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  • Fusion And Surf Music - History And Development Drummers Guide  By : Eric Starr
    The term "Fusion" refers to the fusing of many different styles into a distinctive sound. Not so much as styles as a feel, in this article we will be discussing Fusion, Half Time Standard Rock and Surf music styles, their development, history and influence on other genres.
  • Afro Cuban Jazz History And Development Drummers Guide  By : Eric Starr
    Within 50 years after Columbus discovered the New World, the Spaniards instituted slavery in Cuba. The slave trade was concentrated in the western part of the island, caused Afro-Cuban music to develop in Matanzas, Havana Province, and the city of Havana.
  • Acid Jazz - African Contemporary - Rai - Jazz Styles Drummers Guide  By : Eric Starr
    Acid Jazz draws on many musical styles Funk (mainly 1970s Funk), Soul, R&B, Hip Hop, Afro-Cuban, and Brazilian and it has no standard beats. This article will be discussing Acid Jazz, African Contemporary and Rai Jazz styles along with their history and developments.
  • World Beat - Soukous - Bikutsi - Jazz Styles History Drummers Guide  By : Eric Starr
    World Beat is associated with various African styles including Juju, Afrobeat, Afropop, and Highlife. Learn about styIes originated in the early 20th century in Ghana and Nigeria along with the history and examples of Jazz styles like World Beat, Soukous and Bikutsi..
  • Contemporary Jazz History From The Drummers Point Of View  By : Eric Starr
    Jazz history, among other subjects is a mast to know for any drummer, actually any musician out there. Todays article will walk you through the contemporary jazz history and will unveil the developments of different jazz styles and techniques.
  • Jazz Music: The Different and Many Styles  By : Goodness Maseko
    The essence of the appeal of Jazz music has expanded and became reinvented from the use of elements found in African drumming, spiritual and hymn music, bluegrass hillbilly music, blues, impressionist, and classical traits to newer sounds. Jazz music became popular from radio and underground clubs that influenced other parts of the world. For instance, Europe's French Jazz scene created Gypsy Jazz and South America's Brazilian and Afro-Cuban Jazz sounds. Not only did make it's mark on the world, but it also found its way back to its roots through urban contemporary gospel music of percussion as well as brass instruments.
  • Jazz Music Creation and High School Jazz Competitions  By : Thabiso Maseko
    With research and experimentation one can find traits from many styles of music that could fit together perfectly. There you will have invented a new style of music by expanding your cultural music, or adding the ethnic trait to another style of music. One can always balance each trait evenly to make it difficult for anyone to point out anyone style to create a new style of mongrel music. Nevertheless, creating Jazz music is taking what is known and expanding it without abandoning the main core of the style.
  • The Magical Jazz Singers and Jazz Music  By : Goodness Maseko
    Each singer has his or her own style they were born with. Some of them may not be the best singers that Simon Cowell would compliment. However, there are many Jazz legends and people like them who have their own unique style. The je ne sias quoi x factor of a voice that is unusual, yet pleasing to the ears. The Jazz singers who have this quality have been heard in many clubs, and recordings in the past.
  • The Composition and Basics of Jazz Music  By : Thabiso Maseko
    Listening to Jazz music from various artists will give you a feel for the type of composition you would like to create. You can begin with music arranging which is recreating an old song with new ideas. For instance, it has been done many times by professional musicians to use a public domain song, or ask permission to use a certain song. One example is Chaka Khan's " The End Of A Love Affair" written for Billie Holiday by Edward C. Redding in an arrangement that fit Chaka Khan.
  • The Magic of Jazz Music  By : Thabiso Maseko
    The essence of Jazz music is the ethereal atmosphere of the dimensional harmony created by kaleidoscope of chromatic tones. It is the pulsating back beat of syncopating African rhythms through the rumble of the drums, or soft sound of the brush to the snare.
  • Let us all know More About Jazz  By : Goodness Maseko
    It is the sound of Jazz music that began as an offspring from the origins that created this music. In the beginning of the century the instruments used in Jazz music were European percussion, brass and woodwind instruments primarily for the military marching or dance bands.

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