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  • Music Row Nashville - Song Writing Guide  By : Jim Olivero
    Nashville is now a major music production and recording center. A song is the end product produced by stimulating a composer song writing capacity in many different ways. Below are some proven effective song writing guide to develop song writing abilities.
  • Hip Hop girls  By : Dwayne6699 Adams6699
    Hip Hop girls

    Have you seen a rap music video that does not have a beautiful and sexy lady? Guess not. There is actually no meaning of watching a rap music video or a hip hop video that does not have a sexy lady showing her moves. The artists know it, directors know it, producers know it - in short, everybody knows it. Therefore, in most of the rap videos, sexy ladies appear to make the videos attractive. The ladies of such are known as hip hop models. They are the heart of the videos. They are the souls. Other names of hip hop models are eye candy, video vixens and hip hop honeys; the models are as catchy as the names suggest.
  • Guide to Buying Used Guitars  By : Robert Thomson
    This is a guide to buying a used guitar online. It tells you what to consider before making a purchase on a used guitar and tells you how to get the best deals.
  • Medieval and Renaissance European Music  By : Baden
    While musical life in Europe was undoubtedly rich in the early Medieval era, as attested by artistic depictions of instruments, writings about music, and other records, the only European repertory which has survived from before about 800 is the monophonic liturgical plainsong of the Roman Catholic Church, the central tradition of which was called Gregorian chant.
  • Natural Guitar Talent - Are Guitar Virtuosos Born or Made?  By : Eugene W
    Join us as we take a look into a popular guitar myth on the subject of natural talent for guitarist. We will be discussing this misconception and how natural talent is not a replacement for hard work and for learning the proper skills. You will also learn the benefits to mastering your skills by practicing along with backing tracks for guitarists.
  • Why Would You Have Your Audio Mastered by a Professional?  By : FutureSounds
    So you just completed your recording and got it mixed. What next? No, do not go and submit it to the labels just yet, you need to get it mastered by a professional.
  • Selecting a Great Recording Studio is Important in Your Music Career  By : FutureSounds
    Learn what makes a great recording studio make beautiful music.
  • Where To Download Music - Making The Right Choice  By : Davion Wong...
    Whether you yourself are an avid music fan or looking for a fantastic gift for somebody who is, one of the questions that pop-up in your mind must be where to download music online. Clearly, buying music CDs from actual shops may not be the best (and definitely, not the cheapest) alternative available today. Millions of people have discovered a cheaper, faster and easier way to update their music collections.
  • Why Would You Get Your Mastering Done by a Professional?  By : FutureSounds
    So you just completed your recording and got it mixed. What next? No, do not go and submit it to the labels just yet, you need to get it mastered by a professional.
  • Choosing a Spectacular Recording Studio is Vital in Your Music Career  By : FutureSounds
    Learn what makes a great recording studio make beautiful music.
  • Selecting a Spectacular Recording Studio is Vital on Your Rise to Music Success  By : FutureSounds
    Learn what makes a great recording studio make beautiful music.
  • Take Pleasure In Unlimited Music Downloads  By : Davion Wong...
    Any music fan knows that unlimited music downloads available on the Internet come in different forms. There are hundreds of thousands, if not millions, of websites competing in the lucrative industry. And while these sites differ, offering various music libraries, software, customer service and payment schemes, they all can be divided into a few categories.
  • Choosing a Great Recording Studio is Important on Your Rise to Music Success  By : FutureSounds
    Learn what makes a great recording studio make beautiful music.
  • Should You Get Your Mastering Done by a Professional?  By : FutureSounds
    So you just completed your recording and got it mixed. What next? No, do not go and submit it to the labels just yet, you need to get it mastered by a professional.
  • Choosing a Great Recording Studio is Vital on Your Rise to Music Success  By : FutureSounds
    Learn what makes a great recording studio make beautiful music.
  • Choosing a great Recording Studio is important on your rise to Music Success.  By : FutureSounds
    Learn what makes a great recording studio make beautiful music.
