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  • Your Journey toward Personal Growth  By : MannyGoldman
    Personal Growth encourages proactive learning. Here’s a metaphor to describe it: you can water a plant or wait for it to rain. When you water a plant, you are proactively providing the resource required for its growth.
  • What Does Personal Growth Mean to You?  By : MannyGoldman
    Everyone defines personal growth in his or her own terms. It is amazing how many people refer to it as a journey, while others look at it as an evolution.
  • Life Mapping: A Vision of Success  By : Kim and Charles Petty..
    Success is more than economic gains, titles, and degrees. Planning for success is about mapping out all the aspects of your life. Similar to a map, you need to define the following details: origin, destination, vehicle, backpack, landmarks, and route.
  • The Powers of a Positive Attitude  By : Kim and Charles Petty..
    I am going to ask you to something very weird right now. First of all, I want you to listen to your thoughts. Now tell me, what thoughts fill your head? Would you label them as positive, or negative?
  • How Thinking Positive Can Make Your Life A Lot More Successful  By : Theo McLanahan
    Positive thinking may sound like mumbo-jumbo to some people, but other people firmly believe in it. Positive thinking is the act of staying optimistic, even when faced with difficulties or challenges.
  • Success Through Self Motivation  By : Elliott Roberts
    The tool of self motivation is as important to use as it is difficult to maintain. The problem is the amount of negativity ready to thwart your efforts at every turn. This results in low self esteem and lack of creativity. Negative comments, solicited or not, can discourage you from pursuing your idea. Don't give up yet. The self motivated person knows how turn all that negativity around and become more successful. Here are some ideas to get you started.
  • What Is Spiritual Personal Development?  By : Dr. G. Steve Kinnard
    You might have read a personal development book within the last year or two. Have you ever read a book on spiritual personal development? What is the difference between the two? Personal development books are also called self-help books. Spiritual personal development is not "self-help." Spiritual personal development is "God-help." In that one change of words, from self-help to God-help, is a world of difference.
  • Small Changes Mean Big Results When Attracting a Man  By : Sarah Love
    Most people create strategies or shields they use, knowingly or not, to protect themselves from rejection or hurt. People use various strategies in life to get what they want - some bully, some manipulate, some people whine or resort to begging. Whatever the method - it usually fails.
  • Living in Abundance  By : Steven E..
    Steven E enables authors to gain instant credibility with his marketing appeal. Steven E gives authors the ability to market to an audience they may not be able to reach on their own. Steven E is looking for all different types of authors right now. Becoming a best seller is now in reach with Steven E. Authors need not look any further than here to begin the process of becoming a best seller. Steven E wants to help propel your name as an author and to make your name known.
  • Unique Discoveries I Found After Becoming Disabled  By : Rick London..
    Not too many decades ago I was living in Washington, D.C., working in corporate America, waking up at 6 am, rushing with my coffee while I brushed my teeth and put on my pinstripe suit and yellow power tie, and drove to work, arriving before rush hour. Only to be stressed for hours on end, long after work ended.
  • Getting Over The Victim Mentality  By : Kenrick Cleveland..
    "Thou shalt not be a victim. Thou shalt not be a perpetrator. Above all, thou shalt not be a bystander." --Holocaust Museum, Washington, DC
  • Personal Life: Improve It through Socializing and Relationships  By : Elias Maseko
    Studies have shown that people that are more actively involved with positive influences can live longer and those people who socialize do not get as sick often as those who do not. These people also feel healthier.
  • How to Make People Like You by Being a Good Listener  By : wcarolyn
    Learn why you should be a good listener and how to become one.
  • 5 Secrets To Having Continuing Success  By : KEITH MELOCHE
    Develop these 5 attributes of a successful person, and you will find yourself moving quickly toward your goals in life!
  • Become A Winner With Personal Development Power  By : Michael A. McGrath
    Is your life filled with success? Are you happy with your life? Are your relationships full of love and joy? Are you where you want to be in your career? If not, then this article is for you. If you have tired and failed before or feel your life could be so much better then take heart for there is a way forward.
