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  • Becoming a Winning Trader  By : lazysubmit
    No matter whether they are trading forex, futures or stocks, winning traders have some unique qualities in common that give them their edge. This article explores what separates out the few top traders from the many traders who just don't make it.
  • Stock Market For Beginners  By : Dwayne Adams88 Dwayne Adams88
    Stock Market for Beginners

    Stock market investment is not any rocket science; it is based on the investors who take initial step of investing. Investors can see success only when they withdraw money and invest it in the stocks. First time investor’s fear of the unknown crisis and try to camouflage for not investing by giving excuses such as ‘Markets are high or Markets are very fluctuating’ or ‘The markets are down casting’ and some who are a little straightforward and have the guts to speak simply put it saying ‘I do not have any knowledge about stock market’. However, the whole fact is that you can never make money from the stock market until you do not buy some stocks.
  • Short And Distort - Naked Short  By : TheWicker
    Shorting is a word in traders jargon and means basically selling a stock, currency, paper or any other similar financial item that can be traded. Short and distort is as illegal as the pump and dump.
  • Trading Shares Using Leverage  By : Roy Masters
    Leveraging involves borrowing money to invest. This has the effect of magnifying your profits but also your losses. For the experienced trader it can be a great way to build and compound capital quickly, however for the less experienced, this can increase risk and rapidly turn into a nightmare.
  • What You Should Know About The New York Stock Exchange  By : Dean Forster
    The New York Stock exchange was established in 1792 when 24 stockbrokers gathered under a buttonwood tree at 68 Wall Street and signed what was called the Buttonwood Agreement. Since then, the New York Stock Exchange has grown to become the biggest exchange in the world. Its success is measured in the dollar volume and listed securities on the exchange.
  • Stock Market Reach Record Highs  By : Robert Shemin
    As the stock market continues to reach record highs this year, a majority of Americans feel confident about their portfolios and their equity investments.
  • Look For A Hot Penny Stock From Reliable Sources  By : Malcolm Torren
    When you're in the hot penny stock trading, it is simply not enough to know how low the shares are. Stock prices can change even at the last second. It's a never ending raise against who gets the hot penny stock trade of the day. Almost everyone loves financial freedom and would do almost anything to get that. Put down to a specific scenario and you can have the stock market as one example.
  • Limit Your Trading Risks In Penny Stock Investing  By : Malcolm Torren
    In any business, the worst thing that can happen is going broke. Needless to say, anyone would do whatever they can to prevent it from happening. If you run out of your investment funds, the stocks and shares just keep moving on and never stop. Of course you won't be able to operate anymore because you have no money to spare. That couldn't be difficult to understand, right? So that this horrible vision of bankruptcy will not happen, it is important that you set your limitations in penny stock investing.
  • Stock Picks - Money Back Guarantee  By : Dwayne01 Adams01
    Nitty- Gritty of Stock picks

    Stock picks are the most preferred and profitable stock deals that are accessible for trade. Good stock picks as well as potential trading scenario is aptly suggested by experienced and brilliant stock analysts. Stock picking is an art of choosing stocks depending on certain criterions, with objective of huge returns. Stock picks involve buying, holding, evaluating market timing and scrutinizing the sector timings. An appropriate stock pick allows one to earn high
  • The Famous Stock Market: Exploring Stock Pickers And Blue Chips  By : Zindy Maseko
    The Stock Market is like a day at the horse races, the state fair, and the gorilla exhibit rolled into one event. Nearly each hour of each day with the exception of some holidays the Stock Market is open somewhere in the world.
  • Penny Stock Trading for the Beginner or the Pro  By : Robert Thomson
    For those wanting to get a taste of trading, but do not know much about the stock market, penny stock trading is a great place to start. They are stocks that trade for as low as 1 cent, but they cost no more than $5.
  • Penny Stock Rules the Investor Should Know  By : Robert Thomson
    First of all, a penny stock is a stock that is priced between 1 cent and $5 and is traded over the Pink Sheets or the OTC Bulletin Board. These stocks may also trade on foreign and other securities exchanges.
