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Spyware And Viruses (129)
  • Clean Up Windows Registry without Downloading Anything  By : Alexander Rodichev
    Online Registry Cleaner makes accessing the registry faster to Windows and applications, thus greatly improving their performance. There is no need to pay, and there is no need to download or install anything.
  • Save Memories by Time-Stamping Photos  By : Alexey Popov
    If you value your memories, if you want to know when and where your pictures were taken after many years, time-stamp your photos automatically with TimeToPhoto.
  • Manage Printing Cost by Measuring Ink Coverage  By : Alexey Popov
    Figure out how much ink you need to print a job. Optimize printing, save on ink and toner, and learn the exact printing cost for every document with APFill Ink Coverage Meter.
  • Digital Signage Software Ė Dynamic Advertising Tool  By : Danish
    Communication is the key to any organization's success. However, in today's fast moving market it becomes a bit cumbersome and tedious for a corporate to inform each and every employee with key information at one go.
  • Speed-Listening Innovation  By : MarkBenda
    Because your brain can process up to 600 words-per-minute and the average person speaks at 125 to 150 words-per-minute, speed-listening does NOT require any training. Speed-listening simply maximizes your brains natural ability to process more words-per-minute.
  • Cut Your Audio Learning Time in Half by Speed Listening  By : MarkBenda
    Did you know you can speed-listen to 60 minutes of audio in 30 minutes or less with full comprehension using special speed-listening software? You can even go faster with a little practice and blast through an hour of audio learning in 20 minutes or less saving you hours and hours of time.
  • English-Russian Dictionary: Lingvo 12  By : Odonata
    If youíre looking for instant translations of unfamiliar words when browsing the Web, reading e-mails or texts on-screen Lingvo 12 English-Russian Dictionary must be the choice. Just point the cursor to a word and its translation will pop up. Isnít it simple?
  • Share and Configure Internet Connections Automatically  By : Alena Markova
    Connect your entire local area network to the Internet through a single outgoing link. Configure connecting workstations automatically via DHCP protocol, log and control a users' Internet access and bandwidth usage from the server.
  • Instant Remote Desktop Access for Business and Personal Use  By : Yuriy Goncharuk
    Today the most precious resource is time. Read how to save the time and raise labor efficiency with easy-to use remote desktop control software.
  • Print Audit Made Easy  By : Oleg Kovalenko
    Figure out the true cost of printing in your organization. Implementing a printing tracking solution to audit print jobs may result in substantial savings for your organization.
  • Search the Internet like a Pro  By : Kirill Naymushin
    Search the Internet like a pro! aSearch.INFO Albero makes your Internet searches much more effective with the use of special desktop software, allowing you to make a fully customized search engine.
  • Ready-Made Icons for Business and Financial Projects  By : Victor Ivlichev
    There is no lack or readily available icons and images all over the Internet, but are you ready to deliver a project with inconsistent graphics to your business clientele such as banks, insurance companies and financial organizations?
  • Deck Your Computer - Useful Software  By : Nihar Kabinittal Nihar Kabinittal
    What software to put on your new computer

    Confused about the number of software available today and wondering which to choose for your computer? Read this article first.

    If you are the proud owner of a new computer, before you go ahead and fill it up with games and other interesting applications, there is some useful software you might want to install first. This software enhances your computers performance and also work at improving your work experience. Installing performance optimizing software can help free up your ram as well as de-fragment the memory, making the programs that occupy the memory run faster and more efficiently. The internet offers several different grades of these software programs. Software that is available for the public to download is called freeware. There is no service charge made and this software can be downloaded directly from the given source. But the freeware version of several programs often offers only few of the main program features and this is a major drawback. Freeware operates only limitedly and this kind of software is more often than not of a disposable kind.
  • Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) News  By : Pravat Pattanaik
    CSS is a method of defining and modifying web pages that helps to create sites which separate content from design when building a layout.
  • Cascading Style Sheet (CSS) Mistakes  By : Pravat Pattanaik
    Cascading Style sheet or CSS is one of the most used and convenient way of coding the mark up languages.
  • Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) Frequently Asked Questions (Faqs)  By : Pravat Pattanaik
    CSS which stands for Cascading Style Sheets is a style sheet language that describes and alters certain attributes like colors, fonts, layouts and other aspects of the elements that are viewed on a web page.
  • Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) Blogs: The Best Way to Get High-End Updates on Cascading Style Sheets  By : Pravat Pattanaik
    Since CSS commands are been use to offer a web page special look and adding up more values with it, every now and then CSS related updates are coming online through CSS blogs.
  • Watch Satellite Television on Personal Computer (PC)  By : Patrik
    Sure, you might be sitting at a desk and not really thinking about 24, but why wouldn't you want to watch TV on your computer? Your LCD almost certainly has better resolution than your TV, and when you're right in front of it, with two decent speakers (or more), it can be a pretty good way to watch a show or two. I would recommend
  • Operation Support System Is The Key To A Company's Efficiency  By : Mathew Petrenko
    Commonly, the important factor for corporations which attempt to win the competitive fighting is hi efficiency of using the telecommunication networks with different orientations. To satisfy the wants, many world-known corporations (including IBM, Looking Glass network, etc.) became the constant clients of the Netcracker company, producing the high quality software as Operation Support System
  • The Most Effective Software For Operation Support System  By : Mathew Petrenko
    Netcracker is a corporation which develops the OSS (Operation Support System) for telecom corporations, the huge enterprises and state institutions. OSS is effective method of managing of different services inside a big telecommunication company. That is the huge product; it consists of many different subassemblies and can monitor...
  • Internet Cafe Software  By : Dolson McArt
    GET KO! The complete Client Server solution for your network of public access computers, this is a centralised Server version of the GET KO! Each customer PC will be installed with NetTime Client. All of the NetTime Client PCs connect to NetTime Server from which you can centrally manage your NetTime Network.
  • What Features Can You Get Through A Customer Relations Management (CRM) System?  By : Elizabeth Murphy
    Customer Relations Management, or CRM, is more of a business strategy rather than a technology, although it is a software program that offer businesses better solutions in acquiring and maintaining relationships with customers. Companies who want to be successful are dedicated to finding ways to keep their most important asset, their customers, satisfied. That is why many businesses are turning to CRM technology to put their CRM strategies to work for them.
  • What Are Private Label Rights and How Can You Make Money  By : Ann Stewart
    You can make great money with Private Label Rights Products
  • Real Estate Investing Software  By : John73 Schroeder73
    Finding it difficult to manage the real estate business? Real estate software will help in managing your business easily and conveniently. There are various advantages of using the RealProspect software. It includes an integrated and automated sales and service process. It helps to ensure that the interests of every customer are explored and customer satisfaction attained. The real time updates on sales and collections and cash flows will help in creating orders from prospective buyers. Your bra
  • Guitar Wallpaper  By : Nathan99 Martyn99
    Wallpapers have been decorating and livening up desktops the world over for more than a decade now. People all over the world have used family photos, sports pictures, and even guitars as wallpapers over the years. If you are planning on installing a few wallpapers on your computer, here are few tips to help you choose the right wallpaper:
  • Record Your Favorite Show into an MP3 File  By : Ivan Gerasymchuk
    Turn your PC into an audio VCR. Pistonsoft MP3 Audio Recorder can be programmed to capture your favorite radio show at certain time even easier than a typical VCR.
  • Emergency Notification and Secure Inter-Office Instant Messaging  By : Pavel Sokolov
    LanTalk NET by CEZEO software Ltd. is one product that effectively replaces the Internet-based instant messaging systems and eliminates the security threats associated with packets traveling outside of your local area network. Instant messages and notifications sent and received with LanTalk NET travel across your corporate LAN or VPN, never leaving the premises and never exposing a single bit of information to the outside world.
  • Software Download Licenses - A Brief Guide  By : Ariel Monahan
    Learn the basics about software licenses.
  • How Article Submission Software Can Bring You More Sales  By : Davion Wong...
    Article submission software is one of the best tools ever created for the affiliate marketer or webmaster. By now, if you have been marketing for a while, you should know that marketing with content is powerful and effective in driving huge amounts of traffic and sales. But if you are still submitting your articles one by one manually, it is time to make some critical changes in this New Year.
  • Real Darts for Computer Geeks  By : David Black
    Calculate darts scores, judge players and keep track of games with an automatic judge. Store games and throws for years and maintain hi-score tables with Darts CLUB. Darts CLUB takes away the hassle and leaves you all the fun!
  • Lost In Translation?  By : Mathew Petrenko
    Given essay dwells on the fast and comfortable solutions translation devices give us. The pioneer to introduce interpretation devices was Franklin Electronic Publishers. An electronic interpreter lets you to input a word combination in your native language and obtain the proper equivalent in the other language.