  • The Ultimate Tests Of Creative Thinking  By : Jan R. Hunt
    If you are looking for the best source for problem identification, generating ideas and innovation, then creativity is the answer. You can make maximise the power of creativity through the tests of creative thinking. We are all individuals, whilst one of us may perform better in one area, the other may perform better in another. If you are the boss in your own business, or if you are just simply overseeing others, these tests will help you understand the foundations of your business.
  • A 5 Step Plan To Help You Attain Your Goals  By : Alan Allport
    Personal development plans are certainly very popular today and can be put together to help you with everything from career improvement to weight loss to public speaking.
  • Healing the Hidden Self by Examining the Mind  By : lazysurfer2
    Deep in the cavities of the mind is your subliminal channel that circles the subconscious, conscious and unconscious mind. In this region of the brain is the area where the psyche resides and holds hidden messages that when explored one can discover answers.

    Using learning techniques you can extract from this area of the mind and have it assist you with discovering messages from your past that you can use to put the pieces of the puzzle together that will make you a whole person....
  • Are You Under Mind Control? Why Not?  By : Jack \"JK\" Ellis
    How do you determine if you're under mind control?
    It's an interesting question that you can pass around at a party or among friends.
  • Is Your Living Space At Home Or Work Controlling Your Mind Space?  By : Sandra Tate
    Sometimes in your life, there are areas that you know need to change. You can be the happiest person in the world but when it comes to these areas, you feel frustrated, tired, and you realize the need for a change. Whole life coaching provides that for you. By working on your personal development and your own level of desired success, a whole life coach can help you. When you decide that enough is enough, create a trusting partnership between you and your whole life coach. This is a relationship where two equals unite to work together on your happiness and quality of life.
  • Your Well-being And Spirituality  By : Sandra Tate
    Spirituality is something that is very deep and personal to us all. Our well being is the general emotional feelings we have about our lives, including our careers, spiritual lives, and other personal areas. Whole life coaching is a great way to focus on our personal development in these areas. A great whole life coach will focus on what's important in your life and help you find direction and happiness in those specific areas. When you have done this, your overall happiness is improved.
  • Whole Life Coaching For A Purpose  By : Sandra Tate
    Wouldn't it be wonderful if our lives came with a "How-To" manual? Some sort of guide that would tell us how to set a path for success in our career, our personal and spiritual lives? Unfortunately it doesn't, but this is why a lot of individuals take advantage of whole life coaching. A whole life coach is able to help us with personal development in all of the areas of our lives. This is so important because to have true success and happiness, one must work on each and every aspect of life. If your spiritual life is strong and healthy, but your career life is suffering, you will not be truly happy and successful.
  • Zoned And Loving It!  By : Sandra Tate
    Perhaps recently someone asked you "How are you doing?", and for the first time you just felt like telling them the absolute truth: "I don't really know!" The days just do not have that special zip anymore. Did you stop to wonder why? Like many people today stressful, busy world, you may be struggling with the uncertainty of your life's direction. You know when you were younger you had dreams and aspirations. Now, with the passing of time, most are just memories that lay unfulfilled in the nos
  • Creating A Healthy Career Today  By : Sandra Tate
    Your career is one of the most important elements of your life. There are many things that need to be balanced when it comes to your career. Whole life coaching focuses on helping an individual to balance these things in order to move forward in personal development. Many people feel stressed, frustrated, and discouraged with their career lives. Often they are not sure if they are in the right career field, or if they are able to continue with their chosen career when they seem to be spinning their wheels. These are common feelings, and a whole life coach has experience in dealing with the underlying issues which create these feelings.
  • Work/life Strategies To Your Personal Development Rescue!  By : Sandra Tate
    Personal development is extremely important to our sense of well being and our quality of life. When we feel as though we are 'in a rut' or left behind in some areas, we can really have negative feelings attached to it. Whole life coaching is something that many people are turning to in order to create a more positive life and a better quality of life. When we work on personal development in different areas of our lives, we are able to create positive changes and achieve goals.
