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  • Why I could not compress my photos files  By : Dion Butler
    Compression is something that is used by everybody. Usually when you have a big file like a Word document that you need to email to someone or to backup you will compress the file first using algorithms like Zip. But compressing files does not always work.
  • Digital SLR cameras body and lenses  By : Dion Butler
    Digital SLR cameras are usually sold in two parts: the camera body and lenses. There are many types of lenses with different characteristics from macro to zoom, with special options like image stabilizers, special filters and more. In this article you will read about some lenses options and what you should consider when buying them.
  • Is Photography Art?  By : Dan Feildman
    The controversy about whether photography is art is one that has been raging in the art world for a long time and we are not likely to totally solve it here. But it can be an important decision you have to make if you are considering a career in photography with the goal of producing quality art works. If that is where you are, the idea that someone would say "That's not art, you just took a picture" is pretty disturbing. So it's worth looking at the question from several different angles before we pick which side to weigh in on.
  • What is PP in Digital Photography?  By : Reni Yordanova
    Many people asked us: “What is PP in Digital Photography?” Some people ask Google about it and then come to our site accidentally with a hope that they will find the answer. That is why finally we decided to answer to that question and to explain what actually is PP in the Photography!
  • Awesome Tips That Will Help You With Digital Photography  By : Dan Feildman
    One of the more important aspects of the camera is the lens. There are several different types a particular one is the 12mm TOKINA lens is a 24mm lens designed to meet wide-angle needs, ultra wide depictions, superlative wide-angle ranges, and has a colorful outlook overall. The downside is you will pay around $500, but if you want quality, the price is worth it. If you are searching for an expert lens, you want to keep the highest width and zoom in mind. The lowest priced lens often encounter many problems, which can become a hassle during photo shots. While considering lens you want to consider shutter speeds, defects, aberrations, elements, zoom, speed, mm, and the like. Some of the other types of lens include the fixed, zoom, wide-angled, standard, telephoto, and super zooms. While considering lenses, you also want to consider that photographers will use a Flashgun to get picture perfect effects. The flashguns includes a flash head, diffuser panel, focus assist lamp, test button, hot shoe mount, ready lamp, and control buttons. While the lens does it part in photography, the flashguns work to produce quality lighting for shoots.
  • Get Some Great Information On Editing Digital Photography  By : Dan Brown..
    Lighting effects - a change in the lighting can dramatically alter the mood of a photograph. In the past, photographers either had to wait for the sun to be just perfect or make use of special lighting in order to achieve the effect that they need. With lighting Photo Shop effects tutorials, you can adjust the lighting of a photograph even after it is taken. Think of the possibilities! You can take the picture of a sunset even in the middle of a cloudy day. You can light up the subject of a photograph even without using a flash. Photo Shop effects tutorials will even teach you how to make it look like you are living on an alien planet, by adding 2 different colored suns to your picture. The great thing about this is that, unlike other image editors which just paste a sun into the background, Adobe Photo Shop can really make it seem as if the addition does affect the lighting within the image.
  • F Stops, Shutter Speeds, Iso And How They Relate To Each Other  By : Bob Kahn
    Do you know how F Stops, Shutter Speeds and ISO relate?
  • Infrared Digital Photograph  By : eduardo
    Wether you are using daytime infrared digital photography or nighttime infrared digital photography the right lens and all the right factors will in fact give you the opportunity to create just the right digital photograph you are hoping to come up with.
  • Capturing Colourful Fall Foliage With Your Digital Photography  By : eduardo
    When becoming an experienced photographer being able to capture the marvellous bright colorful foliage of fall is a incredible experience. You have mastered the skills in digital photography, you recognise what you want and you pursue it.
  • Choosing The Digital Camera For Your Digital Photography  By : eduardo
    Considering choosing a digital camera as an investment. The money and the time that you are able to save from having a digital camera is easily worth it.
  • Lens Rental  By : Mark Gurevich
    Body - I know composition, but the pictures are always terrible. Even the old film stuff that my parents used in my younger days came out much better. You would think that in the 21st century, with all the electronics and gizmos, I would be able to take a good, sharp picture.