  • Music In My Life  By : Robert II Smith
    Music plays an important part in my life, bringing back memories, creating associations, influencing mood and feelings and sometimes even helps to overcome hardships. As for me every style of music is important in its own way, and there is no bad music, there are only poor listeners.
  • Learn to Sing  By : Mark31 Ling31
    How to sing, singing lessons

    The voice to sing is a gift from god. Some people are born with a melodious voice. They do not need to learn to sing. Others are not born with a voice but learn to sing. Those who have the natural ability to sing need to learn but learning for them is different. They need to adjust their voices to different situations. There lies the difference between the points that those who have a natural ability to sing will have to learn and those who do not have the gift will have to learn. Someone who has tried to get up in front of a group and try to sing finds that his or her voice comes out squeaky and unnatural. They are too self conscious.
  • Downloading Rap Beats Online  By : hipster
    Looking for some guidance for purchasing and downloading some rap beats via the internet? Well here are some hints for avoiding some of the pitfalls that the uninitiated can fall into, but there is an upside to all this, confidence derived from these tips to confidently discover beats of value to you.
  • Cell Phones Poised to Replace Music - Only Mp3s  By : K Cantera
    When the inventor, not all that long ago in 1876, first uttered those famous words through the prototype telephone to his co-inventor, “Mr. Watson, come here, I want to see you,” there is no way he could have imagined how his simple invention would grow into such a world-wide phenomenon.
  • Video Ring Tones Are Here  By : K Cantera
    Welcome to the new era in cell phone ring tones, an age that allows users to go way beyond the simple downloaded song clip, way past the personalized jingle, and even further than the most customized ditty. Welcome to the video ring tone.
  • Discuss Your "Party Habits" with the Disc Jockey  By : Jeremy100 Dawes100
    Hiring a DJ (Disk Jockey) is no longer a simple decision. With so many DJs to choose from, choosing a DJ can be a time consuming procedure. If you are looking for a DJ, here are a few tips to help you choose a DJ.
  • Bowed Musical Instrument Viola  By : Adam Christ
    Many enthralling musical concerts are being organized all over world .Most of the concerts are divergent from the other and eminent for their own music style. There are many concert performances that are not only solo but group concerts and the group concerts will get you to see many instruments like drum, guitar, bongo and a bowed instrument that looks very much like a violin. The bowed instrument that looked like a violin is a viola.
  • Remixing Music  By : Matt.. Byrom..
    Remixing music is no longer as complicated as it used to be, there are numerous sound mixing software available that make the task of remixing simpler. Not every DJ has access to recording studios and recording fresh beats/ music for remixes is a difficult task. Today, almost every remix is made using software, and the ease with which tracks can be cut and rearranged has made remixing music from the comfort of one’s home a reality.
  • Violins  By : Todd French
    When we listen to a piece rendered by Yehudi Menuhin, the famous American violinist, we are transported into a different world thanks to his music.
  • Violas  By : Todd French
    Audiences across the world enjoy various concerts through the year, each one different and unique. Most of them are either solo performances or in groups of about 4-6 members.
  • Sing Your Favorite Karaoke Songs At Your Next Party!  By : Lory Sargu
    Are you looking for a fun way to add some life to your parties? Karaoke is an activity that people of all ages really enjoy doing. Your guests will look forward to your next party once you tell them they can sing their favorite songs while they are there. There are plenty of different karaoke machines you can purchase and many of them are very affordable.
  • For The Irish In You  By : John Eva
    An article made about Irish music for CDWorld an online music store in Ireland
  • The Importance of Good Concert Sound  By : Steve Collins
    Sound engineers are among the most vital professionals working in the entertainment industry. From live sound events, such as concerts and mobile television broadcasts, to the music recording industry and film sound, the work of the sound technicians is crucial. The sound they can produce, however, is only as good as the equipment they have to work with. Concert sound engineers have to have high quality, reliable sound mixing equipment. Whether on the road or in a permanent home, musicians demand great concert sound. The demands of these two types of concert sound, however, are not the same.
