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  • Psychic Readings Provide Essential Guidance, No Matter How They Are Delivered  By : Fred Gimino
    Life can be confusing, and often the most beneficial path is not immediately clear. At times like these, seeking out a psychic reading can ease the decision-making process and help you move forward.
  • Night Visitor  By : .JohnSmith.
    In 1982, I had a strange night visitation from an entity who watched me briefly, then dematerialized.
  • Giving A Psychic Reading Can Be Difficult At Times  By : Charlie Reese
    Giving a psychic reading can be extremely difficult because most people that give them have no idea who they are reading for before the psychic reading actually begins. It's important to take a step back and understand your inner self and your psychic gift before you begin to give psychic readings professionally. Some people take years before they are actually able to give psychic readings on a more professional level. There is nothing wrong with giving professional psychic readings if you are really into the psychic realm of things. You have to learn how to give a professional reading without it getting in the way of your true understanding of what it is to be a psychic.
  • What Is A Psychic?  By : Charlie Reese
    A psychic is someone that can carefully tune into your situation and give you the ability to learn from them. They can definitely influence you and your decision to either take or break up with someone. Someone who is said to be psychic is known to be able to pick up things in the spirit world. They can often pick up something through a psychic chat online reading or on the psychic hotline. Either way, a psychic is known to see into the future to help benefit your life in some sort of way. The longer that you understand what a psychic actually does, the better off you will be in the long run. Learning more about a psychic reader is perhaps one of the easiest ways that you can discover something within yourself. You don't have to be a genius to understand the psychic market completely, but you do have to accurately understand what a psychic actually does in order to understand the basis concept of a psychic reading.
  • Psychic Schools Can Really Benefit Your Career  By : Charlie Reese
    Free online psychics have now been around for decades and most free psychic readers are not trained professionally in any sort of school setting. The average psychic today realizes that they have a gift for seeing into the past, present and future and somehow trains their mind to dive into other people's lives to give them hope and prophetic answers. Some people do not understand their free psychic gift completely when they are actually getting involved in their prophetic gift. Most people walk into the free psychic gift not knowing anything and then all of a sudden, they begin to realize that they are picking up things that are actually helping someone.
  • Why A Psychic Reading Should Matter  By : Charlie Reese
    The greatest psychic reading of my life was when I turned eighteen and just starting out in my career. I went to a psychic medium and she was able to tell me exactly what I wanted to hear. Psychic Maria told me that I needed to fine tune my skills in order to be successful in my life. I was not sure exactly what she meant by that. After all, I had just graduated from high school and I thought for sure that the psychic world would be waiting for me. I thought that she was not totally on key.
  • How Psychic Readings Can Benefit Your Life  By : Charlie Reese
    Are you wondering if there is such a thing as having power behind a psychic reading? The answer to this question is, "yes." Psychic experts do have great power. They often will be quiet about it. However a true psychic advisor will understand the ways of the universe and all that it contains within it. A person that understands the psychic reading field is said to be a person with great charisma and hope. You can carefully examine a psychic by the way in which they handle themselves on a day to day basis. When you look at a tarot psychic, you should try to see their psychic abilities first. Every psychic reader has different psychic abilities. Some psychics are: phone psychics, astrology readers, rune experts, spell casters and the like. No matter what kind of psychic power you are searching for, it's always best to find one that has some sort of power.
  • Ways to Explore, Nurture and Expand Psychic Ability!  By : J. L. Brandon
    All of us born with intimate psychic abilities. Many people learn to overlook these abilities as they continually nurture and see the world in different ways or perspectives. Anyone can unlock their psychic abilities and begin to harness their awesome powers.
  • Taoism and Spontaneity, and Your Physical Health  By : Stephen Lau
    According to Lao Tzu, the principle of Taoism is spontaneity - doing things the "natural" way, without using exertion or force. Tai Chi, a form of traditional Chinese exercise practiced by Taoists, uses slow and spontaneous body movements, as well as natural deep breathing, to promote physical health. Western exercises, such as pumping iron, aerobics, and jogging, focusing on power and strength, may not be beneficial to your physical health.
  • Why is it Called Quantum Touch?  By : Fred H
    This miraculous self-healing process is called quantum touch because the actual healing work occurs on a quantum or subatomic level of life. This is the only level at which your consciousness affects matter.
  • Are Psychics Real?  By : Frederick Gimino
    If you have ever wondered “are psychics real?” you are not alone. Many people ask them selves this very same question every day. The answer is often not an easy one but for thousands of years, people have turned to psychics, and clairvoyants for love, romance, and life advice. Some say psychics even have the ability to communicate with the spirits of the departed.
  • How Does Quantum-Touch Work?  By : Fred H
    Quantum touch is an incredible healing system that uses a number of different breathing and body exercises to access a person's inner life force, known as chi or prana. Someone who knows quantum touch will be able to control and direct this life force energy to help heal themselves, or another. They do this through two processes, resonance and entrainment, which allow them to increase the vibrational field of life force around an injured area. This stimulates the persons natural healing ability,
  • Healing Power Of Quantum Touch  By : Fred H
    Less than twenty years ago, quantum touch was at the fringe of medicine but now has become a central topic of modern holistic medical investigation. More and more experiments have proved how quantum touch has been an astonishingly effective treatment for various disorders, including some so-called incurable diseases.
  • All About Balance Breathing  By : Fred H
    Balance breathing is a unique program of breathwork that uses a complex system of breathwork to generate an improved sense of well being and inner peace. Balance breathing has also proved useful in tithe resolution of traumas of all types, mental and spiritual as well as physical.
