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  • Fat free food can and will turn you fat  By : Dion Butler
    The word fat has many meanings. Two of them are fat in the food we eat and fat that we put on our bodies as a result of eating too much bad nutrition and not enough exercise. It is unfortunate that the word fat is used to describe these two totally different meanings. Because the same word carries those meanings many of us tempt to believe that as a result of eating fat free food we will not gain fat on our bodies.
  • Obesity and the Horrors of Childbirth  By : Monch Bravante
    First-time parents experience major attacks of anxiety as the labor and delivery day approaches. While the risk of death from childbirth is very small, more and more American women are dying due to the increasing number of cases of maternal obesity and Caesarean sections.
  • Weight Loss and Income Level  By : Sara Mendez
    Obesity rates among the poor reached a 147% increase in 2002 obesity according to This made those at the poverty level one of the fastest growing obesity group in the country. Being obese for those at the poverty line is due to make circumstances which are out of their control. Many poor families report some of the reasons they let their weight fluctuate is because of lack of exercise, food choices and no access to health food stores or supermarkets.
  • Poverty And Obesity  By : Sara Mendez
    Living on less than $18.00 a day for a family of four is insanely difficult alone, but now add living healthy on $18.00 a day and it becomes near impossible. This is the challenge families on food stamps are confronted with daily. In 2006 impoverished states such as Alabama, West Virginia and Louisiana have had growing rates of obesity. For example in 2006 Mississippi was the first state to have 30% obesity among its population according to USA Today reports five of the poorest states were in the top ten most obese states (Mississippi, Kentucky, Louisiana, West Virginia and Alabama) showing a direct link between income and obesity. USA Today also explains, poverty areas are generally unsafe, have few grocery stores which offer fruits and vegetables, and many housing developments in these areas are not built with sidewalks for exercise. All of these contribute to the obesity epidemic.
  • Obesity and Poor Male Sexual Health  By : Emmanuel Chavez
    The article is about talks about the effects of being obese or overweight on male sexual health. These condition may lead to blood vessel blockage that may cause erectile dysfunction (ED). Recent studies show that over 80 percent of men who reported to having ED were overweight and obese.
  • Obesity Leads To Many Other Health Related Problems  By : Christian Goodman
    Obesity acts as a host of other serious medical conditions. It is the biggest health problem of all. There are many obesity caused serious medical conditions which won't subside until remedied. Such examples are listed below :
  • Obesity, Sexual Health and Other Health Effects  By : Emmanuel Chavez
    This article talks about the health effects of being obese. Aside from diabetes, coronary heart disease, and certain ulcers, recent medical studies reveal that obesity may also lead to low testosterone levels and hamper the sexual health of many men.
  • Dangers Of Abdominal Fat  By : Sean Cavanaugh
    Abdominal fat is perhaps the most dangerous type of fat in the body. The United States and many other thriving countries have an epidemic on their hands. Obesity is a major problem that is killing millions. Too much fat throughout the body is dangerous, but excess ab weight is extremely risky. No matter who you are there is a good chance that at some point you will have to battle against too much ab fat.
  • Americans, Obestity and Television - What is the Real Connection?  By : Graham Foster
    You are likely to disagree but I did some pretty extensive research into obesity and it's causes and found out one common factor to explain obesity in kids and adults the TV.
  • Obesity and Binge Eating  By : Emmanuel Chavez
    The article talks about the ill-effects of being obesity, a major health concern that affects many individuals in the United States and many parts of the world. One of the probable cause of obesity is an eating disorder called binge eating disorder.
  • How To Tell If Your Child Is Overweight Or Underweight?  By : Dave Davis
    Did you know BMI Calculators are different between adults and children? It turns out you need more than just the BMI (Body Mass Index) to screen your child for weight related health risks. You also need to determine their percentile.
  • Hoodia Cactus Diet Pills: Help From Nature To Cure Obesity  By : Theresa Dyer
    Just for the sake of becoming slim, obese people find no other way than taking diet pill which cause them various serious side effects. Obese people are, thus, always in need of such medicine which can help them in becoming slim without having any bad side effect. And, Hoodia cactus diet pills are now to solve all problems of obese people in helping them in losing their weight without any side effect.
  • When Are You Considered Obese  By : Evano Walraven
    Keep checking your weight frequently and follow a proper diet. You can do some simple aerobic exercises like walking, swimming, and jogging that help you to reduce your weight considerably slowly. A great place to start is with a good weight loss system that helps you understand the proper diet, proper exercise and the proper mental attitude to lose weight.