  • Whole Life Coaching  By : Sandra Tate
    Whole life coaching doesn't have a real beginning. Some of the different techniques used in life coaching have been used by different cultures for thousands of years. Many different aspects of whole life coaching have existed in everyday life in different cultures around the world since the beginning of time. However, around the mid 1980's, a lot of focus was placed on the benefits of these techniques. Different techniques and methods were combined into what we know as whole life coaching today. A lot of people look at whole life coaching as some sort of therapy. While it is very helpful in every area of your life, it is not therapy. Life coaches do not process emotional history, or diagnose or treat mental conditions.
  • The Power Of Change Through Your Choices  By : Sandra Tate
    If you have ever felt like you needed a change, or you needed something more than what you have in a specific area of your life, you are not alone. Many people feel this way every day of their lives. More and more of those people are turning to whole life coaching. This is a process whereby an individual develops a trusting relationship with a whole life coach, in order to further their personal development. All of us have a need to grow, to change, and to develop. When we feel that we are not fulfilling these needs, we can feel like we are failing. We can also feel frustrated, aggravated, and lost.
  • When Things Get Tough - The Tough Get Whole Life Coaching  By : Sandra Tate
    There are certain times when you just feel like your entire life is out of control. You may find it difficult to perform well at work, and you may desire change in your personal life as well. Whole life coaching is a process that deals with these issues and allows you to move obstacles and go forward in your personal development. What a lot of individuals don't understand is that you don't have to deal with these issues alone. Many people may feel as if they have issues with depression or physical ailments. They don't want to go to the doctor and be placed on medication or therapy. There is another way. Stress, the feeling of failure, and frustration in life can cause depression, physical problems, emotional problems and much more.
  • Using Irrational Belief as a Tool of Mind Control  By : MyMindControl
    Just suppose that everyone had some superstitious belief that drove them and you knew exactly what it was. That would be REAL power!
  • The Purpose of Life  By : MD
    The most frequently asked questions I have heard in my past years of practice is, “What am I here for? What is my purpose?”
    Have you ever flown over a large metropolis like Mexico City or Los Angeles and had a chance to look down from your window at the millions of houses? Each time I have this experience I think how insignificant I am and how many joys and sorrows are lived within the walls of all those houses. Everyone is trying to do their best and strive for a better life.
    If seen from t
  • The Weak Link in Any Self Development Program is You  By : MD
    Hi Dreamer
    I guess you have landed on this page because you are searching for a quick fix for your problems. Some magic pill, course, or a product that makes you happy. Am I right?
    Of course I am. Otherwise the self development industry would not be such a huge multi billion dollar bussiness. And guess what. They know exactly what you need. It's the best product on the market. Guaranteed to work and almost sold out. So be quick and buy Right NOW! It's on offer only today!

    . . . . .
  • How To Build A Child's Self Esteem  By : Mike Medwin
    It's often been said that children learn what they live. So if you're looking for a place to start helping your child build positive self esteem and self value, then you should show them your positive sense of self and strong self esteem.
  • Boost Your Self-Esteem and Believe You Can!  By : Cecilia Artates
    Feeling good about yourself is important as it gives you a sense of control over your life. In recent times low self-esteem has been one of the most popular and frequently invoked psychological explanations for behavioral and social problems. This article provides ways in learning to increase self-esteem.
  • Making Other's Bad Habits Your Bad Habits  By : Lindelwa Maseko
    You may feel that you have evaded the bad habits that many people have. That is, you feel that way until you catch yourself picking up the bad habits of others around you. The other person may pass on their habits intentionally or not, but they affect you all the same.
  • Some Few Touch Ups on Bad Habits  By : Lindelwa Maseko
    Some bad habits can irritate the people around you. These habits can grate on peoples' nerves until they feel like physically stopping you themselves. Some of them are nervous habits and others are thoughtless behaviors.
  • Why You are not Already Wealthy  By : Tony Rush
    What you want also wants you. But, without understanding the concept of "Be-ing", you can go a lifetime wondering what's missing.
  • Negating Words: But  By : Kenrick Cleveland..
    I really like you, but. . .
  • 5 Top Tips for Public Speaking Confidence  By : Tony Hall
    Recent surveys have shown that the number one fear of the majority of people is having to stand up and speak in public. However there are ways to overcome that fear and to speak with confidence. In this article you can discover 5 tips to help you to do just that.
