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  • Guitar Video Lessons versus Private Lessons  By : Zack Roberts
    What inspires you to learn how to play guitar? Do you want to Impress your acquaintances with your music accomplishments? Would you just like to play sing-along songs at a campfire? Are you starting a rock band where you would be the lead guitarist? Playing the rock or blues guitar and being in the spotlight really energizes some people. There are various reasons why you might want to learn how to play the guitar, whatever your reason you have to find a way to express it. Playing the guitar i
  • Guitar Effect Pedals  By : Andy Farnsworth65 Andy Farnsworth65
    Guitar Effect Pedals

    Guitar effects pedals are becoming a necessity for guitarists all over the world.
  • A Unique Way Of Playing Your Guitar - Guitar Lessons  By : Eugene W
    Looking at your sound, the other way around
  • Improve Your Guitar Playing Speed and Be a Master of Shred  By : Eugene W
    Come join us now as we take a closer look into tips and tricks for improving your guitar playing speed and for some practical knowledge on effectively using metronomes and other advice to improve your practice sessions.
  • Mastering the Lead Guitar And Playing Great Solos  By : Eugene W
    Join us as we take a look at a few key tips for learning how to master the guitar. You'll learn how playing with no effects improves accuracy, how to get the most out of practice sessions with guitar backing tracks, as well as a few principles to apply to guitar practice.
  • Playing by Ear for Guitarists - Learn How To Play By Ear  By : Eugene W
    Join us as we examine tips to learn what it takes to learn to play the guitar by ear and some practical advice that you can use to improve your guitar skills and fine tune your ear.
  • Jazz Improvisation Is The Key to Playing Jazz  By : Howard Brule
    Jazz music is a very popular genre of music and is actually a very important kind of American classical music. Some believe that Jazz originated in the early twentieth century in South America. But there is no question that the early development of jazz took place in the United States and was greatly influenced by blues music. Blues was especially popular among African Americans in the first half of the 20th century in the rural south and in cities such as New Orleans, St. Louis and Chicago.
  • Acoustic Guitar - Types of Pickups and Sound Projection  By : Eugene W
  • Guitarists : Find Your Own Identity and Guitar Playing Style  By : Eugene W
    Learn how to manipulate and mold your sound into something that will set you apart from the rest of the crowd. We'll reveal some great ideas on how you can make some simple changes that will give you a very unique style.
  • Using Guitar Backing Tracks To Master Guitar Solos  By : Eugene W
    Join us as we examine the ways you can master guitar solos by using backing tracks for guitarists. We will look into how using guitar backing tracks can be a huge asset in honing your skills as a guitarist as well as helping you to master lead guitar playing.
  • Guitar Scales Mastery To Improvise Effectively  By : E Walker
    Join us now as we spell out a few easy tips to assist you to learn guitar scales easily as well as the benefits of having a metronome for learning scales. We will also be discussing the value of using guitar backing tracks to assist guitar scales and improvisation techniques.
  • The Secret Guitarist Weapon For Guitar Mastery  By : Eugene W
    Join us as we take a look at what the guitarists from all over the world are using as their secret weapon for mastery of the guitar. Come and learn what can be used as a method to help develop and master a variety of important skills and techniques of the guitar.
  • Jam With Guitar Backing Tracks and How To Benefit From It  By : Eugene W
    Join us as we examine all the benefits of using guitar backing tracks to play live gigs. You'll learn how using such backing tracks for guitar can improve your skills and ability as well as making practice time more enjoyable, along with the many advantages of using them to play live.
  • Buying A Saxophone Online  By : Phil Smart
    When looking to buy a saxophone online, many people find success by looking on ebay.Saxophones aren't cheap though, so it is wise to do some research and some studying by going onto ebay and taking the plunge.
  • Learn To Play The Piano Blues And See The Magic!  By : Samson D
    It really does not matter which instrument you play or what grade of playing you are at. Just learn the piano blues and you will get better as a pianist. As a person who plays the saxophone a lot and writes quite a bit of music, I realized that playing the piano could be of quite a great help like for musical ideas, helping write arrangements for other instruments and it is also quite a stress buster. And not to forget, you could also accompany performers when you get a chance.
