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  • Tips on Better Videos for Online Sharing  By :
    The success or failure of a video online greatly depends on the overall make of the video and its promotion. To make a video ‘viral’, that means to be shared by the online viewers and among their communities, it is important that proper care should be taken about the issues related to the video.
  • Why Do You Need Music Videos  By : Alexandru.21 Cimpoca Bulac.23
    The Singles Charts

    How does an artist, a producer, a video maker or a groupie measure the success of their work? Through the singles charts - when a song is released for commercialization then a music video is launched and the groupies or fan clubs are gathered; their mission is to call and request as often as possible a single song of a particular artist; the higher the number of times this song is played on radio and video music channels the higher it will rank in the single charts; the higher it ranks in the single charts, the more popular and successful the artist will become.
  • The Impact of Online Video Communities  By :
    According to “Global Content Survey 2007” - user-generated video content may become a real threat in the next few years for traditional media, and a real windfall for web consumers.
  • New Camdorders: Why Smaller Is Better  By : Jim Hofman
    Several new camcorders recently introduced are appealing to the online video production niche. With user generated content revolutionizing the web, manufacturers are developing camcorders that make life easier for online videograhpers. If you're considering a new camcorder purchase, you'll likely see many new models that are much smaller, and more user friendly, than ever before.
  • Camcorder Video Tips: 5 Keys For Producing Great Video  By : Jim Hofman
    If you've just bought a camcorder or are considering a purchase, chances are you'll want to produce some video for the web. Learning to shoot video for the web isn't difficult, but there are a few key points to consider. One of the first things you'll want to understand is how video works on the web.
  • Camcorder Tips: Uploading Your Video To The Web In 4 Steps  By : Jim Hofman
    Hey, remember 30 years ago when your dad took home movies on his old 8 mm camera? The whole family would sit together in a darkened room while dad loaded the film on those giant spools, and that choppy old projecter would show summer vacation highlights. Ah, memories.
  • The Features of Paid Online Video Communities  By :
    Paid online video sharing has been the latest trend in the online video communities these days. These online video-sharing sites accept videos from the users and pay back some amount to them. The main purpose of these websites is to give good entertainment to the viewer where he can download his favorite video footage of his like.
  • 2008 First Annual Video Search Summit - $100 Off  By : ReelSEO
    In the past year or so, demand for online video content from consumers has grown faster than I think anyone expected. Due to high broadband penetration, users are consuming more and more online video content and as a result, companies left and right are clamoring to innovate and provide the most accurate and effective ways to search for video and ultimately, make video more discoverable. At this year's very First Annual Video Search Summit, leaders from companies within the online video space will discuss the challenges and innovative technologies that are being developed to serve this growing demand for better video search.
  • Why Online Video Is A Must For Physical Therapy Marketing  By : Samuel Awosolu
    If you have been on the internet lately you might have noticed the amount of online video sites popping up. Video has become the new medium for delivering content and creating awareness of your company. If you are a physical therapist with a private practice, product, service or continuing education course, you cannot ignore this new way to market to your audience. In this article, I want you to understand how important it is to take advantage of this growing viral phenomenon. It can be vital to your business, especially if you are trying to establish a web presence.
  • Watching the Top 100 Music Videos through Music Video Tubes  By : Helene Salmon
    Are you music lovers? Do you love to watch the top listed, or most viewed music videos online? All you have to do is just log on to any of the free music video tube websites. Now you can view, share or download any music video online.
  • Utube Videos: A Whole New World before You  By : Helene Salmon
    Do you like watching lots of video clips? Your DVD has some problems and you like to try out some Internet video clips? It is enjoyable to watch a video footage and you really feel more relaxed.
  • Video Tube: Watching, Sharing & Uploading Video Content  By : Helene Salmon
    The explosion of online web video sites just exemplifies the egalitarian appeal put forward by Internet.
  • Online Television  By : Martin62 Desbiens62
    In recent years, with the popularity and increasing availability of broadband internet access in households, it is often seen that traditional services that were delivered through analog mediums are now being concurrently delivered via Internet Protocol or IP. Nowadays, television programs moreover even full fledged television channels are broadcasted or better known as ‘webcasted’ over Internet Protocol instead of the conventional radio waves. Based on the mass hype it has created Internet TV is considered to be the plausible future of how we view television.
  • Space Videos  By : Slavco
    I wonder if we all, the general public, had the option to soar into outer space, how many of us would actually be ready and willing. Imagine that for a moment.
  • Web Video Filming Tips And Troubleshooting  By : Goodness Maseko
    If you have filmed a non-web video before, than you may have a difficult task in front of you. You must learn how to create larger-than-life illustrations to your message. Remember, video on the Internet is usually only 320 x 240 pixels, which is very small. You must provide your information to where it is easily seen, even on a small scale.
  • Webcams - Connecting People  By : Gnevra
    Everyone knows, webcams is a very popular and easy way of communication. But do they really make people closer to each other? Read this romantic article written by a webcam fan.
  • Stock Footage Saves The Day And Schedule  By : Stock Footage
    In spite of all the best planning and scheduling, producers will occasionally find themselves up against an immovable deadline, frantically scrambling for those last few stock clips needed to complete a project.