  • How Many Fire Hydrants Do You See?  By : Michael A. Verdicchio
    Here's a simple and fun exercise that you can do that will show you in a very simple way how your mind works. Try it for three days. I think you will be astonished.
  • Stay Young no Matter How Old you are  By : Sonny Julius
    One of the keys to staying young, no matter how old you are, is to first ‘think young.Being ill does not necessarily give you an excuse to "think old." Sonny recommends several things you can do to stay young if only in spirit. They work miracles when you apply them. Life becomes fun and productive when you know what to do to make it happen.
  • With Change, You Can Become Your Heart's Desire  By : Ruth Klein
    Mahatma Ghandi advised his followers to "become the change you want to see in the world" and through this method, brought independence for India. You can use change with your spouse, child, work or parent to effect dynamic changes in your life.
  • Is it true? Does Everything Happen for a Reason?  By : Kenrick Cleveland..
    Last week I got a call from an acquaintance of mine. He said, 'Remember that conversation we had about Africa a few weeks ago? Well, I just checked my e-mail and you won't believe it. I won an international lottery originating in Africa. You know, I'm just convinced everything happens for a reason, don't you think?'
  • An Overwhelming Attack of Friendlies  By : Kenrick Cleveland..
    I like the way Abraham Lincoln said it best, "Am I not destroying my enemies when I make friends of them?"
  • Emotional Intelligence, Reading Faces, and Meditation  By : Alvaro Fernandez
    emotions, also called facial "microexpressions", are the fleeting expressions that, believe it or not, you make when consciously or unconsciously trying to hide your true emotions. In conscious microexpressions you may be trying to lie, while with unconscious expressions, you may not even be aware of what they are truly feeling. Want to learn more?
  • The Secret, the Next Step...  By : Duncan Sequeira
    The Secret has enjoyed great success and accolades. But for some people it is far too hedonistic and selfish. Without doubt, energy follows thought. The Secret appeals to the personality rather than the Soul, which is the true reason the Law of Attraction was taught to ancient initiates.
  • Success is Based on Speed of Implementation  By : Cheryl A. Clausen
    You can pinpoint successful people because they are the people who immediately take action to implement their plans and ideas. Unsuccessful people rarely ever implement anything they learn. These people get caught in the learning and analysis cycle and just can't seem to move forward and take action. Quite often unsuccessful people can't take action because they have to ask everyone around them for their opinion and they get confused and frightened by everyone else's opinions. The really ridiculous thing is that usually the people around unsuccessful people aren't successful. Does it makes sense to ask someone who can't succeed themselves if you should do something that would help you to succeed?
  • Think Outside The Box - Take The Time To Look Up  By : Andrew Cox
    Think outside the box. How do I do that? I suggest you take the time to look up A personal story to illustrate my point:
  • Divorce Recovery & Forgiveness - Busting the Myth of the Traditional Understanding of Forgiveness  By : Jerald Young
    Weary from people telling you that you should just forget and forgive your ex and move on with your life? Frustrated by how easy that sounds, but how difficult it is to do? Would you like a new way to "let go" of your ex without feeling you have absolved him or her for what he or she did to you? This article shows you a new way to deal with forgiveness that works without compromising your values or minimizing your experience.
  • 3 Tips to Stop Stressing and Start Living  By : Sandy Reed
    Are you enjoying all of life, or just a miniscule portion? Here are 3 tips to help you hang on to the good parts a little longer.
  • Being Fully Intentional Gets You Fullest Results  By : Enoch Tan
    Half hearted action is half hearted results. The universe reflects to you what you give out to it. When you are fully committed, the universe commits with you. The universe and you are one. All of reality is your consciousness. The situations that you see and the responses that you get are simply echoes of your own signals that you send out. You create your own world and everything in it. You can have anything you want and it all begins with you.
  • How To Connect With Right Attitude During Exercise  By : Kevin Michael Kiley
    This article is intended to inspire people to embrace the challenge of regular physical exercise and that often when the mind and body say no, the will can say yes.
  • How Does Our Attitude Affect our Success in Life?  By : Lyca Shan
    An exploration on the topic of attaining success through a positive mental attitude.