  • Your Sure-Fire Guide To Eating During The Holidays  By : Robert William Locke
    The obesity epidemic is getting worse so what are you do to stave off this national disease? Now that the holiday season is upon us, temptation is lurking everywhere! Here are some tips to help you resist overeating.
  • More Than One Way To Break A Woman's Heart  By : Harvey D. Ong
    According to recent statistics, while the number of men experiencing heart ailments was starting to stabilize, the number of women with the problem is increasing. This has caught the medical establishment completely off-guard, but there are plans underway for studies designed to find out just what is causing this to happen.
  • The Reasons Behind Being Overweight  By : Zinn Jeremiah
    Considering the reasons for an overweight epidemic.
  • Obesity in Today's World  By : Sara Mendez
    Obesity has taken center stage during many different discussions both nationwide and at the local level. From education to healthcare costs, people want to talk about it and find a solution. According to, in 2004 more than 21% of Oregon's population was considered obese, that number rose to more than 23% in 2006. The causes for this upward trend are unlimited.
  • Is Overeating an Addiction?  By : cas
    This article discusses obesity and the now common surgery for being overweight. After having bariatric surgery, patients have been experiencing what researchers call an “addiction transfer”. This article relates different cases of post surgery patients, and how healthcare experts think about this issue.
  • A Battle of Great Proportions: The Fight Against Obesity  By : fris arbes
    This article is about obesity. It briefly discusses some recent statistical figures connected to obesity. It also discusses about factors that contribute to obesity. These factors include energy imbalance, calorie consumption, calorie use, environment, genetics, disease and medication. Obesity, if left untreated, may lead to a spectrum of complications including: diabetes, hypertension, sleep apnea, and stroke. There are a lot of ways to lose weight safely. Dieting and exercise helps lose weight gradually and naturally. For severe cases where dieting and exercise take too long to produce results, weight-loss surgery is the answer.
  • Super-Size Baby: The Causes of Child Obesity  By : spatty46
    This article discusses about child obesity.This article briefly discusses the statistics of child obesity in the United States and around the world.Enumerated in this article are the four primary causes of child obesity. These are: hereditary,psychological factors, illnesses and acquired from external factors.Included in the article are some tips to help parents get their children off of the obesity bandwagon.
  • How Did Canada Get So Fat?  By : Raymond Burton
    I opened the paper this morning to find out that the country I live in has just taken the number one spot as the fattest country in the world.
  • A Biological Link Found that Connects Diabetes and Obesity  By : Zaak OConan
    There is no known reason for what causes diabetes. There are certainly risk factors that make the likelihood of you being diagnosed with the disease higher. One of the only risk factors that you have control over is your weight.
  • Your Out-Of-Control Assets Are Causing Your Obesity  By : Tammy Foster
    While the media coverage of late leaves you with no surprise at all, obesity is growing by leaps and bounds! Particularly in today's modern western world, the ever increasing obesity epidemic is alarming.
  • The End Is The Beginning: Obesity After Menstruation  By : mjb
    People are becoming increasingly overweight and a majority of this population are postmenopausal women. The physiological withdrawal of estrogen brings about changes in fat distribution that increase the risk for the metabolic syndrome, that may cause complications like: diabetes and cardiovascular disease. The treatment of postmenopausal obesity is very simple logically, but incredibly difficult - eat less and exercise more.
  • Ten Tips For Safe Online Shopping  By : Gillian Meier
    bidorbuy offers online shopping security and safety tips for online shoppers.
  • Chidhood Obesity Facts and Tips  By : Ruff Raun
    Children being overweight or obese has risen to epidemic proportions according to recent research, with one out of five kids falling into this category.
  • Weighing the Cost of Obesity  By : alexis
    The number of obese and overweight people is increasing dramatically all over the world. USA was the first country to notice its people were getting fatter and fatter. Nutritionists and health experts say the main reason is diet and physical inactivity.
  • More than Diets: Overweight and Obese People Need Encouragement  By : Zuske Sagara
    This article provides basic information about being overweight and obese. As more and more people are diagnosed with being obese or overweight, it has become more important to learn about the ways to help individuals with weight problems. This article highlights the need for physical exercise, sensible eating, and a lot of encouragement so that overweight and obese people can regain their health.
  • Obesity: Determining The Cause And Developing The Remedy  By : cathy
    The article talks about the problem of obesity and weight gain. It states that because of the problem regarding weight, many individuals are trying to determine the right body fat for their age, weight, height, etc. The Body Mass Index (BMI) is a method that is used by many too determine one's body fat. However, there are many methods that are more accurate in determining body fat than BMI.

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