    Recently Kate Raisz, a producer with Moore Huntley Productions in Sudbury, Massachusetts, found herself in such a spot while making a show for the National Geographic Channel on Alaska. The program dealt with Alaska's geology and weather, and how extremes in the Great North affect other places around the world. They had great footage from Alaska, but were coming up short on "the rest of the world"; things like geyser activity in Yellowstone Park, for instance.
  • How to Use Video to Increase your Sales  By : Robin Porter
    The phenomenal growth of broadband usage in the western world has caused a massive rise in the use of online video. At the time of writing (November 2007) the USA, Europe and Japan all had a home broadband usage of around 85% (ie 85% of all internet users were on broadband at home.) At work this rises to around 94%. The meteoric rise of YouTube (the popular video sharing site) resulted in Google snapping it up for an amazing $1.65 billion this year, just eighteen months after its launch.
  • In The Year 2020  By : Burk Pendergrass
    "I can safely say that the age of computing hasn't even begun yet,We're still playing around in essentially Stone Age times technologically." "In 2020, "our electronics will be 10,000 times as capable as they are today." Needless to say by the year 2020 there are things on the horizon that our grand and great grandchildren must face which makes our history with electronics and technology seem as little more than pablum, and that is where I am actually headed.
  • Make Video Game Buying Easy  By : JJ Hendricks
    Three things to keep in mind when buying video games for kids that will make the process much easier.
  • How To Effectively Market With Video On The Web  By : Scott Bamboo
    Making the use of video for marketing, promotion, news and PR online a true key strategic component and key business differentiator for internet marketers who want to communicate effectively about their product profile and benefits within the shortest possible time. But effectively market with video on the web is not just just slamming some video content up on your web pages, read this article for more information.
  • iPod Video Downloads Sites - Home of iPod Junkies  By : Davion Wong
    iPod video downloads are more popular than some of the hottest Hollywood stars. Ever since our iPods transform themselves into Video iPods, everyone has been busy downloading video to feed our little gadgets.
  • Video Downloads Using Peer to Peer  By : Davion Wong
    iPod video downloads are downloaded in the tune of millions from many online sources daily including P2P file sharing networks. If you intend to download iPod videos from P2P networks, there are some things you need to know.
  • IPod Video Downloads Options  By : Davion Wong
    iPod video downloads are becoming very popular nowadays. Though the screen of Video iPod is small, it is still good enough as an entertainment source when we are away from our homes.
  • Amazing Innovations In Video Streaming Technology  By : Bob Bastian
    Three years ago, adding streaming video to your website would definitely give it the wow factor and it could provide your website enough buzz to generate a lot of traffic. Nowadays, however, the rules of the ballgame have changed.

    Nowadays, the rules of the ballgame have changed.
  • How to Chat Through Macromedia Flash Communication Server and Other Information  By : Gordon Petten
    Businesses and individuals alike are constantly looking to find new ways to communicate for work related and entertainment purposes. Things like How to chat through Macromedia Flash Communication Server are some of the most commonly sought out information by those looking for better communication options over the internet.
  • Free Video On Demand (VOD): Overcome broadcasting boundaries and reach the world  By : Scott Britner
    With the increase in broadband access and affordable video hardware and software more and more people are creating their own video content. Its crazy when you stop and think about it how new technologies like video podcasting and portable video entertainment are revolutionizing traditional entertainment outlets.

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