  • Play the Acoustic Guitar through Online Lessons  By : Brandon08 Axelburg08

    The master teachers at online acoustic guitar lessons have prepared a great variety of interesting lessons for beginners. Players of all skill levels and musical interests are bound to find something interesting useful and handy in our pages of online guitar lessons for beginners. You can easily pick up a new tune or technique right away. Each of the lessons includes music and tab and audio clips.
  • Guitar Improvisation Techniques And Tip  By : E Walker
    Take a walk with us as we examine several different methods you can use to improvise and improve your lead guitar playing techniques and learn how to incorporate music theory knowledge into your improvisation techniques
  • Chord Spelling  By : Dennis St Germain
    With the growing interest in Jazz and other forms of music, I find more and more people asking about chord symbols and chord construction. While there are many books out there on the market, there is very little explanation of how chords symbols are interpreted. Iíd like to share some of my insight with all you music enthusiasts.
  • Learn The Piano In 5 Easy Steps  By : Samson D
    Every one wants to learn piano because it is famous and admired instrument in the world. It is considered to be the most romantic of all instruments; people who play this will sense this feeling. It also brings out the combination of many feeling from you like romance, anger, happiness, sadness and many other feelings. If you find difficult to learn the piano then here is the information to learn.
  • Get the Best from Guitar Playing Lessons  By : Rick Napolitano
    Learnguitar definitely proves to be the best source to learn the basics to advance levels of playing the guitar. It also proves to be a very reliable site for someone who wants to learn the different techniques of guitar in the style of their favorite artist in a short period of time.
  • Finally a Great Site that will Make you a Professional at Playing the Guitar  By : Rick Napolitano
    Anyone that wants to play the guitar but they donít know where to start, then learnguitar is definitely a one stop shop to allow them learn the ins and outs of playing the guitar.
  • Tips On Learning Guitar  By : Thomas Tooma..
    Euphony is really appreciated to us as human beings. It seems to touch our soul. I do not know anyone who does not like music of some variety. There are varied ways to make music, but the most popular is the guitar. I would like to encourage you to discover how to play the guitar for fun.
  • What Factors To Consider When Buying Cheap Acoustic Guitars  By : Allison Thompson
    One of the reasons for the cost of an instrument being high is due to the material used for making them. Certainly the better quality ones will often have been made using wood. But although there are guitars made out of other materials such as graphite or plastic wood is also used to make cheap acoustic guitars, which will still have the sound you are looking for.
  • How To Find The Right Acoustic Guitar Reviews  By : Allison Thompson
    When it comes to buying an new acoustic guitar it is a good idea that you read as many acoustic guitar reviews as you possibly can. When it comes to the reviews that have been written there are two types that you can look at. The first type of review is written by an expert guitarist who has been given the chance to try out different guitars on a regular basis. The others will be written by people like you and me who write about a particular guitar that they are playing.
  • Acoustic Guitar Tuning - When Should It Be Done  By : Allison Thompson
    If you want to ensure that your acoustic guitar sounds good every time that you use it, then you should actually tune it before you actually play it. What is the point of playing a great piece of music if it is completely out of tune? Even though you may find yourself becoming somewhat frustrated with your acoustic guitar tuning it will all be worthwhile in the end and you will soon realize just how important tuning your guitar is each time you play it.
  • Acoustic Guitar Tabs - Know Them And Play Better  By : Allison Thompson
    In order for you to play the acoustic guitar properly, you need to understand a little bit more about guitar music. Firstly, the musical notations used for when playing the guitar or any other stringed instrument are different from those used for other musical instruments. Where as other musicians use staffs, notes, note values, ledger lines and key and time signatures in order to play music. A guitar player will only use musical notations referred to as tabs. The main advantage to be had from using acoustic guitar tabs is that you can learn to play this instrument without actually having to learn to read music as well.
  • Some Facts Regarding Acoustic Guitar Chords  By : Allison Thompson
    Acoustic guitar chord is made up of several different notes, which a guitarist will play at one time together. Yet as you will soon discover there are lots of different acoustic guitar chords, but if you are able to learn just the basic ones, then you will be able to play hundreds even thousands of different songs on your guitar. As you will discover some of the major chords have quite a bright sound to them, whilst the minor ones will often make a much darker or sadder one.
