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  • Counted Cross Stitch Patterns, A Basis For Stitching Bliss  By : Julia Wigham
    Every cross stitcher, whether new to the craft or experienced, knows the most important tool needed is of course the counted cross stitch patterns. Without them, there would be nothing to stitch. You can find them individually in magazines, from websites on the Internet or in a cross stitch kit. The kits offer the advantage of having all the materials necessary to stitch that particular project, including the pattern.
  • Why A Cross Stitch Bookmark Will Always Outlast A Card  By : John Wigham..
    As cross stitchers, we love to create personalised cards for our nearest and dearest on birthdays, at Christmas or other special times. The chances are that these cards are much appreciated by the recipients, displayed prominently for a few days, and then... perhaps placed in a drawer or a cupboard, where they will stay for many more months, rarely seen. Here's an idea...
  • Give A Ballet Cross Stitch Gift To Your Favorite Ballerina  By : Julia Wigham
    If you have a little girl that loves ballet, or need a gift for your child's dance instructor, you might consider giving them a handmade gift that depicts their love of the dance. Finding a ballet cross stitch motif should be relatively easy to do, and would combine your love for cross stitch with their love of ballet dancing.
  • Cross Stitch Patterns Forums - Why All Stitchers Should Visit  By : Julia Wigham
    Web 2.0, including social networking sites, online forums and message boards, allow more open communication online than ever available. Friendships are formed and information is shared. Stitchers have the opportunity to learn from more advanced crafters in cross stitch patterns forums, and it gives you the opportunity to share your knowledge with others.
  • Save Money Using Free Counted Cross Stitch Patterns And Graphs  By : Julia Wigham
    When starting cross stitch as a new hobby, just getting started can be mind-boggling. There's so much to learn which is why most people begin at their local craft store. However, it's amazing the amount of free counted cross stitch patterns and graphs that can be found online.
  • Using Celtic Wedding Cross Stitch To Recognize Your Heritage  By : Julia Wigham
    Rich in tradition, the Celtic heritage includes many different wedding traditions from as long ago as the Middle Ages. As the centerpiece of one of these traditions, the beautiful Celtic knot is combined in many different ways from handfasting, a pagan wedding ceremony, to decorating couple's jewelry. A great way to include the Celtic knot is to use Celtic wedding cross stitch patterns for gifts and keepsakes.
  • How To Use Peyote Stitch Patterns For Creative Cross Stitching  By : Julia Wigham
    When you want to use yarn and beading to create beautiful variations in your cross stitching projects, try using the peyote stitch. There are many different variations of the peyote stitch such as the even count flat peyote, the odd count flat peyote, the even count and odd count tubular peyote stitches, and finally the flat round peyote stitch. Many peyote stitch patterns are designed with either an African or a Native American influence. These types of patterns are often associated with animals and other themes from nature.
  • I Would Like More Cross Stitch Friends  By : Julia Wigham
    Looking for a hobby that can help you make more friends? You may be surprised that you can make many friends through cross stitch. Most people don't realize they can make new cross stitch friends quite easily, but they can if they'll just make the effort. What's also nice about meeting friends who enjoy cross stitch is that you'll not only have a great time, you'll also get to stitch some great patterns as well.
  • Creating Unique Gifts Using Cross Stitch Wedding Patterns  By : Julia Wigham
    After many years of marriage we still look back fondly at a special gift that was lovingly hand stitched for us by my sister. She must have looked through many cross stitch wedding patterns to find the one that was just right. If you have a family wedding drawing close you may like to think of creating an heirloom to help the new bride and groom remember their special day.
  • The Internet Has Free Printable Counted Cross Stitch Patterns  By : Julia Wigham
    We all know that the Internet is changing the way we work, play and relax. For all the needle work lovers, free printable counted cross stitch patterns have become very popular on the Internet. Needlework companies offer certain patterns at no cost and cross stitch enthusiasts around the world love to upload their own patterns to share with others.
