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  • Pet Owners - Do You Need an Air Purifier?  By : Mike Roberts
    Are you a pet owner? With the popularity of household pets, there is a good chance that you are. Unfortunately, with some household pets many pet owners develop allergies to their beloved friends. Are you one of those individuals?
  • Don't Let A Training Dog Collar Torture Your Dog  By : Steve Wagstaffe
    Without training dogs go, well, to the dogs! If you own a dog in a family environment, then you need to ensure that the dog understands its boundaries and knows the consequences should it overstep them. Training collars are one tool to help train a dog, but there are several varieties. This article will hopefully explain some of them.
  • Be Prepared for Your First Dog Agility Trial  By : Alan Wilson
    Prior to entering yur dog in an agility trial or fun match, try and attend one on your own. This will enable you to see how the event is organized and what is required as an entrant. As this will be your first time, do ensure you visit the Novice ring. Is your dog up to the standard of the others? If not, then maybe it would be wise to spend some more time on training your dog on the commands required. The majority of dog trials are held in the open with no fenced areas. If your dog cannot respond to the basic "Come" command, that could cause problems. It is far better if you are confident of your dog's obedience.
  • Caring For The Older Dog  By : Thierry Babineaux
    When you bring home you first puppy, little do you realize that one day he or she will grow older and then suddenly leave you. Dogs live for anywhere between 12-15 years but as a wise man once said, their loyalty will never waiver, not even in the final moments. Probably this is why they form an emotional bond with humans. This is more than reason enough for you to take care of your dogs’ health.'
  • Cat Vaccination - Are Your Condemning Your Pet to Death?  By : Jane Tompsett
    Vaccinating your cat is going to cost you. Unfortunately there's no getting away from that fact.
  • How to cope with Feline Stress and Urine Spraying  By : Scribbler
    Cats are territorial animals. They mark out their territory using a variety of visual and scent signals. Changes in the environment (such as visits to the vets, return from hospitalisation, moving house, new arrivals, re-arrangement of furniture) can be disturbing for the cat because of the absence or loss of these familiarisation marks; making them anxious and causing stress.
  • Answers From a Pet Expert - Selecting The Best Pet For You  By : Paige Harbold
    * Question: How do I choose the pet that is right for my family?
  • Air Travel Tips - Flying With Pets  By : Tanja Martens
    When it comes to air travel, a large number of individuals hit the skies daily. People fly for all different reasons. Some individuals need to make a business trip, others are visiting friends or family, others are going on vacation, and some are making a cross country move. If you are moving, there is a good chance that you may need to bring your pet along with you. If this is the case, you will find that you are subject to a whole new set of air travel rules. Before leaving for the airport, with your pet or pets in tow, you are advised to formularize yourself with those rules.
  • Pets - The Love That Exists Between Pets And Their Owners  By : Chad Wiley
    Abraham Lincoln said, "I care not for a man's religion whose dog and cat are not the better for it." Love between the pet and the owner has been immortalized by many a legends. Many novels described the love and trust that an animal and the owner shares. So did many movies.
  • Searching for a Bichon Frise? Find a Breeder  By : M.L. Williams
    The Bichon Frise is an adorable breed of dog, and literally translates to 'curly lap dog' in English. They are very popular pets, similar to but larger than the Maltese, and they descended from the Barbet or Water Spaniel.
  • Dog Training: The Six Common Mistakes To Avoid  By : John Mailer
    The mindset of a novice trainer is important as they tend to make a lot of mistakes in their way of approach during the training process. Following are the mistakes that are common among most trainers.
  • Why You Need Dog Insurance  By : Geraldine Dimarco
    If you have taken out dog insurance to cover the veterinary costs you may incur for your dog or puppy, then you're in the minority. The majority of pet owners never think about dog insurance - until, that is, they receive a vet bill in the hundreds, or thousands, of dollars. And to think that dog health insurance would have covered those fees!
  • Oh, No! Cat Urine On The Carpet -Advice For Weary Cat Owners  By : Eva Marklund
    Vital steps to take when kitty has urinated outside the litter box. Learn about the 3 steps to eliminate both odor and behavior.
  • Dog Insurance is a Sensible Precaution  By : Geraldine Dimarco
    If you have taken out dog insurance to cover the veterinary costs you may incur for your dog or puppy, then you're in the minority. The majority of pet owners never think about dog insurance - until, that is, they receive a vet bill in the hundreds, or thousands, of dollars. And to think that dog health insurance would have covered those fees!