  • You Are A Genius, Not A Dummy!  By : Ada Porat
    The genius you were born with is alive in you and can be accessed at any moment. Genius is your true reality, whereas limiting programming of feeling stupid or dumb is an adopted persona. Over the course of time, you become what you think you are - so be careful about what you focus on!
  • Self Esteem  By : Lyca Shan
    The importance of Self esteem and how it molds our interaction with the world as a whole
  • Do not Let It Pass You By  By : Duke Clarke
    Don't let life pass you by, find out how a high school football team learned this most valuable lesson.
  • Getting The Most From Life  By : Ada Porat
    If you have been looking for a quick fix to the problems of your life, perhaps it is time to ask yourself how this approach to life has worked for you. Perhaps it is time to make different choices? By learning to work with the field of intention rather than the fantasy of wishful thinking, you can attract optimal results.
  • How to Enjoy Your Work  By :
    Do you find yourself resisting going to your job? Are you counting the days until the end of your work week? You are not alone. Monday morning blues is a common condition. However, you can change all that now. Find out now how you too can transform your job into a wonderful service.
  • Stop Saying That!  By : Michael A. Verdicchio
    We are the ones who decide which thoughts we will entertain. Furthermore, we are all too quick to verbalize those thoughts. Consistent thoughts of victory will produce victory in our lives. Consistent thoughts of failure will produce failure in our lives.
  • Success Begins With Personal Development And Ends With Goal Attainment  By : Michael McGrath
    If you want to be successful at anything you must first eliminate self doubt, rid yourself of your personal demons and be committed to the development of your confidence.
  • Control Home Office Clutter For A Feng Shui Life  By : Laurie Raphael
    A clean organized desk and home office can save time, stress and even money if we work from home. So if you're feeling overwhelmed by your messy desk and disorganized office, take a good hard look and see what's overwhelming your order the most.
  • The Self Fulfilling Prophesy of Breath  By : Kenrick Cleveland..
    "Simply breathe - deeply and often, and whatever you do, don't stop breathing!" --Cheryl Lynne Rubbo This is a great exercise in leading your affluent prospects and clients and taking full credit for something they do every day, something so basic and primal that three minutes without it would kill them. I'm talking, of course, about breathing.
  • Where Is Your Personal Power?  By : Mohamed Tohami
    Once upon a time, a Chinese student was sitting with his master under an old crooked tree in the forest. The student broke the silence and said to his master...
  • Perception: Seeing Past The Obvious:  By : Lyca Shan
    Our perception of life mold our experience of life...
  • How To Feel Like A Billionaire – Without A Dime In Your Pocket!  By : Dan Low
    This article demonstrates the power of illusion, and provides an expanded vision of who we are.
  • Finding Authentic Happiness : How To Meet the Right People in Your Life!  By : Cucan Pemo
    If you have ever been in a bad relationship where you were not thrilled, you have probably thought about how you got with this person in the first place. Maybe things were going good at the beginning of the relationship but suddenly something changed. This is not unusual and it in fact can happen to anyone at anytime in life.
  • Getting Down To The Nuts And Bolts Of Creative Living  By : Mary McNeil
    A creative life is more than just inspiration. It requires that you focus on the detail, the nuts and bolts, of your particular form of art and that you persevere.
  • How does Inner Dialogue Affect our Self Esteem?  By : Lyca Shan
    Exploration into the concept of Inner Dialogue as it Relates to Self Esteem Issues in Women.
  • How To Spiritualize Your Ego  By : Kevin Michael Kiley
    Spiritualizing your ego is about learning to create a loving identity that engages in the world. This article encourages people to understand that more clearly and to meditate, not so that they can say goodbye to the world, but so that they can become anchored in what's permanent, freeing themselves to fully participate in the human experience.
  • Stop the Insanity and End Your Negativity  By : Drew Stevens
    We are all good at beating up ourselves and seeking perfection. Yet what needs to be realized is our self worth. Dr. Drew provides immediate tips for happiness, wellness and self worth.
  • Working At Home - The Hardest Part Of Being Your Own Boss Is Maintaining Focus  By : Elaine Currie
    Being your own boss brings many rewards and freedom is probably the greatest but you have to learn how to use that freedom if you are to avoid losing focus.