  • Thing You Should Know When You Start Playing The Guitar  By : Harry Nack
    A lot of people are fascinated in knowing how they can learn to play the guitar. First of all you must be committed to learning about the guitar prior to learning how to master it
  • Finding An Acoustic Beginner Guitar  By : Allison Thompson
    When it comes to buying an acoustic beginner guitar for the first time there are several things that need to be taken into consideration before it is purchased.
  • Learn To Play Guitar - Guitar Hero 3  By : Dee Cohen
    Do you play air guitar a lot as you listen to rock? Guitar Hero 3 for xbox or wii is a wonderful challenge to sound like the rock stars you love. Both classics and newer songs are included. If you tried to purchase this during the Christmas holidays you probably had little luck due to the out of stock problem both offline and online in many places.
  • Breaking Too Many Cymbals Is Not Normal For Any Drummer Out There  By : Eric Starr
    Cymbal setup is a common problem with inexperienced players. This is usually due to an improper striking or inappropriate stick choice. This article will explain the proper care and striking techniques needed for expanding your cymbals lifespan.
  • Taking Care Of Drums, Cymbals, And Other Equipment On Gigs.  By : Eric Starr
    Having a problem taking care of drums, cymbals and other equipment on gigs? - This article reveals the potential hazards of rock clubs and discusses the most common on and off stage situations that can compromise your equipment and its condition.
  • All About Accordions  By : Darnell Istead
    When you hear those first notes squeezed from the old accordion, you know the party's getting started! For generations, those lively notes have provided the soundtracks to celebrations around the world.
  • Tuning Your Drums - Comprehensive Guide For Drummers  By : Eric Starr
    Drums can be stubborn instruments, but with a little know-how, you can make even a cheaply made instrument sound good. The three types of drums you need to know how to tune are the tom-toms, the snare drum, and the bass drum.
  • Getting Ready For Recording Studio Work - Drummers Help Guide  By : Eric Starr
    Guide for drummers to prepare themselves for studio work. This article will help understand the importance of the sense of time while drumming along with the prerecorded music and will improve understanding of what is really needed in a composition.
  • Proper Positioning Of Your Drum Setup - Drummers Tips And Advices  By : Eric Starr
    Proper positioning of your drums, and cymbals is crucial to your success, because it affects both your posture and your technique. This article discusses the proper drum setups that allow avoiding injury of your back, arms, wrists, and hands.
  • Time Will Come To Replace Drum Heads, Sticks And Brushes - Guide For Drummers  By : Eric Starr
    When is the time to replase drum heads, sticks, mallets and brushes? This article will help you understand the lifespan of replacable drum parts, sticks, mallets and brushers. Article also gives a few tips on expanding life time of drum accessories.
  • Drummers Guide For Choosing The Right Sticks And Brushers  By : Eric Starr
    This guide will help beginner drummers understand and choose the appropriate drum sticks and brushes. Article explains the use of different type of drum sticks and brushes while giving recommendations and examples of each type.
  • Maintaining Drums, Pedals And Cymbals - Guide To Help Maintaining And Storing Drums  By : Eric Starr
    Maintaining a good condition of your drum set is a mast! Learn all about proper maintaining, packing and positioning of your drum set. Article discusses the importance of utilizing cases, explains proper methods for setting and storing of drums.
  • Purchasing Drum Set Help Guide - Tips, Advices, And Recommendations  By : Eric Starr
    Buying a drum set help guide. Article is focusing on the essential ideas for choosing a drum set and will help to make the choice that is right for you, by explaining the importance of the drums, cymbals, and accessories in a drum set.
  • Snare Drum Buying Guide - Tips And Advices For Drummers  By : Eric Starr
    This article will help beginner drummers to understand the basics of the snare drum and will guide through the process of checking the drum itself, the parts, snares skins and the existing mechanisms prior purchasing a snare drum.
  • Do You Have What It Takes To Play The Classical Guitar?  By : Chris Fiddleton
    Are you ready to start playing the classical acoustic guitar? Maybe you had played guitar back in school or saw one of your friends or teachers play and you wanted to give it a try. Well i can tell you right now that if this is your first introduction to the classical guitar you are going to be very pleased. The classical acoustic guitar is an amazing instrument that many consider an art form to play because of it's long history and strong background in music.
  • Drum Rack Or Stands - Drum Racks And Drum Stands Discussed  By : Eric Starr
    Which makes more sense a drum rack or stands? Lets look deeper in to the subject and see what will make a practical and useful sense for using drum racks or the drum stands. Which is faster to setup, easier to carry, or takes less space on stage?