  • Eliminate Your Cat Allergies -No More Sneezing, Wheezing or Itching  By : Eva Marklund
    Modern methods for Cat Allergies can get rid of the symptoms and you get to keep the cat without the need for medications.
  • Pet Food Field Trip  By : Susan Thixton..
    I took a little field trip yesterday - to Walmart and paid a visit to the pet food aisle. It was one of the most discouraging field trips I've ever taken. I'm not going to mention any product names but wow do I have some interesting pet food sales tricks to share with you.
  • Potty Training a Puppy: How to Get Started  By : Rosana Hart
    Potty training a puppy is one of the first projects to begin once you bring the pup home. The basic steps are easy to understand, though following them will take some patience. The steps are: Keep the puppy close to you whenever you can. At particular times, quickly get him to the place where you want him to potty. Do any clean-up in a calm manner. Repeat the first three steps many times. Eventually your puppy will be potty trained!
  • Potty Training a Puppy: How to Get Started  By : Rosana Hart
    Are you potty training a puppy? The method is not hard to understand, but your patience will be needed! There are just four steps. The puppy needs to be with you. You need to take him to his pottying location at certain times. You need to clean up any accidents in a matter-of-fact way. Repeat these steps a lot and pretty soon, you'll be living with a potty trained puppy!
  • Pet Insurance -Should You Have It?  By : Eva Marklund
    Things to consider before making a decision about pet insurance.
  • Pet Food Spreading Mad Cow Disease?  By : Susan Thixton..
    The Salt Lake Tribune recently published an article warning livestock owners not to feed "cheap pet food to livestock". "Utah's state veterinarian is warning ranchers to avoid giving inexpensive pet food to their herds. Earl Rogers says most pet food has ingredients that could help spread an illness in livestock called BSE. It's against state and federal law to give it to cattle." BSE is mad cow disease.
  • Improving Your Childs Behavior by Getting a Dog  By : Jake Forrester
    Sometimes you can find creative ways to improve your childs behavior. Many times this bad behavior is simply the result of a lack of finding a creative outlet. Children need creative learning experiences to thrive and grow as individuals. Getting a dog might be just the right thing they need.
  • Pet Health Insurance - What to consider  By : Peter D Noble
    Pet insurance is not high on most American's agenda despite tens of millions of pet owners; the reason for this remains a mystery. We all know just how important it is to have health insurance; so we should do the same for our pets.
  • How to Choose The Right Pet. Cat, Dog or Something Else  By : Andy Ci
    Choosing to bring a new pet into your home is never an easy fact. It's not all about it's price or type, but also it brings some new responsibilities to you.
  • How to Choose A Lizard, Pony Or Horse As A Pet  By : Andy Ci
    When you think to adopt an uncommon pet (not a dog or a cat), first of all you must know that you have to provide custom care for him.
  • Is Your Cat Food Hurting Your Cat? -The Three Big Ingredients To Avoid  By : Eva Marklund
    The three ingredients that should never be in your pet's food. Are these ingredients in YOUR best friends food?
  • Compare Pet Insurance  By : Geraldine Dimarco
    Most pet owners in America have not arranged pet insurance; the reason for this remains a mystery. We all know just how important it is to have health insurance; should we be forgiven for not caring enough about our pets then?
  • Dog Aggression Training Tips  By : Winston Choo
    If your dog is acting aggressively towards anyone then this is something that you should not tolerate and be dealt with as soon as the problem becomes apparent. But in order for you to be able to find the right type of dog aggression training for your pet in order to bring the problem under control, one first needs to know what kinds of aggression your dog has.
  • Dog Training With Dog Training Aids  By : Geraldine Dimarco
    The art of persuasion is a good skill to develop when dog training. Your voice is the most important aspect of this skill. It's important to use your dog's name before each command, and to use a persuasive tone of voice. Keep your tone of voice low and pleasant, but also firm.
  • Disaster Preparedness Checklist for Pet Owners  By : michael_stanley
    A handy Disaster Preparedness Checklist and a List of Most Important Pet Care Numbers. A cat owner or a dog owner, one pet or multiple pets, this list should help you get an idea of how prepared you are and point you in the right direction. Get Prepared NOW so you don`t have to worry later!