  • Online Lens Rental  By : Max Shevyakov
    Whenever I am talking to photographers and mention "online lens rental" or "camera rental by mail," most look at me with blank faces, while a few knowingly smile.
  • Follow These Tips When Buying A Digital Single-lens Reflex (SLR) Camera  By : Jayda Kaycee..
    Many of the features that are available on a digital SLR camera are amazing, but it can be overwhelming if you don't understand the technical details that are written about in the reviews. It can be very confusing to determine what the specifications mean and which camera you should choose. But don't worry, if you take some time to learn what you should be looking for you will quickly know what you want.
  • Finding The Right Digital Single-lens Reflex (SLR) Camera For You  By : Jayda Kaycee..
    Digital SLR (single lens reflex) camera technology can take you to a world beyond anything that a fixed lens camera has to offer. Making the move from a simple point and click camera to a digital SLR camera is both exciting and overwhelming at the same time. But, you will find that today's technology offers many options so that you can find the right SLR camera for you.
  • The Journey From Old-fashioned Film To Digital Single-lens Reflex (SLR) Technology  By : Jayda Kaycee
    Sometimes it is hard to make the transition from something that you are comfortable with-- but when it comes to technology it is definitely worth the move. Photography technology has advanced tremendously, and the cheap price tags allow anyone to purchase a high-end digital SLR camera. This technology can be found in homes worldwide!
  • Why Put Your Photos Online  By : John Eva
    An article about pictures on the internet.
  • Doing a Photographic tour of London  By : John Eva
    An article about doing photographs of London.
  • How to Become a Successful Wedding Photographer  By : John Eva
    An article with infomation on how to be a better wedding photographer.
  • Wedding Photography: New Trends  By : John Eva
    An article about wedding photography.
  • Portrait Photography  By : John Eva
    An article about portriat photography
  • The Hidden Art of Digital Photography  By : Paul E Brown
    Are you new to digital photography? Here is an overview of digital photography and what is involved. With practice and experimentation, you could be the next David Bailey.
  • Creating Pictures That Speak More Than A Thousand Words  By : Dan Feildman
    A far cry from the conventional perception of photography, the modern-world usage of photographs ranges from the classic diorama to the more forward calendars, virtual cards and even the occasional business presentation. To add to the impact using photography in spheres that are far detached and removed from their more traditional stance, a well-worded caption or even a tagline work like no other, especially when they augment the theme you aim to create by using these images. Many conservative photographers and image editors had hitherto shunned this approach on account of the patchwork effect that was created by former versions of image editing software. However, this is one of the avenues Photoshop has broken new ground in, allowing a dizzying array of features that don't just present the caption in a palatable format, but also allow you to use text with an image to enhance the overall effect you're looking to create.
  • Secrets Of Glamour Photography  By : Tom Tooma
    Glamour photography is first and foremost about making one look great in pictures, this is the type of skill that is most appreciated in the high fashion world. Glamour photography is generally handled and distributed by big names in the business that create great shots they afterwards sell to magazines and publications. There are all sorts of tutorials and courses that can teach one the secrets of glamour photography, as any apprentice photographer needs to acquire important knowledge that allows expert picture status. Some people say that shooting glamour photos is like making traditional portraits as it requires following certain lighting setup steps.
  • Why Should You Use Digital Photography?  By : Mike Medwin
    Digital photography is quickly becoming the preferred way to take pictures. If you are in the market for a new camera, consider the following advantages of digital over traditional film photography.
  • How Do I Use The White Balance Setting On My Digital Camera?  By : Mike Medwin
    Have you ever taken a picture of a beautiful winter scene and been disappointed to discover the crisp, white snow came out with a bluish tint?
  • How To Take Better Pictures With A Digital Camera  By : Mike Medwin
    Today’s cameras make taking pictures a lot easier than the one’s of yesterday. There is always room for improvement, however. Use the following tips to help make your photos go from acceptable to great.
  • 4 Great Camera Tips for Enhanced Digital Photos!!  By : flashG
    Check out 4 new exciting digital photography techniques to create better looking and memorable photos !!
  • 15 Creative Photo Ideas  By : Robert Thomson
    There are lots of experienced and creative photographers around the Web who eagerly share their experience and ideas with people around.