  • Beginners Information About Trading Penny Stocks Online  By : The Cayman Host
    People have been trading stocks online since the very early days of the internet, and nowadays it is a simple matter for anyone who decides they want to get involved to start online trading
  • What Are Your Old Stocks Worth?  By : Eric06 Drum06
    The word scripophily has its origins in Greek and English. The word scrip means an ownership right and philos in Greek means to love. The collectors of old scrips are called Scripophilists or Scripophiliacs. Today there are thousands of collectors’ worldwide who are in search of valuable rare and popular stocks and bonds. The field of scripophily has gained importance and recognition as a hobby since 1970.
  • Obtain Corporate Credit By Offering Your Stocks And Bonds  By : Robert Bain
    There are many different ways for a business to go out and raise money. One form of corporate credit is by issuing stocks and bonds. This is an excellent way for a business to be able to have the cash they need readily available. It also doesn't require you to have an established credit history first. Of course most that are willing to invest in the business want to have the belief that it will be profitable.
  • When To Pick Stellar Stock Online  By : Zachary Riff
    Online investment, like any other online business, require you to learn the basics. Regardless of whether you plan to pursue stock trading as s full-time career or not, knowing when to pick stellar stock options is primarily based on knowing the ins and outs of online stock trading.
  • Four Basic Tips In Getting Your Own Valuable Penny Stock Pick  By : Malcolm Torren
    Balancing high expectations with the actual stocks being in trade can be quite a challenge for the new penny stock investor. It is no joke to be investing in penny stocks. But if you have the stamina to overcome your first quarter hurdle, you should be good for the next challenge.
  • Worst January in Stock Market History  By : Robert Thomson
    Don’t be another casualty of the 2008 stock market. Learn how to correctly diversify your portfolio in order to keep earning in 2008.
  • Easy Reminders To Get The Best Penny Stock Deal  By : Malcolm Torren
    The penny stock market is a roller coaster. One moment your up and the next thing you're down. And the best part is that the excitement doesn't stop. That is if that's how you prefer to see it. Despite the risks being warned by many, you can still end the day with the best penny stock deal in the market. Because the best deal require knowing the best options. There will always be a way around it.
  • The Basics Of Online Trading And Free Stock Pick Information  By : Zachary Riff
    One of the most popular trend for individual traders is online stock trading. The many guides and trainings offered by online stock trading sites make stock market easier for beginners. Learn more about online stock trading by signing up to an online stock trading firm.
  • Jumpstarting Your Business With Free Stock Trade  By : Zachary Riff..
    Online stock trading is fast becoming a trend among many non-professional stock trading people wanting to invest their money in worthwhile stock options. Consequently, there are now many sites that offer stock trading services like online investment advice, the how-to's of online stock trading, as well as free stock trade information and charts that could help you learn and gain experience in online stock trading.
  • The Need of Viable Option Strategies  By : Eyüphan95 Celebi95
    When someone is interested in learning more about how to invest in the stock market and excel there is need for the very individual to work hard to achieve this knowledge, or else your hard earned money will go down the drain. Keep in mind no one can endure the loss of money in place of making profits. That is why it is essential for the person to study though Internet, specialized magazines and thus to be acquainted with the various option strategies. Without a doubt it can be said that the better you can identify the option strategies there is a better chance for you to exceed in life. Now as far as the option strategies are concerned, there are quite a number of Bullish Option Strategies that are implemented by investors in general, of which the most prominent are the Long Call, Married Put and Covered Call.
  • Mutual Fund Offer Document. 10 Most Important Points to Look at in an Offer document.  By : Advisor Dipendra
    Mutual Fund offer document and mutual fund factsheet. 10 most important points to look in mutual fund offer document of mutual fund companies. Most of the fact sheet or offer documents published by the Asset management companies are of similar standard and the data provided by the AMC in these fact sheets are of importance to the investors. Under the category of mutual funds the Equity fund fact sheet and debt fund fact sheet both need to be properly analyzed on the basis of certain points.
  • All About Your Best Stock Market Investing Guide  By : Zachary Riff
    Even when you're a beginner to online stock trading, you too can learn just how easy it is to invest your money. Learning to trade online has become easier for non-professionals like you because of the many sites that offer stock market investing guide and course programs to help you discern the best online investments.