  • How To Define Better Cat Care  By : Winston Hill
    Your cat will always rely on you for food, water, safe shelter and regular veterinary cat care even though they appear independent. By doing this consistently you place yourself in a much better place to develop a mutual and rewarding relationship.
  • United States Pets at risk for Mad Cow Disease  By : Susan Thixton..
    In 2001 and again in 2003 The Harvard Center for Risk Analysis looked at the risk of mad cow disease to U.S. citizens and determined the risk to be very low to humans. Their study felt that as long as the FDA and USDA continue with current restrictions to processing 'at risk' meat materials into human food and subsequently, with the current restrictions to processing 'at risk' animal material into animal feed of ruminants (cattle, sheep, pigs) the risk to humans would remain very low. However
  • Mad Cow Disease  By : Robert II Smith
    Mad Cow disease is a disease that affects the brains and central nervous system of adult cattle. Its scientific name is Bovine Spongiform Encephalopathy (BSE). It was first identified in the United Kingdom in 1985, however research shows that the first probable infections occurred during the 1970’s.
  • 7 Steps for Effective Cat Toilet Training  By : Henry Matthias
    My wife and children never thought of cat toilet training, but like to rear cats at home. I do not really mind them around, but the problem of dealing with their wastes poses some challenges to me.
  • Improving Quality of Life for Canine Cancer Patients  By : Rick Shalvoy
    When large organizations plan to sponsor studies in human cancer, they have a number of distinguished cancer centers to approach for their clinical trials. In the field of veterinary oncology, Angel Care Cancer Center's main hospital in Carlsbad, California offers diagnostic and therapeutic capabilities that are comparable to, and in many ways superior to, those at the finest human cancer centers in the world.
  • Pet Health Insurance is More Affordable Than Ever Before  By : John B Murphy
    Did you know that every year your pet has a 1 in 3 chance of becoming ill or injured? According to pet health insurance statistics, your pet is mostly likely be in need of vet because of cuts or lacerations, followed by lameness, road traffic accident, cancerous tumor and an abscess. As veterinary bills continue to increase, more and more families are needing to euthanize their pets because they cannot afford the necessary treatment.
  • Guard Yourself from Expensive Bills With Veterinary Pet Insurance  By : John B Murphy
    Hundreds of thousands of pet are put down each year because their families were unable to find the money for their vet bills.
  • Transport Dog Crates and Other Dog Transport Travel Pet Carriers  By : Geraldine Dimarco
    You may have heard statistics about dogs in transport dog crates being injured or lost, and even dying on board airplanes. These statistics crop up from time to time, usually in the context of a fresh injury, loss or death. Airlines do generally attempt to do their utmost to ensure that dogs traveling by airplane arrive at their destination safely. In fact, dog breeders and other dog enthusiasts often use airplanes as dog transport for their dogs, without incident. And compared to the proportion of dogs in transport dog crates and pet travel carriers being successfully tansported, the proportion of mishaps is pretty small.
  • Would Fido Like to go on that Bike Ride with You?  By : Linda Cain
    The bicycle is a wonderful and freeing mode of transportation. The bicycle, first invented in Europe in the nineteenth century, is today the world's most popular vehicle. The bicycle allowed for easy travel -- 3 times more energy efficient than walking, and 3-4 times as fast as walking. Bicycles and horse buggies were the two biggest modes of private transportation just prior to the invention of the automobile. The grading of smooth roads in the late 19th century was stimulated by the wide use of bikes. Bicycles are pragmatic, functional, and efficient. They are a big component of a healthy urban transportation system. The bicycle is a simple and elegant machine, attracting just about any kid of all ages, from 2 to 92. Bicycling has many health benefits for you, and it does not directly contribute to global warming or environmental pollution. It is a wonderful sport that brings health and joy to millions of people everywhere.
  • Importing Dogs and Pets from Outside the United States  By :
    Bringing animals to the United States from a foreign country is not frowned upon by many government agencies. Fortunately, these same agencies understand that the bond between an individual and a pet can be a strong one, so as long as certain guidelines are met, it is allowed, though the process may not be an easy or inexpensive one. There is also the aspect of the financial end of pets. Many pet shops import their stock animals from outside the American borders.
  • Pet Carriers  By : Stephen23 Pappalau32
    Going cats over it!