    Article includes real world examples.
  • Todays Drum Kits - How Important Is The Drum Brand  By : Eric Starr
    You want to buy a really good drum kit. Why should you choose Yamaha and not DW, Mapex, Pearl, Gretsch, Tama, Premier, Sonor, Peace, Sunlite, Ludwig, Rogers, Slingerland, Taye, Leedy, or some other company? How does one choose the right brand? What to look for?
  • Double Basses Or Double Beater Pedals - Drum Hardware Discussion  By : Eric Starr
    In this article we will be discussing double bass setups and setups with a single bass drum with a double bass drum pedals. While using a single bass drum with the double bass drum pedal may sound practical, it is certainly not recommended in all situations.
  • Markings For A Repeatable Set-up - Drum Setups Discussed  By : Eric Starr
    Whether you use a large kit, small kit, or somewhere in between, one thing is certain: you want a set-up that is comfortable so you could concentrate on performance. There are ways to assure the exact same positioning of the drums every single time.
  • Covers, Cases, Cardboard Boxes, Blankets. - Drum Cases Discussed.  By : Eric Starr
    In this article I'm going to discuss drum cases. The question is how do I decide what is best for my needs? Drum cases are divided in to three categories: Ata Cases, Hard Cases, and Soft Covers. Article contains explanations of the above drum cases categories with real world examples.
  • Better Guitar Playing From Better Guitar Tuning  By : Lyd M.
    Guitar tuning can be difficult for the beginning guitarists. However, this exercise is necessary because the wood that makes up your guitar does lose its shape over time. Your guitar strings will also lose its tension. Thus, every time you pick up your guitar, it will need some sort of tuning. Some tips are given below to make it a breeze for you to carry out your guitar tuning.
  • What to Look Out for in a Guitar Program?  By : Lyd A. M.
    When you are just learning how to play the guitar, you need to first figure out where you are going to take up your guitar lessons. There are many places for you to take up guitar lessons. For example, you can take up a guitar course from your local community centre or from an online guitar program. In either of this case, what do you look out for so that you are not cheated of your money? The criteria stated below will apply.
  • Drum Tape on Drums - Different Ways to Use Drum Tape on Drums And Setups.  By : Eric Starr
    Many times drummers apply tape to the heads of the drums and other part of the drum and drum set up. What is it for? What kind of tape do they use? To answer those questions we will be discussing on stage drum set ups and tape applications.
  • My Drums Don't Sound Good Anymore! - Time To Replace Drum Heads?  By : Eric Starr
    Time to replace drum heads? Often drummers ask "When should I replace my drum heads?" - In this article we will be discussing different aspects about the time-duration (lifetime) of drum heads. Ken Sanders explains different tips about when and how to replace drum heads, he also mentions a few of his original tricks that help him keep track about time duration of each skin on every drum in his drum set.
  • Vintage Drums Versus Custom Drums - A Few Thoughts About Vintage And Custom Drums  By : Eric Starr
    Why do people buy Vintage Drums? Do they sound better than todays Custom Drums? How should one choose a vintage drum? And What is considered to be a Collectable Vintage Drum? - To answer those questions, you need to ask your self - "are you looking for a specific sound or a collectable item?" and "When exactly was the particular drum manufactured?"

    Ken Sanders shares his thoughts and tips for buying vintage drums, and how vintage drums compare to the todays custom drums.
  • Top 3 Not-To-Dos For Beginning Guitarists  By : Lyd A. M.
    Even though the theory aspect of playing the guitar is important, I believe the mentality of the beginning guitarist is important as well. No matter what you are trying to learn, taming your mindset is very important. It is the basis of success in any endeavor that you wish to take.
  • Getting Your Double Bass Chops Together - Drumming Techniques Discussed  By : Pasha Yash Chuk
    While practicing double bass drumming many young drummers often ask: - How can I raise the speed, and learn double bass drumming fast, so we turned to a professional drummer with over 30 years of international stage experience Ken Sanders, to discuss ways to master foot techniques needed for raising the speed of double bass drumming.
  • Easy Guitar Songs  By : Robert Thomson
    Playing guitar is just about one of the most enjoyable things you can do. Ask any guitar player and they will tell you that.

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