  • Buy Penny Stock As Additional Income For You  By : Malcolm Torren
    It's not uncommon to find people who are working two jobs at the same time. A lot of people report for more than eight hours a day to two separate jobs for five days a week. For a time, your pay was good enough. Later on you feel that you need more. So you work harder. Then you realize that no matter how much effort you do, your pay stays proportional. Then you decide to buy penny stock shares because you heard somewhere that it can make your rich.
  • How To Spot Hot Penny Stock Pick Scams  By : Malcolm Torren
    Penny stock investment, like any other business, involves looking into the pros and cons and weighing the advantages and disadvantages of your moves. If you receive a phone call that engages you to buy a hot penny stock pick of the day, you have a choice of whether to be skeptical of embrace the offer. It's your choice.
  • Buying Penny Stocks The Easy Way  By : George Best..
    Buying penny stocks, although it can be highly profitable, can also be very risky. The amount of risk involved can be significantly lowered by thoroughly researching the stocks you are interested in, but the research can be very difficult and time consuming.
  • Charting Patterns that Show You the Money!  By : Svetlana Nunez
    The Time is Right: With the Fed lowering interest rates and setting a good tone to the markets along with earnings season coming up next month, there has never been a better time to learn to read price charts to pinpoint the best entries and exits for your trades.
  • Ten Top Tips To Trade Stock Options Successfully - #7  By : Roger Cox
    This article teaches what a stock option is and how to profit through stock options investing. This is key #7 in a series of 10 keys to successful stock options trading.
  • How To Create Your Own Profitable List of Penny Stocks  By : Curt Gifft
    If you are going to be a successful penny stock investor you must treat your investing like a business. You must do your due diligence and you must understand the risks! Penny stock investing is very risky but it can also extremely profitable. The key to success is finding a way to limit your risk. I recommend creating your own list of penny stocks.
  • How to Successfully Trade Stock Options in Ten Easy Steps - Step 5  By : Roger Cox
    This article teaches what a stock option is and how to profit through stock options investing. This is key #5 in a series of 10 keys to successful stock options trading.
  • Ten Top Tips To Trade Stock Options Successfully - #4  By : Roger Cox
    This article teaches what a stock option is and how to profit through stock options investing. This is key #4 in a series of 10 keys to successful stock options trading.
  • Bulls Party Hard In China Shop  By : Murray Nickel
    Sept. 18th, 2007. Party On: Around the globe markets fell in unison when key US market indexes dropped 11 - 14% recently. Except China. There the bulls partied on regardless.
  • History Of The United States And Chinese Stock Exchanges  By : Steven Cancel
    A distant look into the past of the United States and Chinese stock exchanges.
  • Make More Money Trading The Stock Market  By : Michael Wilson
    Technical stock traders use technical analysis and stock charts when trading the market. Stock Predictor software goes even further, with hundreds of predefined trading strategies included with it.
  • Good News For Bulls: MagicT Rides Into Town  By : Murray Nickel
    August 7th, 2007
  • "Stagnant" & "Down" Scenarios  By : John Roney
    When we apply the covered call strategy to the stagnant stock scenario, we take a negative return scenario and turn it into a positive scenario. Remember, when we sell an option, we receive a premium for doing so. When the stock does not move during the option’s life, the extrinsic value of the option goes to zero. The amount of money paid for the option goes to the seller. We’ll take a look at how this sets up.
  • Is Banking Tanking? Prophetic Words From Dec 4, 2006  By : Murray Nickel
    When I wrote the article "Is Banking Tanking?" in early December last year, the banking sector was rallying like every other sector. Well, almost. The only cloud on the horizon: it had gone from a leading sector to a laggard sector since the June 2006 low.
  • Where Is Resistance Now?  By : Murray Nickel
    It seems that stock markets around the world are all breaking out to new highs at the same time, in what surely must be a strong bullish sign!
  • Put Option  By : John Roney
    A put option is a contract between two parties (a buyer and a seller) whereby the buyer acquires the right but not the obligation to sell a specified stock or other underlying instrument at a specified price by a specified date. The seller of a put option assumes the obligation of taking delivery of the stock or other underlying instrument from the buyer should the buyer wish to exercise his option.
  • Premium And Parity  By : John Roney
    Premium is the total amount of money (price) you pay for an option. So, if the Microsoft (MSFT) May 65 calls cost you $1.50 then the $1.50 is the amount of the premium of the option. The total price of an option (premium) consists of two components. Those two components are intrinsic value and extrinsic value. Parity - When we discuss parity in terms of options, we say that parity is the amount by which an option is in the money.