    Most of the homes in the United States have a pet, either a dog or a cat. If a survey is taken then it can be easily found that pet cats exceed the number of pet dogs in the entire country. It’s all because of its size, and even can fit in comfortably inside a small apartment. Even if you don’t have any, get yourself one today, as a little bit of care is enough to maintain them. And you don’t need to worry, as a various pet-grooming clinics and centres are present to furnish you with all the necessities. These pet grooming centres will give your cat the proper shower, fur cropping, nail trimming and all the related services within reasonable costs. Feeding your cat is made simple by the wide variety of packaged dry cat food available in the market. However, home cooked food proves more beneficial for them; don’t hesitate, as making them is just a matter of few minutes.
  • Reptiles: The Things You Should Know On Alligators and Crocodiles  By : Letho Maseko
    Alligators are the most dangerous of the exotic pets. It is a crocodilian, which comes from the family of Alligatoridae. The name was derived from Anglicization of a Spanish word, which was used by Spanish explorers who were settled in Florida, United States. Alligators are found mostly in America and China.
  • Llama Training: What You Should Teach Your Llamas  By : Rosana Hart
    Llama training is not a skill that everyone needs, but if you ever do, you will find it is a pleasure. Llamas are highly intelligent and they learn extremely quickly. Every llama ideally should be taught:
  • Dog Obedience Training Schools can Correct Obedience Problems with the Right Lessons  By : realart
    A dog obedience training school can correct your dog’s obedience problems and give you and your pet the confidence and understanding that will help them to overcome future obedience issues with ease.
  • Beneficial Puppy Care Info For You and Your New Puppy  By : Sue Tennbrook
    We all know that one of the most cutest and friendliest faces on earth is the face of a new puppy. You bring one home and the whole family is overjoyed - until he or she soils that beautiful new carpet that your mother-in-law gave as a gift when you moved in to your new home! And oh, there are also odd marks on that luxurious, Italian leather sofa...It seems that those so cute furry things need some effort on your part to care and train!
  • 'Best By' Dates on Pet Foods...Why It's Important  By : Susan Thixton..
    A recent article posted on The Consumerist website brings up a very good point (and lesson) that pet owners should take note ofThe article comes from a pet owner whose Yorkie became ill, and after a couple of days in the vet's office, the owner looked at her Eukanuba canned food and realized it had expired 3 years ago. When she checked the cupboard she discovered several other cans of dog food - all recently purchased at PetCo - had expiration dates from 2004. Here is the link to the story -
  • The Dog and Cat Vaccine Truth - Part 2  By : Dr. Andrew Jones, DVM
    In my previous article, I discussed the problems with cat and dog vaccines today and the confusion that many pet owners face. Should you vaccinate your dog or cat, and if so, how often and for what diseases?
  • Pit Bulls Are Worthy Pets  By : Brad Smith 75
    The pit bull is probably the most misrepresented breed of dog there ever is. People generally think of pit bulls as overaggressive mutts that attack people without even the slightest provocation and have the capacity to maul them to death, dogs that are good only for engaging in dog fights.
  • Veterinary and Animal Care Services  By : Patrick08 Jobin08
    The Toronto Animal Clinic and Toronto Animal Hospital provides you with the best possible care for your dear pets. Toronto Veterinarian Animal Hospital Services is a leading authority on Toronto's veterinary industry. It is also the leading source for animal clinics and animal hospitals in Ontario. It provides reasonable services at very effective prices.
  • Reef Tank Lighting  By : BuyLiveCoral
    Reef Tank lighting is one of the most important aspects of reef keeping and undoubtedly the most discussed debated and disagreed about too!
  • 8 Signs Your Pet Thinks You Are A Loser  By : Susan Thixton..
    So you want to think that all pet foods are the same? Ok, here are my 8 signs your pet thinks you're a loser
  • How Is The Largest Beef Recall In History Connected To Pets?  By : Susan Thixton..
    The U.S. is experiencing the largest beef recall in history. Major television networks and social websites on the Internet have provided a hidden camera video provided by the Humane Society showing downer cattle - animals that are sick or diseased and unable to stand - being prodded with fork lifts and beaten in attempts to move them to the slaughter area. If you can stomach it, the link to the video is below. The video is very difficult to view and alarming to know that any meat processor would disregard the safety of U.S. citizens and process diseased animals into human food. Pet owners should be aware that even though it is illegal to process downer cattle into human food, it is legal and common to process these downer animals into pet food.
