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  • There Are Economic Problems All Over The World  By : Kurt Schefken..
    When it comes to anything you will find that there are pros and cons. You will also find that when it comes to eco-tourism you will see that the most effective tool is the conservation of bio-diversity and learning how to make the right choices for the environment. You will need to learn how to conserve and sustain.
  • Alleviating Poverty In Africa  By : Mike Magnolia..
    It has been figured that more than 3 quarters of the world's goods are answered for by a fifth of the world's population - and this digit is only climbing due to the rising breach between the two ends of the global economic spectrum.
  • The Complex Web Of War Tragedies  By : Monch Bravante
    Reliving the harrowing experience of war has become a daily nightmare to many military and civilian survivors, men and women, young and old alike, causing severe stress and anxiety which may lead to other serious medical conditions.
  • Air Force Medical Team Performs Goodwill Mission In Thailand  By : lar
    Mainstream media likes to only report the negative military news. Here is a story that shows some of the good things that the military does on a regular basis. The Army, Air Force, Navy, and Marines perform these types of missions throughout the year and most of these stories go unreported.
  • Thailandís Military - Multinational Support  By : lar
    Thailand has been a staunch ally of the United States for many years and has provided military support to many ongoing missions Ė primarily in Afghanistan and Iraq. The have also provided support to other peace keeping operations around the world.
  • Thailandís Peacekeeping Role in Southeast Asia  By : lar
    Since the end of the Cold War, and with the rise in low-intensity conflicts, the resulting impact on stability and security in the region and the world at large resulted in the Royal Thai Government enhancing its support to peacekeeping and humanitarian activities. This has been at both regional and global levels.
  • The Number One Gas Robbing Problem!  By : Scott Siegel
    There is one activity that is the number one gas robbing activity. It is a constant battle to minimize this problem. Every day you drive your car you face this problem.
  • Take A Stand - Stop Global Warming Now  By : Darlene Berkel
    Mankind as a whole will have to make some decisions, fast, if we want to protect our future. What are the things that ee as individuals can stop global warming? There are many things that we can do as individuals. Starting today.
  • Iraq Oil - The Spoils of Victory  By : Leslie Hardy
    There were many cynical analysts, both in the West as well as the Middle East, who viewed the invasion of Iraq as a scarcely concealed attempt to take control of the country's immense oil wealth. This opinion is now becoming a reality.
  • Iraq - Strategic Options  By : Leslie Hardy
    The continuing failure of US and UK policy to stablise and pacify Iraq has led to a review of current operations and an evaluation of strategic options.
  • Can The USA And Israel Fight Side-By-Side?  By : Victor Epand
    This article is about how the USA and Israel are close allies, but have yet to fight a war side-by-side.
  • Tony Blair - Turkey and Iraq  By : Leslie Hardy
    US and UK strategies are Iraq are beginning to diverge. George Bush still believes that a victory remains possible, whereas Tony Blair is considering partition of Iraq and has been discussing this with Turkey.
  • Mohammad Yunus And The New Revolutionaries  By : Michael Skye
    Could Mohammad Yunus, winner of the 2006 Nobel Peace Prize, be starting a revolution a revolution in culture and consciousness? Could the next generation of youth become inspired visionaries who stand for humanity as he has, and literally change the world?
  • A Cheap Holiday in Other People's Misery (catching up with Mordechai Vanunu in Israel)  By : Dave Smith
    Father Dave's reflections after spending time in Israel, meeting with his imprisoned friend Mordechai Vanunu.
  • Whose Land is That?  By : eileen fleming
    "I am an Israeli Jew and I am responsible to change something about this situation. We all need to do this together."
  • Textual Images of Iraq  By : Judi Lynn Lake
    American citizens receive many images about the war/occupation in Iraq on a daily basis which bombard listeners, readers, and viewers with images about the application of U.S. policy abroad.
  • Peace is Not Paved With Violence  By : Judi Lynn Lake
    There is a parallel between the war in Iraq and the war in Afghanistan in that the violence of the U.S. war has been followed by unprecedented violence during U.S. occupation.
  • Birth Pangs of a Third Awakening  By : eileen fleming
    After Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez's remarks at the U.N., during which he referred to President Bush as "the devil"...
  • Are You Prepared For A Water Supply Disruption?  By : Herbert Young
    How would the citizens of this country react to a prolonged disruption of their water supply? After Katrina many area water and wastewater systems were disrupted for days, weeks or months.
  • The Silence was Deafening  By : eileen fleming
    On June 20th International Refugee day passed without a whimper from the USA media...
  • A Back Channel to Nowhere  By : Warren Graham
    Although it appears that the Bush Administration's pressuring of Ehud Olmert to negotiate with the powerless Mahmoud Abbas is pointless, there may, in fact, be method to the apparent madness.
  • Why Are We Still in Iraq? (Part 2)  By : Paul M. Jerard Jr.
    Some of our "allies," or former allies, will bow to terrorism. This is fine, if you can accept innocent civilians being murdered on your own soil. You cannot satisfy someone who believes your existence is a sin. As Russian President, Vladimir Putin, said, "We are not even enemies, as far as they're concerned. We're just dust. ..."
  • The Peak Oil Crisis and Water Supply  By : Herbert Young
    Much is being made about the "Peak Oil Crisis" in the media today. Gasoline and natural gas prices are high and continue to rise. But what is the "peak oil crisis" and how does it impact our water supply?
  • Why Are We Still in Iraq? (Part 1)  By : Paul M. Jerard Jr.
    There seems to be some confusion between patriotism and common sense lately. This is what most nationalistic movement's bank on. No one should speak up with the voice of reason; if you do, you will be shouted down, called a coward, and publicly shamed.
  • Wake Up Democrats (Part 1)  By : Paul M. Jerard Jr.
    Instead of complaining about how bad the next three years will be, Democrats now have the opportunity to produce a viable "front runner." It really shouldn't be that hard to find a candidate who can identify with the American people.
  • Wake Up Democrats (Part 2)  By : Paul M. Jerard Jr.
    Let's continue with more Democratic "hopefuls" for the 2008 Presidential election. None have announced that they will seek election, but don't be surprised if they do.
  • The Day the Music Died - 911  By : Paul M. Jerard Jr.
    The rest of the world is puzzled by this sudden "about face" in the care for human rights. The terrorists and our former allies should get a copy of an American history book. We haven't forgotten 911, and we are not "sheep." Part of our culture is warm and loving, while another part of our culture is decisive, bold, militaristic, and wants immediate retribution.
  • They Thirst for Water and Justice  By : eileen fleming
    Those who support justice -or even simply the enforcement of basic international humanitarian law - must go beyond raising awareness of the issue to directly confronting those whose acquiescence facilitates current repressive attitudes.

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