  • A Trading Strategy That Consistently Beats All Major Indexes  By : Arthor Pens
    Outperform the market everytime! A trading strategy that consistently beats all major indexes. Information is FREE. No subscription required.
  • Lows and Highs in Stocks  By : rateempire
    In stocks, traders and investors base their bids/asks, or buy and sell on lows and highs. The high and low in some instances have pips, currencies, spreads, or shares involved.
  • Stock Questions You Must Answer  By : rateempire
    Before you buy a stock, there are three questions that you need to answer. Too many people buy stocks based on price alone or a gut-feeling. You should look beyond the price or the hot tip to the company behind the stock.
  • Understanding The Different Types Of Stock - Part 2  By : rateempire
    There are so many different types of stock out there that many first time investors have a hard time choosing their investments. Most simply turn to the advice of someone they trust. This isn't a bad idea, but you should also take the time to learn about the different stocks for yourself. After all, this is your money.
  • The Different Types of Stock Markets  By : rateempire
    There are many different stock markets in the US. In most circumstances, the main markets that you will hear of are the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE), the American Stock Exchange (AMEX) and the NASDAQ.
  • Wealth Management Solutions-Options Abound!  By : Jon Andersen
    Wealth management is a difficult concept to grasp for many people, especially in terms of investment and savings for the future.
  • Future Options in Stocks  By : rateempire
    Future options in stocks are changing the patterns in the way that shareholders and investors use tools. Today the stock promoters are building innovative tools to help shareholders, and other investors get the most of their trading experiences.
  • How Does Forex Market Differ From Other Markets  By : Jason Uvios
    To novices the difference may appear to be great between the forex market and other markets, say equity market. But this is not to suggest that they are similar. Not many of the experienced traders have dared to crossover the boundaries of their trusted market domains unless they made sufficient preparations and studied the new market.
  • Forex Market Size And Liquidity  By : Jason Uvios
    Think of a market which does a daily turnover of around US$ 3billion on an average on a sustained basis having a liquidity crunch. This statement can be sort of a click for the novice but weaker volumes doing high values render the forex market to reverse trend sooner than later but for the moment will be suspect to absorb all ask deals.
  • Rollover in Forex Trading  By : Jason Uvios
    The rollover is the arrangement of artificially postponing the actual delivery settlement of a currency in position by normally a day. In actual practice, ideally all traders are required to take or give delivery of the currency they bought or sold (settlement) on the second business day after the deal was closed.
  • Making Sense Of Currency Differences  By : Jason Uvios
    Most of us who have not heard of clich situation that any corporation involved in foreign trade in a big way incurring huge losses on account of currency differences can hardly make sense of such a situation. In this article, I will go about explaining the basics of differences in various currencies in no nonsense and no jargonized simple language.
  • Unique Characteristics of Forex Market  By : Jason Uvios
    Give a thought to this: what makes the forex market so unique that none other like equities, commodities or even the bond market can match either individually or all put together? I think everyone who wishes to have a share worth his or her salt of action in the forex market needs to know this.
  • Forex Major Players and Forex Brokers  By : Jason Uvios
    Where the big money is, there is the abode for all major players. And forex is a very special place to be if that adage is true. It is no surprise that you will find all the big names of financial market of this world in the forex trading nodal positions. They are the key market players or the market participants, as the jargon goes.
  • Using the MACD Oscillator  By : Jason Uvios
    MACD oscillators are used by seasoned traders for generating entry and exit signals. The MACD oscillator is always interpreted in conjunction with other indicators such as Darva's Boxes and the like for better clarity for the decision making purposes.
  • Warning Signals in Forex Trading  By : Jason Uvios
    attention. If you are alert you can pick-up a signal from literally any chart or an indicator regardless of whether your software is online or desktop application.
  • Online Forex Trading Platforms and Practice Accounts  By : Jason Uvios
    Online forex trading platforms are nothing but small software clients which could be either downloaded to the desktop or online client which doesn't require you to download. These forex trading platforms are secure if you purchased it from reputed sources and are seamless in their connectivity speed and operation.