  • The Magic Of Stray Dogs And Cats  By : Rick London..
    We all want to be loved. So we enter a relationship. We often feel let down. It does not feel conditional, the way our grandparents treated us as children. We miss it. We sometimes received it from our parents as well. In any case, it seems to evaporated from the planet. Or has it?
  • Pet Owners Continue To Be Concerned With Imports  By : Susan Thixton..
    You might have heard of this story in the national news, it happened this week - the day before Valentines Day - in a neighboring city to where I live.A small shard of metal was found in a child's Valentines sucker - a Pokemon Valentine sucker - and the product was quickly recalled.As soon as the story broke here on local news - before they even announced where the product was made - I knew where it came from.It was made in China.
  • Pet Insurance Companies  By : Charlie Reese
    An intuitive look at Pet Insurance Companies
  • Nano Reef Tank Setup  By : BuyLiveCoral
    If you are into reef tanks and your curiosity drove you to know more about Nano Reef tanks, read on.
  • The Pet Vaccine Truth: Part 1  By : Dr. Andrew Jones
    Most pet owners today are finding the whole issue of pet vaccines more and more confusing. Your local conventional veterinarian is telling you that "you should, as a responsible pet owner, follow my advice - vaccinate your dog and cat every year" with annual boosters. And at the same time you've read the horrible stories about pets who develop cancer right at the site of a vaccine injection, and many other stories about adverse reactions to vaccines in both cats and dogs.
  • Buy A Funny T Shirt Help A Dog Or Cat  By : Rick London..
    Though humans tend to have very many differences, nothing can bring us closer together than a cute puppy or kitty. They seem to have a special spirit with which humans can connect.
  • Understanding Cancer In Labradors  By : Richard Cussons
    Labradors are popular for their detection and working abilities. They are widely used by people like police as assistance dogs in the United States, Australia and many other countries. But how can they be of service to people when they are sick?
  • Help To Avoid Another Pet Food Recall  By : Susan Thixton..
    The pet food recall that began in March of 2007 was the worst in history. No one can tell you for certain that a pet food will not be recalled, but there are things to look for and avoid that can improve your chances to locate a healthy, safe food for your dog or cat.
  • Shopping Tips To Find The Perfect Pet Food  By : Susan Thixton..
    I've been asked more than once - more than a bunch of times - what is the perfect pet food? I wish there was an answer to that - a perfect pet food. I have a food that I like - that I trust - but it might not be what you want for your dog or cat. There are many good manufacturers - many good foods to choose from.
  • Skin Cancer Is Not Only A Human Disease  By : Sterling Ostin
    We humans are all too aware of the risks and dangers of skin cancer. We protect our children with high SPF sun block, and we protect ourselves by avoiding the sun during peak hours. But, not everyone realizes that pets are also susceptible to sun damage.
  • Training Your Ferret To Use The Litter Box  By : Helena Michaels
    Ferrets are lovely little animals, who want to make their owners happy. However, you will need to litter train them, as if they need to go, they will go! Ferrets are very trainable and litter training is no exception, especially once you understand their natural habits.
  • Choosing The Right Kinds Of Healthy Homemade Dog Food Recipes  By : Allison Thompson
    As a pet owner you are concerned as to what ingredients are contained within the commercial dog food that they eat. In fact a number of foods have recently been recalled because of this issue and although convenient are not the best option for your dog. The far majority of these types of dog foods are made up using fillers, artificial colors and unnatural flavors along with meat which is of a substandard compared to what we would eat. In some cases the meat may even have come from a country where they do not have any regulations relating to the processing of such products. So if you are at all worried about the health of your dog then why not think about making healthy homemade dog food for them instead.
  • Exercise for your Pets is Vital to a Healthy Relationship between Humans and Pets  By : petcarriers
    Without proper pet exercise, you will not maintain the happiness in the relationship between you and your pet. Taking care of your pet is a necessity.
  • Horse Training versus Dog Training  By : Amy Nutt..
    Training a dog vs. training a horse are two different animals (no pun intended!) but the do in fact bear a lot of similarities to each other. The ultimate goal of training any domesticated animal is having the animal be compliant to our wishes and attentive to our commands. Whether you are setting out to train a dog or a horse, that concept should be your end game.
