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  • Science Fair Projects...  By : anne gilardo
    Science Fair Projects can be difficult sometimes. Let me give you a great solution to create a great science project...
  • How To Learn More About Unidentified Flying Objects (UFOs)  By : Charlie Reese
    What is a UFO? A UFO is an unidentified flying object. Over the past 90 years, millions of people worldwide have seen UFO's in the air and are usually given no explanation by authorities as to what these really are. Some people from around the world say that these are actually alien space crafts from another planet and others have said that they are just military spy equipment. There is no scientific evidence to suggest that flying saucers are real or space aliens actually exist.
  • Nineteen-Eighty-Four: Anxiety, Control and Big Brother  By : Harvey D. Ong
    The classic novel “Nineteen-Eighty-Four” is among the literary world's most enduring stories done in the dystopian style, stirring up the reader's feelings of anxiety with relative ease. The world presented within the novel,one that noticeablylacks privacy and personal freedoms,is bleak and dark by modern standards. It is therefore no surprise that any aspectof agovernment that observes every little detail that the people do is referred to as “Big Brother,” in homage to the novel's most enigmatic figure.
  • Discover The Secret To The Best Science Fiction Books  By : Judith Allison
    Lots of us take books to bed with us. While most of us are hoping they'll help us fall asleep, I think a few of the best science fiction books would keep the reader wide awake rather than sweeping us off to dreamland.
  • Ancient Astronauts from a Religious Perspective  By : Robert Thomson
    Scientists, along with most other humans, may have a mental block against recognizing ancient astronauts for the reason that the existence of extraterrestrial life runs contrary to their religious beliefs.

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