  • It’s Still Rock-n-Roll to Me  By : Kevin Cantera
    There are a lot of advantages to digital music, but it can be confusing as you try to determine what format, bit rate and file size are best suited for any given hardware solution. If you love the idea of having access to the best digital music, but you feel intimidated by the conflux of software, hardware, bits and code, maybe this simple glossary will help you navigate towards the best music available.
  • Digital Video Downloads  By : Kevin Cantera
    One of the hottest trends in the cyber world is the explosions of video downloads from the Internet, to your computer, your iPod-style entertainment device, or, more and more, to your cell phone. Microsoft has launched its version, MSN Video Downloads, which gives video junkies all kinds daily television programming, including video content from, Food Network, FOX Sports and IFILM Corp., for download to Windows Mobile -based devices.
  • The History Of The Digital Music Revolution  By : Richard Adams
    Discusses the history of the mp3 industry and how it got to where it is today.
  • The Benefits of Digital Music Downloads  By : Kevin Cantera
    Let's face it, there's nothing worse than buying an entire CD after you've heard a single good song on the radio, only to find out that that song is the only decent track on the album. That problem doesn’t apply to you when you take part in an Internet-based wave that is sweeping the music industry. Music downloads that allow you to pick from among thousands of songs – singles – that sound great. And you can pick them one by one.
  • Mobile Music Sharing  By : Kevin Cantera
    Sales of portable music players are booming, and phone manufacturers would like to join the frenzy. A large and growing number of people already take their phones along wherever they go and now the era of the music phone is dawning, with phones available today that are able to store and play songs. Known as music-capable phones, they're still primarily devices to carry conversation, but they can store songs in their memories.
  • Music Sharing is a New Hot Space  By : Kevin Cantera
    Online music is finally getting in tune and it sure is an exciting time to be a music fan.

    Downloaded songs, once the scourge of the music industry, have gone completely legitimate and now the next great wave crossing the Internet is all about sharing music over the World Wide Web. It is a great place to be! With the industry's support, some of the biggest computing and Internet companies have launched music-download stores and portable digital-music players.
  • Download Free Music  By : juan uflerbaumer
    The music industry was revolutionized by two major events, the first was the development of the MP3 format, and the second was the advent of P2P software like Napster. The easy availability of P2P software meant an internet user could easily download thousands of songs without having to spend a single dollar. Napster was just the beginning of the file sharing revolution (although Napster is now a legal music service), today there are P2P software available which allow users to download and share
  • Meet People Online via Music Sharing  By : Kevin Cantera
    What could be better than having the very best music in the world at your fingertips, sorted by style, genre, group, or album? How about this – all that music plus a way to meet new and exciting people all at the same time! Sounds great, doesn’t it? Just like a match made in Heaven – discover some great friends while you discover some great tunes.
  • Shamanism, and Drumming for the Shamanic Journey - Part 1  By : Howard G Charing
    The Shamanic Journey is a technique which facilitates a visionary experience into expanded awareness. This activates our imagination and creativity, and allows us to bypass linear, familar and rational thinking. In this state of expanded awareness we can find new insights, perspectives, and ways to resolve problems.

    Drumming for the Shamanic Journey, with Leo Rutherford & Howard G. Charing
    It is a CD specifically made for this. It comprises; two 20 min solo and 40 min double drumming.
  • Online Music Sharing  By : Kevin Cantera
    Floating around in the Internet, all just a mouse click away, are hundreds and hundreds of songs, the songs that you love, the soundtrack of your life, that favorite ditty, the melody you first heard as a kid and have loved ever since, the album that you grew up on. It is all so very available smack dab in the middle of cyber space. No need for a trip to the neighborhood music shop.
  • Sacred Chants, Icaros, and Music - Shamans of Peru  By : Howard G Charing
    The haunting, plaintive music of Peruvian shamans was recorded by the Eagle's Wing Centre for Contemporary Shamanism at ceremonies in the Peruvian Andes and the Amazon rainforest.