  • Embroidery Project: Cross Stitch Embroidery and Adding Beads Tips  By : Alson Maseko
    Generally cross stitch is done on weaved fabric which has small, even holes, for your needle and thread to go through. This weaved cloth is called Aida cloth. Some cross stitch is done on silks and other fabrics as well. What fabric is used depends entirely on the person stitching and the desired end results.
  • Sewing and Embroidery Basics  By : Amanda Maseko
    The art of creating custom machine embroidery is called embroidery digitizing. Embroidery digitizing involves using a personal computer, an embroidery sewing machine, and a special digitizing software application.
  • How To Select The Right Memory Cards For Digital Cameras  By : Dave Deane
    Does it really make a difference what size memory card you use?
  • Retired Webkinz  By : Bob Strute
    Webkinz are plush stuffed animals that come with a tag containing a one of a kind computer code.The owner then goes to Webkinz world and enters the code, creating an account.
  • Free Cross Stitch Patterns Are The Way To Go.  By : John Wigham..
    Starting a new craft can be exciting, but it can also be expensive. You probably don't want to go out and spend a lot of money on materials since you might not even like the craft after you try the first project. What's a tentative crafter to do? Find free cross stitch patterns, either online, in books, or in magazines, to save yourself some of the expense.
  • A Wedding Cross Stitch Pattern - An Heirloom in the Making  By : John Wigham..
    It can be so difficult to choose a wedding gift for friends. A wedding is one of those truly special occasions in any loved one's life. Yet, it can be really tough to find a wedding gift that truly expresses your best wishes and love for your friend or family member. Pictures are a wonderful way to commemorate a special day, but if you want to give a gift that will always be a personal reminder to the couple of your special feelings for them, why not consider getting a wedding cross stitch pattern and making a gift? The cross stitch pattern can be customized with the couple's names and wedding date.
  • How To Find Monet Cross Stitch Patterns  By : John Wigham..
    Any fine art lover will tell you that there are some artists that epitomize a particular genre of painting. Claude Monet, the grandfather of the impressionist movement, is one such artist. If you love his paintings and you love to cross stitch, you'll be pleased to know that you can now find Monet cross stitch patterns based upon the wonderfully colorful paintings. It doesn't matter if you are not able create paintings like Monet's, through these cross stitch patterns you can capture feel and d
  • A Cross Stitch Rose Pattern For That Special Person  By : John Wigham..
    If you ask people to name their favourite flowers, it is likely that they will place roses high on their lists. Roses are very popular, and have been named the Queen of flowers, possibly because of their beauty -- creating a wide expanse of color in the garden, and valued for their heady fragrance too. There are thousands of varieties that differ in shape of blooms, size, fragrance and some even lack thorns. Roses are so popular you cannot go far wrong when stitching a cross stitch rose pattern.
  • Creating A Cross Stitch Bookmark For Someone Special  By : John Wigham..
    Don't you just love sending a special cross stitch gift to a friend? A card you've stitched is a great way to mark special occasions and holidays. Your friends are probably thrilled when they receive your cards and admire them for quite some time. Sadly, though, eventually the cards end up tucked away inside cabinets and drawers. Instead of a card, you may want to create a personalised bookmark the next time a special person in your life celebrates an occasion.
  • Proper Seam Pressing In Quilts  By : Jan Myers
    Should you press or iron a quilt? The difference in the two is critical to the beauty and strength of your quilt. In this article, you'll learn the difference as well as which style of pressing works best for your own quilting projects.
  • Where Does A Cross Stitch Beginner Start?  By : Geordie Johnny
    Can't wait to get started stitching a cross stitch project? Well, before you find yourself in over your head, take some time to learn the basics. If you are a cross stitch beginner, don't start out by taking on a project that's too complicated for you. Pick a pattern that's suitable for your skill level. Start out with something easy, and then work your way up to the more complicated patterns.

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