  • DVD Copying Software  By : Mark32 Ling32
    A DVD software allows you to copy one DVD on to another DVD. It useful when you have lots of DVDís and want a back up copy. The DVD software has to be installed on to your computer and it will work with your DVD drive. After installing you can copy one DVD on to another DVD without any complications. You can create a backup for your DVDs and if the original becomes scratched or damaged then you are safe with the backup.
  • New Frontiers Of Remote Access - Computer Network Helping Hand  By : Yuriy Goncharuk
    What can help admin to troubleshoot a technical issue promptly at any given moment? A software that gives remote access to computer network and allows do all the necessary troubleshooting in a click.
  • Technical Documentation for Software  By : Daniel Jowssey
    How to write good documentation for your product and why it is important.Includes documentation for software, the ideal software would be free of errors and so easy to use that everybody would be familiar with it the minute they start the application. However, this is not the case in real life.
  • The Universe of Opportunities in your Palm  By : Mathew Petrenko
    Pocket PCs are probably the most widely known personal digital assistants. Check out the games, please. They are just fantastic.
  • Free Bearshare  By : Chris Kingston
    Searching for a great peer-to-peer filesharing program, then use free bearshare. Because most people use the p2p software called bearshare for filesharing, you can find every song of movie you want, and download it pretty fast.
  • Web Video Review: The Equipment Needed  By : Marco Maseko
    Choosing the right type of camcorder for web videos is extremely important, and if you know that you are going to be filming many web videos, than it is a good idea to invest in a decent camera that has great resolution and user-friendly exporting options.
  • How to Build a Website in 5 Minutes  By : Jeff Yancey
    You know you need a website for yourself or your organization. Now the only question is how you are going to go about doing it without breaking the bank. But at the same time, you don't want it to look cheap either, it needs to look professional and be easy to change when changes are needed.
  • Make Money by Creating Private Label Products  By : Bobbie McKee
    Each day, a large number of individuals search for products rights that are for sale. Those individuals are looking for a product that they can resell to make money. Private label resell rights are a "hot" business opportunity right now. This is because they allow others to make money selling a product that they didn't even create.
  • Customer and Income: Choose  By : Phoebe Wellington
    Check writing software is now imperative process
    in the business whereas the payment through phone, fax, online
    or email can be immediately manage.
  • Office Management Software and Equipment  By : Zindy Maseko
    Although there is likely to be some variations, with office management software, you will find that many integrate a number of programs all into one. For instance, many office management software programs have detailed tasks lists, easy to sort email programs, professional looking templates, including customer invoices, and much more. These are just a few of the many features that you may find on office management software programs.
  • General Aspects Regarding Transcribe Music  By : daniel_y
    We all hear from time to time about transcribe music without knowing what exactly this means and what methods are used for completing it. This process refers at working with a recording of a piece and playing it in a slightly different way or writing some lyrics for it. In general, transcribe music is related to non-classical music but some musicians choose to work with classical music by playing a piece meant for a certain instrument on a different instrument.
  • Advantages of Using a Content Management System  By : Lory Sargu
    There is plenty of information to be found online on any topic you desire to find out about. In order for the ownerís of the various websites to keep visitors interested in what they have to offer the content needs to be continually updated. People expect to find the most current information and they will continue using those resources that offer it.
  • Reasons Why Use Slow Down Music Software  By : daniel_y
    Music industry is quickly developing similar to many other existent branches. Nowadays the number of those who have the complete access to what music means is considerably increased comparing with other periods. The times when only a few people were accepted in the musicians circus, only after they worked a lot by taking private lessons are gone.
  • Find Duplicate Files? - Easy!  By : Mathew Petrenko
    Searching for duplicate files manually takes too much time and effort, it is just tiresome. The much more convenient way is to use one of the targeted softwares, which will do most of the work for you. Apply specially designed software - duplicate files remover.
  • The Easiest Way to Improve Your Style: Slow Down Guitar  By : daniel_y
    Learning to play with different instruments at a high quality is not easy and we all know that. Anyone who wants to play the guitar will confront with the same situation. So what it is to be done when you want to play great solos of the most amazing guitarist of the world? The most recent solution for improving when it comes to playing great songs of Jimmy Page or Joe Satriani is to use a slow down guitar software.