    Although the chants and icaros have an organic relationship to the medicine plants and shamanic journeying of each particular ritual, and are primarily intended as devotional music for inner-journeying. It is equally possible to listen to the hypnotically beautiful sounds in their own right and simply enjoy them for their otherworldly loveliness.
  • Ayahuasca Icaros, the Sacred Chants of the Amazonian Shamans  By : Howard G Charing
    The Shamans of the Amazon, exhibit a close union with the Natural World. This powerful emotional and spiritual bond, enables them to commune with the powers of the Rainforest. Singing the chants or Icaros, is a way that this bond is expressed.
  • Quick Music Review for Music Lovers  By : Goodness Maseko
    Even I growing up in a modern environment did not realize that there was something called beach music that had little resemblance to, or connection with, the California sound of the Beach Boys or Jan and Dean. Since Howard Gardner's Frames of Mind: The Theory of Multiple Intelligences in 1983 and Gordon Shaw and Francis Rauschers "Mozart Effect" in 1993, there has be much debate and research into whether or not music study can be linked to better academic performance. All in all, there is definite evidence that listening to music enhances exercise performance, allowing for faster achievement of your exercise and fitness goals, improved adherence to exercise, relaxation and a general improvement in physical and mental well being.
  • What to Know Concerning The Music Industry  By : Goodness Maseko
    While carousel music boxes, ballerina music boxes, antique music boxes, and children's jewelry boxes are examples of music boxes some music box and antique collectors may already have, adding novelty music boxes and musical movements such as the ones addressed in this article would make their collector even more unique. For the music box and antique collector, there are other interesting and unique pieces of musical art, which can be found in addition to ballerina music boxes, music figurines, and wooden jewelry boxes. There are specific things a music box collector should look for when they try to assess the date of a music jewelry box, inlaid music box, ballerina music boxes, carousel music box, and other antique music boxes.
  • Everything You Need To Start A Record Digital Label  By : Dennis R. Sinnott
    An article which gives help and advice to recording artists, producers, songwriters and musicians generally on how to set up and operate a digital record label.
  • Lets Learn Guitar  By : Tom Johnson
    You will in the beginning,like so many new guitar players spend a lot of time dreaming how cool it is going to be when you can really impress your friends and family, with some special song your going to learn.
  • Stand Up for Love: Destiny's Help  By : Alex Ellorde
    This article reviews the single of Destiny's Child entitled “Stand Up For Love.” The song which was used in the wake of Hurricane Katrina's adverse effect to the country of America. This also tackles the possibility of music as anxiety relief.
  • Music And Politics, Today?!  By : corry
    To interview with the etnomusicologo and saxophonist Jerome Camal.
    of Franco Bergoglio
  • Free Music Downloads  By : Jon Banks
  • The Hands And The Piano - Part Two  By : Mike Shaw
    The damper of the piano is the only means of stopping the string's vibrations, which would otherwise continue, longer than is wanted. In violin playing, the same stoppage of tone takes place when the player stops drawing the bow across the strings.
  • Body Motion And The Piano - Part One  By : Mike Shaw
    The peculiarities of the mechanism of any instrument constitute in all cases a law for the application of the energy to be expended upon that mechanism. In so far as energy is correctly applied, the machine or mechanism should give back an equivalent of work done; but if the power applied is lacking or weak, then the results obtained will also be the same.
  • The Key, Hammer And Damper Mechanism Of The Piano – Part Two  By : Mike Shaw
    When a key on the piano is pushed down, and then kept down, it will be noticed that the tone continues sounding for a considerable time after the push has taken place, and ceases whenever the key is allowed to rise.
  • The Key, Hammer And String Mechanism Of The Piano – Part One  By : Mike Shaw
    The piano, while similar in some of its features too many other kinds of musical instruments, differs materially in several important points from all other kinds.
  • The Physical Action Of Playing The Piano  By : Mike Shaw
    In examining the nature of the hand, it will be necessary at this stage to exclude any consideration of it other than as something to be acted upon. It will afterwards, in its relation to the keyboard, be considered as an agent.
