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  • Identity Theft: Be A Snob Keep Your Name For Yourself  By : Landon McGehee
    Identity theft happens so often the FBI - Federal Bureau of Investigation lists it as "America's fastest growing crime problem".
  • Digital Piracy Protection  By : MECHEAL E MILLER
    For those of you who sell digital products via the internet you may want to read this very carefully because you are probably losing a fortune. Digital piracy is becoming an ever increasing problem if you deliver word documents, ebooks, PDF's, software, video's, and more. Illegal access to protected content is growing right along with the internet. If you are not protecting you digital assets than it is time you start.
  • 7 Ways To Prevent Identity Theft  By : Paul Wilcox..
    Destroy all documents that contain personal information. Thieves still gather personal information used identity theft from the trash so be sure to shred everything you throw away that contains any personal information about you. This includes credit card statements, bank statements, etc.
  • Why Do you Need SSL Certificates or Digital Certificates?  By : MindGenies the e-magicians
    Digital Certificates can be used for a variety of electronic transactions including e-mail, virtual mall, groupware and electronic funds transfers. By using digital certificate you can secure not only the transactions but also the whole process.
  • Are You At A High Risk Of Identity Theft  By : Robert Bain
    How high is your risk of becoming a victim of identity theft? The answer to this question depends on your habits. Do you aggressively protect your information from being compromised? If you are in the category of people that just sits around and hopes it doesn't happen you are giving criminals an invitation to your information. They will use such opportunities to their benefit as well.
  • Protect Yourself: Avoid Identity Theft  By : Daniel Keen
    Identity fraud has continuously grown and is now considered as the fastest growing crime in America. It has taken many forms like identity cloning, commercial or business identity theft, financial, and criminal identity theft. It occurs when someone without authority uses the personal information of another person for the benefit of illegal activities like illegal immigration, espionage and other activities prohibited by law.
  • Tips On Decoding Captcha  By : Thomas Tooma..
    The amount of trouble hackers are creating has increased tremendously. Every now and then important information is leaked out because of these so called computer geniuses. The passwords that we think cannot be unlocked are dealt with easily. Can't there be something that can save us from these hackers. Some developers have come up with a new way to safeguard our websites and accounts, CAPTCHA a newfound way of creating security where even computers are not able to solve the information. This is to create security, and only humans can solve CAPTCHA, this means the risk is minimized.
  • Identity Theft Protection Facts And Tips  By : Jay Anderson
    The crime of identity theft is reaching epic proportions across the country, and in fact is one of the fastest growing crimes of this century. The FTC (Federal Trade Commission) records indicate that identity theft has been topping their list of consumer complaints for a few years already, accounting for more than 40% of all complaints filed with the FTC.
  • Are Data Backups Really That Important?  By : Paul Wilcox
    For many of us, our computer has become a critical part of our life. We use them for working, entertainment and corresponding with people we know. Over the course of time, most people create a number of files that are important to them and would cost time, money or both if they were lost. Data backups are the most effective way to make sure you won't lose those important files.
  • How You Can Spot Email Scams  By : Paul Wilcox
    Most of us get spam trying to sell us things, most commonly prescriptions, cheap mortgage rates, online gambling and other, more "adult" topics. Most of us just delete them or hit the "spam" button and move on. There are some other types of spam that are a little more serious, however.
  • Six Ways Identity Thieves Get Your Information  By : Jim Stone
    Your information is less secure than you think. Here are 6 ways thieves can get your personal information, and create a personal nightmare for you:
  • Keep Your Business and Family Safe from Online Predators  By : Lory Sargu
    The internet is a wonderful resource that is used for many types of businesses. It is not uncommon for a personal computer to be in the home as well for fun and or research purposes. However, the internet can also be a risky location if people arenít careful as there are predators out there. They are looking for ways to take advantage of innocent people that donít realize what is taking place.
  • All You Need To Know on Spam Protection  By : Marco Maseko
    The increasing of spam began as email became an increasingly widespread mode of communication, then spammers shifted their focus the massive audience that it made available to them. Mass emailing software soon became another essential tool of their trade, as they begun to use this application to send junk email to thousands upon thousands of unwilling recipients.
  • Network Marketing - What is a Scam?  By : David Waxman
    David shares some ideas on how to spot scams in the world of network marketing. This is a must read.
  • 4 Steps to Combat Website Plagiarism  By : Kelly Sims
    Given the frequency of copyright infringement on the internet, it is in every business’ interest to know how to effectively combat such website theft. Although it cannot always be avoided, business owners should be aware of the steps that can be taken when they suspect their website’s content has been plagiarized.

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