  • A Basic Guide to Photography  By : John Eva
    An article covering the basics of photography just a little guide to help somebody start going in the right direction and give them an idea on what to look for in future.
  • Making The Battery On Your Digital Camera Last Longer  By : Dave Deane
    With all the features digital cameras have these days, you may find keeping batteries a problem.
  • Removing Red Eye On Your Digital Photographs  By : Dave Deane
    You’ve seen the dreaded demon-eye effect that occurs when the camera flash bounces off the eye of a person or pet.
  • How To Make Money Using Your Digital Camera  By : Dave Deane
    Have you ever wanted to find a way to bring extra money into your household--yet don’t have a lot of time to spend on a full-time endeavor?
  • How To Capture Small Things With a Digital Camera  By : Dave Deane
    Have you ever wondered how a photographer gets such clear, detailed photos of things like flowers or insects?
  • How Do I Choose The Mega Pixels I Need?  By : Dave Deane
    One of the confusing things in choosing a digital camera is deciding how many mega-pixels you should look for.
  • Knowing Which Focus Modes To Use In Digital Cameras  By : Dave Deane
    While some of the least expensive digital cameras have only automatic focus, meaning the camera does all the work on bringing your subject into the best possible focus, most SLR digitals offer three different focus modes:
  • How To Compare Digital Zoom Against Optical Zoom  By : Dave Deane
    Many digital cameras offer both digital and optical zoom. These two often confuse the average camera buyer, until you know what you’re looking at.
  • What Digital Camera Terms Should I Know?  By : David Deane
    It helps when learning to use your new digital camera to also know what some of the more common terms mean. Below you will find many of these common terms defined.
  • How To Make Birthday Gifts Special  By : Mark Beevers
    It's not always easy to choose birthday gifts, but with a bit of thought you can give gifts with a difference. Here are some ideas for using photos to create personalised, unique birthday gifts
  • What Are The Benefits of Digital Photography?  By : Steven Ross
    Despite all the advances in technology over the last several years, the best way to preserve memories is still through photographs. Luckily the ability to take good photographs has been improved dramatically with digital photography.
  • A Digital Masterpiece  By : Dan Brown..
    The one click shot that materializes to a digital photograph involves a series of steps that takes places within seconds. The multi-step process of capturing the image is called digital work flow. The exhibition of the image captured is best achieved by a series of post photography session. The session involves transporting the images from the camera to the computer, analyzing the quality of the photograph, organizing the photograph, and grading the picture quality, adjusting, and distributing. The series of steps that involve the correction of the captured picture is in short called editing or image management.
  • Transform the way you see the world  By : Dan Feildman
    Digital Cameras are fast taking over the market of commercial photographers as well the recreational enthusiast on account of the affordability, the convenience and the wide array of alternatives they offer. Digital Photography uses electronic devices to capture images in binary data, thereby enabling the photographer to directly transfer images onto his computer, negating the arduous scanning process that was mandatory with film photography. Also, modern day digital cameras, allow the photographer to view his images, before he prints them, thus letting him ensure that the photographs taken, are to his satisfaction. Besides these unique features, digital cameras also open up several new vistas in terms of image and light settings, enabling the user to experiment endlessly with his picture to produce scintillating results.
  • Sensible Tips to Learn Digital Photography  By : Dan Feildman
    Learning digital photography may not need a course or a photography school. It requires love for photography or dedication. It is not as difficult as sending a spaceship from NASA.
  • Making The Best Digital Wedding Photographs Even Better  By : Phoenix Delray
    Whether you use a digital camera, or a traditional camera for taking wedding photos, you should know that any photographs or negative slides can be scanned, digitally enhanced and burned onto CD for preservation purposes.
  • Digital Camera Buyers Guide  By : Michael Malega
    Useful information for Digital Camera Buyers Guide, tips, ideas, recommendations, to learn more on this topic, please check our web site…
  • Digital Photography For Beginners  By : Paul Reeder
    With digital cameras turning everyone into "pro" photographers these days, you may want to learn how you can get started taking your own photos and getting your pictures printed and even framed.