  • Top Ten Solutions To Access Banned Websites  By : Mathew Petrenko
    Using a proxy server used to be the quickest way, but network administrators seem to be blocking these just as fast as new ones get created. There are some ways that can help you to avoid firewalls and network blocks. That's the free list of anonymous proxy-servers.
  • Simplify Your Work by Using Guitar Software  By : daniel_y
    For some, learning to play guitar is a dream that takes too long to fulfill so they simply give up on the idea. As a consequence you can now find a great number of solutions for doing that faster and easier than before.
  • How To Properly Refill Your Ink Cartridge?  By : Mark Mason
    Due to the running cost of inkjet printers. Many people are starting to look for cheaper alternatives and one of the options includes the use of ink refill kits. However, what many bargain shoppers may not realize is that refilling your ink cartridge is not as easy as it seems. Here are a few insider tips to help you out!
  • Pros and Cons of Flash-based Sites  By : Alexander de Albuquerque
    How on earth can one design a site that looks good using only HTML with no FLASH?
    One helps the other, but finding a balance is very difficult!
  • An Introduction to Using Coupons Online  By : Elena Potoupa
    If you are reading this article, our wisest guess is that you are looking for an Adobe coupon code to get some discount on your next Adobe software purchase.
  • Real Estate Software for Managing Direct Mail Marketing  By : John Schroeder..... John Schroeder......
    Real estate investing software for managing sequential direct mail marketing campaigns, and scheduled prospect followups.
  • Free Downloads - the Good and the Bad  By : Katherine Quirke
    Potential Time and The Business Promoter have been working on how to provide small to medium businesses with tools that are free to use and have the ability to increase business income. This week they released a kit that will change the way small business market and advertise.
  • Save Your Time Working Remotely  By : Yuriy Goncharuk
    Nowadays people disastrously lack time. Time gaps make you running fussily just to be in time, but in spite of all efforts you are late.

    In this computerized world where the workplace is associated with a PC there is no need of physical presence at the place. You can simply do your job accessing working machine and all corporate resources remotely.
  • Cheap Ink Cartridges - What Are Your Choices?  By : A R Thompson
    As well as having a PC in the home many people also buy a printer as well. The only problem is there are a large number of different types of printers and each one will need essential components to ensure that they function effectively. They all need power and they all need ink cartridges. But what puts many people off buying a good quality printer is the cost of the replacement cartridges.
  • Computer Memory  By : Dean Barnard
    A computer consists of many types of memory. There are devices which hold temporary information, some can be programmed, and others store information. Hard disc drives, Floppy drives, CD-ROM and DVD-ROM are
  • Microsoft had successfully shipped 60 million copies of Vista  By : Apostol Lucian
    The latest operating system from Microsoft was well close to beating pre-release expectations, being sold in over 60 million copies.
  • Computer Training Course  By : Javier Salces
    How To Grab Your Readers Attention With Your Subject Line
  • Methods For Troubleshooting Windows Vista  By : Mr. Miyagi
    The new Windows Vista operating system has become very popular as it is making its way into more and more homes and businesses. However, as with any new product it is accompanied by a lot of questions. This system is a big change from what most people are accustom to using.
  • Access Your Instant Messenger Chat History From Anywhere  By : Andrew Pavliv
    Keep your conversation history always accessible and save your chat history online with a new service! IM-HISTORY stores your instant messages on secure, reliable servers.
  • Portable Document Format Security: What is Digital Rights Management?  By : Alice Pierce
    Adobe are often keen to suggest that they have been the primary innovator in developing the digital rights management space. Although there is speculation as to extent of which they have contributed, there can be little doubt as to whether or not their file format Ė PDF Ė is considered to be the logical common output for documents across many platforms where copy protection is needed.
  • Free Animated Avatars: Choosing One That Suits You  By : Gunaseelan
    In the online world an avatar is your identity, the only difference between an avatar and your body is that you canít change the latter. Online you get to have the identity you want, so ensuring you get it just right is vital.
  • A Practical Use Of Open Source Code Softwares  By : Roberto Sedycias
    This article describes a real life experience in picking and using the linux operating system, as well as libraries with Open Source Code licenses, during the development of a web site. It is truly a testimony of successful use of Open Source Code softwares.
  • Do You Have These Software Downloads?  By : kemengr
    After 'sex', perhaps the most searched items on any search engine are 'download' and 'freeware'. The topics of interest are mostly 'sex', 'girls', 'sex videos', 'free downloads', 'google', 'yahoo', 'chat', 'music', 'games' etc. There are those who search for an item and finding the search to be costly, prefix or suffix the word 'free'.