  • How to Deal with Dog Separation Anxiety and Cat Spraying!  By : Scribbler
    No matter how well you treat your dog, or how obedient and affection he or she is when you are there, separation anxiety may still be a problem.

    Separation anxiety manifests itself in many different ways. Some dogs tear up papers, chew furniture, soil the carpet, howl and/or cry. Exactly what happens will vary from dog to dog....but one thing is for sure, the dog has a problem when left alone.
  • Pet Insurance - The Argument For And Against  By : Jim Hofman
    Many pet owners will do everything they can to make sure their pets have long, happy, and healthy lives.
  • Raising A Pet Ferret  By : Trevor Goald
    Fun does come in small packages!
  • Brief History Of The Dogue De Bordeaux (french Mastiff))  By : Rick London..
    There are as many Dogue de Bordeaux origination theories as there are Hollywood star meltdowns. Most of them seem to have credibility and are believable, but they range from the Dogue being first bred from the Bulldog and several other breeds to the Dogue pre-dating their alleged parents to the stories of being born and raised in Tibet to the fact that dog in Rome during Julius Caesar's reign. The most agreed upon origination theory was ancient France, where they lived in Aquitine. The one thing canine historians agree upon is that these ancient Bordeauxs share the same link as all 21st century Molossers.
  • Why Take Out Pet Insurance?  By : Nicholas Hunt
    Insurance is something that few of us like paying, no matter what it is we're covering. A policy for your pets, however, can literally be a lifesaver if circumstances take an unhappy turn.
  • Betta Fish Care - Tips To Keep Your Betta Happy And Healthy  By : George Best..
    Because betta fish can be kept in relatively simple containers as opposed to large aquariums with complicated filtration systems, many people are attracted to them as easy to care for, yet beautiful tropical fish. But betta fish care does require some frequent work to keep the fish happy and healthy.
  • Pet Classifieds | Buy a Pet | Sell a Pet  By : Ian Brinian
    The best source for all things pet on the internet: Pet Classifieds!
  • Pet Classifieds, Your #1 Source for All Things Pet!  By : Ian Brinian
    As you may already know, finding that perfect pet that completes your family is a daunting task and very tiresome. This chore is mostly attributed to the media that is utilized: Newspapers and cheap websites. They offer ad placement for next to nothing (or nothing). That reminds me of the old saying: "you get what you pay for". All the newspapers and other websites want is to pack ads on their pages so they can ad enormous advertising to their pages. Their primary goal is for the visitors to buy
  • Things We Definitely Should Know About Our Pets  By : Letho Maseko
    When purchasing pet insurance online or requesting a quote, you will have to fill out a form that asks for standard information such as the breed of your pet, etc. It's easy to assume that you'll never make good use of pet insurance but with the "blame" culture becoming increasingly evident over recent years its sheer folly to even consider having a pet without taking out pet insurance. You might believe that if veterinary treatment is too expensive you'd rather have your pet put down instead of taking out pet insurance but will you feel the same way once you've become attached.
  • Our Pets Need Holiday Attention, Too  By : J Gardener
    Christmas is a time during which we plan celebrations for our families. Every year, we gather to express our fellowship and love, with parties and feasts repeated throughout the season.
  • Aging Pets and Senility  By : Elyse Grau
    As dogs and cats age, they may start to show odd behaviors. Know what they mean, and what you can do about it.
  • Managing Arthritis in Dogs and Cats  By : Elyse Grau
    Dogs and cats can live comfortably with arthritis. This article will tell you how.
  • Your Pet: The Basic Things You Should Know  By : Letho Maseko
    With pet care, holistic pet care is becoming more vast, not because it's another way for merchants to make money, but simply because it's a superior way to care for our pets. But on the other hand if you think a pet insurance plan is not something you would like, there are other alternatives to provide proper pet care for your pet at a discounted price to you.
  • Dogs with False Pregnancy  By : Alison Grimston
    In this article, I have discussed the physiology of false (or phantom) pregnancy, and suggested ways in which we can help bitches to cope with the pressures involved.
  • Who Else Wants Attractive Pet Friendly Furniture  By : Darlene Berkel
    If you want to allow your pet access to the house, but want to make sure that there is as little possibility for damage as possible, then you may need to "pet proof" your home.