  • Using COT Report for Forecasting Forex Movements  By : Jason Uvios
    What do we mean by COT report, after all? And why is it so prominent an indicator used in the forex trade market? COT stands for Commitments of Traders and the report is drawn down by the Commodity Futures Trading Commission which is a detailed information report in the futures market on positions and volumes of contracts.
  • Brokers and Online Trading: What Does A Broker Do?  By : Jason Uvios
    Forex broking is invariably an online business in the same manner as trading is much unlike the very early years. Different countries have norms that require forex brokers to register with some governmental agency to begin their broking business upon meeting certain educational and business qualification.
  • Forex As an Asset Class and Financial Instrument  By : Jason Uvios
    Forex has always been classified as an asset and an instrument of financial transaction including both the spot and futures market. By one argument, the forex market makes a pretty much bigger turn over on a daily basis than the commodities and services trade although conceptually forex is there to facilitate the latter two.
  • Common Questions Asked In Forex Trading  By : Jason Uvios
    It is not entirely surprising to know that the biggest financial market of this planet is at large an unfamiliar terrain to a relatively large mass of investors and traders given the fact that the access was some what difficult till the advent of internet lately.
  • Forex Trading: Getting Started  By : Jason Uvios
    It is not so easy to get started with the forex trading business for a beginner especially when one is a retailer. But, there are several avenues that one can explore which introduce the beginner systematically to get started with forex trading.
  • Which Stock to Buy?  By : Amanda Too
    There is a lot of strategy or filtering system available in the market for you to choose which stock to buy. And I found out one of the system that I realize which can give you a handsome profit by using it.
  • Unraveling The Stock Market Puzzle  By : Frank Martinez
    The best places to invest your money for either the short-term or long-term may not be as obvious as you may first think.
  • Retirement - Investing for Retirement  By : Pino Tedesco
    Retirement may be a long way off for you , or it might be right around the corner. No matter how near or far it is, you've absolutely got to start saving for it now. This article explains why.
  • Stock Trading - How to Know When to Sell Your Stocks  By : Pino Tedesco
    While quite a bit of time and research goes into selecting stocks, it is often hard to know when to pull out, this article helps you get an understanding of when.
  • Difference Between Paper Trading And Live Trading!  By : Max Ng
    Both paper trading and live trading are important steps to accumulate wealth through stock investments.
  • What Best Execution In Equity Trading Really Means - Part 1  By : Julian Fisher
    When you place a buy or sell order in the market - what is the criteria that you can use to ensure you get filled at the "best price"
  • Stock Index Funds - What Is An Index Fund?  By : Mike Singh
    You may have heard of the term before, financial indexes, but just what exactly are they. Indexes, also known as stock market indexes, are the listings of stocks and any statistics that show a full of value of any given stock in the index. These indexes are generally used to show the character of all the stocks taken together.
  • All About Stock Market  By : John Pawlett
    A stock market simulation game is a great way to practice your investment skills before actually investing any 'real' money in the stock market.
  • Investing Stock Market ABC's  By : John Pawlett
    While most folks today trust mutual funds and their professional managers with their investments, it's still important to understand the basics of the stock market.
  • Stocks - How To Know When To Sell  By : Chris Peterson
    Stocks can be a great investment. Most people don`t really know when it`s time to sell though.
  • Some Fundamentals of Option Trading  By : Casey Yew
    Option trading is an ever increasingly popular form of investment. The wide spread use of online option trading has led to many newcomers to these risky, but potentially profitable opportunities. The following is a review of some of the fundamentals of Option Trading.
  • Future Option Trading - A Brief History and Overview  By : Casey Yew
    Future Option Trading is similar to the Stock Options Trading in many ways, but there are also some major differences. Some of the terminology used in Futures Trading also has a different meaning than the same term when applied to Stock Option Trading, and caution must be used to avoid confusion.
  • A Sample Option Trading Strategy  By : Casey Yew
    When you feel you understand a bit about the Options Trading Market, and are ready to give it a try, you need to spend a bit of time developing a strategy to guide your investment decision. It is important in doing this to understand the basic difference between a strategic decision and a tactical decision.
  • Fibonacci and Golden Ratio  By : Adrian Monterosso
    The Fibonacci numbers Golden ratio can be used to describe the proportions of everything from nature to smallest building blocks. This is used by many successful investors to pick trends in the charts.