  • Streamlining Distribution Through Software Applications  By : Kingston J. Amadan
    For many companies, distribution and the logistics surrounding it present a formidable problem, one which canít easily be solved through a call to UPS or FEDEX. Wholesale distribution of goods often requires a great deal of communication between departments for the purpose of inventory regulation, forecasting and customer relationship management.
  • Inventory Management Made Easy  By : Kingston J. Amadan
    Depending on the organizational structure of a business, inventory management can be a complicated endeavor. Many businesses require updated inventory figures to be available to not only sales and ordering personnel, but accounting, management and logistics departments as well.
  • Instant Access To Password Protected Microsoft Office Documents  By : Dmitry Rozenbaum
    Forgot a password that protects a Microsoft Word document or Excel spreadsheet? Try Office Password Recovery suite to gain instant access to your protected documents!
  • Addictive Windows Mobile Epic Journey Game  By : Andrew Fadeev
    Thereís an adventurer in every one of us. Free yours and enjoy the outstanding experience of playing Arvale II Ė Ocean of Time 4.0, which will be your gateway to a world of valor and great deeds. Your fate and the fate of the world are in your hands!
  • The New Generation Task Organizer.  By : Alexey Abramovsky
    Set your goals. Achieve them. Enjoy the time you've just saved. Work more effectively and have more free time than ever with LeaderTask! Try the new generation organizer that helps you plan your work so efficiently that you have more time than ever.
  • Remove Unwanted Traces from Microsoft Office Documents  By : Alexander Rodichev
    The importance of privacy and security of corporate workflow cannot be overestimated. A leaked document can compromise trade secrets and threaten corporate security.
  • RSS reader for your PDA  By : Andrew Fadeev
    If you are often on the move, keeping your PDA close at hand, then Spb Insight from Spb Software House is a good pick for your "road warrior" arsenal.
  • MS CRM Customization, Data Conversion & Integration  By : Ray Jensen
    This overview contains information about CRM Customization, Integration and Data Migration with 3rd party systems.
  • Windows Registry - Problem Solving  By : The Cayman Host
    With so many computer users online in the current day and age, it is inevitable that PC problems will be encountered by most of them from time to time.
  • Stock Icons for Publishers and Developers  By : Jack Rice
    Choose the right stock icon provider for your Web or software project. Modern user interfaces set specific requirements for graphics. Choose a provider that understands these requirements.
  • Let Bookitsystem Organize Your Property Rental Management  By : Fabio Cassini
    Managing your rental property can be quite a headache, especially if you have to do it manually. You just cannot cope with the number of enquiries that will flow into your mailbox and you cannot afford to ignore any of them or you stand to lose a potential customer. Bookitsystem comes to your rescue to help you take care of all the numerous activities involved in managing your rental property.
  • Great Plains Customization, Web Integration - eCommerce  By : Ray Jensen
    Great Plains Customization, Integration with 3rd party systems and eCommerce Interface Review.
  • Have you ever thought of network audit?  By : John Olson
    Computer networks require timely and competent support and management. One of basic fields in network management is network inventory and network audit. Letís examine a solution which can help to automate the process of network inventory.
  • Better Perception in User Guides and Manuals  By : Olga Zorina
    Empower your technical documentation, help files and user guides with Icons for Technical Writers. The new documentation layout enhances the end-user experience and reduces the time required to create superb documentation.
  • Weather Forecast on your Pocket Personal Computer  By : Andrew Fadeev
    If your travel a lot and want to know what to put into your suitcase before you go to London, Moscow, or Beijing, then a little wonder called Spb Weather is all you need. Spb Weather is a Today plug-in for Windows Mobile PDA that will let you know when to take an umbrella or put on warm cloths thatís, of course, if you have the PDA at hand!
  • Craft Your Icons Yourself. No Designer Needed.  By : Ivlichev Victor
    Craft your icons yourself, no designer required. Design modern, slick icons easily with a easy-to-use yet powerful program.
  • Forex Tester - professional training software for Forex traders.  By : Marat Sabirov
    Forex Tester is a professional software simulator of the Foreign Exchange Market. It allows you to gain and improve trading skills without risking your money. Also you can create and test your automated trading strategies.