  • Useful Ideas On Potty Training A Dog  By : Mendy Stern
    Potty training a dog is one of the first things every dog owner faces. Here are a few ideas that will help you with potty training that you can start right away with.
  • How to Keep Koi Carp  By : Sophie White
    This article gives a quick background and introduction on how to keep Koi Carp Fish.
  • What Everybody Needs To Know About Pet Safe Plants  By : Darlene Berkel
    There are plants that are relatively safe for animals, and others that are harmful for your pets. You just need to do a little research before you buy.
  • Avoid Making a Gift of a Pet  By : Elyse Grau
    Why it is not a good idea to give someone a dog or cat as a gift.
  • Skin Problems in Dogs and Cats  By : Elyse Grau
    The most common complaint pet owner's have is some kind of skin or coat disorder in their dog or cat. This article describes some common problems and their causes.
  • How to Choose a Good Dog Food or Cat Food  By : Elyse Grau
    Choosing a dog food or cat food for your pet can be confusing, especially given the wide array of pet foods to choose from. This article will help you make the best choices for your dog or cat.
  • Find the Perfect Cat or Kitten at Local Animal Shelter  By : Elyse Grau
    If you are considering getting a new kitten or cat, this article hopes to convince you to adopt from a shelter.
  • The Truth About Pet Food – Dogs & Cats  By : Claris Rivers
    Do you really know what's in commercial dog and cat food? Are you aware that you may be poisoning your dear pet? The Truth About Pet Food exposes the nasty ingredients used in factory-made pet food so you can understand the risks associated with it and start to make better choices on feeding your pet healthy alternatives.
  • Dogs, Cats and Winter Weather  By : Elyse Grau
    Winter brings cold weather and some dangers to pets. Here is how to avoid problems in cold weather.
  • Dog Body and Mouth Odor - How to Get Rid of it Effectively  By : Natthanon Akarananpakorn
    Discover How To Remove Odor Of Dog With Unique Pet Odor Eliminator.
  • Choices for Pet Identification  By : Elyse Grau
    There are a number of options for pet identification methods. Using at least one of these will increase your chances of getting your dog or cat back should it become lost.
  • Hiring a Pet Sitter for the First Time  By : Elyse Grau
    Wondering what to do with your pet while you're on vacation? A pet sitter might just be the answer. This article will help take the stress out of finding just the right sitter for your pets.
  • Pet Ferret Introduction - History and Characteristics  By : Moses Wright
    An introduction to pet ferrets. This article reveals that ferrets are very unique pets to own. They are named after the Latin word “furonem” which means “thief.” They were named this because of their propensity to hoard and save food and toys in hiding places. Ferrets are now some of the most popular household pets out there.
  • Pets and Stress  By : Ainsley Laing
    Do pets really help us reduce our stress levels? Find out about one woman's "experiment" to see.
  • An Extremely Intelligent Dog, The Yorkshire Terrier  By : Randy Taylor
    The Yorkshire Terrier, (nicknamed Yorkie), is a breed of small dog in the toy category. The long-haired terrier is known for its playful demeanor and distinctive blue and tan coat.
  • Finding Pet Friendly Colleges and Universities  By : Darlene Berkel
    Thankfully, many authorities are starting to realize that pets can be a great stress reliever, and that pet owners tend to be happier and more relaxed than non-pet owners. Colleges and Universities are therefore becoming increasingly pet friendly.
  • Your Pet's Eating Habits and Digestive Health  By : Stacy Kubach
    The digestive system of a dog is acidic and their digestive systems don't include the human-like long intestine. Therefore, they digest one type of protein at a time, unlike what is found in most man-made foods. Their digestive system is perfectly made to digest raw meats, which are full of B-vitamins, very important to good health.
  • Wuff Treatment for Dogs  By : Jerry Carpos
    A perfect blend of vocal sounds and body gestures can lead pet owners to a harmonious relationship with their dogs. Furthermore, this can lead to immeasurable years together. Celebrate this one of a kind friendship through immortal and lasting pet portraits.
  • Pet Friendly Websites: Online Advice And Tips For Pet Owners  By : Darlene Berkel
    Just about all pet friendly websites provide helpful information on pet friendly hotels, bed and breakfasts, and vacation rentals.
  • Basic Pet Supplies Needed When Getting A New Dog Or Cat  By : Elyse Grau
    There are some basic pet supplies you will need before bringing home your new dog or cat.

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