  • The Balance Breathing Self Healing System  By : Fred H
    To achieve optimal health and well being, you must balance all aspects of your nature, physical, spiritual, and mental. While you may enjoy healthy physical condition, if your spiritual or mental health is not good, you will not be able to fully enjoy your life or realize the complete sense of wellness that you should.
  • Law of Attraction: New Age Fantasy?  By : Douglas Reach
    Is the Law of Attraction just new age fantasy, or is it a valid way of lving one's life? Read this article and separate the fact from the fiction.
  • The Neo-Tech Discovery Came From Poker  By : Nathan F. Shaw
    How the greatest selling poker book in history evolved into a unique philosophy of life advantages found in a book called The Neo-Tech Discovery.
  • Self-hypnosis to Reach Your Life Goals for Happiness  By : Caroline Therancy
    Numerous people have successfully used self hypnosis to quit smoking, to lose weight, to fight shyness, to make better choices of partners, to sleep better, to release creativity or even to keep your every day mood balanced.
  • In and Out of the Meditator's Lifestyle  By : Ken Hassman
    This article tells of my life, at age 21, when I became disenchanted with modern life and took up the meditation lifestyle.
  • Do Fish See Water?  By : Saleem Rana
    Just as fish do not see water, people who think limited thoughts don't realize how they are limiting their worlds.
  • Cancel Painful Mistakes... Imagination Science For Time Travel!  By : Roger Haeske
    Do you feel stuck on the treadmill of life? Are your days less than exciting and lacking fulfillment? Do you regret mistakes you've made at work and with friends and family members? Do you wish you could go back in time and do things over? Then consider using the Groundhog Day technique to recreate your past and to make each day a productive, prosperous and magical day.
  • 7 Steps to Reiki Self-Insight  By : Zach Keyer
    Insightful Reiki Steps to Revealing Your Inner Strengths
  • Cosmic Ordering: The Secret Ingredient Revealed!  By : George Symond
    Cosmic Ordering can leave you with the impression that all you have to do is make a wish and voila! Your deepest desires immediately arrive as if by magic. However, this is not the whole story.
  • Feng Shui Practice  By : John Savage
    This practice has been around a long time and even if for that reason alone it is worth taking as look at.
  • A Composite Chart is the Astrological Chart of a Relationship and it Reveals Important Information  By : Beverly Broeker
    The information you gain from a composite chart and it's aspects reveals the obstacles and strengths in your relationships.
  • The Most Accurate Daily Horoscopes are Those From the Transiting Planets  By : Beverly Broeker
    Transiting planets make contacts to your natal planets which produces a feeling, a mood, and events. These are based on your natal birth chart, therefore, these horoscopes are highly personalized.
  • Manifesting Your Dreams with Zensight  By : Carol Ann Rowland
    Many people try to manifest but get discouraged when their efforts don't seem to pay off. The following article explains how to use energy healing while you manifest, so that your results are far more likely to be successful.
  • How To Live Your Life On Purpose  By : Saleem Rana
    When you step out of the prison of fear and lack, you find a life rich in purpose.
  • Tune Into A Stream Of Well-Being  By : Saleem Rana
    When we tune into a stream of well-being it can lift us into a new dimension, where happiness is possible.
  • Break Out Of Your Routine To Better Access Your Inner Wisdom  By : DavidPaul Doyle
    There are many things that keep us from hearing our Inner Voice, but one simple action that has the power to help us to access this Inner Wisdom on a regular basis is something we often overlook.
  • Pearls of Wisdom or What Goes Around Comes Around...The Neck  By : Luise Volta
    There are sometimes coincidences that bridge the gap to serendipity. How do we know that there aren't other forces and even sources involved?
  • Finding Divine Love in all Relationships  By : Allura Adelson
    How to enhance relationships by infusing them with Divine Love, including a simple exercise.
  • How To Use Candles To Get What You Want From Life  By : Stephanie Davies
    This article shows how to use colors and scents in candles to improve different aspects of your life.
  • Basic Beliefs of Pagans and Wiccans  By : Stephanie Davies
    The very basic beliefs of most Pagans and Wiccans, aimed at a non-pagan readership to explain the fundamental values of paganism.
  • How To Lose Everything In The Blink Of An Eye  By : Saleem Rana
    This is a parable about the death of the human spirit in the modern age.
  • Understanding the Law of Karma In Different Contexts  By : Abbas Abedi
    It is useful to understand the ways the concept of karma is used in different religions as it is an important concept in all cultures.
  • How To Manifest A Soul Mate  By : Saleem Rana
    There is a simple principle to manifesting that once we apply to a soul mate or anything else for that matter brings us what we want.
  • What Are Pagans?  By : Stephanie Davies
    A brief summary of what pagans are, what paganism is, and the basic beliefs, aimed at non-pagan readers.
  • Dreams about Water  By : Stephanie Davies
    Having water in your dreams is a very common occurrence. Whether you are dreaming of an ocean, a pond, or even a glass of water, it seems everyone dreams of water at some point in their lives.
  • Remembering Your Dreams  By : Stephanie Davies
    Learning to remember your dreams is harder for some than for others.
    When faced with a serious hip problem, I received the inner message that I was crippled by my perfectionism. I discovered that I had crippled my own spiritual growth by perpetuating a false self-image, and found relief and joy
    in beginning to acknowledge and accept the negative qualities that I encountered in my dark side.

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