  • Digital Photography, Friend Not Foe  By : David Peters
    If you want to skip the middleman and print out your own digital photographs, you can! It may seem a bit overwhelming, but just about anyone can get the hang of it pretty easily. With the proper equipment and knowledge, you can print out your own pictures and save yourself a little money in the process! If you don't already know, here is a very good piece of advice: take good pictures to begin with! With a digital camera, it is very easy to see the progress of your photos as you take them. If an
  • Stock Photos Allow Both Amateur And Professional Photographers To Profit  By : Lance_Fish3
    About Photo

    Photography enthusiasts and professional photographers provide a diverse collection of digital images for sale. Photo Daisy allows photographers to store, share, promote and sell their photos to those in need of Stock Photos.

    We are on the web at
  • Using Long Lenses  By : Jan Linden
    Using a telephoto lens to get in close to the action or sneak up on a subject from a discreet distance is terrifically exciting, and can yield great pictures. But the high magnification of long tele and zoom lenses accentuates the effects of camera shake caused by your inability to hold the camera and lens absolutely still. The effects of wind, moving or shaking floors, residual vibration from camera mirrors flipping up just prior to exposure, atmospheric haze, and heat waves can also add problems.
  • Old Fashioned High Resolution Photo Camera  By : Roberto Sedycias
    This article describes another option for photo image enlargement, using the 4x5 inch film camera together with a high definition flat bed film scanner. For those in search for the best image enlargement, using this setup might just surprise you.
  • Staying Ahead With Wedding Shots  By : Alan Tang
    Wedding photography has a lot in customary with driving a car. You can certainly get into a transfer jam if you dont think ahead.
  • Starters In Finding The Best Prices For Digital Cameras  By : Bowe Packer
    Shopping for a digital camera can be overwhelming. Do yourself a favor and get the knowledge you need to purchase the camera you want.
  • Pet Photography As A Business  By : coral gwyn-williams
    This article helps the novice photographer interested in starting a pet photography business.
  • How To Sell Photos Online - The 3 Must Know's  By : Scott Salter
    The 3 things any photographer needs to consider when looking at how to sell their photos online.
  • How To Get The Best In Digital Lighting For That Perfect Digital Shot  By : Low Jeremy
    Determining color and brightness is processed thru number-value counts of grid pixel from the digital photograph prints, after computer divides the screen and print page into grid pixels. Controlling grid of each pixel this way is bit mapping, and "bit-maps" are the produced digital images.
  • Digital Canan Carema XT  By : Rene Graeber
    The Canon cameras are well known for their superior performance and great pictures. The Canon brand camera Canon Digital XT is built to be user friendly.
  • Things To Consider Before Enrolling In A Photography Class  By : Low Jeremy
    Although photography largely involve an eye for beauty and a natural instinct for clicking the camera, it is still important for photographers especially those that are just starting in the field to gather some experience in actual photography. Some practice on their spare time and learn the techniques on their own but this will take a lot of clicking time and magazine reading.
  • Understanding The Techniques Professionals Used To Achieve Great Digital Photography  By : Low Jeremy
    The first rule when it comes to photography is being able to fill all the available space when taking a shot. This must be done to get the intended subject that is achieved by zooming in or out on the intended subject.
  • A Crucial Tip To Observe When Selling Your Photos  By : Scott Salter
    The importance of setting an appropriate price on your work when bidding for potential business.
  • 4 Insider Tips For Those Wanting To Make Money By Selling Their Digital Photos  By : Scott Salter
    Insider Tips on what a digital photogarapher needs to do to become a successful commercial photographer.
  • Top Tips For Selling Photos on eBay  By : Scott Salter
    There are certain photos that sell like hot cakes on eBay. This article discusses what is best to shoot and other things to be aware of.
  • The Art of Digital Photography Lighting  By : Dane Stanton
    Photography is the art of light and shade. A photo is basically a record of the light conditions at a certain period in time and space. That is why the lighting plays a very important role there.
  • Tips In Shooting Nude Digital Photography With Black And White  By : Low Jeremy
    Why still use black and white? If you have watched the controversial movie "Schindler's List" (1993) by Steven Spielberg, it has been presented in the screens in black and white color. Critics were expressing dissatisfaction, and to some degree, one could think it is such a waste denying the audience of more than 1 million colors reduced to nothing but grayscale monochromatic theme.
