of Digital Linear Tape Drives  By : John Morris
    In our world where data is power, large companies put a high priority on their data back-up and data storage. Unfortunately, this kind of data storage is typically very expensive and impractical for the small home PC user...
  • Web Design - Leads you to the World of Web Technology  By : Harry Rockwell
    Web Design is an approach to design and development o web pages;it generally deals with the graphical implementation in web development using stylesheets,image manipulations etc.
  • Bring Business To Life With Web Conferencing  By : Ben Franklin
    This technology is very cheap and saves time as well as cost and is very environmental friendly as well.
  • Organize and Secure your Data using Information Management Tools  By : James Hunt
    There is so much information that every business needs to have on hand so that they can run successfully. To accumulate and keep track of all this information it's many times easier to use software and other tools to help with this information management...
  • Asset Management For Web Developers  By : James Hunt
    When building large scale database driven web applications which require the development effort of numerous individuals and interoperating teams as well as networked access to a central repository of assets in the form of PHP code, HTML documents, images, source code, media files, and documentation ...

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