  • Career Success - Building Your Personal Success Brand  By : Linda M. Lopeke
    Successful professionals know skills and talent are not enough. It's all about visibility, credibility, strategic positioning, and self-marketing. In other words, in today's competitive workplace, it's a "brand you" day.
  • Winning Methods to Achieve Higher Commissions  By : Drew Stevens
    There is a reason why sales are slow. Sometimes looking in the mirror and understanding flaws are a huge step to understanding how to increase commissions. Dr. Drew has a cure for those issues.
  • Perseverance and Commitment - Never Give Up  By : Andrew Cox
    Never give up. I just finished a terrific book - The Road by Cormac McCarthy. In it was a quote that struck me - it has to do with perseverance and commitment and dreams, and how you will know if you are pressing forward, or giving up.
  • Five Strategies For Surviving The Holidays For Singles  By : Amy Schoen
    Five strategies for singles to help them survive the holidays
  • 5 Tips for Recognizing Your Intuition  By : Fia Crandall
    In this article, you will discover 5 tips to help you recognize your intuition, a powerful tool in helping you create your dream with greater ease!
  • Overcoming Performance Anxiety  By :
    Do you find yourself stressed because you feel you have to keep proving to others (and yourself) that you are a good husband, wife, employee, boss, friend, parent, etc.? If you are, help is on the way! You no longer need to struggle with performance anxiety. By the way, you are not alone. This is a very common problem.
  • Three Steps to Winning More Energy by Clearing Clutter  By : Robert Greenshields
    Having your home and your office well organized makes it easier to get things done. But purging clutter and unnecessary items from your surroundings can also symbolize a deeper process of cleansing and purification in your life. Here are tips on how to get rid of useless clutter and better organize what’s left to benefit yourself both mentally and spiritually.
  • A Leadership Tool To Encourage Thinking Outside The Box  By : Andrew Cox
    Thinking outside the box is a critical Personal Skill - one that will make the difference between success or failure. The real critical leadership skill is accessing the thinking of others to help see what possibilities lie outsidethe box – outside the individual world of thoughts and beliefs and biases. Try this tool to get the "out of box" thinking flowing with your “universe” of people.
  • Stop the Insanity - Stop the Self Doubt, Let you and your Business Grow  By : Drew Stevens
    Stop manifesting in self doubt. You seek perfection, instead strive for the best that life can offer you. Take a look deep within and realize that you and your business have more potential than you can ever imagine!
  • Self Improvement To Become A Winner  By : Michael McGrath
    Is your life filled with success and happiness? Are you content with your “lot” in life? Are your relationships filled with joy? Is your career on the track you want to be on? If so then this article is not for you. However, if you are tired of trying and failing or feel your life could be so much better then take heart for there is a way forward.
  • How to Unleash the Dream Warrior Within!  By : Lyca Shan
    Just Imagine if you could overcome any obstacle in your life and come out kicking! Now you can! How? By becoming a Black Belt Dreamer! Learn how to defend your dreams using mental martial arts!
  • Are you living Authentically?  By : Ann Ronan
    How to live authentically
  • Career Success - 5 Ways to Invest in Your Professional Education  By : Linda M. Lopeke
    Are you doing all the right things to advance your own professional education? Why waste time and energy on activities that don't help you get ahead? These 5 tips will have you headed in a productive direction!
  • Some More Deeper Reviews on Bad Habits  By : Elias Maseko
    There are certain bad habits that you can avoid. Your body has no need for nicotine or tar from cigarettes. So, if you do not take that first cigarette, you will never have to face the daunting task of giving them up. It is well worth any social discomfort you might feel to dodge that bullet.
  • Simple Keys To Being A Winner!  By : Michael A. Verdicchio
    Not everyone achieves their goals. Some do and some do not. Some will win and some will lose; some will fail while others succeed. Why is that?