  • Enjoying The Uniqueness of Personalized Postage Stamps  By : Craig Thornburrow
    An introductory guide to the usefulness and uniqueness of stamps you can put your own photo on.
  • Watching The Big Trains Roll  By : Bob Carper
    Watching and photographing trains can be quite exciting. With webcams, digital cameras, and videocameras, the excitement grows.
  • Photography--Is Film Dead?  By : Steve Medley
    Over the years the popularity of digital photography has significantly increased. This is due to the leaping advancements in quality and the lowering prices of digital cameras.
  • Tips For Better Landscape Pictures  By : Peter Finch
    Taking landscape pictures is an art, which can have amazing results. Learn more.
  • Tips In Digital Photography You Can Use  By : Low Jeremy
    There are things that one needs to know about digital cameras and digital photography. Here are some tips that will help you make the most out of your digital cameras and make the experience of digital photography truly memorable.
  • How To Go About Selling Your Digital Photos  By : Scott Salter
    An article on the various avenues available to freelance photographers to sell their photos.
  • The Income Opportunity Available Through Selling Digital Photos  By : Scott Salter
    An article that explains the type on money that can be made by selling digital photos.
  • Find Out Why Attending Photography Classes Is Important  By : Dane Stanton
    Are you going to take up photography as a profession or hobby? You should definitely consider attending a photography course. Many colleges, photography schools and studios offer their services in making you a better photographer.
  • Why Your Digital Camera is Now a Money Making Asset  By : Scott Salter
    An article on the rise of Microstock photography sites and the money making opportunities this presents to anyone with a digital camera.
  • Multiple Microphones To The Rescue  By : Tyler James Ellison
    Recently I did a wedding video with a live ceremony in the back yard of a home. It was a VERY windy day and the sound bars on my camcorder let me know that the built-in microphone was picking up all of it.
  • Basic Tips And Styles Techniques Used During Wedding Photography  By : Low Jeremy
    Here are some tips for those who want to use a digital camera during the wedding and few basic styles and techniques for those who also want to capture the event using a digital camera.
  • Railroading Is A Most Exciting Hobby  By : Bob Carper
    Want to meet some very exciting people following a very exciting recreational pursuit? Try railroading as a hobby. This article will help get you started. All aboard!
  • Consistent Efforts!  By : Max Ng
    Consistent Efforts in learning and practicing will ensure progress in your photography skills.
  • Tips On Digital Nature And Macro Photography  By : Low Jeremy
    It is essential to understand macro photography first before talking about its digital side of production. Macro photography is close-up shots of small things, where doing it means using the right camera and lens.
  • Digital Cameras - The Advantages  By : Chris Peterson
    If you are a serious photographer and haven`t purchased a digital camera yet, than you are missing out on the advantages of using one.
  • How To Make Your Digital Photographs Stand Out  By : Ryan Gibson
    Tips and techniques to help you get the most out of your digital camera.
  • How To Read A Digital Camera Review And Select A Digital Camera For Your Needs  By : Low Jeremy
    The demand for digital cameras is very high. This is the reason many of makers are launching new products annually or every two years. This has given the customer a large number of choices making it convenient for anyone's budget.
  • Make Water Lively!  By : Max Ng
    This article is about how to make water appear lively in photo.
  • Digital or Film Camara, Whitch is Best?  By : John Pawlett
    For many, digital photography is a breath of fresh air, but be wary, believing our landscape images will be superior could be a serious blunder.
  • Things You Need to Know Before Buying Your First Digital Camera  By : Paul Winter
    Choosing the right digital camera for you isn't as easy as it sounds as these days they come in a range of sizes, colors, brands, zooms, resolutions, playbacks, etc. In this article I will help you to sort through the bewildering aray of options
  • Avoid Shooting Directly At Reflective Materials  By : Max Ng
    Avoid shooting directly at reflective materials if you do not want to spoil your photos. Learn how to shoot a reflective material as the subject.
  • Familiarize Yourself With The Camera  By : Max Ng
    Familiarize yourself with your camera so that you can be more creative in using it.
  • Shoot At Different Angles  By : Max Ng
    There is more than one way of taking a good photo for any particular subject. A subject may look normal at certain angles and appear brilliant at other angles.