  • Discover The Day Trader's Trading Strategies  By : Casey Yew
    One investment opportunity that is much misunderstood is what is called day trading. It can be option day trading, or day trading for regular stock issues rather than options. Either way the name comes from the fact that the transactions take place usually within the time frame of one day. As a matter of fact, many of the transactions take place in a matter of minutes.
  • Facts About Wise Stock Investing  By : Michael Hehn
    Current info about stock market is not always the easiest thing to locate. Fortunately, this report includes the latest stock market info available.
  • Stock Marketing and Investing Mistakes To Avoid  By : Sam Smith
    Investing your money in the stock market can be a scary venture. However it can also be a very profitable one. By following the simple getting started steps in the article below you can ensure yourself against huge losses and speed up your learning curve.
  • Visit Online Stock Trading Site Before Committing  By : Asi Sveinsson
    You can learn a lot by visiting an online stock trading site before opening a brokerage account and joining in the investing fun.
  • Free Stock Market Tips  By : Adrian Monterosso
    Basic Stock Tips every stock investor should know, but not everyone is able to follow them.
  • Retirement Income Investing: For Worry-Free Retirement  By : Adrian Monterosso
    Learning how to profit from the stock market and building a retirement income investing vehicle can be easy. Follow these steps....
  • Retirement Income Opportunity  By : Adrian Monterosso
    Read about a retirement income opportunity that is right in front of your eyes is waiting for you to learn about it.
  • So You Think You Know Option Trading?  By : William Smith
    We all know that many opportunities exist in Option Trading today. Wherever you turn, someone is waiting to inform you of the tremendous profits to be realized within the stock and the futures markets.
  • So You Think You Can Trade Stocks?  By : William Smith
    What does it actually mean to trade stocks? This was a question that I had in high school that no one could suitably answer for me.
  • Understanding Options  By : Martin Chandra
    Options are one of the oldest trading vehicles man has ever used. Around a 1000 B.C Aristotle Thales predicted by the stars that there would be a bumper olive harvest and bought options on the use of olive presses.
  • Basics Of A Stock Screener  By : William Smith
    The basic course of action of a Stock Screener is, of searching for companies that meet definite financial criterion.
  • What Truly Is A Stock?  By : William Smith
    It is a certificate that shows that you own a small fraction of a corporation.
  • What Really Are The Stock Market Quotes?  By : William Smith
    Many years of experience has shown that the price of shares and other assets is a significant part of the dynamics of economic growth.
  • Major Stock Picking Strategies  By : William Smith
    Efficient stock picking strategies are important for an investor in order to grow his/her personal wealth significantly.
  • Role of Online Brokers  By : William Smith
    Online Brokers are people or companies who buys and sells stocks on behalf of another person or a company
  • Define The Stock Market  By : William Smith
    The Stock Market is a market for the trading of company stocks, and the likes of the same.
  • Hot Penny Stocks!  By : William Smith
    Hot Penny Stocks are those shares that trade from .001 of a penny to $5.00.
  • What Is One Of The Fastest Growing Forms Of Investing In The United States?  By : William Smith
    This is a surprising fact, when you consider that online commodity trading deals with mundane substances such as soybeans, wheat, steel, and oranges.
  • Day Trading - Potential Profits vs. Probable Pitfalls  By : William Smith
    Day trading in the stock market can provide you with a lot of thrills, excitement, and profits as well as bleeding ulcers and massive losses.
  • Welcome to the World of the Best Penny Stocks  By : William Smith
    There is an enormous amount of money that can be made in such type of Best Penny Stocks investments
  • Discount Brokers vs. Full-Service Brokers  By : William Smith
    Discount brokers are stockbrokers who don't give investment advice.
  • Could You Be the World's Greatest Stock Trader?  By : William Smith
    Maybe you would like to be a stock trader, but you've always been scared to give it a try.
  • How to Read Stock Quotes - Both Online and in the Newspaper  By : William Smith
    There are several different kinds of stock quotes. Technically, each stock has a set of stock quotes at any given time.
  • Welcome to Online Stock Trading!  By : William Smith
    Many independent investors that no longer seek the help or advice of the most common stock brokers make the choice to Online Stock Trading.

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