  • Ways To Improve Self Esteem  By : Michael Malega
    Here is an article for Ways To Improve Self Esteem topic that may be of benefit for you, tips, ideas and suggestions on Ways To Improve Self Esteem. If you are interested to learn further on this subject, please check our web site…
  • How You Can Boost Your Energy By Decluttering  By : Mary McNeil
    Clutter in all its many forms is a serial energy drainer. So if you want to reclaim some of your vitality and energy, how about starting with a spot of decluttering?
  • Free to Be Happy  By :
    Sherry’s face lit up. She had just heard a truth that set her free--free to be happy and successful. A few minutes before, she was in tears of hurt when she said to her father, “When I was in the hospital with severe burns and you yelled at me, I felt devastated. I decided that I must be bad and not good enough.”
  • Passion + Purpose = Fulfillment  By : Karin Marcus
    The path to a blessed and engaged life which will give you a deep sense of fulfillment and joy is found in discovering your potentials, clarifying and strengthening your innate gifts, and passionately manifesting them in the world
  • How Your Space Speaks For You  By : Debi Silber, MS, RD, WHC
    Your space tells others all about you. It's an outward picture of how you're feeling inside.
  • Career Success - 5 Ways to Make Your Resume Rock Your Role  By : Linda M. Lopeke
    Is your resume under performing for you? Pre-destined for the round file before anyone sets eyes on it? It won't be if you apply these 5 tips to get your story told in a way that rocks your role!
  • Born to Win  By : Nancy Irwin
    We are all born to win. We learn to fail, and whatever we learn, we can un-learn. It's all in the mind...
  • Follow the Law of Success and Care Enough to Keep Trying  By : Cheryl A. Clausen
    Most people are looking for the instant path to success. They want success and they want it now and they don't want any challenges or obstacles along the way. Yet common sense tells you there's no such thing as a free lunch, so how can you expect to have an idea and then have that idea instantly materialize into success? We both know that's about as likely as winning a lottery or getting struck by lightning. To succeed you do need a valuable idea. Beyond that you have to have persistence.
  • Career Success - 5 Ways to Guarantee You'll Stand Out in the Corporate Crowd  By : Linda M. Lopeke
    Tired of seeing promotions, raises, and the best assignments go to people who seem less deserving? You're not alone! It’s not about luck or talent; it’s about strategy and ongoing effort. Use these tactics (alone or in any combination) to improve your odds of being one of the chosen.
  • Overcoming Self-defeating Thinking  By : Stan the Mann
    Born to Win You were born to win. Your creator has given you everything you need to be happy and successful. You can change your life. You can change from being average or above-average to a winner.
  • Steps To Breaking The Addiction To Anger  By : Brenda Shoshanna
    It is not difficult to break the addiction to anger when we understand its causes and take correct steps. Article offers information and specific guidelines and ridding oneself of this dangerous toxin which destroys our lives.
  • Alternatives to Heroes  By : Mike Scantlebury
    Nobody said that life was easy, but why try and pretend that those who make a go of it are somehow superhuman? Because it excuses the rest of us. It can't be that we're laid back, lazy, lackadaisical and lecherous. No, it can't be. The few who achieve great things, we say, are somehow 'heroes', the rest of us aren't. Or aren't yet. Who knows, maybe we'll get the hint eventually.
  • Success The Subliminal Way  By : Michael McGrath
    Would you like me to share with you a simple statement that will change your life for the better if you grasp the truth behind it? You would like to transform your life in ways that you can only now imagine? You you like to have a clear simple exercise that will enable you to create the life of your dreams? Many millions of people, just like you, have proven that the power behind this statement exists. Would you like to know what this truth is?
  • Life Without Passion Sucks  By : Josh Liteky
    Living a life of passion and mission is a wonderful way to live! When we discover what our own unique gifts are ad build our lives around them, we really get in touch with what our potential really is. We can even make it our mission to find this out about ourselves! Imagine living a constant life of exciting self-discovery instead of the drudging along that most people know to be life...are you aware of what's possible??
  • Creating Goals - Dealing With Reality - The Power of Keeping Track  By : Andrew Cox
    Keeping track – creating goals - dealing with reality – creates clarity and keeps me honest to myself. It keeps me accountable for my behavior - for my own choices. I find when I keep track, good things happen - probably because I am dealing with reality, and not with that enemy of clarity - selective memory.

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