  • Printing Digital Photos At Photo Labs Tips  By : Joshua Poyoh
    Digital cameras have become very popular with people everywhere nowadays. The prices of digital cameras have dropped a lot with the technological advances. Now do that means that the printing cost have gone down? That is assuming that you would like to have your photos developed as well.
  • Digital Photography Business Ideas - How Can Use My Digital Camera To Make Money?  By : Mike Singh
    A digital photo revolution caused by a steep fall in the price of digital cameras and introduction of relatively easy-to-use software has created new standards in business communications. You too should learn how to use digital photos in business if you want to make full use of the new technology. Find out more...
  • Developing A Six Figure Photography Business  By : Lori Osterberg
    If you have a strong desire to take your photography business as high as possible, and turn it into a full time successful career, it's time to change the way you think about business. In this article, learn what it takes to think like a six figure business owner.
  • Digital Photography Glossary - After Knowing These You Are Officially An Expert  By : Mike Singh
    Digital photography is made easier if an understanding of the different terminology is understood. There are many areas to list, with the basics listed here. Find out more...
  • Creative Ways To Use Your Digital Camera - Learn To Never Leave Home Without It  By : Mike Singh
    Most people buy a camera to take pictures - which is what it is for. Photographs of family members, portraits, landscapes, animals, magazines, newspapers, etc. are the main purposes, to either put on the Web, business purposes, or just family stuff. Find out more...
  • What Is A Megapixel And Isn't More Always Better?  By : Mike Singh
    Most novices and beginner photographers, when purchasing their first digital camera, do not have the slightest idea what a pixel is. Their curiosity is justified because cameras makers today categorize digital cameras on the basis of megapixels. Find out more...
  • All The Untold Secrets Of Digital Photography!  By : Dane Stanton
    It's amazing how far digital photography has come in the last decade! When the technology first came out many photographers were very skeptical and they believed that it was going to destroy the world of photography forever and...
  • Digital Camera Mistakes - How Do I Take Better Pictures?  By : Mike Singh
    Many amateur photographers have never heard of the term "workflow". In fact, many semi-professionals haven't either. In actuality, it refers to the entire life span of a digital image. Find out more...
  • I Have Heard Of SLR, But What Is A Digital SLR or dSLR?  By : Mike Singh
    When a photographer has a camera where the focus, composition, and depth of field are perfect, and they can be perfectly seen through the viewfinder in the same way as the photographer himself, nothing more needs to be said. Find out more...
  • 10 Tips For Better Photography  By : Mike Singh
    Once the purchase of a digital camera is made, the beginning steps have begun as a professional photographer. Correctly handling the camera is a great tool to begin learning. Find out more...
  • Help Me, I Can't See Anything Using My SLR!  By : Mike Singh
    The inner workings of the digital SLR rely on image sensors. These sensors capture the image by carrying electrostatic charges, which attract the dust, along with many airborne particles to these same sensors. Particular areas, such as dirt fields, beaches, or parks, have more dust than others. Find out more...
  • Photography Business: Understanding The Marketing Budget Process  By : Lori Osterberg
    Having a successful photography business takes a lot of effort. If you are putting your effort into the wrong areas of your business, you may not grow quickly. This article explores how to budget for an ample amount of marketing, and achieve a greater level of success.
  • Digital Image Manipulation - Is The Manipulation Of Images Ethical?  By : Mike Singh
    Anybody can spend a couple of minutes working with an imaging software and change reality into another level - the professionals simply do it better and quicker. This was not so in the case of the film cameras and their negatives or transparencies. Find out more...
  • Light, Focus, Composition - The Three Inseparable Amigos For Taking The Perfect Picture  By : Mike Singh
    The meaning of the word photography is a Greek word that means "light writing" or literally - writing with light. Photographers play with light more than anything, along with focus and total composition - the three key features of all memorable photographs. We, as photographers, attempt to control, manipulate, and exploit light. Find out more...
  • How Do Digital Cameras Differ From Film Or SLR Cameras?  By : Mike Singh
    The conventional camera depended entirely on chemicals and mechanical processes - nothing else was required to make them work. Following along on the footsteps of major technological breakthroughs in consumer electronics, the new digital camera is part of this fundamental shift in technology. Find out more...

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