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  • Ultrasonic Welding: Uses for Ultra Sonic Welding  By : Daniel Jowssey
    How Does It Work?

    UItrasonic welding is a method of joining two parts by converting electrical energy into heat energy by high frequency mechanical vibration and is suitable for plastics and metals. One part of the assembly is set in motion in order to cause intense friction between it and the other part that remains static. This movement is provided by a vibrating component called a sonotrode which is applied at right angles to the surface of the part to be welded.
  • Aluminum - Some Facts  By : lazy submit
    The author brings you an informative article about the metal "aluminum". This article covers a brief history of the metal along with several aluminum metal forms, and some of the uses of those particular metal forms.
  • Lightning Bolts Are Not Straight  By : Daniel Jowssey
    Lightning bolts are essentially the granddaddy version of that static spark, so why do lightning bolts generally appear so jagged and forked? ...
    If you've ever watched a spark of static electricity jump from an object like a doorknob to your finger, you perhaps noted that mini-bolt followed a fairly straight-line path from the object to your finger.
  • Comets  By : Simone Poleggi
    Comets are small celestial bodies that orbit the Sun. They have a nucleus center and may or may not have a tail.
  • Cold Fusion - The Salvage From The Energy Crisis?  By : Knut Holt
    The original reports of cold fusion in an electrolytic cell in 1989 were met with rejection and ridiculing by most mainstream scientists. Since that time cold fusion has been amply confirmed by replicated experiments, and the phenomenon is by now recognized as something real by steadily more scientists. However, in the popular daily media this scientific field seems to be treated as a taboo area to stay away from.
  • The Natural Health Supplement A Viable Alternative  By : Molten
    Many products on the market to day bill themselves as being "all natural" and "pure." Based on these claims, users may believe they are taking a natural health supplement. From the labels on their colorful bottles to the flashy advertisements in magazines and on cable television, one would think that the makers were organic farmers ripping roots straight out of the dirt and shoving them into the bottle. However, reading the labels of these bottles lets you know a couple of things; namely, there are likely ingredients that do not grow naturally anywhere on this planet, and that all of those statements and claims have never been verified by the FDA.

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