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  • The Evolution of Sexual Revolution  By : Monch Bravante
    The promise of sexual revolution is maturity, happiness and fulfillment through sexual liberation. Sexual maturity is a stage when a person's physical, emotional, and sexual health is ready for reproduction. However, the continued rise in sexual assaults has only placed women in more danger of being exploited, abused and mistreated.
  • Making Aging a Worthwhile Process  By : Emmanuel Chavez
    The aging process is something that is not cherished by many individuals because of the unwanted changes it may bring. With the right lifestyle and food regimen, aging can be enjoyed and cherished. Before making any drastic changes in daily routines, individuals are advised to seek the approval of doctors and other health professionals.
  • Hoodia Side Effects. Should You Worry Over?  By : Irina Kalinskaya
    When discussing the potential dangers of hoodia we can look at the San Bushmen of South Africa. They have been using this cactus-like plant to suppress appetite for many centuries to stave off hunger during hunting trips with no reported side effects of hoodia. The Bushmen's use of hoodia, however, has been much different than the modern use of hoodia supplements.
  • From the Couch to the Deathbed  By : naix
    The article is about the stress and anxiety that is experienced by patients under emotional distress and how even their own counselors or psychiatrists share these difficulties. The article centers on Sigmund Freud, the Father of Psychoanalysis, as an example of how psychiatrists themselves can suffer from emotional and psychological strain that is so severe that it can even lead them to acts of suicide.
  • Turning A Friend Into A Lover  By : Dr. David Breslow
    So you want to turn that friend you have liked for so long into a lover? Well I have good and bad news for you. Yes it is possible to turn that friend of yours into a lover, something more depending on the situation.
  • How to Start Employing a Singapore Maid  By : Sky Jones
    Most of us have probably already heard of the practice of Singaporean households of employing a Singapore maid. If you are living in Singapore, you should understand why you need one. You should also know what it will take before you can start employing a Singapore maid.
  • Halloween - Pagan Or Christian?  By : Donna Oxley
    This article explains the origins of both the Festival of 'Samhain' and the 'Feast Of The Dead' and that of 'Halloween', 'Hallow'en', 'All Hallows Eve'.
  • Arizona Casinos Slot Machines History  By : Cecilia Valenzuela
    This article contains information about Arizona casinos and the popularity of them in the desert southwest. This article also contains the history of Arizona slot machines and what the Indian Gaming Regulatory Act which governs slot machines, meant to the Tribes of Arizona.
  • F’ing Has A Lot Going For It  By : Gary Crow
    Have you heard people talking whose vocabulary seems to be so adjective challenged that everything is F'ing this or F'ing that? It can get to where it's hard to tell whether F'ing is a good quality or bad. Of course, F'ing is also sometimes a verb which one presumes refers to desirable activity but even that isn't always clear. This article is just what you need to read, if you want the real story about F'ing.
  • Intoxicating The Young Minds And The Restless Spirits  By : aseya
    The effects of media in value formation of the general public is very significant, especially to the youth, who may easily emulate with anything they see, hear or read.
  • The Faces Of Madness In Modern Society  By : malo
    Modern civilization, along with all the things that are part and parcel of it, can put an undue amount of stress on a person. Some people just go completely insane from all the expectations and demands. There are, however, some major factors that do more damage than others.
  • Seduction Tips For Women  By : Polly Bee
    The article offers 5 strong tips for seducing men. Insights from a MAN to women...
  • How To Know If It Is Really Love? (Finding The Real Thing)  By : Brenda Shoshanna
    Although a relationship may start out wonderfully, many often grow to feel that things change and the love has disappeared. They wonder where it went and if it was the real thing? This article describes the difference between real and counterfeit love. It explores the nature of real love and how to be in it all the time. Exercise included.
  • Scary Kids Halloween Costumes To Go Trick-Or-Treating In  By : Susan West
    The air gets crisp and the leaves turn color. Its fall! And every little kid anxiously anticipates the eve of the greatest candy haul of the year, Halloween! Yes, actually "Trick or Treating" is fun. But, the preparation is just as, if not more enjoyable. This is the time of year where kids are really allowed to be kids. Let your little one choose their kid's Halloween costume. It's the one night of the year where they can feel grown-up while acting very much like a kid.
  • Rock And Roll Death Toll: Dead Before Thirty  By : aseya
    The article tackles the cases of rock stars who died before they reached age 30. It is alarming because these people are the role models of many people, primarily the youth. It says that fame cannot give happiness. The death of these rock stars are reminders of the pain and anxiety that may take place as side effects of fame.
  • Subliminal Messages & The CIA  By : Michael Anthony McGrath
    They were used in a cinema in 1957 and then banned by The USA & UK in 1958. Advertisers have been accused of manipulating the buying public with them and the self improvement industry makes a foryune from them. Advertising agencies swear that they don't use them and many scientists say they don't work. So why were the CIA so interested in subliminal messages?
  • Body Language: Powerful Nonverbal Communication  By : Robert F. Abbott
    Find out how body language revealed the true values of business students; learn about the unconscious (and sometimes conscious) signals we give off about our moods and emotions.
  • How To Find Sexy Halloween Costumes?  By : Chad Horstman
    Finding a Halloween costume that is both sexy and fun can be no easy task. Especially when people like to have a costume that is original and also something that they have an interest or passion about.
  • 10 Things Never To Say To A Girl  By : Lucia D
    If you want to have a smooth and successful dating life, never say any of these 10 things to a girl you're dating.
  • A Personal V-Day Monologue  By : Kate Loving Shenk
    This year marks my 20th anniversary as a Woman's Health Nurse Practitioner. The following article describes my intention of exactly how I intend to celebrate.

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