  • Play The Piano With Expression - Part 2  By : Mike Shaw
    But before any accurate observations can be made of what the hand is doing, it is necessary that the eye should know what to look for, as it can see only that which it brings the power of seeing. “No man can learn what he has not the preparation for learning.”
  • The History Of Music – The United Kingdom  By : Mike Shaw
    Music in Britain prior to the seventeenth century, or at any rate the latter part of the sixteenth, presents itself under very much the same aspects as on the Continent. On the one hand Church music, on the other Minstrelsy and latterly, the rise of a secular art, secular in spirit but hampered with Church traditions.
  • A Brief Music History Of The Town Minstrel Part 2  By : Mike Shaw
    If a noble was unlucky enough to be ridiculed by a Troubadour, he could be assured that within a short time every court and castle in Southern Europe would be laughing at him. In some cases, he may have to defend himself and his property against hostile neighbours.
  • Guitar Lessons Online  By : Peter Finlay
    Learning to play the guitar is a challenging but rewarding pursuit, demanding practice and determination over a number of years to play to standard.
  • Learn To Play Guitar At Home  By : Peter Finlay
    When most people decide to learn the guitar, they see the only natural option as approaching a professional tutor.
  • A Beginner's Guide To Learning Guitar  By : Peter Finlay
    As an absolute beginner looking to learn the guitar, getting on the right track can be quite confusing. More likely than not, you will be confronted with a variety of conflicting information about who to see and how to start learning guitar.
  • MBop Megastore – Music From Every Genre For Every Generation  By : Garanichev
    With this massive selection of music comes the problem of actually directing and guiding people to brilliant music that may otherwise have stayed undiscovered. One way MBop are planning to achieve this is by using expert advisors to write content for the site.
  • Music History - Part 1  By : Mike Shaw
    Music, like articulate, connected speech, must be reckoned one of the primary things or human life. It is almost impossible to conceive of the existence of a race of people unpossessed of at least some rudimentary form of music, and certainly no such race has yet been discovered.
  • Enlightening You About Ipod  By : Gigi Villanueva
    Simply put, the ipod is a brand for moveable media players. It is able to play MP3, AAC/M4A, Protected AAC, AIFF, WAV, Audible audio book, and Apple Lossless audio file formats. Ipods are designed and marketed by Apple. All information about ipods can be found at
  • MBop Megastore  By : Garanichev
    Mp3 downloads are responsible for probably the biggest change in music buying habits since the invention of vinyl. Whether it will be good or bad for the industry is a matter of some dispute, but it has happened, and a period of adjustment is inevitable whilst the old guard find their feet.
  • Playing Guitar - A Reflection Of Your Soul  By : Arthor Pens
    The guitar, be it electric or acoustic, is the most versatile of instruments. You can strum a few chords, adopt a highly disciplined classical guitar technique, or play sophisticated jazz chord and scale progressions. The choice is yours.
  • Piano Books: The Top Piano Books To Help You Become a Better Piano Player  By : Duane Shinn
    There are thousands of piano books available in music stores and online at such places as Amazon. And piano books are usually necessary if your goal is to become a better pianist. But how does a person know which piano books are necessary and which books are redundant, to say nothing of good or bad.
  • Music Theory & Harmony: The Key To Understanding How Music Works!  By : Duane Shinn
    Learning music theory and harmony is not just an option you can take or leave: it is part and parcel of the "stuff of music". And yet the majority of piano players ignore the very thing that would take them to the next level in their playing and knowledge -- music theory & harmony.
  • Piano Playing Secrets Of The Pros  By : Duane Shinn
    It's not surprising that professional piano players have some tricks up their sleeves that the rest of us mortals don't have. But that doesn't mean we can't try to emulate the great pianists.
  • Guitar Chord Lesson: Learn To Play Nice Sounding Guitar Chords In D  By : Peter Edvinsson
    A guitar is an amazing instrument. Sometimes hard to play but with easy nice sounding guitar chord secrets everywhere. Let's explore some easy but nice guitar chords.