  • Party Poker sign-up Bonus: ART50 (more $50 immediately)  By : Howard Devoto
    New Party Poker Sign-up Bonus Offers:

    PartyPoker had lately announced the launch of new sign-up bonus offers for players. The 2 new bonus offers available on all brands are given below: First is 120% upto $200 Bonus (use "ART120"). The second new bonus offer is extra $50 Bonus (use "ART50").

    The new bonus offers replace the old bonus offers. The bonuses will be issued in 2 installments. Here are the full details of the bonus offers...
  • The Wonderful World of iPods  By : Mary Banas
    iPods have become so popular today as they revolutionized how we think about portability itself.
  • Expedite Development of USB Hardware or Software with USB Monitor  By : Vasiliy Vasilyev
    Whether you are developing or reverse-engineering a USB device or analyzing a USB protocol, USB Monitor by HHD Software will expedite your project saving time and expense
  • The Advantages of MP3s  By : Susan Coult
    MP3 files are affordable, widely supported, small in size. But the best advantage is that you can share it with your friends - give them the links instead of physical CDs.
  • Speed Up Your PC by Magic  By : Alexander Rodichev
    Every time you experience a PC problem or slowdown, don't call the technician just yet. Try a little magic, and you will see your machine revived!
  • See The Meaning Of Words By Simply Moving Your Mouse. No Clicks Required!  By : Leonid Kofman
    A new computer user interface technique makes it possible to use the movement of your mouse to see the meaning of words. See German and Russian translated into English. No mouse clicks required.
  • Unattended installation of WindowsXP, software, drivers, service packs.  By : Abramovsky Ivan
    Unattended Installation Software and Windows
  • Calculate Time Differences and Due Dates Anywhere in the World!  By : Evercyber
    Calculate due dates and business days, get time differences around the world quickly and precisely with Timestimator. Accurate results using the latest DST regulations in different time zones.
  • Protecting Home-Made Videos with Digital Watermarks  By : Oleg Afonin
    Digital watermarks are the industry standard for branding and protecting videos. Add digital watermarks to your own video files with Video Watermark Factory, a complete video editing solution.
  • Smart and friendly Pocket PC phone  By : Andrew Fadeev
    This is a review of Spb Mobile Shell for Windows Mobile Powered Phones. Control your Pocket PC as easy as an ordinary cell phone and use all the advantages of a Pocket PC system.
  • Mass Mailing in Mac OS X  By : Kiril Vasilyev
    Contact all your customers with a personal greeting. With Mac Mass Mailer, you no longer have to send numerous separate emails with content that needs to be modified from message to message.
  • Speed Up Software and Web Development with Stock Icons  By : Victor Ivlichev
    Speed up user interface development by selecting ready-made stock icons instead of ordering custom graphics. 777 Icons offers complete sets and a la carte icons matching the most demanding tastes.
  • Are Classic Arcades Back Again?  By : Dmitry Bulavin
    Many companies try to get the kids' time with computer video games. So much so that they even offer their games for free! But do they always have good intentions of safely entertaining your kids, or do they have intentions of their own?
  • Grow Your Business and Get More Visitors by Optimizing Your Site for Search Engines  By : Nikita Melkin
    Contracting a third party to do a SEO job for you might be risky, and is not always a good idea. Now, when you read the article that follows, you will know how to automatically analyze and optimize your site.
  • Direct Repair of Corrupted DBF Databases  By : Sergei Ovsannikov
    If your dbf database is badly broken and your precious data is lost, there's still hope of recovery
  • Greet your friends and relatives with a game you have created  By : Dmitry Bulavin
    Greet your friends and relatives with a unique game created by you just for them and no one else. Imagine what fun it will be to send them a game you've designed yourself!
  • Clean up sensitive information in a secure way!  By : Alexander Rodichev
    If you value your privacy or have concerns about security of your sensitive data, you already know that there is no easy way to securely delete a file in any version of Microsoft Windows.
  • Remove Protection and Recover OpenOffice Documents After Losing a Password  By : Dmitry Rozenbaum
    OpenOffice Password Recovery recovers lost or forgotten passwords for Writer documents, Impress presentations, Calc spreadsheets, Math and Draw files, supporting all versions of the OpenOffice suite.
  • A Few Cool Photoshop Tips and Tricks  By : Adrian Adams
    When it comes to entering the graphic design world, creating interesting pieces for a job or sharing artwork with family and friends, there are plenty of cool Photoshop tips and tricks to consider.

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