  • Piano Lesson: Learn To Play Amazing Grace  By : Peter Edvinsson
    Amazing Grace for piano is a popular song on the internet. In this piano lesson we will learn to play this song with melody and chords without the use of sheet music. We will start by finding the note C.
  • Upgrading Your Stock Earbuds With The Best Headphones For Your Mp3 Player  By : Douglas Taylor
    The invention of the mp3 player has changed the way we listen to music. Never before have you been able to take your music with you as easily as you can with a small portable mp3 player. These wonderful gadgets can be made even better with the proper accessories.
  • Josh Groban - Modern Classical Sensation  By : Adrian Adams
    Josh Groban, an extremely popular Classical and Pop singer, has done amazing things with his music, being nominated for various awards and having his album "Josh Groban" go double platinum, which is quite a musical feat.
  • Green Day Revives Punk Rock Music  By : Jimmy Cox
    Green Day is an American punk rock trio composed of Tre Cool on drums, Mike Dirnt on bass and Billie Joe Armstrong on lead vocals and guitars. They have backup members for guitars (Jason White), keyboards (Jason Freese) and trumpet (Ronnie Blake).
  • Ukulele Tab: Learn To Play Amazing Grace  By : Peter Edvinsson
    Do you know that you can play melodies on your ukulele? Amazing Grace is a popular christian hymn. It doesn't contain many notes and it is quite easy to play on ukulele with the help of ukulele tab notation. Let's learn Amazing Grace!
  • Taking The Legal Way In Finding Free MP3 Downloads  By : Ian Jefferson
    While the phrase "free mp3 downloads" often conjures up images of the peer-to-peer file sharing networks that are constantly embroiled in legal battles, there are other, legal ways to get your mp3 fix without resorting to legally questionable resources.
  • You Can Learn To Play A Guitar  By : Douglas Taylor
    A person can learn how to play a guitar without a whole lot of extra stuff. There are gadgets and a lot of bells and whistles you can purchase if you choose but the only thing that is a must have is a guitar.
  • Piano Improvisation: Do You Know How To Improvise?  By : Peter Edvinsson
    Can you talk to people without first memorizing what to say? Probably you can. Can you create melodies and nice licks to chords on the spot. Many pianists find this harder. Let's try out a few ways to improve your improvisations!
  • Metallicas Heavy Metal Influence Continues On  By : Jimmy Cox
    Metallica was formed on October 1981 in Los Angeles by drummer Lars Ulrich and James Hetfield (vocals and guitarist) after placing classified ads on The Recycler.
  • Hard Rockers Kiss Still Rocking On  By : Jimmy Cox
    The American band Kiss was formed in New York around 1973. Now over the past 34 years Kiss have sold over 19 million records in the U.S. alone and a whopping 80 million records worldwide. They have even been awarded with 22 gold records since their formation, even though the group has a history of different band members.
  • Music Contracts the Easy Way  By : Ty Cohen
    Were you aware that you don't have to be a lawyer to write or create your own music business contracts? As a musician, it is understandable that you may not fully understand the business side of the music industry.
  • How to Not Be Just a Drummer  By : Dan Brown
    An argument could be made that a drummer should solely focus on just being that... a drummer. I agree completely! I believe part of focusing on being a great drummer is expanding his or her knowledge of music, not just their "playing" of the drums.
  • To Compose Music, First Learn To Improvise  By : Kevin Sinclair
    One of the greatest motivators of learning to play an instrument for most people is the thought of being able to compose their own music, to take their talent to a new level, and use their music to express their inner feelings. The first step to take to learn how to compose your own music is to learn the art of improvising.
  • Unlimited Music Downloads - Be Well Informed  By : Davion Wong
    Unlimited music downloads have been made available at online major music stores. Let us go on a walk through on these online music stores and try to comprehend why they could become the future of online music.
  • Unlimited PSP Downloads ... Is it a Myth ?  By : cher k
    It is not necessary that you always buy the music, games and movies you wish to run on the PSP. There are plenty options available on the internet where you can avail of your free PSP downloads.
  • Unlimited Music Downloads - Top 5 Hot Tips  By : Davion Wong
    It makes perfect sense to invest in a good MP3 player with the appearance of websites that offer unlimited music downloads. Let us take a look at some tips to tap into unlimited music downloads, without being too caught up in the buzz.
  • Download iPod Media for Free - Why We Should  By : Tyler James Ellison
    We cannot sacrifice our right of free speech and exchange of free information. Our iPods will be full and our rights will be safe.
  • Drum Practice: 4 Things to Do in Every Session  By : Dan Brown
    It's better to practice your drums for 5-20 minutes everyday than one or two hours on just one day per week. Here's four things you should include in every one of your short drum practice sessions...
  • Music Chords: How To Become a "Chord Detective" And See Through The Notes Right Into The Music!  By : Duane Shinn
    There's a logic behind every note written in music, & you can learn to understand that logic, and therefore understand music.
  • The Emergence of Portable Media Players - iPod  By : cher k
    iPod is a brand of portable media players that is designed and marketed by Apple and was launched on October 23, 2001. Since October 2004, iPod sales have dominated the market for digital music players in the United States.
  • New Red Hot Chili Peppers CD Sizzles  By : Jonathon Hardcastle
    The Red Hot Chili Peppers are a band that has transcended the scope of pop culture , adapting to new trends while still maintaining their original funk-based style.
  • IPod Music Downloads - Full Disclosure About Download Sites!  By : Davion Wong
    iPod music downloads sites have sprung up over the past year, offering more than one place to download music for your iPod. So you have bought a new iPod or already own one and are thinking if you should be purchasing membership to one of the many iPod music downloads sites? Read on to find out where folks are merrily downloading unlimited iPod music for a one time charge.
  • Runs & Fills: How To Add Real Excitement To Your Piano Playing!  By : Duane Shinn
    If you're anything like me, you would love to learn how to "fill up the empty spaces" in the songs you play with scale fragments, chords, broken chords, and so on. Learning how to "fill it up" with runs and fills would certainly take your piano playing to the next level.
  • Guitar Lesson: Five Ways To Learn The Notes On The Guitar  By : Peter Edvinsson
    To find your way around the fretboard of the guitar is very important. It will help you in guitar improvisation, sight reading, and in understanding chords and more. In this guitar lesson we will explore five ways to learn the notes on the guitar fretboard.
  • 3 Keys to Maximizing Your Drum Skills  By : Dan Brown
    There are many ways to increase the quality of your drumming and they can all be summarized into these 3 vital keys...
  • Gossip: Black Eyed Peas Anxiety Lyrics Express Clear Message - Did You Get It?  By : Karin Manning
    The Black Eyed Peas anxiety song expresses a very clear message of not letting anxiety in control of your life.
  • Crossing the Musical Generation Gap  By : Ken Hassman
    This article talks about the experience of a nearing sixty year old amateur guitar player attempting to connect musically with two teenage guitar players and how, eventually, they were able to find a few minutes of musical commonality and appreciation.
  • Piano Lesson: II-V-I Progressions In C Major  By : Peter Edvinsson
    Let me give you some easy progressions that will help you in your improvisational piano playing!
  • Tips for Buying an Antique Accordion  By : T J Madigan
    Thinking about a purchase of an antique accordion? If so, then you should note first that there are some helpful steps to consider when buying an antique accordion. Few of them are mentioned below.
  • Is DADGAD Tuning Cheating?  By : Ken Hassman
    This short article tells of the author's first experience with open tunings on the acoustic guitar and how he came to appreciate them.
  • Gospel Music Artist Says Gospel Music Will Never Be the Same...  By : Don Alexander
    Why is there such a tendency toward performing rather than lifting up the Lord in gospel music today?
  • Quick Vocal Warm Ups that Work Wonders  By : Stephanie Ciccarelli
    Learn how to get your voice moving early in the morning with tips from a vocal specialist.

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